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258451258451B005GXHKSGA28KAA67JNXEBXFrank0051351036800Great coffee even when used with the espresso machine.Great coffee. The cream that comes out with the espresso machine is always perfect!
If you like a strong bold aroma this is the coffee for you.
258452258452B005GXHKSGA3DITA5KN5RDJLDOG DEMON0011350864000not good...I tried to learn to like the taste, but it did not happen, no matter how hard I tried. The coffee has a strange aroma and after taste (like some sort of a strong chemical), and I have been drinking Italian espressos all my life. After I ran out of the 4 bricks, I also stopped getting the runs and stomach pains every morning. No more rushing to the toilet after breakfast! I initially believed I was beginning to have unknown health problems, but after quitting this coffee, I realized that my health was fine. For some reason it worked out terribly for me. Espresso drinking has always been a ritual of delight for me. Aroma, color, taste, and the feel-good-effect after drinking the coffee should all combine to bring forth a unique moment of goodness.
258453258453B005GXHKSGA22J6L1NSD0U5BYeorwned0021350777600Grind Is Too FineUnfortunately, I haven't found anything I can make this coffee in where the filter doesn't become instantly clogged.

The filter on my French press is quite tolerant being a decent model but the grinds still get through the filter quite excessively.

With a drip coffee maker, a permanent gold filter has no chance, as the fine grind blocks the filter and quickly causes the coffee maker to overflow. Paper filters are even worse, clogging up almost instantly.

