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258421258421B005GXHKSGAGROP1P1KHJHbribo1151315267200Excellent for pre-ground coffee!First of, there is nothing better than a cup of coffee made with fresh beans, being ground right before making the cup of coffee. That being said, the Lavazza Crema e Gusto coffee is actually kind of great. I bought it based on the number of great reviews on Amazon. Opening the package I immediately noticed the back of the bag of coffee - it says 70% robusta beans and 30% arabica beans. I was immediately nervous that this coffee would be horribly bitter, but after making a double "shot" Americano from my Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker my fears disappeared. It is a very smooth, almost chocolatey coffee. This coffee will be perfect to keep at my office where it's near impossible to get a good cup of coffee.
258422258422B005GXHKSGA3P7QQR4KPXBUXJoshuaTree1151314230400Kick Starbucks' assI use this product with my french press and moka expresso maker. Both taste amazing. The coffee is smooth with rich flavor, and there is no bitterness at all! I think with good preservation, it can continue to be so. Very nice product.
258423258423B005GXHKSGA2J7RWW4J59FEOBuyerfromNHY1151313884800VERY tasty!!We use this coffee at home with our espresso machine and at work using our regular coffee maker. The taste is EXCELLENT! This product truly deserves all the stars it has. VERY rich, but smooooth taste at the same time. It beats starbucks & dunkin coffee.

Highly recommended. Fair price ($20) and excellent product!
258424258424B005GXHKSGA3MWW3AJT1W8VTruralurbanite "ruralurbanite"1141313625600Great in the Bialetti Moka PotThis is nice, full-bodied espresso, which I brew in my moka pot. It doesn't do much to get crema in a moka pot, but then not much will with this method... but with the Robusta in this blend, you should experience crema a bit more easily in a machine. With my stove-top milk frother, a little steamed milk brings out the chocolaty notes described by Lavazza, and it's a nice morning treat.

This amount (4 bricks, 8.8oz each) has lasted me a good 3 months of summertime use in a 6c moka pot. I'll probably go to every 2 months on my subscription for autumn through spring.
258425258425B005GXHKSGA10IKHRUSMKP46J. Kaye Oldner "Judith"1151311379200New Espresso DrinkerI purchased this brand of coffee when I purchased Bialetti Moka Express L'Original 12 Cup Espresso Maker. Up until now, I've had no experience with either. Normally, I'm the type of person to find one brand of coffee and stick with it. When the price of my current brand of coffee shot up, I started looking around for something else.

What caught my eye was the Arabica/Indian/Robusta blend. It sounded so exotic. Plus, the chocolaty flavor in the description. I've never been one for dark coffee, but if it had a chocolaty undertone, I was in. Besides, the onetime cost of $20.13 for a pack of four (as of 07/23/2011) was reasonable.

My cup of coffee is mixed with equal parts of cream, but my husband only uses a little. Both of us agree this is a smooth cup of coffee with no bitter taste. We love it so much that I've signed up for the subscribe and save plan. Now it's only $17.11 for a pack of four. Again, this is as of 07/23/2011.
258426258426B005GXHKSGA24DOLZ0TJ06YHDee Jay1151310083200Mmmm, LavazzaI first tasted and loved Lavazza espresso during time in Italy, where it's popularly consumed. The rich aroma and full flavor are a delight, and I don't find it overly acidic (it's certainly MUCH easier on my stomach than American-style drip coffee, and this from someone with strong stomach and a love of all kinds of drip coffees). I haven't tasted the various Lavazza roasts extensively, but I typically buy and adore Crema e Gusto--in fact, I brew it *every* single morning I'm at home and drink it latte-style, at about a 2:1 warmed-milk to hot-espresso ratio.

I heartily recommend buying an authentic Italian stovetop coffeemaker to brew this espresso. I have and love the Bialetti six-cup caffettiere (Bialetti 6800 Moka Express 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker, found here on Amazon). It's what the typical Italian family uses every morning and throughout the day.

The Lavazza vacuum packs are sturdy and small little bricks that store easily, and every time I snip open a new container the distinctive, warm aroma rush fills my kitchen. Mmmm, Lavazza.
258427258427B005GXHKSGA250PPAYI1KS91aJ1131304467200back to Caffe EspressoI was buying Lavazza Caffe Espresso at local vons for 5.99. Now it's 7.99 so I checked amazon. still more than 5.99 so I bought this, cheapest Lavazza for 18.98 with subscription.

according to their website, Caffe Espresso is medium, this is dark roast and this has some sweetness.

when i opened the package, soon i noticed this has a stronger aroma, a bitter kind. unlike starbucks italian dark roast, it's still brown.

