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258765258765B006N08SPAAWHM7I6Q5M7CRT. Ross0021326758400I don't like the taste.I find the taste to be odd or off. It isn't bitter, but it's some of the worst tea I've had and definitely the worst K-cup. It isn't completely undrinkable, but it's pretty close, and I'm not a tea snob by any means. There are a lot of good reviews, so maybe I got a bad batch. Who knows? But I think I'll stick to brewing my tea the old-fashioned way.
258766258766B006N08SPAA1YJYGAYY3UP37cany580021325894400BitterI couldn't find the Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Black Tea locally, so I bought the Twinings, but it is very bitter in comparison. I have to put sweetener in it even though I usually don't sweeten the teas I drink. I won't buy this one again.
258767258767B006N08SPAA1QZLWB9BU90EVShirley Krause0041320624000TeaI have my morning tea every day. It is a great start to a new day. I especially like Twinings English breakfast tea.
258768258768B006N08SPAA1AJDDRWNZCMH3Mrs. Gordon Ramsey0051319155200The best cuppa tea ever!My husband and I both love this tea. It's perfect in every way. He is from England and he is particular about the tea he drinks.
258769258769B006N08SPAA160MUPH34P6P9peacefulone0051318464000great teaThe Twinings name alone would lead one to believe this would be a good tea, and this is completely the case with their English Breakfast Tea K-cups. The flavor is great. I also received it quickly and find the amount I purchase when buying on is the most economical.
258770258770B006N08SPAAXTXE2TWN3MEVHILDE0021317600000Tea + K cups don't mixI love Twinings tea, so my brother surprised me the last time I visited him by buying a box. I had a hard time getting through it, as it just doesn't compare to Twinings tea in a tea bag. I like strong tea (with milk) and the K cups just don't have the same amount of flavor. I kept thinking, "How hard is it to pour boiling water over a tea bag? Why do I need a K cup to make tea?" I appreciated my brother's thoughtful gift, but can't recommend making ANY tea with a cup machine.
258771258771B006N08SPAA5OR69T98U5O4tpell "zepperoni601"0051314662400Great tasteI love these K cups they have a nice tea taste. They are cheaper than other places. I love them cold too.
258772258772B006N08SPAA2BJ7XA7RFNUUDMark F. Ingram "Mark Ingram"0051307059200Twinings K Cup TeaThis an excellent tea, considering it is coming from a K cup which does an amazing job but is not the 'real thing'.
258773258773B006N08SPAA2MIL73EHPB15EPamela A. Whitehouse0051302307200Twinings English Breakfast TeaI am very satisfied with my purchase and I enjoy this particular tea so much I will continue to reorder from I receive all my purchases in a timely matter and I have never been dissatisfied. Thank you
258774258774B006N08SPAA1OP8VA0AJ7AJWlbaby0041297036800twinings teaGreat tea for the Keurig. It's not as strong as I make in a cup but then I've been told by the Drs not to do that.
Great flavor.
258775258775B006N08SPAA1M0YCYBKRY0PMJohn0051296086400Great cup of Tea!Outstanding. Considering its not being steeped for minutes at a time. Great flavor. I will definitely buy again and again.
258776258776B006N08SPAA3KKZYRX1CJDIKBoolySpark0021295308800Tea TotallerWe enjoy our Keurig for coffee but tea leaves (sorry) a bit to be desired. Somehow the taste provided by the steeping process outweighs the expensive convenience of the K-Cups. For those of a like mind, we would suggest the following.

Buy your tea loose. You will probably save money, can control the quantity per serving and will end up with better quality.
Loose tea is available from Amazon.

Purchase a Adagio Teas Ingenuitea Teapot thru Amazon. Efficient and brews a good 16 oz. cup of tea. For a few dollars more they have a 32 oz.

Add a bit of tea to the teapot, place the teapot on your Keurig and fill with hot water.

Wait the appropriate steeping time and your tea is ready.

