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258904258904B002RZAQ3CA2O6IC9KWY8TQRVioLetskieZ "VioLetskieZ"182321261785600Looks are deceiving!I purchased this as a gift for a family member. I've seen this hot chocolate in stores but I was drawn in by the package, the fact that it all came packed in one neat box. Unfortunately when I received it, this was not the case. I literally received single packets of hot chocolate minus the box, any box!

I have nothing but great things to say about the quality of the product itself, this collection of hot chocolate is yummy! I'm just upset at the fact that this was supposed to be a gift and because of horrid display I had to purchase boxes to neatly pack it all in. So not only did I pay $25 with shipping, I now had to spend an additional $3.50 for a box. Not a great value if you ask me.

The packets are delivered loose, so why not say that on the site? I think a heads up was in order here...
258905258905B002RZAQ3CA1RLGLP70NMFYCJerusha "Scarlet Harlot"4451266364800The most delicious hot chocolate from home that I've tried... I love it!Like I said in another review, I'm a confirmed hot chocolate snob. I'm addicted to Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate and own a Keurig just to brew hot chocolate. That's how hardcore I am.

And this hot chocolate is, hands down, the best, most reasonably priced at-home hot chocolate I've ever found. The variety is amazing, and while some tastes are better than others, there's not a truly awful flavor in the batch. When I make it, I make it on the Keurig setting for 7.5 ounces, which makes it slightly more watery than is suggested (they suggest 6oz of water), but the result is still fairly creamy, rich, delicious, richly colored, frothy on the top, and well-flavored. One of these days I might try brewing at the 5.25oz setting and making up the difference with half-and-half, but I don't know that my mind or tastebuds are prepared for how amazing that would taste. But even when done with just hot water, this is just delicious hot chocolate.

My breakdown of the flavors is as follows (my box is apparently a little different, but I got it at a different place):

Caramel ~ There is a very pronnounced caramel flavor. Almost like somebody poured caramel right into the cup. The smell is amazing and the taste is just delicious. The caramel does tend to overwhelm the chocolate a bit, so if you're not a fan of caramel you may find this too sweet.

Supreme ~ Not a flavor I was initially excited to try, but the taste is very good. By far and away the most chocolate-tasting hot chocolate in the batch, it's simple and just your typical, very chocolaty hot chocolate. I really can't tell a difference between this and the hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts.

Hazelnut ~ It tasted like hot chocolate and it wasn't bad, but I didn't get any real flavor difference out of this than, say, your typical hot chocolate. It tasted like a weaker version of Supreme. Still very excellent, but no pronnounced unique flavor to speak of. Nice though for when you want a good hot chocolate that doesn't blast your brain with chocolate overload.

Mint ~ I would knock over my own mother for a cup of this. It tastes EXACTLY like a Thin Mint cookie in liquid form. While some may find it ever-so-slightly too minty and in need of maybe a little watering down, I think it's amazing. Quite probably the best hot chocolate flavor available anywhere, and I'm not a minty person at all.

White Chocolate ~ My least favorite flavor. It tasted fine, though slightly off. I guess it resembed white chocolate very well which is why it tasted so different (because yes, we all know, white chocolate isn't really chocolate...), kind of like sweetened milk. I don't know... Not bad, but not great. Just different and not my favorite flavor.

Raspberry ~ I expected the most out of this flavor and it is certainly very good, though unlike the others which seemed to have a very pronnounced flavor of chocolate along with the other taste, this one really didn't. It did have a sweeter, berry-like taste to it, but more like artificial berry, Kool-Aid berry, which was good, but not quite the berry experience I wanted.

Aside from the odd tasting white hot chocolate, this is darn near the perfect collection of delicious tasting hot chocolate available that is both easy to find and not painful to your wallet. I wish the Irish Cream flavor was in this set, because that one is amazing too.

