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258673258673B0029NUWA4ACLUXWYUXMZXAAubitthehobbit1141320278400Not the best, but better than mostI have two boys...well first we had one. He was a little panther zipping and yowling around our house and would anything, especially bagels...I still can't keep bagels in my house. Then we decided he need a playmate. That's when we came across Octavious or "silky" as his current human called him. And he was silky, such much so in comparison our first cat felt like velcro when petted. We couldn't afford Science diet and they seemed to hate the plain taste of it. We started mixing the good life with it and we have noticed more energy, more love from them and softer shiny coats. Less itchiness too.

Yes it has corn, but guess what so does half the things you eat. I am not concerned on wheat/corn debate as my cat goes after my bread, my bagels or anything tasting like wheat.
258674258674B0029NUWA4AS4G9HE52750Npattirest1151319414400cat's meowI have 2 brothers that are cats and they have had this food on and off their whole lives they love it. It's healthy and at times hard to find at stores so I prefer to order it online.
258675258675B0029NUWA4A3ECK8B7F645P2R. Silvia "Sunlitme"1151318636800Very Happy with it!We have 4 cats a little over 1 year old. We started out feeding them Blue Buffalo but they were always very gassy and 2 of the cats were getting plump.. while another was too skinny. So we ventured into trying other brands healthy or otherwise. They can be a bit picky but they eventually got used to anything. "Their" favorite was the Purina stuff... but that's just like us loving junk food isn't it...while the 1 skinny one did attain a normal weight the 2 plump ones became quite fat! So eventually we picked up this Goodlife brand, for indoor cats. They took to it well and before we knew it the 2 fat cats are down to a healthy weight. The skinny cat is looking a little skinnier too but she has maintained a healthy weight with this stuff. It's been about 5 months now and they are all still very healthy and I am very Happy with this brand and this particular recipe (indoor). It has been a perfect balance for all 4 of our cats. We did try the all ages a couple of times but it doesn't seem to satisfy them as well and they eat a lot more of it.
258676258676B0029NUWA4A3SNFSO9HWYON2Susan M "SOM"1151316649600Excellent Kibble for the Kitties!I have two adult Siamese cats (they are actually Tonkinese) and they have the healthiest, softest coats. They have also had less hairballs - not that it is a "hairball formula" food, but I have definitely noticed a decrease.
258677258677B0029NUWA4A1EZ68IXD13AE0knitsafghans "knitsafghans"3411271462400sadly cats (not fussy eaters either!) won't eat itMy 3 cats are not at all picky about what they eat. They'll happily gobble everything from Meow Mix/Friskies through Royal Canin and Iams. But this food - no way - they will not touch it. Sad.
258678258678B0029NUWA4A21VGNU5959O85Laura Terese Henri5751247788800The Goodlife Indoors!I have three adult indoor cats, and I feed them Goodlife indoor formula in the chicken flavor. I wanted a moderately priced cat food that wouldnt make me go broke, but also wasnt full of ingredients that were unhealthy for my kitties. I used to feed them Iams, but at 17 bucks a bag I knew there had to be a food out there that was comparable!

Goodlife Indoor with Chicken has high quality ALL NATURAL ingredients that taste good (well I dont know that they taste good but my cats LOVE it)

Inside it has:

*REAL chicken and skim milk for strong bones and teeth and lean muscle mass.

*WHOLE grain brown rice that has alot of good vitamins

*Natural Garden Peas and Spinach with Iron and Folic Acid that helps metabolism

*High quality protein and taurine needed for a healthy heart and eyes.

*Whole Grains rich in fatty acids and fiber for healthy digestion and a shiny coat

*Colorful veggies that provide antioxidants for a good immune system

My cats have a clean bill of health, shiny sleek coats, no plaque on their teeth, and my oldest one who is 12 has a healthy urinary tract system which we all know is the number one killer of senior cats!
258679258679B0029NUWA4A1QBOC76MIOJYPMyPenName2331315872000Mixed feelingsI bought this for my 2 indoor only cats. The price was very good at the time for what seemed to be decent quality food for the price. It arrived super fast with Prime shipping. I was very impressed that the 15 pound bag had a very sturdy resealable zipper to help reduce the food going stale or needing to put it in a storage container.

