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258811258811B006N08SPAADJ0Q852OT00YCasimiro Rangel "A soul riding a rainbow dream"0051214870400Great product and outstanding priceThe tea is really good either hot or cold. Makes the process so simple using the Keurig cups.
258812258812B006N08SPAAIG4RL1Q47VWDStephen Roberts "SkyDoc"0051199577600Twinings English Breakfast K-Cups...Twinings caffeinated English Breakfast K-cups for the Keurig machine are clearly the best teas available, and highly recommended. Although of late, I have been having difficulty finding the caffeinated tea on Amazon.
258813258813B006N08SPAAD2QRU9ZXBQZ1Domestic Gnome3541255046400Tea-like beverage emerges - and my boys love it...Simply NOT the same quality tea one gets from a pot - you know: boiling water, leaves (even bags), ceramic pot, 5 minutes of steeping... My boys like being able to make their own tea so convenience trumps quality. Love the Keurig coffees so wanted to try the tea. It is resoundingly OK - no more, no less. As of January, 2010, it has become a staple - via Amazon Subscription, it's pretty reaasonable and all others in the family like the convenience. I stick with my PG Tips and a pot for that wonderful British truck stop tea flavor (or is it "flavour"?).
258814258814B006N08SPAAOWITT8WA9BMEscott1211325980800Packaging creates terrible tea leaf messEvery single K-cup I put in breaks open during brewing. I always end up with a horrible tea leaf mess which has to be strained if I want to drink it and the machine has to be cleaned after every single one. It's like the heat or something makes the covering over the top separate around the circle from the cup. I thought at first maybe it was the machine, but my husband's (Scott) several different varieties of coffee never do this and then I thought "well, maybe it's just the one odd box so I'll stick with it til next order." 5 orders later it's no different. Whoever packages these Kcups (is it really Twinings?) has an awful manufacturing process. Do not buy these unless you want a goopey tea-leaf-grounds mess everywhere.
258815258815B006N08SPAA27G3RAWPJP8T6B. Silver "HD lover"1231264809600Expensive but convenient although a little weakWell, I was a little disappointed in these Twinings K-cups. The reason being that while waiting for these guys to come in the mail I tried some normal Twinings english breakfast teabags beforehand. The K-Cups still brew a decent cup of tea, although as you cannot control the steepage the tea comes out on the weak side for me. While still tasty, the much greater expense ($0.45/cup vs less than half that for teabags) for the convenience may not add up for a lot of people. However, if you're go-go-go in the morning and don't have time it may be worthwhile. I myself will be going back to teabags but will still use the Keurig to get fast hot water! Best of both worlds!
258816258816B006N08SPAA2V7ANRH56OT7MTheCandlePrincess1251203724800Every morningI drink a cup of this every morning, with milk added. It's just wonderful. I do usually have a few tea leaf specs either floating around the top or sunk to the bottom, but it's not so many that it bothers me. I just don't drink the last little sip. I give this tea 5 stars regardless of the tea leaf specs, because I find this happens often in other k-cups and regular tea bags, too. I don't really think it's their fault.
It's strong enough to brew a flavorful cup on the largest setting, but it's not too strong when put on the smaller settings, either.
258817258817B006N08SPAA2F7XE4EB2CRY2F. Dellavecchia "K-Cup Guy"1231202256000Great taste...but to many leaves!One of the best tasting teas I've had so far. The only problem is I get leaves in my cup...the same thing someone else said. I contacted Twinings and was told to contact Amazon for replacement of the faulty k-cups.
258818258818B006N08SPAA3AHMGENL6AYTNM. Weston0111309996800YuckTea should not be this bitter. Tea should be smooth.

This stuff, well, isn't worth it. If you are a tea gourmet or even just have an idea of what tea is supposed to taste like, this is not for you.