For those who would like a warmed cup to pour into. Fill the cup with a bit of hot water from the Keurig and let it warm while the tea steeps.
258777258777B006N08SPAA1SNWY1KO1L9XOB. Smith0051291593600I really like this tea!I have been using the Keurig machine for five years now and have drank hot tea for decades (would not consider myself an expert). I bought some twinings tea in Epcot and really enjoyed it. When I found twinings tea K-cups on Amazon, I bought it. I really like the k-cup convenience and I believe twining is superior to most other available k-cup teas.
258778258778B006N08SPAA2P5PZ2I95ZNVYR. Adler "Amazon lover"0041291075200Stronger than I thoughtI had just finished a box of chai black tea, which I love, love, love, and which I only need to add some cream and a 1/4 tsp. of sugar, or so, to make it perfect. I thought I'd try the English Breakfast, which I like, but it is strong! I add a full tsp. of sugar and some cream and it still has a strong taste. I think I'll go back to the chai next time.
258779258779B006N08SPAA3ITUQIJG5HEX2doglady3 "pugmama3"0051290902400Excellent TeaWonderful service you order what you need hold and order if need too. The tea is great and you don't have to leave home to get it, look out your front door and it is there.
258780258780B006N08SPAA30YRTLX2ZPFK4Mr. Cairo0051290038400Great tea at a great price!Great tasting tea at a very good price! If you love English breakfast tea, this is great especially with just a little cream.
258751258751B006N08SPAA28RL3TFQ9KFD1Johnny Salami1111328140800Weak Tea, Worse CompanyI bought some of their tea and it so weak I thought it was a bad batch. Then I made the mistake of trying to contact customer service.

The first clue should have been that they're located in New Jersey. I got all the respect and consideration you'd expect from the cast of "Jersey Shore". Aside from the fact their phones are deliberately off, their email response was, "What's your problem? What do you want us to do about it?"

Buy this horse piss at your own peril. If there's something sub-standard you're on your own.
258752258752B006N08SPAA9KPPOKCH4U3HJohn F. Wright "jfwright1955"1141318032000Twining English Breakfast Tea K-Cups - Bad Seals & Grounds** Update 11/05/2011 **

I sent an email to Twining to also point out the problem to them. They replied to thank me for taking the time to bring the problem to their attention. They indicated they had addressed the issue and said they wanted to make things right for us, which they did.

They sent a package with a selection of teas in a beautiful wooden box and also some boxes of the k-cup English Breakfast tea and a personalized letter from Monica, Twining's Customer Relations Representative (was not a canned letter response) again thanking me for taking the time to make them aware of the issue.

I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised by Twining's gester. I just didn't think--or expect--a corporation would respond in such a personalized way to acknowledge an issue and to want to make things right the way they did. Bravo to Twining for understanding their customer-base is made up of individuals just like me that warrants a personal touch when things aren't quite right with a product.

I can report I have not had the same problem with the new k-cups Twining send us and so it appears the problem has been resolved. As such, I have raised my rating from a 1 star to a 4 star, still withholding 1 star for the original issue. I will now return to purchasing the new red top English Breakfast tea k-cups.


Recently poor seals between the plastic part of the k-cup and the foil seal on top of the Twining English Breakfast Tea K-Cups have plagued us with tea leaves in the tea and overflowing tea leaves into the top of the holder requiring clean up just about every time.

At first we thought it was our Keurig coffeemaker having a faulty seal and replaced it even though we'd only had the previous one for less than a year. However, upon purchasing a new Keurig we experienced the exact same thing right from the start. Of course, we then wondered if we'd bought a second faulty coffeemaker. That's when the light bulb went on and we realized the problem didn't happen with other k-cups--a different brand of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc--just the Twining brand English Breakfast Tea regular k-cups.

It's a shame because we've been ordering and drinking Twining's English Breakfast Tea K-Cups at least a year or two now and it's only been the last two bulk batches we've ordered that have done the exact same thing. And, it's not just from one of the boxes. We've opened and tried k-cups from some of the other boxes and the same thing happens.

The fact that it has done the same thing with two separate Keurig coffeemakers, it doesn't happen with any other brand or flavor of k-cup beverages, and it only happens with Twining English Tea K-Cups from different boxes from two different bulk orders pretty much narrows it down to the Twining English Breakfast Tea K-Cups themselves.

