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258361258361B005GXHKSGA1DM7QQFK8EKNWHoundMama1251294444800Happily Addicting!I purchased this to go make with my Bialetti Espresso pot. It is so smooth and rich, holds up extremely well to steamed milk. Much better than the espressos found in supermarkets.Bialetti Cappuccino and Latte Set
258362258362B005GXHKSGACUGYK1I1N3N0Amazing Grace1251281744000GREAT TASTING COFFEE!!!I bought this coffee for my Bialetti Cappuccino and Latte Set which are equally Great!!! I have this coffee coming every 3 months which saves a few dollars on the price. The coffee is Delicious!!!
258363258363B005GXHKSGA3PI8JJ2E4VT5ETiberius1251275004800wonderful coffee, the best, easy on the stomachIt is not have a bitter taste as a few have suggested. I always use a melitta cup for making any espresso coffee and this one is just delicious. I checked my ph strip and it does not register as acid. It doesn't bother my stomach at all and I am super sensitive to anything acid. American coffee I have a hard time tolerating; the Italian and Kenya coffees that are dark roast espresso are thought by some people via their processing techniques and quality to be alkaline. It makes the American coffee look like junk for how the body responds and the taste. Once you have had this coffee you won't want American coffee anymore.

In case anyone is wondering what a melitta cup is, it is a cone made from plastic or ceramic (mine is ceramic) and it has a hole at the bottom. I adjust the coffee filter to fit it and then put the espress coffee in it and then pour my hot water from the tea kettle into it. I add a little nut milk into the coffee and I am ready to enjoy a wonderful taste. It beats dealing with a coffee maker any day. Each person in the family can have their own melitta cup as it is so quick to do.
258364258364B005GXHKSGA45UL4VZ5LNTRRobert1251269734400The feedback speaks for itselfThis is probably some of the best coffee I've had, even though it's pre-ground that doesn't seem to matter. Keep it up guys !!
258365258365B005GXHKSGA4BKNM6UI8BHGNatalie Wood "VAM"1251265414400Excellent coffeeNo bitter test even though it makes a strong cup of coffee. Rich and Creamy. will buy again as soon as Amazon start selling it not through the third party.
258366258366B005GXHKSGASIVO0K2M2WMUMartin Bergel1251262995200Best Espresso By Far!!!The tastiest espresso is yielded from Crema E Gusto. A nice chocolate undertone. Try it, you won't be disappointed!
258367258367B005GXHKSGA1HCIB3TCT1F2IAudrey L. Mcdonald "Audrey"1251250121600Smooth and TastyI have been looking for a really good Expresso coffee and I finally found it. I used this in my regular Mr. Coffee maker and it was very good, I also used it in my travel and my 2 to go maker and still it did not loose it's flavor. Tip, try it with Coffeemate Italian Sweet Cream for a quick latte. Can't wait to use it with an expresso machine.
258368258368B005GXHKSGA196SEEGLL4OGDJ. Singer2421326931200too coarse for espressoThis coffee is ground too coarsely to make decent espresso in either of my two Capresso machines. I filled the portafilter to the top and tamped as hard as I could, but when I brew the water runs through the filter way too fast. I get about 3 oz. of coffee in 10 seconds instead the ideal 1 oz. in 25 seconds. This results in strong coffee instead of actual espresso. I've tried to make this as regular coffee in a french press as well, but the 70% robusto bean in the blend makes for a pretty bland cup of coffee.
258369258369B005GXHKSGA1WG5SD91EWYXZJ. Labore0131347408000Not so GustoI know what other reviewers mean when they say it tasted like Folgers. It was OK but definitely not e Gusto. It was a good deal for the price. I forgot what I paid but I know it was on sale.
258370258370B005GXHKSGA1ZHNT17SEV9QBJONATHAN0111344729600Burnt taste nothing like LavazzaI bought this from Amazon since they don't have this kind of coffee locally. I had purchased the identical brand and boldness about a year ago. Wow, this stuff doesn't even taste like what I had originally! It has an awful burnt taste that lingers as an aftertaste. It really doesn't even compare to what I had before. They must have changed the beans or reduced the quality because it is not smooth at all and has a bitterness and aftertaste that reminds me of the lingering taste after smoking a cigarette. I've decided to switch brands completely. No returns it so I'm stuck with 3 1/2 bricks of sub-par coffee grounds.
258371258371B005GXHKSGA1BKX9MC3YAKF8L. Torres "titililly"0121336953600Not what expected, nothing like IllyGoing by many of the reviews, I decided to give this Lavaza crema coffee a try. People that compare it to Illy are very wrong, this is nothing like Illy, it is bitter and with a strong chocolate flavor, which i don't care for in coffee. the price is not bad if you try it and like it. Not for my taste.
258372258372B005GXHKSGA2UXO0GMT3KKVMP. Chander0131333843200Taste of recycled coffeeAfter reading all the hype I was lured in to buying this so-called coffee. Tastes like coffee grind recycled after first use. The coffee we buy from local super market costs the same but tastes much better.
258373258373B005GXHKSGA2OZBLRSZM0OOLRaymond L Vinson0151328400000Excellent espresso.This espresso makes great crema with it's 70% robusta blend. The aroma and flavor match that of some single origin arabica shots I've had as well.
258374258374B005GXHKSGA2M6NY21DKQOX0D. Thomas "scooter"0151327622400Refreshing coffee, a hit with the officedeployed in the military doesn't always mean you need to miss out on the finer things in life. Another co-worker and myself enjoy our coffee everyday and talking about the brewing smells that come with it. I was able to snag this for 3 bucks a brick. This is some smooth and great tasting coffee. The taste going down your throat is amazing and when we open a new vacuum sealed bag we both take a big whiff of that great ground coffee smell. It makes a pretty strong cup of joe(caffeine too) and not for that bad of a price. Our bags don't expire until the end of 2012 but we don't have to worry about that since we are on our third bag already... this won't replace our regular brands but is a good change. thanks to amazon for shipping this to us.
258375258375B005GXHKSGA1Q15NZ9CIP941sav780151326931200tastes great!!Great tasting coffee. I use this in a plunger and it makes nice strong tasting coffee similar to an espresso machine. I would def purchase this again.
258376258376B005GXHKSGA28M6A30LNX772E. Lalonde "fluxNikko"0141311292800excellent taste, decaf pleaseMy absolute favorite. So smooth and not bitter at all. With cream and sugar it tastes like premium coffee ice cream. I use it in my small drip coffee maker, because I'm usually too busy to make with the espresso maker. It tastes the same either way, just with less water.