i used bialetti moka machine. usually make it latte. i think this is bitterer than Caffe Espresso and I feel some bitterness remains on my tongue. maybe this is more like natural Espresso taste but I prefer Caffe Espresso. and i have one opened pack and three unopened packs left...
258428258428B005GXHKSGA1G9NR17VZ8QRPBenjamin J. Baughman1141301616000Great in the espresso machine-"so-so" in the coffee makerHave traveled a great deal in Italy and love the coffee there, but often miss an American cup of coffee. Their espresso is what this is made for and it's awesome. It was simply too fine for good drip coffee.
258429258429B005GXHKSGA1LY6MNYGXZ4GUMaserati1151298851200Quality and ValueAlthough I have always used Kimbo Neapolitan roast for my morning stove-top espresso(or cappuccino)I found the Lavazza Crema e Gusto ground coffee bricks to be a more than acceptable substitute...especially considering the price!I purchased two 4 packs and qualified for free shipping, too. I am an Italian-American who lived in Naples, Italy for 4 years so I know my espresso and cappuccino. This is good.
258430258430B005GXHKSGA2BKIC6CCOEWNPPatricia Popple1151296604800deeply satisfyingI needed to find a grind and roast that would fit my need for the taste I was used to with my home espresso machine, a high end Illy that broke and left me after 10 years of service! I went low tech and bought a Bialetti stainless steel 4 cup model with a valve system that creates foam and great crema. The Lavazza crema e gusto ground coffee works perfectly in this pot, only takes a few minutes to brew and the taste is wonderful, full bodied, rich and with no bitterness. For me, it lingers with a bit of smokiness and overtone of dark chocolate. Sometimes I place a very thin 99% cocoa square on the back of my tongue if I'm drinking this coffee later in the day and have a craving for something. It can distract me from many other more caloric choices!
258431258431B005GXHKSGA3A1UXK2A34J9XT. Freese1151280880000Been searching for good drip coffeeYes i did say drip. I have now tried 2 different lavazza brands. This is the better of the two but do not discount the other as i love it equally. I will continue to buy both as i love the occasional change up. If you use this in a drip coffee pot i would suggest staring out with using just over half of the normal amount you usually use then move on from there. With other brands including starbucks i would use 1 - 1.5 scoops per cup. So in my 5 cup maker depending on what taste i was going after i would use up to 8 scoops. With both lavazza coffees i have found 3-3.5 scoops is ideal in my 5 cup maker. It takes a few times to get it in your head that so much less coffee works but it does.
258432258432B005GXHKSGA3EP386MRS1JR8R. Mclean "rosco"1151246233600Good quality espresso, grind perfect for La Pavoni machineGood tasting, produces good crema. This is a fine grind, which is perfect for La Pavoni handle pull machines. Pack the basket tight and you'll get a gorgeous, rich shot. I also like the relatively smalll amount of waste the foil pack generates relative to products packed in cans.
258433258433B005GXHKSGA2UCUQ1GA9MVQSBoP1151246060800excellent espresso coffee with very fine grindLove the Lavazza crema E Gusto. It is very finely ground and produces a rich crema on my coffee, which i can not get with my own grinder if i buy beans. Excellent taste and medium strong.
258434258434B005GXHKSGA3G7EUE55P0I7XMinnea "Minnea"1151245024000Best espresso coffeeI know this coffee from Europe and for me it is the best espresso: Strong, but a creamy mild taste. From guests I get regulary complements on my coffee.
258435258435B005GXHKSGALOR97KTZTK1Pknitty pants1151239580800Please never discontinue this itemI don't drink coffee but my husband does and he is addicted. He's not fit to live with when he runs out of coffee and this is his favorite kind. The Amazon price is the best deal I've found. It keeps peace in our home and it smells terrific!
258436258436B005GXHKSGA3ANY1MI2RGJ6DC. Carpenter1151229385600Best coffee!After many years of searching for good italian coffee without that bitter after taste, here comes lavazza. Italy's no.1 coffee and an exceptional coffee worldwide. I use it in my drip coffee machine as well as my Italian espresso.
Love it!
Very happy that Amazon have it at a great price, thanks Amazon!
258437258437B005GXHKSGA1J8AU5EGZRK19Gerald Mueller3411325030400disappointingly stalegave this a try based on the reviews.

big disappointment.

Coffee is stale and lacking in flavor. I'm sticking with Tully's.
258438258438B005GXHKSGA2CAAGM1296BWTHeidi5721314230400wasn't what I was expectingI bought this after reading all the great reviews. It's a bit better than Folgers in my taste. Something bitter in the flavor. Kind of disappointed really.
258439258439B005GXHKSGA7ZHGT6KZ875EM. Sims4651227916800Ma che, non lo Conoscete?!Ma se non conoscete Crema e Gusto siete proprio un branco di froci scatenati e succhiacazzi a volontà. Il Crema e Gusto è Crema e gusto, e cazzo se ogni momento è quello giusto!
258440258440B005GXHKSGA21K3FHOY1658RF. BAYAM2321331856000Don't be fooled by "Lavazza" nameI used it with dual boiler Bezzera and also with Moka pot. Neither taste nor crema was good. This is like paying BMW money and getting most basic VW.
258441258441B005GXHKSGA38UN6OY97IPI4teyie2351313884800Trust the reviews!I read the reviews and went for it. Having little experience with the brand, I was nervous about trying it. But, I really wanted a better espresso that my husband and I had available. Starbucks was acceptable, but not great and grocery store brands were laughable.

