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258331258331B005GXHKSGA3II20HYAF4SXEbarbara hayse0051300147200Great price, great tasteYou can't go wrong with this [[ASIN:B001E5E0D8 Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee, Italian Espresso, 8.8-Ounce Bricks (Pack of 4). Nice espresso flavor, naturally sweet and mild. It's our favorite everyday espresso for morning lattes or an occasional Americano, a nice consistent crema. And really, you can't beat the Subscribe and Save Program!! We've tried Lavazza Blu (a chocolate taste) and came back to this.

After opening the vacuum sealed package, I transfer the ground espresso to a French (clip top)mason jar, and store in the refrigerator as recommended by the company. I take out just enough for our two shots and put the jar right back into the fridge--it stays tasting fresh to the last cuppa:~)Delicious!!
258332258332B005GXHKSGA1UN01GU0KL410someone0051299110400best i've triedtaste is amazing! not bitter at all, best espresso coffee I have tried (still haven't tried Illy though) I would definitely reccomend this for anyone who loves a good strong cup of coffee. well worth the money.
258333258333B005GXHKSGA25AIQ0NF6TUJ5Sinuhet770051295568000You don't need to got to Italy to have a great espressoGreat espresso coffee. I own Breville espresso coffee machine and this coffee is perfect... not too core, not too fine. Taste is bold, chocolaty but not overwhelming to the palette. Love it.
258334258334B005GXHKSGA1X5GNR8WFXU90Evelyn Felice0051295481600Best coffee ever!This is by far my favorite coffee. I used it continuously when living in Europe and am so glad to have found it on Amazon at a reasonable price.

It is strong but very mellow. No bitter aftertaste, and makes the first cup of coffee worthwhile getting up for.

Please continue to make favorable price offers on this item and I promise I will continue ordering.
258335258335B005GXHKSGA19V3I8FUTBE14John0051294617600Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee, Italian Espresso, 8.8-Ounce BricksIf you are avid coffee espresso drinker look no further. This coffee comes perfectly pre-ground for espresso drinks. This espresso has a smooth rich flavor that is not too strong with a hint of a chocolate aftertaste. Warning after you drink this coffee a couple of times you will be hooked. If I had to compare this to Starbucks latté's, the Lavazza has a more refined and smoother flavor without the bitter burnt taste that Starbucks has.


John S.
258336258336B005GXHKSGAXRPBRF3XV43WN. ENCIU "Zamolxe"0051291766400The Real Italian CoffeeI tied Lavazza at a coffee house in Milano and really enjoyed the taste. It doesn't have the bitterness that you find in almost all coffee houses in US. It is very full flavored coffee. I couldn't find it in US, not even at small European food stores. I searched online and Amazon has the best deal if you sign for regular delivery. You don't have to spend $300 to $400 for an espresso machine when you have an excellent quality coffee.
258337258337B005GXHKSGA2XEGM75BWRGNWK33PER0051278288000BEST ESPRESSO IN THE WORLDThe best espresso money can buy. I use to like SegaFredo brand, but La Vazza crema e gusto is way ahead. It is very creamy, nice looking and smooth.
258338258338B005GXHKSGA1LSE090AXJITAHYUNJIN KIM "hotchoco"0051272412800Wonderful coffeeit is really good coffee, my italian friend recommended this product!!