I'm sad. I have yet to find a decent keurig tea. I might have to go back to steeping.
258819258819B006N08SPAARPP4T1VU3V8PJulie H0141293062400Pretty good!I actually found the Twinings to be a pretty good cup of tea. I would have given it 5 stars if I hadn't tasted a better black tea! I was surprised because Twinings is usually a bagged tea I don't prefer because it's usually a weaker tea. In the k-cups, it's actually much better!
258820258820B006N08SPAA1DA7W9O6UXD1Osnickscrap0151284681600amazon shipping suckswhen i signed up for this program it was understood that i would set the shipping schedule.
i had an order that was supposed to ship aug 28th, instead when i get home on the 16th sept. i find that the order was not shipped and will not be shipped until 22 september with a delivery of 29 sept. what a piss poor way to do business.
258821258821B006N08SPAA3TN6LV4PTFRYACarol "Kindergarten teacher, grandmother of 5...0141237766400Great with lemonWhat I love about the Twinings K-cup is that you don't need to wait for the tea to steep. It's hot and ready to go. If you like lemon in your tea, try Timothy's Canarino lemon-flavored beverage with it. I brew one of each K-cup on the small setting to make a large travel mug size. Add some honey and you're all set. Timothy's World Coffee Canarino, Italian Hot Lemon Beverage, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)
258822258822B006N08SPAAB0EQA6NXOYZAKaren Solomon Dunn "Homebody"4811201651200Unpleasantly surprisedHaving received a Keurig for Christmas, I was looking for a good "black tea". I'm puzzled because these K-cups got high marks from other reviewers. I ordered the minimum 2 boxes from Amazon Grocery and find the brewed tea to be rather bitter. I have to wonder if Amazon Grocery stored the product too long, or perhaps at too high a temperature.
I'm going to attempt to return this product because it's just not very good.
258823258823B006N08SPAA1YCATY6UGIX3CDebora B. Thompson0211325203200Battery acidTwinings normally makes good products, so I was really surprised by how awful this tea was. Bitter, way too string, with a chemical aftertaste. Absolutely awful.
258824258824B006N08SPAA3V543DBS5C4RUParviz Ghofrany "pg"0241254441600Good coffee at great amazon priceI buy this for my wife's dental office and all most patients love this coffe.
258825258825B006N08SPAA34WHPCWSWJ9M0A. Aaron0241235347200Tea K-cupsThere are not many choices for tea in K-cups, but this one is a nice choice among the few. My secretary drinks tea every day and loves the K-cups. I think it is an expensive way to drink tea, but again, if you are going to use the K-cups for tea, these are very good.
258826258826B006N08SPAA1I85Y08VRZ32QJimmy Morelli0321254873600NOT A BIG FAN!!!I did not like this tea at all. I enjoy tea from time to time. My wife drinks it more than me, she has a cup after work everynight like clock work. We bought a box of this tea a while back and it is still sitting in the cuppboard, missing maybe 4 at the most. I like English Breakfast tea and drink it by the bags but these cups are horrible.

If you have the K-filter you can brew certain loose tea in it. My wife uses it all the time and it comes out pretty good. There are decent teas available through k-cups, this is not one of them.
258827258827B006N08SPAACFPKCW5EPECIJanuary0611291075200English breakfast tea NOT for meI LOVE Earl Grey tea. Somehow I ordered English Breakfast by mistake. Unfortunately, I ordered in bulk, so I'm stuck with this bitter tea until my next order.
258828258828B00142G9B2A3R1D7H3PIFONUMichael Jandrok3351230681600Maybe the greatest soft drink EVER!Ramune has to be one of the coolest and most unique soft drinks that I have ever seen. My kids had been dying to try this stuff ever since they had come across it on J-Box, the popular Japanese import webshop. Ramune is incredibly popular in it's native Japan, and now it looks like the fun is beginning to spread here in the States.

To open a bottle of Ramune, you have to remove the top, pop out this little plastic plunger from it's casing, and then use the plunger to pop out a marble that seals the neck of the bottle. The neck of the bottle has two indentions that will hold the marble when you tip the bottle back to drink from it, keeping the neck of the bottle clear. Hold the bottle the wrong way, and the marble will clog things up. You can avoid carbonated overflow when opening by pressing gently on the plunger until it depresses the marble; knock it down with force and you're sure to get a fountain of spray.

The orange flavor reviewed here tastes a lot like a lighter version of Orange Crush, without the cloying sweetness. It's hard to put my finger on it, but there is enough of the original flavor's lemon-lime backbone to make an impression on the taste, in other words you get a distinct Ramune-brand flavor with this drink. It's incredibly good and not heavy on the palate like a lot of Western sodas.

This is a way fun product that kids (and most adults) will have a blast with. It's a smaller portion (8 ounces) than what we're used to here in the US, but that actually works out for us as we're trying to limit the amount of soda that our kids consume. Ramune works great as an occasional soda treat and the fun factor alone keeps us coming back for more. Ramune is easy to find at just about any Asian market, but for those who don't have easy access to one, ordering here on Amazon would be recommended.