I have nothing but great things to say about the Land O Lakes line of hot chocolate and I hope it's around to stay. The price cannot be beat and the quality certainly makes you think you bought a far more expensive brand of cocoa. Lindt taste on a Swiss Miss budget so it's darn near impossible to go wrong.
258906258906B002RZAQ3CA1K89D30JY18BEK. Cole "EyeEdit"5631265328000Land O Lakes Hits & MissesThe assorted cocoa classics arrived in time for Christmas. Some flavors were amazingly good, but some were sooooo bland. I prepared the cocoa with half water and half milk, a good trick with packaged mixes. I'd buy some, but not all, flavors again! (The packets made great stocking stuffers for kids.)
258907258907B002RZAQ3CA26V2ORS9GRZBSDiane Tavernier6851266796800to much money for this itemCostco's has this all the time in the winter months for 9.99 and Sam's club has it for 11.96 but you get 6 more in that one . This is great hot cocoa but I wouldn't pay this much for it.
258908258908B002RZAQ3CAKH9DVYKXKAMXSanta Cruz Rich5731265587200Good but be careful of ingredients...This hot chocolate has probably the best taste of any instant mix I've tried - specifically the French Vanilla, Chocolate Supreme and the Chocolate Cinnamon flavors.

BUT beware that they use hydrogenated oils in the mix, which has been shown to cause heart disease.
258909258909B002RZAQ3CA1YYHTK78D5YYDCindy Scully2351266192000DELIOUSI gave part of these in baskets for Christmas gifts and part for myself. Everyone loves them.
258910258910B002RZAQ3CA2S07VJDFELS7VBond Girl "Arts on the Edge"0031324425600Sketchy on the flavor assortmentI love Land O Lakes Cocoa. I love shopping via the internet, especially on This seemed like a good deal, especially since I am willing to pay a little extra for the convenience of shopping at home. (Don't tell me that a product is cheaper at Costco - it takes me an hour travel time and another half hour just standing in line at that store.) However, I got no Chocolate Mint and no Dark chocolate in my variety. I enjoy all the flavors I received, so I see no need to return anything. But I won't order from this seller again. If they ship one order different than what was advertised, what might I get next time?
258911258911B002RZAQ3CA3S7SDBNKSM2DZAllie Shops A Lot0051309996800Great ProductGreat product it is just a shame the price keeps going higher and higher. Until it comes down i won't be purchasing any more. Bummer to because the taste is awesome!
258912258912B001QTN650A2ADK54RN7XELZJoelle Dodge "ReaderLady Jr."1151290816000Great stuff... Hard to findWhat can I say about Branston Pickle? Not much. It's a very English food that is a great accompaniment to salamis and cheeses. It's great on a cheese plate. Wonderful with apples and grapes. Can't have a decent Ploughman's without it. Can't find it here in my hometown. So I bought it on Amazon.
258913258913B001QTN650A20496ARPS4Y62Trumper "JT"1151250985600BranstonThis is a great tasting product and the price was right for me from Amazon
258914258914B001QTN650A3HZ1UQ0Z5Z91NGarry J. Polled0051338854400Branston Pickle a British stapleI grew up with Branston pickle, when they were sold in jars by the pound, not the silly EU weights in grams.
That said, the pickle is just as good. I can't imagine life without it.
258915258915B001QTN650A22UPUT91OED07TheWombat0051323043200Fantastic for anyone from the UKHaving moved to the USA a couple of years ago I missed my Branston Pickle and cheese sandwiches. Amazon has come to the rescue and I've bought the 6 pack. If you like Branston Pickle then you'll find this is a must have!
258916258916B004S719JMA3U15T0E6CIF1ZKate Halleron "Kate"2251343865600This is good stuffAlthough it has more calories than the Kernel Seasons brand of white cheddar topping (15 vs. 2 calories per serving), this has much less salt. While both are good, this topping has a far richer, cheesier flavor to it. Makes for a very hearty, satisfying bowl of popcorn.
258917258917B004S719JMA1Y16SZXT8UCSFF. D. Roberts1151329609600Great Popcorn AdditionThis is a terrific addition to a nice hot bowl of popcorn. I Love It and highly recommend it to popcorn lovers everywhere for a nice change
258918258918B004S719JMA3TWUOM0X7V72VC. Worthington3451308873600Great seasoningMy favorite snack is popcorn and there are so many brand name seasonings. However none like Snappy seasoning. They are the best.
258919258919B000FDOUYEA1CB56LIESPSUAmarisa12101151188864000Great snack!I discovered these spelt sticks over a year ago and they are great. Everyone I know who has tried them agrees.
258920258920B000FDOUYEA3IK6PJO77KV7Zfoodie300051299542400great crackers !These crackers are great for people that are on special diets and have food sensitivities . Even people who are not love them including kids. Used to buy these at the local food Co-op in bulk, but so hard to find. I hope they start selling them more places, great product. The garlic and regual salted flavors are great.
258921258921B008Y5NOWOA1A67Q3EZHZEMUVeasna0041337817600The best product Jelly Belly has ever madeThese beans represent Jelly Belly's finest work, period. My only caveat is that the beans ship directly in the box, no plastic bag or the like. This is not a deal breaker for me, but something to be aware of when purchasing.
258922258922B001P22ARIA2PR6NXG0PA3KYGiordano Bruno1151296172800Salt of the EarthActually it's the 'earth' in the salt -- traces of red clay -- give Alaea salt its warm-ember color. Claims are made for the nutritional value of trace minerals in sea salts, but I can't confirm any of them. What I like about this salt is its generous color, which stays red (because the salt is ground coarse and quite dry) and sparks the visual presentation of all sorts of dishes. Perhaps it's "subjective," but I think I can taste the difference also, on a simple soft-boiled egg for instance. If it's an illusion, at least it's an allusion I enjoy.

