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258554258554B000WFRQ96A3JHC8O59WDHFZSilea1251289865600The kittens seem to like it and it doesn't smell awful.I admit, one of the reasons i buy this kitten food is that it's relatively cheap. Not dirt cheap, which is good, because i don't entirely trust the people who can make kitten food so inexpensively. What're they putting in there?

Anyway, it's pretty cheap as kitten food goes. It also doesn't smell awful, a problem i've had with some other wet pet foods. The kittens devour it, which is also good.

But best of all, it doesn't upset their tummies, so i don't have to clean up nasty messes.
258555258555B0006U7SVIA226XGQ97DF3HQRhonda L. Fleming "Harley Lady"1151124064000Chicken & Venison Jerky Dog TreatsMy dog absolutely loves these treats! Right now I have him in obedience class and I use these to reward him when he does a good job at class! I also give them to him when we're at home at it's between meals. I highly recommend these for all dog owners, your dog will love them!
258556258556B0006U7SVIA2360PNKEUO7RHrobert feinstein0051328054400Not from ChinaI'm sick of hearing about all the poison the chinese put in dog food so as to make a buck. It was truly refreshing to find a product that contains nothing from CHina and the dog loves it and it's good for him. What a deal!!
258557258557B0006U7SVIAMPGRXQMO89X9Faye L. Bowring0051324944000Special treats!Before our new pup arrived I bought toys, grooming aids, cleaning products, bags of food and a variety of treats that are bite-size and on the soft side. Callie likes these Chicken and Venison Jerky Treats so I use them as "special" treats for special behavior and cut them up so they are tinier. I would certainly add these treats to my "must have" list for Callie.
258558258558B0006U7SVIA2H7USNHGU0MS3A. Eley0051315785600Real Meat Chicken & Venison Jerky Dog TreatsI have used the Venison version of this same treat...but the addition of the chicken seems to be a huge hit...there is always a question if finger tips are going to be missing after a session with this one. We use it as training bait for conformation for one of our dogs and have to fight with the other 2 the whole time. Like that it is all natural, very few ingredients,and not at all greasy. It is pricey for the amount we use, but much easier on our taste buds than cooked liver!Real Meat Chicken & Venison Jerky Dog Treats
258559258559B0006U7SVIA3S8DN9L15QSCBMaurice J. Reagan0051291593600good treatWhen Gracie wants to go out, I don't know if it's to relieve herself or to, again, get some treats. I haven't tried one, but she says more, more. I assume they are five star. They are individually large treats so I cut them up. I think she prefers more, more than large.
258560258560B0006U7SVIA2XFA2HIIKS5G2Bentley0051182816000Great for Obedience TrainingMy dog loves these treats and they are easy to carry in your pocket to classes. Great to use in teaching commands and obedience training. The size is optimal for transport.