My only issue with it is that after drinking it every day for six months I developed heart palpitations. I previously was not a daily coffee drinker, so that probably has something to do with it, but I am only in my early thirties. They don't make a decaf version, and I have yet to find one that tastes as smooth. So now it's only for special occasions, never days in a row.

So if you are sure your heart is VERY healthy (I thought mine was before I had issues), go for it. But tread lightly, and be sure to keep well hydrated.
258377258377B005GXHKSGA2848F375X8BHWT. Hamblin "lite roamin'"3611322524800Bland , wimpy coffeeTried this based on positive reviews. Very disappointed. Just slightly better(and more expensive) than grocery store coffee. Lavazza should be sued for false advertising for putting the word gusto on the package! I will go sprinting back to my BOLD Starbucks and happily pay the modest difference!
258378258378B005GXHKSGA3T1O6VEKRUM0XSteve B. Meinel3641229040000A good coffee, but not perfectThis is one more coffee on my quest for a perfect coffee. It's got the strong, dark flavor I want, but it has a bitter undertone that I do not want. If it had no bitter undertone, it would be the perfect coffee. However, it has to settle for merely being very good coffee.
258379258379B005GXHKSGA1IBG0W7OUGY81James H.1351269388800The Best Coffee!This is the best Coffee And the only one i drink. i get delivered to my home every month try it!
258380258380B005GXHKSGA1S9S9Q9QZK8Q8Nicholas Chase "Composer"545951217289600Excellent BlendLavazza is a great Italian brand name and the Crema e Gusto blend is a fairly new introduction to the Lavazza catalog. I first tried the Crema e Gusto in Europe and quickly became addicted! I packed my suitcase full when I came home and it was worth the effort. All of the Lavazza blends are excellent, but this blend is particularly special- it is very smooth and rich with virtually no bitterness at all. I brew it in a stove-top espresso maker and it's absolutely perfect every time.
258381258381B005GXHKSGA2QVVNPG3CTFVRLauri S. Mueller "lsm"515651214179200LavAzza CremaExcellent coffee product. Bought for my espresso maker but also use in my drip coffee maker and is great either way.
258382258382B005GXHKSGA1C05TSWTI3VZ5Derrick "Vitamin D"394451255132800My favorite coffee. Very rich and full flavored.One taste was all it took for me. I tried Lavazza at a local coffee house in Denver and really enjoyed the taste. No bitterness at all. Very full flavored coffee.

I came across this as the word "Crema" caught my eye. Now I am ordering it using the subscribe and save. It is running me $17.41 for every order and that's with free 2 day shipping because of the Prime Membership.

Each brick lasts about 10 days for 2 people drinking 6 cups of coffee every morning. I use 1 tablespoon coffee for every 6 ounces of water brewed in a Target Michael Graves design automatic drip coffeemaker. The "Flavor" button really brings it out in this coffee. I love my coffee with half and half and it really seems to compliment it well.

The packages are vacuumed sealed and take up very little space. It really is a 5 star coffee.
258383258383B005GXHKSGA1KOE4AABUO2MGL'esprit de Henri P "Science and Method"111151277164800Rich and flavorful - even from the "wrong" pot!I found a brick of Lavazza Crema e Gusto at a local shop some months ago, and tried it in my stovetop espresso maker. For some reason I thought the grind was what I needed (it *does* have a picture of a stovetop machine on it!) but the grind is really very fine, more like what a professional-type machine needs.

