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258781258781B006N08SPAAXAGE06RNSMW7Thasha Brown "tangomama"0011288137600Awful dishwaterWhile I like the Twinings bag tea, I found this product to be weak, watery, and downright nasty with a plastic aftertaste. Perhaps part of the problem is that the K-cup system does not allow for proper steeping time (5 minutes for a good strong cuppa'). Putting it in the K-cup is a waste of good tea.
258782258782B006N08SPAA26Z48H1RUMAXHDiane0051288051200Favorite Tea!!Twinings is my favorite tea and I was super glad when I purchased my Keruig that they offerred tea in the K-Cups!!
258783258783B006N08SPAA1AGYOFQX4YZGTJ. Murphy "somebody's mum"0021287446400Weak teaThe water flushes so quickly through the K-cup that the resulting brew is weak. I will try it using less water.
258784258784B006N08SPAA2PDKGNKTXA57PLinda "gadget queen"0041285718400Pretty GoodI ordered this mainly for my husband. It has pretty good flavour...quite close to the tea in the teabags. He will even brew a second cup from a kcup (rotates it). But that is too weak in my opinion!
258785258785B006N08SPAA3E8W4R2FEOD6Dterry0051282953600Spot onGreat value. Flavor, packaging, price, convenience. It makes the Keurig experience even more practical. I agree with others who state it is a wonderful breakfast tea, but good anytime.
258786258786B006N08SPAATYUQROTHLNYVLaurel0051282262400Surprisingly AwesomeI never really expected to make anything but coffee in my Keurig. But making tea was starting to get awfully inconvenient, comparatively. I figured these K-cups would be worth a try.

Oh. Yeah.

This is so good, and so fast. Better than Twinnings tea bags, and probably better than loose tea (at least, with *my* skill at making tea.) If you like English style tea and have Keurig brewer, you need to get these.