Bentley/2007Real Meat Chicken & Venison Jerky Dog Treats (12-oz pouch - Chicken & Venison Jerky Treats)
258561258561B0088W2BJAA2CVXDY3NZ1C8DS. Ambrosius0051350950400Cute and very tasty!!!Everyone loved these! We used them in our goody bags for a department retreat. Everyone raved about the flavor of the chocolate and they are super cute. Shipped quickly and had a cooler pack to keep them from melting en route.
258541258541B000KJVIOIA2MMLVI7W71SMMRufus A. Partlow III "Victor SHO"1251258070400HELP!!!This is an unbelievably delicious product. I am eating the last two pieces from the first tier right now and I JUST bought it from BJs (like Costco's, or Sam's Club) Tuesday morning! I need intervention, these are too delicious to stop. My original plan was to eat one a day (LOL!), four days later I've eaten six a day. Incidentally, from BJs this exact same box was $10.97.
258562258562B004I7JPIEAETU6WZAUMX53J. Perez "Wrestle Dude"7751303257600Pepsi Throwback reviewThis a great "throwback" of the old 1980's logo that I grew up having. It's also made with real sugar too. So don't drink too much of this stuff. I give this throwback a 10 out of 10.
Why should we drink High Fructose Corn Syrup or Artificial Sweeteners?
The THROWBACK is the REAL WAY to make Pepsi, let's make THIS ONE the OFFICIAL ONE!
Loved the taste :)
258564258564B004I7JPIEA3OH48CPW1T1HAJimJee4551315872000SmootherIt is the same pepsi only made with real sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. As a result the beverage is much smoother tasting. Still the same pepsi flavor, just smoother! Love it and I think all soft drinks should be made with real sugar again!
258565258565B004I7JPIEA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0051344124800The best!!I'd give this 10 stars if I had that option. This is the pepsi I grew up drinking in the 70's. Taste so much better than ANY of the so called pepsi made with artifical sweetener or high frutose corn syrup. Don't know what kind of taste buds the reviewer who didn't like it has, but they must be off a little. This stuff is A Number One Best Pepsi out there!!!!!!!!
258566258566B004I7JPIEA3LMW085GNBGQUJosef Nemec0051335398400Wow...This stuff is phenomenal. If you like the REAL sugar taste, this is your drink. I am an avid cola drinker, and before this came out I was a Coke fan, but now I have jumped on the throwback bandwagon. No filmy taste left in your mouth, just a smooth refreshing drink (and no high fructose corn syrup!). Definitely worth the price, and i'd be willing to pay a premium for this...
258567258567B004I7JPIEA18OSG23XSEL2Wreadthebible "T"01411306454400Not good like they say it is!I'm a regular daily pepsi drinker, as are a few of my friends. Some of us has tried the new pepsi throwback and NONE of us like it! It tastes totally different and almost reminds me of "coke" and it is not refreshing. If you drink it regularly (instead of coffee/tea for your caffeine fix) then you will definitely notice the taste difference. Sorry, but I don't like it!
258542258542B000KJVIOIA288EVWQ5LO0F8liza0121341878400cost-cutting?I have been wanting to do a review for this chocolate for months now and finally got to it. I have always loved this chocolate to the extent my husband buys it for me whenever he sees it and I also buy my own. Used to be, the smooth chocolate coupled with crunchiness of the hazelnut were delectable! However, it seems to me as evidenced by its taste now that the maker of this chocolate has compromised its taste. I thought I just got a bad or old batch when I first noticed the taste about 7-8 months ago but I didn't. I still did not believe that the taste has changed, I bought this chocolate many times after and in fact, has about 8 pieces left from the 36/pcs/pk I got from Sam's Club. The taste has definitely changed in a way that first; the chocolate tastes more like sugar instead of tasting the chocolateness of it and second; the hazelnuts are smaller and seems to not be as fresh as it used to be. I am very sad that if ever the manufacturers of this chocolate was trying to cut cost, it has altered the quality taste of this chocolate, then it won't be worth buying it anymore. After the batch that I have with me, I don't think I will buy anymore out of my own pocket unless somebody gives it to me. I hope they will bring it back to its original taste as I am an avid fan of this chocolate for over 20 years now.
258543258543B000KJVIOIA3LBXY7C6YMVNHA. Abril "A.A.A."0151293235200awesome price!Its chocolate, for the price, this thing is awesome. i got ti for my friend for her birthday and it put a smile on her face.
258544258544B000KJVIOIA2J73XCA8X5XVKJason1451251504000large count decent pricethese are the largest count box i can find online and at a decent price.
258545258545B000KJVIOIA26587UEXR2WFNFaisal Khan31151284422400One hell of a gift!Gave this to my girl friend who was really very very happy with it!

First I thought that she won't like it as she is one of those girls who are obsessed with fats and carbohydrates and balanced diet shiat.

.... and I was surprised.

Give this to your girls and "You will be loved".

and Oh, my girlfriend thinks that Ferrero Rocher Chocolate makes her sexually excited (cough cough horny cough cough). God bless these people, they put 48 of these in that box :)
258546258546B000KJVIOIA1G9RXN4S5D9WOAlex "Alex"21021325808000They are decently good, but I really just don't get it....When these are floating around wherever I am, I often eat other chocolates, even candies first. Even in cases where these are all that's available - come on it happens! - here's how it goes down

Someone: hey I've got some of these ferrero rochers, these things are sooooo good
Me: (pretending to be excited for them), oh that's great!
Someone: I'm having one I frickin love these!
Me: Yeah, they're pretty good
Someone: Want one?
Me: ehhhhhh, I don't know I just ate
Someone: How can you not eat one? Come on you know you want one, here just take it
Me: (reluctantly) Ok I guess I'll have one
I take a bite and yeah I pretty much enjoy it, but the whole time I'm wishing i was eating something better...even a twix bar would be better, but i guess this is good. I start thinking is it really worth the fat intake for the mediocre amount of enjoyment I'm getting? Answer is "no" but hey I'm eating it so I might as well make the most of it....