Unfortunately though, my cats would just not eat this food. I had bought it on a whim since money was tight and I was trying to save a few bucks. I filled up the self feeding container for the cats and they just would not touch it..the food just sat and sat, for literally a week. They had nibbled at it now and then, but did not eat as they do with their regular food. It was like they would eat just a few pieces and that was it.

Luckily, one of the cats prefers wet food anyway, so she was still eating daily, but the other cat does not eat wet food and just refused to eat this Good Life Recipe. I was hoping she would come out of being stubborn, or would just get so hungry that she would eat it, but no such luck. I ended up buying our regular food after it was apparent that she would not eat this replacement.

A few years back, when this cat food first came on the market, I had received a sample bag of it in the mail. At that time I had another cat who has since passed away, and he ate it just fine. I assume it has a particualr taste or smell that just does not appeal to certain cats. I will say that this food does have a strong smell and oddly enough it sort of reminds me of vomit. This could very well be the reason that some cats do not take to it.

Since getting our regular cat food, I tried mixing it half and half with this Goodlife recipen so that I would not be wasting an entire 15lb bag, and the cats would still not eat it. I added more of the regular food, maybe 75/25 and now they seem to be eating it since there is more of the Iams than Goodlife. I will keep mixing it with that ratio so that it does not go to waste.
258680258680B0029NUWA4A26CP0W2JDGL1GDella2341314835200It must taste goodI just recently started buying this food for my 2 cats and I must say they really seem to enjoy it. Even the chihuahua has been enjoying it much to the cats chagrin. The only problem with it is that it seems to make my cats a bit smellier than before.
258681258681B0029NUWA4A2U7V66VTVG6GSSara Marie Bosket "Busy SAHM"2351303430400My Sensitve Stomach Cats Love it!I want to start by saying I am not a professional, just an average cat owner. I realize this isn't the highest quality cat food out there. However, in my opinion, this is a great middle of the road more natural cat food. Our cats love it and haven't had any problems digesting it.

We have 2 cats that are a year old. We adopted them from a shelter 4 months ago. When they were babies they got a virus and as a result have sensitive stomachs. I had to find a food for them with not a lot of fillers and dyes. Particularly the red dye found in most cat foods. The foster home gave them Purina Naturals which was more expensive then Goodlife so I am very happy I found this brand of food. I am a realistic common sense cat owner on a budget so price had to be a factor especially with 2 cats. I admit I didn't know anything about corn and other stuff in cat food. The ingredients in this cat food hasn't had any negative affects on our cats. In fact they have a soft shiny coat, very seldom get hair balls, and are full of energy.