Suggest adding some nice organic whole milk and a couple packets of Splenda.
258787258787B006N08SPAA1IRZUUJ89EHMTiffany J. Longest0051279843200YUMO!I love this tea! It is definitely the best I have found for Kcups...even better than Celestial Seasonings. I highly recommend it to tea lovers.
258788258788B006N08SPAAZZA4Q0JACD5UDriver "Suzanne S"0051278374400Good TeaTwinings English Breakfast Tea is a fairly strong black tea. It is smooth & I would purhase again.
258789258789B006N08SPAA2H2Z1KG1YXMY1T. Kirkpatrick0051277164800Makes the best iced tea!I was looking for a good tea k-cup to make iced tea....I will look no further. This is the BEST.
258790258790B006N08SPAA3UDCFZ9NUXUG7TEZER "tdzll"0051274140800best tea @best priceMy favorite tea is now available in this great format. Fresh hot tea for Keurig Brewers is as good as it gets.
258791258791B006N08SPAADTM0G5FZBBLMP. Bergbauer "Reinier Wolfcastle"0051273968000BETTER THAN TEA BAGS!this is some of the best tasting english breakfast tea i've ever had, it is honestly better than steeping a teabag, and this price!? unbeatable, dont even think about it for another secon...just buy it
258792258792B006N08SPAA29X0LUUTSROTMFaith "Faith"0051272758400K cup teaWish Stash had their Super Irish breakfast tea but this one is good for that morning kick.
258793258793B006N08SPAA23AKF1LZLPW5QJohn Citron "Johnhsv"0051269648000Tea in K-cups?I drink tea only occasionally and find the Twinings English Breakfast excellent. My wife is a tea drinker from way back and likes the K-cup tea better than tea bag tea. She's always loved English Breakfast and Twinings E.B.K-cup has now replaced her tea bag standard. She's currently drinking Grace Rare Tea's Lemon Verbena (in a can with what looks like dried from the tree tea leaves) and makes it with the Keurig's hot water only feature. Tea steeps for five minutes or so and results are also excellent.
258794258794B006N08SPAA150EOTHASGIG6Steven J. Franks0041269561600Quick and easy Tea
258795258795B006N08SPAA1MQK44SS08J7SMartin Ramos "DocTexan"0041266624000Proper English TeaA delicious English breakfast tea. Has a smooth blend and goes well with just a little milk, like a true Brit! LOL! Good value for the price!
258796258796B006N08SPAA889H6HVMVYEMR. Gruber0051266537600Very Good TeaIf you like Twinings regular English Breakfast tea I think you will enjoy this. No boiling water, or soaking a tea bag for 5 minutes. In one minute or less you have a great tasting tea. (I was using the largest cup size, 10 oz). I wish they made the Twinings Irish Breakfast tea, my favorite.
258797258797B006N08SPAA2CFUCXHXHF6TWCarolyn Cadle0051265846400Excellent!I order this tea for my husband and he loves it anytime of the day or evening.
258798258798B006N08SPAAH7P6Q8OPR4J1Judy M. Thomas0051265760000K-cupsLove the k-cups, this is the best price I have been able to find. I also signed up for automatic delivery.
258799258799B006N08SPAA2UJDPQKUTHO2FRobert E. Riesenberger "Rob R"0051259884800Twining English Breakfast Tea K-cupLike all K-cups for Keurig, they are quick and convienent. The taste is full and rich. I would recommend.
258800258800B006N08SPAA2QQ9KSQ44QZSEJavier Miranda0051258502400Breakfast for ChampionsTwinnings has really outdone itself with this exquisite tea. Add to that the convenience of the Keurig brewer and one finds that this tea very well may become a daily staple. Once again, I found that this tea is excellently balanced and, contrary to some reviewers, I can personally attest that the quality is similar to that of tea brewed using a teapot. This tea is a great tea for breakfast or any time of the day. It is very flavorful and the package contains more than enough k-cups to make it much less expensive to drink daily, which is a good thing considering how good it tastes.
258801258801B006N08SPAA95O1CSN1TV8HJohn H. Stanley0041257984000good tasteThis tea tastes even better with some milk and honey. By itself, it's better than average.
258802258802B006N08SPAA3VUNN50QHLD83Matthew Philbin0051253232000Twining's Tastes great on the KeurigI purchased these k-cups for my new B30 brewer. They work as intended and have a very good taste. I noticed that the brewer makes the tea a bit stronger than when I use a tea half the time, so you should adjust your sugar and milk amounts to compensate for this stronger tea. Excellent product.
258803258803B006N08SPAA2ZPJZCIKO70QWMuriel B. Derrow "Book Maven"0051252627200Good Tea & prompt deliveryThe ease & speed of making excellent hot or iced tea makes this an excellent product.
258804258804B006N08SPAA15RDC4BZWPPQWW. Johnson "Mellonbill"0051247702400Twinings English Breakfast black teaTwinings never disappoints. Of all the higher end black teas, I prefer Twinings and Tazo. Once in a while the Keurig machine punctures the K-cup and tea leaves get into the brew because the K-cup isn't up to specs. Only happens maybe once in five hundred K-cups.
258805258805B006N08SPAA2W0MHCAN3C2B3Gwen Ogle "G. Ogle"0051246665600Couldn't be happierCouldn't be happier with this tea selection. I read other reviews before buying, and I concur that this K-cup makes a very good cup of tea. I also use these cups for iced tea. So convenient.
258806258806B006N08SPAA1J5EOKMQ2M09GBette-B "Beagle Lover"0051244937600Amazingly goodI thought this was a silly way to spend money. I can put a tea bag of Twinings in my microwave in a cup of water. But, somehow, this is very aromatic and tasty. I don't use it every day, but when I want a really nice cup of tea and am in a hurry - this is where I am!
258807258807B006N08SPAA3Z9QN0RCOHEYBibliophile By the Sea0051242345600I'm Spoiled NowTwinings English Breakfast Tea is one of the BEST cups of tea I've had in years. I have not had any problems with tea leaves in my cup as some other reviewers mentioned...just the perfect cup of tea every time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
258808258808B006N08SPAAC6SAFEK5KDELMaureen Smith0051235260800Tea-licious!!I just love Twinings English Breakfast Tea!! The K cups just make it easier. It is full bodied and you can make a large cup of tea with one k cup and it will still be nice and strong and flavorful!
258809258809B006N08SPAAVJ7ONMG7QGHZIllynchIna0051232150400Wonderful TeaThis is a wonderful cup of tea! made with the traditional cream & sugar it is full bodied and bracing. the Kuerig brews it fast and hot. My son recommends this highly -- I like the decaf...
258810258810B006N08SPAA408PFMYU3RTXG. Strickler0051220140800Wonderful Breakfast TeaThis is a very good English Breakfast tea and I am enjoying it very much. With the amount in the order I do not have to worry about running out soon.

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