I'll end up giving it away since I can't actually make a good batch without excessive messes.
258454258454B005GXHKSGA24QDWYC9IFMWOAces_Wild "Obey The Weimaraner"0021349827200One note - bitterI didn't care for this particular Lavazza coffee at all.
It's very one-dimensional and has no aroma whatsoever.
Even though it's a darker roast, and I prefer a darker flavor,
this one just tastes acidic and "muddy" to me.
I like Lavazza Oro better. Oro is definitely much lighter, but at least it
has aroma and depth.
258455258455B005GXHKSGA2YJFR7RMBE9SVJason Maresh0041349136000Good enoughI have only made this coffee in my drip maker, which does not produce a brew as tasty my french press or stove top burner. It produces a decent cup that is good and not bitter, but also does not have an abundance of character.
258456258456B005GXHKSGAQXZ7QS3ZXSI6Anthony0051348617600Love this coffeeThis coffee is the best tasting and highest-quality you can get for the price. It's difficult to find in my area's stores and when I can find it, it's very over-priced. I can't go a morning without my LavAzza!
258457258457B005GXHKSGA1EA3QWLRO24X8Raw Cacao Man0051348358400Love this coffee for my morning cappuccinoOnce I started using this coffee I realized that the coffee maker is not what makes good coffee, it is the quality and flavor of the coffee you are using. I tried many different types of coffee and this is one of my favorites for espresso and cappuccinos. Highly recommend this. I have a 12 year old Krups cappuccino maker that makes the perfect cappuccino in the morning with this coffee. Most other coffee grounds fell short.
258458258458B005GXHKSGATRLSQVTU8P2ZMomma O0051347667200When I taste Lavazza, I am back in Italy!!After returning from Italy a few years ago, where my husband and I fell in love with the Lavazza espresso served in the cafes, we Googled "Lavazza Crema e Gusto" and found it on Amazon. We have been ordering it ever since. Bold, smooth, rich, abundant crema.....pure Italy!!
258459258459B005GXHKSGA2PGIMX2IJ61M4JoSCh0051347321600Lavazza coffee, truly Italian.I don't regularly drink coffee but my wife does. After a visit to Italy a few years ago my wife became hooked on great coffee, and Lavazza is just that. She uses a moka pot, and Italian coffee pot/stove top espresso maker. The Amazon scheduled delivery is also great.
258460258460B005GXHKSGA20FIU5JS8JM8XBook Lover in the Midwest0051346976000Amazing - try it for a low fat chocolate soy latte.I have a soy latte every morning -- using this in my stovetop expresso maker. No other coffee even comes close to the thick creamy coffee that this brane makee. I use 1 cup low fat Silk chocolate soy milk (heated in the microwave) to three expresso cups of coffee. Delicious!
258461258461B005GXHKSGA1ZQ8R2HSUREWIsunny_in_the_south0051346457600Takes me back to ItalyI use this coffee in my Bialetti Brikka and thoroughly enjoy a quick espresso several times a week. Great flavor - strong but not bitter, smooth and delicious every time. Thanks Amazon!
258462258462B005GXHKSGALNZPS2MEO3Y9lwithers0051346457600my favorite stuffI love this stuff. I've tried the other Lavazza blends and they're all good, but this one is my favorite so far. Very bold flavor. Bitter, but not nasty bitter. It brews dark and foamy. It's smells good. The price is really good too, definitely cheaper here than in the stores.
258463258463B005GXHKSGA214ZINX7T983JCoffee dude0021345766400Fair to midlandI bought this based on my experience in europe. I figured it was Italian and would taste as much of the coffees did when last I visited Europe, Bold and stout. Also, I was drawn in by the words "La Crema"...meant strong and with much head like a beer I thought.Unfortunately, the coffee was much like a regular, everyday folgers blend, kinda bland and fairly regular. Buy it if you like regular coffee but pass otherwise.
258464258464B005GXHKSGA36E46NHAZUQDRPM0051344988800Good Italian CoffeeVery nice and strong Coffee, works very well in Mocha machine. I couldn't make that coffee very creamy in my hand though.
258465258465B005GXHKSGAFE3S8KVNS39Uadriana9790051344297600Best Espresso & Coffee so far..I am a new espresso machine owner and am experimenting to find the best (least bitter) yet strong espresso.. I tried Cafe Bustelo which is decent and an Italian brand from grocery store. This brand is so far the smoothest yet still strong which is important to me. I also use in French Press when I am in the mood for good ole regular coffee.
258466258466B005GXHKSGAGOWZ7HPTOTHQSaren0051344124800Strong and creamyI had been using Illy's Dark Roast for my daily latte, but I was getting sick of the incredibly high price for one 8.8 ounce can. This Lavazza has the same strength, but with a hint of chocolate (best way to describe it, honestly) and I find it has a much smoother feel to it. Plus, I can get four 8.8 ounce bricks for the price of 2 Illy 8.8 ounce cans... Glad I switched!
258467258467B005GXHKSGA2P9SEQBOYK8MNPrime Member "Andy"0051343865600Good for moka potI've been using this in my moka pot for several months. I also make an occasional pour-over with this coffee. Both methods have had excellent dark and rich results. Every time a open a new bag, the smell is outstanding.
258468258468B005GXHKSGA2CLJOGDJW427EMollyM0041343606400Yum - But not "OMG YUM"We use this in our espresso maker and it makes a good latte, but I thought I'd be blown away by the "crema" part of the taste. Just tastes like a normal homemade espresso - nothing different than when we make it with Starbucks or whatnot. That said, great price if you do the Subscribe and Save....
258469258469B005GXHKSGATN552TF5V40ZLh0031343433600Not as robust as Cafe BusteloFrom the other reviews I thought this would be at least as full flavored as Cafe Bustelo but it's not. It's more mild and I prefer a deeper stronger coffee flavor. I do like the creamy texture of this coffee but not enough to switch to it. I may try other varieties by Lavazza since it gets such good reviews all the time.
258470258470B005GXHKSGA2WBWZGLA6B3E7A Runner0041342569600Better than Cafe BusteloI make espresso on a Krups machine with Cafe Lavazza. In comparison to Cafe Bustelo, which has a boring, but tolerable strong dark roast espresso flavor, Lavazza espresso has a more unique, rich syrupy flavor.