and i tried... and.... i like it so much... i ordered 8 bags...
258339258339B005GXHKSGA19O423WLCEI17Malcolm Carr0051271894400MMMMMM...........I am not an expert but this espresso is to die for. Perfect each time from my machine. No bitterness, but strong.
258340258340B005GXHKSGA2Y8RLJ0DSWGICNY shopper0051271548800Great coffeeI buy this coffee regularly from Amazon. It is smooth, full flavored, and not bitter. I love the free shipping as stores around my house are often out of it and charge more anyway. It deserves 5 stars for sure. I buy several 4 packs at a time or have purchased the case of 20. I never want to run out- it's a gourmet staple in my house and my whole family loves it.
258341258341B005GXHKSGA1CF2JPTCYXIZ2cc "designer girl"0051260316800best coffee ever!This is my favorite coffee outside of Italy. It is the only brand my husband and I drink. We can't drink drip coffee anymore because it tastes so terrible compared to the Lavazza. If you are a coffee lover this is a great product, and you will LOVE it. My friends always come over for a Latte! Like the name, it is creamy with lots of flavor!
258342258342B005GXHKSGA1SLUSBK9ZEAL2Chicago Mom0051256688000Buon caffe', ottimo prezzoWe love this coffee and have looked everywhere for better prices, but amazon is the lowest.
258343258343B005GXHKSGA2XSQDY34DMXTASMA "SA"0051248739200Super coffeeThis espresso is amazing. My wife would not drink coffee until she had this product, now she has Lavazza espresso every day. Crema e gusto tastes wondeful, try it and you'll love it.
258344258344B005GXHKSGA27HKH7K3IP5V0Wilbur Goltermann0051241395200Best espresso everLavazza Crema E Gusto together with my Saeco home expresso maker, produces the best flavor and richest crema of any expresso I have ever had.
258345258345B005GXHKSGA2JKGUZR14F9MVNilo C. Cruz "nilo cruz"0051239580800expresso coffeeWe have been using this for almost a year now and having a subscription order really makes the coffee a good buy besides having such a great expresso taste.
258346258346B005GXHKSGA2CN94TZ77MISYJ. Tepley0051239321600Best home espressoUsing this coffee and a stove top espresso maker (a "moka") I make the best espresso, my husband and I like our home coffee better than what we can get at Starbucks or any of the other coffee shops.
258347258347B005GXHKSGA3ERMAG8OZATPUOleksandr Bondar "Sasha"0051227052800Perfect choise for espresso loverIt's my favorite for over 10 years. Living both in Europe and US brew it in at least 4 different espresso machined, always perfect result. I and my wife absolutely love it! Highly recommend!
258348258348B005GXHKSGA38K5QB8US44IOTreeland0051217030400Wonderful Espressoi use this for a stovetop espresso coffee maker and it works
great and the taste is nice and smooth. All lavazza coffees
are extremely good.
258349258349B005GXHKSGA20KMIHGZACYL7M. Chen3511320624000This coffee is awefulThis coffee is lack of body and lack of aroma. It is not worth the money at all. Do not waste your money and time.
258350258350B005GXHKSGA1VJOEORPFG63PElle Rust3521302912000Espresso?Had to use twice as much of this as Medaglia D Oro to obtain the same strength. If you like Columbian, then maybe this is for you.
258351258351B005GXHKSGA3JM41IO71UTGOAntonella1251343347200NOW, THIS IS REAL ITALIAN COFFEEI drink this coffee daily and I love it!
I am Italian and I know Lavazza very well, that's the only coffee my family and I drink. If you are expecting a weak taste like the normal american coffee, do not buy this kind.
The flavor is strong, just like coffee should be.
I would raccomand to make it with of those italian coffee machines like Bialetti.
258352258352B005GXHKSGAU88HPYW5PZJDGun_Will_Travel "gun_will_travel"1251327622400Outstanding coffeeWe originally purchased the Lavazza Crema y Gusto coffee pack when it went on sale, but I am re-ordering at full price because of the taste.

Not sure if it's the blend or the roast, but it's a superior coffee by every measure. Flavor is full and robust, but not at all bitter. It's hard to describe it's smoothness without hyperbole, but try it once and you'll find yourself at a loss for words also. If you are used to the strength of a French press but want the silky smoothness of a breakfast blend, this coffee is for you.