But this works even in my Bialetti Brikka 4-Cup Stovetop Percolator stovetop machine, and generates a beautiful crema. The Brikka really wants a slightly coarser grind, so I have to be *very* careful to put in the coffee with a light touch, and not to pack it down even a tiny bit.

The flavor, as others have written, is very rich without being too dark-roasted, with lovely chocolatey notes. Bitterness can come if I overfill the maker so that the coffee is packed too hard, which causes boiling and burning. So care must be taken when using a stovetop maker. But it's truly worth it, because it gives such delicious coffee.
258384258384B005GXHKSGA2FKVOV9422KOSE. Grimm101051250726400Delicious!I purchased this to use with my Bialetti Moka, and it is delicious!

I like to use 2 to 3 heaping teaspoons in my 6-cup maker, and it makes enough for two (large) lattes.

It reminds me of working in Starbucks...that smell of delicious brewing coffee and espresso!

(Unlike Starbucks coffee, however, this coffee is smooth and doesn't taste burnt at all.)

The packaging was a bit smaller than expected, but a little sure goes a long way!
258385258385B005GXHKSGA2EPIQSV4NUSFIMax161931317427200Not the greatest, but not the worst either.I drink espresso (moka) daily, and go through a 250g/8.8oz brick in about 2 weeks. In my opinion, this isn't the greatest blend from Lavazza that I've had, but it's not the worst coffee I've had either (it definitely beats the drip coffee I'd otherwise get at work). It's a 70/30 robusta/arabica blend, a dark roast with a fruity though noticeably bitter finish (but not as bad as Starbucks or Peet's coffee). The Lavazza Espresso (black tin, 100% arabica claimed) tastes better than this blend, but after having tried Illy's moka grind, the different blends from Lavazza, Kimbo, Segafredo, and also blends from the local coffee roasters, I actually think that a robusta/arabica blend works best for a moka pot; just not this one. Overall, I'd say that I got what I paid for, but I didn't get what I wanted and I was seduced by the 93 or so 4/5 star reviews for this coffee. I'd really give it a 2.5 or 3 but then again, all taste is subjective, That being said, this is a reasonable coffee (considering taste vs. price), but I'll probably switch back to my regular (and unfortunately more expensive) blend.
258386258386B005GXHKSGA23V7QUI3SFJTVJens "Firebird93"7751234051200Espresso WOWWe have a semi-automatic espresso maker and this is what goes in it. Amazing flavor, no bitter undertones at all, beats the local coffee houses' espresso (which was unexpected for pre-ground). 5 stars!
258387258387B005GXHKSGA25BTF3HK5WJK2deepinmud6641327622400Good, Mild Flavor, High Caffeine CoffeeI consider myself a reasonable coffee enthusiast having done tours of places like Intelligentsia and know a decent bit about how to make the right brew.

That said, Lavazza Crema e Gusto is an interesting 30% Arabica, 70% Robusto blend. It's well known that Robusto beans have less flavor than Arabica and are cheaper, but tend to higher in caffeine content. That said, that is pretty much what you get with this blend. It's in all technical aspects a lower quality product, Robusto is considered a low end bean that you will almost never find it in American consumer coffee. Even instant coffee tends to tout 100% Arabica as well-informed consumers prefer the full flavor.

What's interesting is that Lavazza has decided to mix it, and so there's that coffee flavor coming from the Arabica, but it's mild due to how it's diluted. The "creaminess" I would say comes in part from the very fine grind they use, hence it comes packaged in these vacuum-packed bricks that are more like a mold when you open the bag than the usual medium grind you'll see. As a result, whether you drip or french press it, you get some of that bean filtrate coming through and it gives it a more creamy texture which is in all actuality the bean particulate coming through.

Finally the caffeine kick is awesome, as it's probably 2x stronger than your average coffee thanks to the Robusto beans and the super fine grind, making it a solid wake up coffee. I personally don't like the taste of it straight as compared to other 100% Arabica coffees like Sumatra or Columbian (which are my preferences) as it's just it's just too bland for my tastes but a touch of milk and sugar brings out more mellow flavors and again that subtle texture. Good for mornings, but I wouldn't necessarily ever have it as my go to coffee my evening cup.
258388258388B005GXHKSGA2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke91151209686400Very GoodI purchased this along with the espresso in the can.
I've mixed the two in equal amounts.
We're very pleased with the coffee.
It's not bitter or acidic, but still rich tasting.
258389258389B005GXHKSGA2TUZQT95PET6DJ. E. Taylor4421325289600bleh...I was not as impressed as the other reviewers. If you are reading this and are used to freshly ground coffee every morning, please don't buy this. After reading the glowing reviews, I thought I could skimp a little and save a few bucks over my current coffee, but I found it simply isn't worth it.
258390258390B005GXHKSGA1WZ8OLK9L16PPmren2541269820800It's good, but not greatI bought this based on other reviews, it was good, but not as spectacular as they suggested.

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