However, if I compare Lavazza to the beans that I bought at Four Barrel in San Francisco last week, Lavazza's flavor seems pretty boring. I give it 4 stars because it is a great deal for the price and has good flavor.
258471258471B005GXHKSGA2TO2BN3P4C00LMusic Fan Jeff0021342310400surprisingly weak flavorI was expecting something with much more flavor given the product description and the many stellar reviews, but this is the worst coffee I've tried since I signed up for the Gevalia club. Even at Amazon's current significantly reduced price, this simply isn't worth it.
258472258472B000O3QRVOA16I21Y95O7DKJKP0051349568000The best scones everMy family is in love with these scones. They are easy to make and so moist and dense and I love that they are not that sweet. We have them for breakfast almost every day and even days after baking they do not dry out. I used to look for recipes that I could freeze, but they (and the Sticky Fingers brand) are so easy to make that I just make them fresh now.

I have never tried their cranberry orange mix, but I made my own version by substituting half the milk with orange juice and adding the zest of one orange to the mix.
258474258474B004M4C7T2A46114QN3URA3Patricia C. Stewart1151342742400Wine Slush - Yum!I actually had some of this at a local winery - a wine slushy. The winery prepared the mix with their Chamborcin and had it in a slushy machine. It was very very yummy! I had already purchased 3 bottles of wine, but after finishing the slushy, I went back in and purchased the Wine-A-Rita Wine Glace. I plan on using it in my Margaritaville Margarita machine. I would recommend this product.
258475258475B004337YQIAJ9XLHOL8EIV0Chuckiefresh3331315440000Not badNot bad for the cost. The candy is a little rough and not perfectly smooth but it tastes good. I would buy again.
258476258476B004337YQIA9C490YOHGFUZteacher mom "teacher mom"2251325980800Yummy!I don't think you can find a much better deal if you're looking for yummy sour balls (and lots of them!). I wish there were more red ones but that's just me :)
258477258477B004337YQIA2DTFY6FJGAW4ZChaplain72251314835200Yummy!The sour balls burst with flavor. I wouldn't pass them out to young children because they are too small. I ordered them to give at an adult health fair. They are perfect!
258478258478B002O1IEIIA2LK7SSB5EY539Heidi414421268265600Not Flour... just ground coconutI had been using Bob's Red Mill coconut flour for all my gluten-free baking but decided to try this brand because it was cheaper. And, let's just say you get what you pay for!! This coconut "flour" isn't flour at all... it's coconut meal. It's much more course than Bob's Red Mill and leaves all my baked goods with a undesirable grainy texture. I would absolutely not recommend this brand, however, I do recommend coconut flour in general. It's an absolutely wonderful substitute for grain flours.
258479258479B002O1IEIIA1D98NHDOPOB6AOutdoorLady1919513169088003rd. order - been using for a year... now has a finer grainWhen I first started using this product yes, the grain was coarser but around 6 months ago, they improved that. The price initially enticed me to this product (currently about 80 cents cheaper/lb. than BRM) , but the *no sulfites* keep me coming back. Two major factors that attracted me to coconut flour were high fiber and low oxalate. I believe it's also lower in sugar on the GI/GL tables. It's also nice that there are 6 bags per carton - don't have to order it that often (vs. 4 bag cartons).

There was a learning curve when I first switched (hint: bump your leavening up) in spite of buying Fife's coconut cookbook; don't waste your money unless you have no concerns over cholesterol and eating exorbitant amounts of eggs. I substitute flax "goop" from ground flax seed (and water) and knock the egg requirements down by at least 1/2 or 2/3! Initially, I used only coconut flour for all my baking and pancakes; I even put a Tlb. in my rice farina. Recently though, I have branched out to adding rice and/or tapioca flours to make my own gluten-free flour blend. Tip: Go to an Asian supermarket for the rice flour (non-glutenous type has less starch) and tapioca flour if you're on a budget. Also, sift your flours 3x before using/baking.

Yes, it's more work and more money than wheat flour, but my quality of life has improved drastically and that's worth it!!!
258480258480B002O1IEIIASA2VW87Z6QUWstudent "student"232551279929600great for muffinsYes, this flour is not as fine, however it is absolutely the best for my favorite banana muffins. The muffins come out angle-soft inside, have nice texture, and a good-looking golden crust. I use

2 eggs
1 cup of buttermilk
2 ripe mashed bananas
1/4 cup of oil
2/3 cup packed light brown sugar
1 cup of organic coconut flour
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

bake about 20 min

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