Vacuum packed into foil bricks for freshness. Do yourself, your spouse, and your office mates a huge favor and give it a try - and be prepared to start writing your own five star review.
258353258353B005GXHKSGAY9ZNSB6YXETSladycj1251326844800Love the flavorThis is a great product at a great price. Works very well in our espresso machine. We both have a double shot latte every morning. Order this on a recurring basis so we never run out.
258354258354B005GXHKSGA3NYOQSGWZ0XW2mary ann vitale1251326672000Lavazza Crema e Gusto CoffeeLavazza crema e gusto is the best coffee. When you sip it, you can really tell that it has the true flavor of a good coffee. I have it used for at least 20 years. My day is not the same, if I do not use my Lavazza Crema e Gusto Coffee. I can taste the difference between this coffee and the quality of other coffees. It has become our ritual for my husband and I to have an "Espressiata" as he calls it before he goes to work. This coffee makes my day. Mary Ann Vitale
258355258355B005GXHKSGA23P5BO1UGNIRRbunnybutt1251326412800fancy coffee shop taste and smellone day recently, i purchased this crema e gusto lavazza when it was on sale, because i know my friend uses lavazza in his espresso-maker, and i thought i'd break out the moka maker again. well. holy cow. i had forgotten what good coffee tasted like, based on my steady kcup habit. i can barely taste my keurig kcups now, which seem fairly bland, or too sharp, or too...something else wrong in comparison. i'll still use my keurig due to the convenience, and perhaps i'll try using lavazza in my keurig as another review mentioned. But, i think you cannot go wrong with a stove top moka of this stuff. it is not bitter, it is not sour, it has no off notes-- just extremely rich and heady, a good hefty body and smoothness that can't be beat. the outrageously excellent aroma permeates the house like a great coffee shop you might step into.

i read some of the bad reviews, and i can't understand the negative comments, just as they can't understand the good reviews--taste is individual i guess! But, i LOVE this coffee! it's extremely good, and i will even drink it late in the evening despite the caffeine, due to the wonderful flavor. crazily, i find myself looking forward to a quiet weekend morning to indulge, just like you might see on some goofy ad where a woman with closed eyes is smiling in dreamy wonder while sniffing a cup. try this coffee- maybe you'll be lucky to be in the majority for whom this rings all the bells.

update: i tried the Lavazza in the Keurig, and it just does not do it justice in comparison to the stove-top moka method. but, it still tastes better than regular k-cups.

update 2: i tried this in the Aeropress (french drip type) machine that had over 1000 great reviews here on Amazon, and i have to say, this combo will be my only go-to coffee from now on. the Aeropress, in addition to being easier to use than stove top, seems to make a less burnt flavored and more creamy brew. this, combined with condensed sweetened milk (like the Vietnam-french drip type)is heavenly. i'm buying a second Aeropress to have this combo at home in addition to the office.
258356258356B005GXHKSGAHSDBBRU5A26Elvin1251319155200Excellent!Works well with my Espresso machine. Tastes great. No other retailer can beat this price. Will definitely recommend this product.
258357258357B005GXHKSGAUFYQYIYOUNQNMojoman1251318896000My Secret BlendThis is pretty powerful coffee so I mix one brick with one pound of Dunkin' Donuts coffee. The combo of this potent Lavazza brew with the more bland DD joe is Dy-No-Mite!
258358258358B005GXHKSGAHO9PX4UE0LY3Dr. Dushyant Chauhan "dushyantx"1251317427200BestI ordered after reading all the reviews here.First time I made, I was hooked.Now its been 2 years.

You need the right tools/steps to get the perfect taste though.

1.Use a Bialetti espresso maker,if you can.
2.Don't stuff the filter all the way up,if you are making one cup only.
3.If you like milk with it, I suggest shaking the milk in a bottle, till it becomes frothy(you can use a milk frother as well,but just more cleaning etc.) and then add it on top, the flavour is completely different as compared to just pouring the milk in.
258359258359B005GXHKSGA3TPGQ1QV2U85GA. Hayse "Book Maven"1251316131200Delicious!I love this espresso! I never thought I would say it, but I think I like it more than Starbucks! If you haven't given it a shot yet, do. You won't be disappointed.
258360258360B005GXHKSGADUKAEW8B8JYTKara C. Folmer "karaluvs books"1251302048000excellent coffeeThis coffee is strong without being bitter or acidic. It has a smooth taste with some lovely fruity afternotes. I would purchase this again. Usually I prefer to grind my own. But this vacuum packed coffee was very fresh. I love this Lavazza much better than Starbucks and Seattles best.

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