I always had cats growing up that ate just regular cat food and they lived to be old. In fact my one cat is 13 years old now. I don't understand why all of a sudden people are so critical of cat food. There are certainly worse cat foods out there with a lot of fillers and dyes that in some cases can be more expensive. I recommend giving this food a try and let your cat decide if he/she likes it.
258682258682B0029NUWA4A1MTURFHSL92YIJackie H.2351284422400Great choice of food, no stomach sensitivitiesOne of my cats is 17 years old and I rescued her from the outdoors. She had a rough life before I had her. Over the years I've fed her premium brands and a few regular brands. I tried this food after I first saw the commercial and I've never had to switch to any other since. I like this food because all 3 of my cats like it and they don't have any sensitivities to it. The bottom line is that I'm certain there are many brands on the market that may have only natural ingredients in them. But I think all food has to have some preservatives in them so they are able to be packaged for sale in dry form. So how can even the purest foods with preservatives in them really be any better than this one? I don't feel as though I'm shortening my cats' life span feeding them this brand. Hey, 17 years and still kickin' is enough proof to me. I give The Goodlife Recipe two thumbs up!!
258683258683B0029NUWA4AFCM5RQ490RH5Harry Han0051350432000My cats Love this food!It is a 5 stars! The package is nice and fair price. My cats Walle and Eva loved it! I will get this one for my cat next food supply!
258684258684B0029NUWA4AKFC63TNHUPG4SWE "Suzy"0051350000000Cats keep it downMy cats love this cat food. It is the only cat food that I have ever used that they seem to digest well. There is seldom any "throw up" with this cat food. Anyone who owns a cat knows what I mean about this. I used to call my cats the "throw up queens" but since I've been using this cat food it very seldom happens. They have been eating this cat food for over 2 years so I think this is a good test. I highly recommend.
258685258685B0029NUWA4A3K4DSFQECPPPJPaja Penmaker0051349568000excellent dry cat foodI used to use the cheaper grocery store brands. Then two cats got very sick and I had no idea what was causing it. But I changed cat food anyway. They love this! AND they are healthy. It's made from all good food.
258686258686B0029NUWA4A1HZGQ44DFK6T0Lovely Mt. View0051347753600Best Dry Food!I have tried numerous dry cat foods, but the one my cats like best is the Goodlife Recipe! Not sure if it's the yummy aroma, or just the sound of it being poured into their bowls, but they sure come running! I feed our cats canned food, but always have a bowl of dry food available. Some of our cats prefer dry food, and this recipe is a winner! I like the fact that it's high in protein and has fiber and veggies too.
Try it- you won't be disappointed!!
Pricing on Amazon is great, the automatic delivery is a godsend- and free delivery is a winner!
258687258687B0029NUWA4A3S0KYDLS2CMVYRon0051347148800Good life recipe indoor formula Works greatwe have successfully been feeding our 2 cats this for about 6 months now comparing this brand to similar brand in this category I would say it exceeds all expectations it is not a high priced Blue Buffalo Indoor Cat Dry Food, Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe, 15-Pound Bag such as that one at 3 dollars a pound but it is a very reasonable middle of the road cat food for about the same price as cheap cat food so that being said my wife and I are both extremely satisfied with our purchase
258688258688B0029NUWA4A1ITJYFUFB4TORsmartin0041346976000Cats like this foodI have been happy with the quality of this food as well as delivery time & speed. The cats tried tearing into this bag before their old food is gone yet. They really like this food.
258689258689B0029NUWA4A1CYCOFCF2AEWML. Casale0051345852800yummmmmMy cat loves this. The pellets are nice and small and colorful. The ingredients list is great. Most importantly, my cat hasn't vomited on this and this is the second bag!
258690258690B0029NUWA4A61YBSTS6SIWBDvorah Q0051344729600Good, but way over-pricedThis is a very good cat food
258661258661B000FGZKUYA2MUP89WLJ5V3SLaura L Dowerah0041343260800Assam TeaThe Assam tea is wonderful though the product is a bit over-packaged
258662258662B000FGZKUYA2Z0M88QTN5Z8Gursharan0041286150400lovely assam teathis is my daily morning tea - it is a more delicate bouquet than english breakfast. try it like this: with a mortar and pestle, ground two cardamom buds, a pinch of fennel seeds, and a little piece of cinnamon. grate a little ginger. boil a half cup of water on the stove, and add the ground spices, ginger, and a sugar (1 add about 2 teaspoons of sugar). as the water starts to boil, add one bag of the assam breakfast tea. let a nice color develop - takes about a minute. add a little less than a quarter cup of milk (whole, 2%, 1%, or fat free - you need less if it has more fat) and bring it to a boil. let it sit for 3-4 minutes before serving. it should have a nice caramel color.
258663258663B002M53IUUA7AZD3FR0H8K5MD student "TB"1211303344000Not Coffee Beans...Coffee PasteThese are not "Beans" as the name describes but instead they are made of dark chocolate with pure coffee paste and a thin candy shell. So if this is what you are looking for then you are in luck, but if you are instead looking for a hazelnut flavored chocolate coating a coffee bean, as I was look elsewhere.