Three 9.5 ounce jars is quite a lot of salt, so don't fret about the price. This salt also works wonderfully for sprinkling on the tails of goony birds and for salting the sidewalks of doll houses in the frozen north but is not recommended for absorbing red wine spills on heirloom tablecloths.
258923258923B000LLIYUQA31T9DF9CIQVEXJMReview0051296086400the best!This is my 'secret' ingredient, along with charcoal, good quality meat, and few years of barbecuing experience.
Bought it the first time in a supermarket. For some reason it is scarce.
Lately I can only buying it on the web.
258924258924B000LLIYUQA3F96KERNUJYA4C. Heaton00112916800003 Times the price on Amazon!!!!I buy many many things on Amazon but it certainly will not be Allegro Marinade. Don't get me wrong, Allegro is one of the best Marinade's I have ever used. I make and sell beef jerky on a small scale and have for years. Many people have many recipes for jerky. Through trial and error, I have chosen Allegro as my marinade of choice. Some of my jerky has actually gotten to former football great, Derrick Thomas (RIP) and country singer, Hank Williams Jr. The price on Amazon of $9.00 a bottle is 3 times what you can get it for in the local grocery store. I was simply looking in here because I have run our local store out of stock because I give a lot of jerky away for Christmas. The marinade is awesome - the price is theft!!!!!!!!!!!!!
258925258925B001G4S8X0AZ2Q8WUBMVCN3Jon E. Rosenthal2241297555200Very nice - high quality chocolateThe Schladerer Fruit Brandies chocolates are much MUCH better than anything labelled "Very Special Chocolates". These fruit brandy candies taste like they are made with high quality chocolate while many of the other bottle-shaped candies taste waxy and low-quality.

The fruit brandy fillings are nice, and while very sweet they do not seem overly sweet for the candy balance of flavors. Of course the fillings are not very fruity but you definately get a little whiff of liquor when you bite into one (nice!)

On my personal review scale of liquor-filled chocolates:
The "Very Special" ones are terrible and not worth the time and money (or the calories)

The Schladerer are lovely and made with high quality chocolate, a winner

The Ausbach brandy chocolates are the best I have ever tried, with even nicer (darker) chocolate and a stronger whiff of liquor in the filling
258926258926B000LRG0VKA2TXVR89YGO0HEA. Stewart1131265414400Anise Seed is this the product you want for pizzelles?The flavor of this anise seed was very good, however, there was alot of chafe and very small stem pieces in the seed and I spent alot of time removing it. It would be fine if I was using it in prepared dishes, but, I use it in cookies such as pizzelles and the chafe would have been very noticable in these cookies. I would still buy it again, as now I know I have to sift it through a fine strainer to remove the hulls and stem pieces. Like I said, the flavor was very good and I would use it again.
258927258927B005D2VSIIA1QOK9ESFWEZIGK. Smith0051333756800Dog Loves Them!!!!Tried these for my newly-diagnosed diabetic black lab. He is 13 and we didn't want to stop giving him treats at his age, so decided to try these. Very crunchy! He just loves them. She always puts a surprise in the package, too.
258928258928B001EQ5JKKA2OCINUVTZWBWGary Coffrin333341225411200A fine and sturdy everyday teaThis is a very drinkable blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan black teas from PG Tips, one of the UK's most popular brands. Although some California grocery stores (and Cost Plus World Market) stock this tea, I had not tried it until reading helpful reviews on Amazon.