Also, for the safety conscious, I can attest that these drinks are very safe. We've never had a problem with the marble, and I can't find any reports on the internet that would indicate any safety concerns with this drink. It's not a choking hazard, in other words. Ramune means 'carbonated' in Japanese, and I can highly recommend this wonderful and very different drink.
258829258829B001N8599KA235YC9OE4C1JLartsy girl5551287187200Invigorating!This is a magnificent tea and I have noticed it has helped clear up my skin. That along with Supercritical Omega 7 by New Chapter, my skin looks 10 years younger at 40! This tea contains Dandelion which is beyond exceptional for liver detox and skin health. I have also noticed a caffeine like feeling after just one cup because of all of the nutrients. Excellent flavor! It's the only detox tea I drink.
258830258830B001N8599KA146O9QAXI4B4KC. Briel4551268784000DetoxThis was some of the best tea I've ever purchased! I'm usually pretty loyal to green tea or peppermint but the detox was wonderful. It wasn't bitter and the flavor wasn't overpowering. I've already reccommend this to many of my college friends after long weekends.
258831258831B001N8599KA26SV0AN084JACChristina3451267315200Great Night Time TeaI drink mighty leaf organic detox infusion tea every night, it is perfect because it is caffeine free. It has a delicious mint aftertaste. I 100% recommend it.
258832258832B001N8599KA3KUGFW54P5KNULinda M. Villa0051309737600Great TeaI absolutely love this tea. It doesn't get bitter if you leave the teabag in for a long time. It has full flavors. The tea does not dissapoint! I will continue to buy this brand of tea.
258833258833B001N8599KA3SGRLT3AYY56LSarahR0051298937600Absolutely no skimping here!Each tea bag is filled very generously and brews very strong if you let it! It has a very minty/basil flavor, I don't even bother buying my usual peppermint tea anymore, because this is so much better! I look forward to buying other Mighty Leaf teas, they are really a top notch company.
258834258834B001N8599KAJEKZ2G26L8DGCasey Gilbert1251268784000Yummy Tea!Mighty Leaf Detox Tea is fantastic! It is so soothing and the delicate flavor is simply delicious. I have recommended this flavor, along with many other Mighty Leaf flavors, to all of my friends. Might Leaf has completely enhanced my tea drinking experience!
258835258835B001N8599KA3E7BD88I19Y46E. Smerling1241268352000Great TeaDrinking this tea was a very relaxing experience. I loved the combination of the basil and mint flavors. This tea felt like a day at the spa. I recommend it to all!
258836258836B001N8599KA2KNZDCG2446VKRachel A. Smith0151268092800Best Detox Tea I've Tried Yet...I have tried a bunch of detox teas for those hangover days or just feeling run-down days... They are always a little bit off, too bitter or too minty or just plain gross. This one is the only mild, well-balanced detox tea I've ever tried! I love it for rough mornings, it's always a great pick-me-up!
258837258837B001N8599KACZG3SF16QG9FAriel0151267488000Refreshing and TastyThis tea was a great mix of mint and basil. It was a refreshing, natural tasting mint, which was not too strong, and didn't overpower the other spices. The silk bags were also really cool as you could see the whole leaves as the tea steeped.
258838258838B005MZYS5QA37MQUSFS0PJTWdalton0051343001600Great product and GREAT! seller. VERY responsive to my questions.A very handy product for these times. With this seed, I will have an unending supply of new seed/wheat/bread. I highly suggest this product for everyone who lives in a region that will grow it. Your county extension agent ( think Mr. Kimball ) will know.
258839258839B005Q8BNA2ANRPGHIWGLQJ5j. appa0131344297600very hardI would like the product be more soft and not to sweet, but the taste is good. I'm not going to by again.
258840258840B002EJ9W4AA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"4451267833600Wonderful and at the Right Price SPECTACULAR!!!This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is just like the excellent imported stuff I grew up on. It's fragrant and has the good bite that makes you want good foccacia or crusty artisan bread for dipping, don't forget the fresh ground pepper. OMG the aroma of the onions and peppers sauteeing in it before you scramble in the eggs and a little grated Parmesan cheese, like dying and going to heaven. Drizzled on sliced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, yummy. Healthy, tasty and a great entry into the Mediterranean Diet for a longer life.

Of course this is NOT for standard frying. It will burn and smoke then taste like hell when you're through. Plain Olive Oil is better suited for that. I bought this direct from Carli for 30 bucks including shipping & handling AND a bonus European Tea Towel and Apron. It'll be interesting to see if Amazon keeps this in stock and at an equally competitive price.

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