I hope someone at Twining--we'll also leave the same feedback on their web site--will see this review and resolve this apparent and repeatable problem. Until then we're going to switch brands. Too bad because we've still got 6 boxes of the offending tea k-cups but having to strain tea leaves out through our teeth and having to keep cleaning tea leaves from the top of the coffeemaker holder isn't an option.
258753258753B006N08SPAASKL6ERA9U817xoxo1151288396800Great Tea!!I drink English Breakfast Tea every morning. Last Christmas I bought my husband a Kurig Coffee machine. I was glad to see this tea reccommended in one of my food magazines so I ordered it. It tastes exactly like brewed tea to me. There is no leftover coffee taste from the machine. Only water goes through the machine, then the water touches the tea in the K-cup. So you have a great cup of tea in one minute!
258754258754B006N08SPAA3CIIL7YZM73UHR. W. Whitridge1151238976000A happy wife!My wife, who is very particular about the way her tea is prepared and the brands she finds acceptable, drinks four cups of this tea brewed in our Keurig every morning. It makes her happy, and that makes me happy.
258755258755B006N08SPAA2TGQX5MM4J8YDHawkshoe1151237161600A great cup of tea.I love a cup of bold black tea to start off my day. Twinings English Breakfast K-cups fit that bill perfectly. They are stronger than traditional tea bags and have a nice bold flavor.
258756258756B006N08SPAA1GP09IA7DLGPQpilot27k1151214092800I love the convenience of the K-CupsI just recently bought a Keurig B70 single serving size coffee maker. Actually you can make coffee, tea, and cocoa. And you can even buy this italian lemon drink.

It is wonderful. A great cup of tea every time. I'm not a coffee drinker so haven't tried the coffee.

I have almost finished off a 25 pack of the Twinings English Breakfast Decaf tea. It has the same taste as the non-decaf tea and it tastes great.
258757258757B006N08SPAA2N3TWRCHCH0UIYosemite Sam1141197072000Good StuffI'm into flavor and have no interest in the art and ritual of tea making. This is good tasting tea and can handle milk or cream, I guess that's the point with breakfast teas. If High Tea is your thing then I'm sure the Keurig is a big turnoff. However for me, the Keurig can make a cup of coffee, a cup of decaf and a cup of tea in under three minutes. Great for a crowd.
258758258758B006N08SPAAPFFCJ7Y6LLK8Sean V0041345766400An excellent cup of tea.The Twinings English Breakfast Tea does indeed brew quite the perfect cup of tea. I have personally used the K Cups in both the basic Keurig brewer and the commercial variety, without much difference in taste and temperature. I have tried other brands of tea in K Cup form, but the Twinings is consistently my favorite. Buying them in this large set is good for someone that knows what you are already getting, or has potentially enjoyed this tea via other forms.
258759258759B006N08SPAA3J5FBX1LZWMDZCynthia0051344556800ConvenientI purchase Twinings English Breakfast Tea for the office. It has a fantastic flavor and is much quicker than heating up the water, etc...
258760258760B006N08SPAA1SSBYDH4W13SRSpringfield,VA0051343952000Twinings TeaMy husband loves the Twinings English Breakfast Tea for Keurig. The price is much cheaper than the stores and the service was exceptional. We will continue to buy our Keurig Tea and Coffee on Amazon.
258761258761B006N08SPAA20173T9HDB759Summer L. Smith "Summer L. Smith"0051332979200Yummy!I love this tea, and this is a great deal buying it in bulk. This is the only way I buy it anymore, and will as long as the price is good.
258762258762B006N08SPAA182IIJR1QZFWYK. Dintino0051329955200No more searching for my favorite K cups!I was so excited to find my favorite tea in a K cup sold in more than 18 cups. The package was delivered in 2 days. Will definately be ordering again!
258763258763B006N08SPAA176ZYRYOUNNWOeBook Addict "CaBrit"0051328227200The perfect Cup of TeaI am originally from England so I am always looking for that perfect cup of tea that reminds me of home, well, this is it! Cup after cup, perfect. Milk in the cup first, hit the brew button, and enjoy.
258764258764B006N08SPAA28MNT19R5LP9RB1gD4ddy0041327190400Nice teaConsidering these are made for a coffee machine i am surprised at how nice this tea actually is and I am British.

*TIP* Add milk to the cup before brewing - makes a nicer cuppa!!

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