Each PG Tips bag weighs 38 percent more than the Lipton bag (that is available in the USA). As expected, PG Tips makes a stronger brew. Each PG Tips bag has so much tea that I can easily make a 12 ounce mug with a single bag. I drink my tea black, but PG Tips is clearly robust enough to maintain character with milk or sweetener.

PG Tips is a sturdy, straight-ahead blend with more strength than Lipton's. It is a caffeine-rich tea - in part because each bag has more tea than other brands.

PG Tips uses a pyramid shaped bag that allows more room for tea leaves to expand while steeping. Does it make better tea? I don't know, but it is a point of differentiation.

HINT: PG Tips also makes a Special Blend black tea that is only slightly more expensive in stores. I much prefer the Special Blend to their regular black tea. The PG Tips Special Blend is a very hardy and rich breakfast tea. The Special Blend is more sensitive to longer steeping times (I usually steep mine less than 3 minutes), but I find the taste more complex and satisfying.

Cognoscenti typically prefer loose tea. Tea bags contain the less expensive "fannings" or "dust," remains from processing loose leaf tea. And with some others brands of tea (not PG Tips), many people can taste the paper used in the bag.

If you (like I) sometimes appreciate the convenience of bags, I recommend trying PG Tips as a sturdy everyday tea. And, I more strongly recommend their Special Blend as a hardy and rich breakfast tea.
258929258929B001EQ5JKKA3NLNC0FGAK8H6PellaCPC8851228176000Best we've found...Black tea is a staple at our house. After having this recommended to us by a Canadian friend, we ordered some. This is definitely one of the best black teas we have found. Very full bodied, and yet refined. Try it.

Amazon's price is the best we have found, and we are on subscribe and save - we get the 4 large boxes about every 60 days. A good deal.

There is a lot of tea here - if you want to sample it, I would recommend ordering a small box in case you don't like it.
258930258930B001EQ5JKKA22RIIYSPA3EDHR. Eye7751229040000Tea loving daughter visited England, loved this tea.This is the best tea in the U.S. according to my tea loving daughters. Even my Australian tea drinking mother-in-law likes it and she has been an adamant Red Rose tea drinker for eons. The bags don't have a string, however, and are shaped like a pyramid so you cannot benefit from using the string to wrap around a spoon to squeeze all the fluid out (like my mohter-in-law does) but overall it comes highly recommended by my family.
258901258901B003LAQXAMA5R7XHSSYSVOUJulie Bo3351308873600Low-cal nutritious proteinI really like this protein because its low-calorie and has extra fruit and vegi antioxidants in it. Its only 90 calories for 15 grams of protein, made from sprouted rice protein and has some heavy-hitting nutritious foods like quinoa, amaranth, beets, bilberry, cranberry, pomegranate and tons of other good things. Its organic but its affordable and has that great protein-powder taste I love. Really, I can't say enough good things about it.

As far as critiques go, the only thing I can say is that this stuff is REALLY THICK. The powder itself sort of sticks to things, and I usually have to go in and scrape the side of the blender a couple times before I'm done making my smoothie, but it ends up making it almost ice-creamy.
258902258902B003LAQXAMA2G2KAEFUZWNAPerseverance1151326326400Great Protein PowderI was looking for something that would work well for a meal replacement that I didn't have to choke down. Well this actually tastes quite good. I was very surprised after trying a different protein. The Vanilla is Peruvian vanilla so it doesn't hit you over the head with vanilla like some powders do. Like another reviewer said it is very thick- you probably don't want to make it too much before you drink it because the longer you let it sit the more thick it seems to become. I tried mixing w/out a blender and I had many many clumps in my glass.
258903258903B003LAQXAMA1JFSDFJXU5TB6Ivy Ellen0031337558400A little gritty, not much flavorI think this is a good powder for people who don't like stuff that is sweet - I couldn't really taste the vanilla or sweetness much at all, so for me this doesn't work as a standalone protein powder. Instead, I mix it with other powders that are too sweet (I'm looking at you, Vega Berry Flavor!). It's not bad, but there are other powders I like better - the main advantage this one has over those is that it is pretty low in calories.

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