These do taste like a chocolate coated piece of coffee flavored candy, but not what I was desiring nor expecting when I placed my order for this item. Instead they are shaped and formed to give one they are in fact a real coffee bean, which they are not.
258664258664B000F3OB8YA2EPI34AXWZSW9P. Chu2211197158400Not spicy!Was this supposed to be hot? We've tried all the settings on this adjustable heat spray, and I can tell you for certain that this is NOT SPICY. The flavor of the spray is not bad, but definitely not hot.
258665258665B000F3OB8YA18LN2FR7EHDYMJoseph P. Best1111222992000OK!The sprayer is to wide, if eating around others and they don't want HOT SAUCE they get it any way. I like the taste & its good and HOT.
258666258666B0029NUWA4A1PXGYUNXFJH1Wnick adams8851320278400Great for Indoor Cats on a BudgetI do cat rescue work, which means I get to keep the special needs cats. Most of my gang is over 12 years old. I started them on this because it sounded like a better cat food than the commercial stuff I find on sale, and the money for it was in the same ballpark. Since I have put all 15 on this food the "Hawking up Hairballs" has went down to a small fracture of what it has been for years. And they eat much less, which means litter boxes are not as busy, and they are more healthy. Its a good deal for me, and a great deal for their health! For the price, its the best I can find! And I would know after 30 years of cat rescue.
258667258667B0029NUWA4A25864T3A6RQICReading Raven "Book Adventurer"4451264032000Cats Yummy DelightMy three siamese love to eat well. I first started them on this food about seven months ago and they simply love the taste. Since they are household bound, they get all of their proper nutrients from this food. I have noticed softer & healthier shiny fur, cleaner breath, and more alertness in them.I would highly recommend this cat food for your cats.
258668258668B0029NUWA4A18JI1981VCVKFA. Johnson "Mrs. J"3351337040000Verifiably Vet ApprovedIt pains me to have to disagree with reviewer K.Wessel. The information in that review is incorrect. This product is healthy for cats. Maybe not so for humans, but healthy for the digestive tract of a cat. My five year old Siamese neutered male is stupendously healthy, satisfied and very happy. He has maintained his exact weight for three consecutive years. We have his vet records to back up these statements. His vet is happy, his mom is happy, and best of all he (Tu'i Tonga) is happy. If you have questions, please consult your vet. A cats digestive needs are much different than a humans. The ingredients may sound awful to us, but it's not our health we should be concerned with when buying pet food.
258669258669B0029NUWA4A2T3R6XXD9PAZBOnly Child "SHines"2251327276800Good Food from AmazonMy kitties and I love this catfood. Had some problems with the boy kitty after neutering and he went off his food for over a week. He was wasting away. When he got back to having an appetite (no amount of treats or special foods would tempt him) he went back to chowing down on the GoodLife Recipe food, and regained all the lost weight and muscles he had lost. I believe this food saved his life.
258670258670B0029NUWA4A132I7J24U5DKWJessica VandeLeest "Mother of 2 Boys and 3 Cats"2241319673600My 3 cats eat it... guess it's good.My three cats seem to really like this cat food, although I think they would be happy with any cat food. Every feeding they act as if I never feed them. As a pet owner I looked more at price and quality. Decent price, decent quality. I am on the fence weather I like this product or the new Purina One Beyond better for my cats. I think I will stick with The Goodlife Recipe primarily because it is cheaper through amazon and it is just a lot easier to have food automatically at my doorstep when I need it. Believe me, you don't want to run out with three cats swooping around like vultures at food time! If amazon starts carrying the Beyond with Subscribe and Save, I could be swayed.

In the past, when my oldest cat was younger, I would buy the cheapest cat food money could buy. This caused him to be over-weight and his coat was dull and he just didn't look good. Once I got him to a normal weight with a high protein food of Purina One Healthy Weight Formula, I began looking for a lower price food to maintain this new lower weight. They have been eating this food for over 6 months now and coats are great and all three cats look very healthy.

I gave it four stars because, although it is a decent food, I know there are better out there, just not as convenient as this item on amazon in my price range.
258671258671B0029NUWA4A73HPJDXJYD15Charlotte Brownlee1151331424000Goodlife Recipe with Chicken Food for CatsEven though this dry cat food has nutritious ingredients, my cats don't seem to like it. Maybe it's because other food has more tasty, but not nutritious, additives.
258672258672B0029NUWA4A28N5JXHBL61KRDeepa Reddy1141326240000Healthy Food For Our Feline FriendsWhen my parents first got their cat, they tried every cat food brand - dry or wet - it didn't matter, their cat would not eat more than a few bites. Then they discovered The Goodlife. That is all their pampered cat eats.

A few years ago, when I adopted my lil feline buddy from the shelter, I wanted the best for her. I tried the expensive, all-protein brands, but my cat would have various stomach issues. I finally switched her over to The Goodlife and again, voila! For the past 2 years, that is all she ever eats (plus her treats).

Currently, I also am a caretaker for a feral cat colony in my condo complex and feed them a combination of the store brand stuff and The Goodlife. They are healthier and more lively than I could possibly hope for.

Plus, with Amazon's Shop N Save program, I never run out of food for my feline best-friend.

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