I am so glad I trusted the reviews!! Six months later, we don't drink anything else now and have no desire to pay someone else to make a sub-par cup o' joe. The flavor of Lavazza is strong, full, and without bitterness.

If you're on the fence - go for it. It was totally worth the chance we took.
258442258442B005GXHKSGA3UD50M7M72150synthezatory2351307750400No prob with french press, very tasty!!I bought it after the great reviews. Instead of buying the bialetti for the stovetop, I used my bodum french press despite of it being too fine ground. 2 Cups of hot microwaved water (getto style haha) with 1.5 scoop of coffee is perfect for me. Despite of it being very bold with the crema on top, I'm surprised that it doesn't taste bitter and sour at all! I added a bit of french vanilla, VERY TASTY! Get the individual brick if you're still not sure (sold by LaPrima Shops for $7.49)

Try it, you'll love it!
258443258443B005GXHKSGA3FF2TPC9B89LRGina Lollobrigida2351303862400Very Nice And GoodI'm no coffee aficionado but I know what doesn't suck, and this coffee doesn't. It works well in my stovetop espresso maker as well as in the ol' Bunn. When I use it in my French press it's pretty dreggy but I like it like that. Alls I can say is this coffee is bold and flavorful and has pretty much become my everday coffee.
258444258444B005GXHKSGA2MMXIKB9SHT58creedence2351301702400perfectI am from Italy and I came to the US a couple of weeks ago (I will stay here for a year). I am really sorry but I have to say that for my taste american coffee is a kind of "watered down" soft drink. Thus, I brought my espresso machine with me and I am so happy that Amazon is selling this italian coffee. I really love it and I will definitely order this product again: it is italian coffee, good price and extremely fast shipping. What more could you ask for?
258445258445B005GXHKSGAVX2OMQ8UFL1Iavidbakerinhawaii2331283385600not what I expectedFor the longest time I've been looking for something that compares to Illy espresso (medium roast) at a lower price. Thought this was a deal as I've been paying $14+ per can of Illy. I read all the hype & tried to order via Amazon only to be told they will NOT ship this product to Hawaii.I found the Crema e Gusto somewhere else for less than $9/pack; sadly, I was disappointed with the slightly bitter undertone and will most likely go back to Illy. Any Illy addicts out there who found something as good at a lower price?
258446258446B005GXHKSGA3J4VXFCVETBNQTomasz J. Dorosz "TOM D"2351281398400Smoothest coffee I have ever tried!Looks like I finally found my favorite. I have tried new coffee for last few years looking for something I really liked. This one blows others out of the water. Try it and you will not regret it.
258447258447B005GXHKSGAUTUJI40D5BJRB. L. Price2351274227200Terrific Coffee: So-So PackagingI received my order of four (4) packs of this coffee yesterday and today, upon opening the bricks that were shrink-wrapped together, I noticed that one of the individual packages was clearly not vacuum sealed. Sure enough, at the bottom of the package, I could see a slice from what was most likely a straight razor used to open a box. Hmm...out with that package. (I should add that the shipping box was was in perfect condition.)

Understandably, this type of thing can happen with packaging / stocking. Still, I'm a little disappointed that on my first order, only 3 out of 4 packages are any good.
258448258448B005GXHKSGAE5DIVS06JX1BKevin Lund2351271289600The first 50 bricks were greatI've tried a few options with my DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker and always end up coming back to this Lavazza. My kids think I'm strange that I get so excited every time an Amazon box shows up with more coffee in it. Amazon's subscription service is awesome. The coffee just keeps showing up to my door for less than it would cost to buy inferior coffee at my grocery store.

I love this coffee! (Of course, that might just be the six shots of espresso talking)
258449258449B005GXHKSGA2PI08OGXX6BGLDB in CV "Chem Dude"2351241654400Excellent Coffee & Great Amazon Deal!Not only is this some very tasty coffee, Amazon offers it at a very good price. I'm quite pleased with this purchase and can recommend it to others with no reservation.
258450258450B005GXHKSGA7UPJYPAH73NCDouglas Figueredo2351230768000My espresso of choiceThis is the espresso that I like best. Works great with my Brika and gives a lot of crema. I buy the bulk packaging and the quality has been very consistent.

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