Someone: See aren't you glad you took one?
Me: (politely) Yeah totally, thanks
Someone: I'm having one more, come on cheers (hands me another one)!
Me: ...sigh....
258547258547B000KJVIOIA213URKNBY0YILCamille22711251676800Very SlowI was very disappointed with the delivery of the chocolates. I ordered them on July 31 and they did not come until August 12 (after their expected delivery date). I also did not like the fact that they never sent any email confirmation about the order or when they were being shipped.
258548258548B000KJVIOIA2A1XYSB692L6JPatricia "A Reader"13731293321600T O O......C H U N K Y......A N D.....C R U N C H YI had not realized until just now that these FERRERO ROCHER HAZELNUT CHOCOLATES 48 COUNT GIFT BOX, were made by the SAME Ferrero Company that makes "Nutella" Hazelnut-Chocolate spread, (which I totally love to eat!) I had some of these individual chocolates once, and did NOT like them! Those who share my taste in chocolates will not like them either! For these Ferraro Rochet Hazelenut
Choclolates, have bits of hazel nuts, (finely chopped...but NOT finely chopped enough for me), embedded in a chocolate coating, the whole surrounding a whole hazelnut. I'm one of those people who likes FILETS....boneless fish filets, boneless chicken filets, etc. I, (and I know I'm NOT alone here), like my chocolate mixtures to be complete Nutella spread, (or "figaro" hazelnut chocolate pieces...also called "chocolate truffles"). Biting through
hard, embedded "pieces" of things -- even such tiny pieces of hazelnut as the chocolate-hazelnut coating has here -- is NOT for me, or others like me. In this, I have discovered, I, (or make that, "we"), have true "preppy" tastes, (even though I did attend plain old Queens College in NYC -- part of the very public
City University of New York where, it seems, (to me, at least), egalitarian has gone from good to exremes -- and even fraternities and sororities are officially outlawed! To some, this may seem only "fair" and "equitable". But to status-seeking me, it seems SO unglamourous! I guess I'm not the typical Queens College of the City University of New York student, though I do sincerely laud them for making eduction more available for everyone. I only wish they had more of what private universities have. To me, "equality" is equal luxuries for all, not equal utilitarianism for all. Same goal, different methods, I guess....) In "The Official Preppy Handbook", it states that preppies like bones to slice through, or fat to trim away. (Why waste the time, why spend the effort?) The same has to go, (at least for me --and others with "preppy" tastes), for these otherwise "gourmet" quality confections. Those little bits of chopped hazelnuts in the coating -- not to mention the BIG hazelnut in the centre -- make eating DIFFICULT, and spoil the pleasure of eating. Rather than have a (fancy) chocolate that I must chew through, I would prefer a plain old Hershey choclate bar. It, like the more expensive Nutella, IS a chocolate "filet". I suppose this liking of the "ordinary" Hershey bar, (and a plain one please -- not one with almonds), proves I am NOT a snob -- I, (and others like me), simply have TASTE!

I thought I was alone in this. But since reading "The Official Preppy Handbook", I know that others -- far richer than myself -- also have these tastes. This, of course, vindicates me, and I feel glad of it.
Enjoy "Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates 48 Count Gift Box" if you wish...and give it to friends, if that is your desire. But this sort of chocolate, because of the way it is formed, is NOT my choice for either myself or my friends. And, no matter how excellent the chocolate itself is, it will NEVER be of "gourmet" quality, to me!
258549258549B002SJUC04A166MRFU7AMNRPBibba0041305676800BeautifulBreath takingly beautiful flowers. Amazingly fresh as well.
Very fast turn around on the order as well.

Normally I try to purchase from local florists, but these flowers were so amazing that I will definetely be purchasing from this supplier again.
258550258550B0057620SCA2QA1CFFULNZOJValerie Ross0051323907200i love this herbal tea!if herbal peppermint tea has too much of a 'bite' for you, try spearmint. it's sweet and smooth, naturally decaffeinated, and makes wonderful iced tea. also good for digestion.

my favorite is to use 3 bags of spearmint tea and 7 bags of english breakfast tea. it'll make about a gallon batch.

i steep it for about 8 minutes. less for weaker tea and more for stronger. i like sweet tea so i make a sugar syrup, which is 1 part sugar to 1 part hot water and mix till sugar is completely melted.

refrigerate and enjoy!
258551258551B000WFRQ96A2DNTJYRT6XRU4CatMom0051351123200KITTENS LOVE THISAnd this prices beats the heck out of most of those over-priced pet speciality stores. The vet recommends this brand and my 2 latest additions to our cat family simple love this stuff.

258552258552B000WFRQ96A3UOHOGJYXY8S6sherry0051349136000my 5 kittens loved this!!!my 5kittens loved this, it is hard to find kitten food for 6week old kittens & up, they loved this. and it gives them what they need thur growing spouts. they are really picky, I tryed other brands & wasted money. They are now 8 weeks old, & love the chicken & liver &they also like chicken soup for the kittens soul too (also on I just ordered the proplan kitten in salmon, hope they will like it. Thank You for selling this, can't find this anywhere at grocery stores.
258553258553B000WFRQ96A1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"0041317772800My Little Kittens Love This/Shipping Bad NewsI got two new kittens who were 8 weeks old. They had been raised on Mom's milk, kitten kibble by Iams and a little wet food now and then. They were in good shape when they came to me. One is a black kitten (all black with not white anywhere) and the other is a brown tiger. I am not positive of their sex yet and have had the flu so they have not been for shots and to have a professional assess the situation; however, I think they are both boys. I like to feed boys wet food to make sure they are getting the water they need to keep their urinary tracts clean and healthy. So, as soon, as I knew for certain they were mine, I ordered some kitten food from Amazon.
One variety is this Chicken and Liver flavor. I ordered three cases of food in three different flavors and of all of them, the kittens prefer this. Chicken and Liver entree is their Very Favorite. The two of them scarf down an entire can of this mix without a second breath. The little black one, who was the runt of the litter, growls the enitre time he eats this. He plans to get his Fair (Fare for fun) Share! The little brown tiger does not back off, but keeps nibbling away.
The other two varieties I ordered werePro Plan Canned Cat Food, Kitten Classic Salmon and Ocean Whitefish Entrée (Pack of 24 3 Ounce Cans)The other variety I got was the following.Fancy Feast Gourmet Kitten Food, Tender Turkey Feast, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
The Kittens will leave one bite of the Pro Plan Salmon in order to play, and will leave two bites of the Turkey. I think that indicates their preference pretty clearly: 1. Pro Plan Chicken and Liver 2. Pro Plan Salmon and Whitefish and 3. Fancy Feast Turkey (My older cats, who were raised on the Turkey, say it is a bit bland. but they were healthy on it!)
So, if you have kittens, I definitely recommend this ProPlan Chicken and Liver Wet food, especially if you have little boys. Keep that urinary tract in good shape.
One other thing I discovered about the use of this Kitten food is that it is Super for Pregnant Queens, especially if they are younger than one year, or have had frequent litters so that their own nourishment has been depleted. My kittens' Mom was a "drop off" in our retirement neighborhood (Don't you know those old folks will take in a p.g. female. She looks so sweet!) And we did take her in and provided homes for all six kittens, but, as an aside, it is really a diry trick to play to kitties and people, just because the irresponsible will not take their obviously healthy female to a free spay clinic...but then that is not about the food.
Anyway, the sweet lady who took in the Mom fed her this Kitten Food plus Kitten Kibble and Cottage Cheese to make certain she got adequate protein and vitamins. Fending on the street was temporarily a hard life for a p.g. mom. But she picked her weight back up on this and Kitten Kibble and gave us good healthy babies.
So, this is Definitely recommended for kittens and as an "off Label use" also for pregnant and lactating females who need the extra nutrients. This is a good one.
I am only going to give it 4 stars though because it is almost $8.00 for shipping; thus, it is obviously not on Subscribe and Save and that needs to happen. Kittens can stay on this food for up to a year! But I do recommend it for apparent good taste and stated good nutrition.
258568258568B000NVAJI4A3DDXX1O9SAES0David B. Paz Sr.101051212537600herbs de ProvenceThis was a fantastic product. My wife loves cooking with these herbs. What a taste the lavender adds.The bag is tremendous and the quailty is amazing. I highly recommend this product. Order through was easy and quick. It was delivered in a few days. It was excellent service.This is clearly a 5 star product.
258569258569B000NVAJI4A12PIQ438BWZRDMumsi "Mumsi"5551235865600Love these herbsThe first time I had Herbs de Provence was when my daughter brought some back from Paris with her. I fell in love with the flavor. Now, I use it in all italian sauces, put it in marinades for chicken and pork, etc. This was not a bad price, either. Grocery stores are much higher priced.
258570258570B000NVAJI4AJ9COM2N41PD5H. Mera4451275868800Excellent!!I was not sure if this would leave my food smelling and tasting like potpourri because of the lavender. I was wrong. This is an excellent product that can be used on more than just meats. I used it on fish, chicken and on scrambled eggs. Full of flavor without adding salt. This is a great blend of herbs and spices. I only wish I bought a larger amount before. Getting the large bag with my next order. Highly recommended!

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