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IDIdProductIdUserIdProfileNameHelpfulnessNumeratorHelpfulnessDenominatorScoreTimeSummaryText "Whatabookworm"0051252281600Why Can't American Companies Produce This Quality of Tea?I discovered this brand of tea when I made a trip to Britain. While visiting friends I'd met via the internet they introduced me to this delicious tea. It's stout without being bitter, producing a real brace from cold, damp weather or a relaxing cuppa in the evening.

It works not only as a hot tea, but makes the greatest ice tea you can imagine. We like our ice tea on the strong side so P&G brand works perfectly in our tea maker. Whether you drink your tea sweetened or unsweetened you will enjoy glass after glass (or cup after cup).

Prior to finding P&G available through Amazon, my friends in the UK sent me "care" packages with huge bags of tea in them. When we are out anywhere, I can no longer order tea. I'm spoiled; American teas are anemic by comparison so I would rather drink water than to drink an inferior tea.
258958258958B001EQ5JKKA11PM5L977T2PODr. Paul Boardman0051246924800Mmmm... love a cup!I'm an ex-pat living in America & this is one of my favourite teas from back home. It's fantastic to have it available here, delivered to my door, at a decent price. Yum yum!
258959258959B001EQ5JKKA1QQSJFS799DS7Charles Jackson "c2jacks"0051243728000Old FavoriteI began drinking PG Tips Tea when I lived in England 1980 - 83. I drink tea like most Americans drink coffee so I was very happy to find a brand of tea that I liked so much. I still drink PG Tips everyday and I am grateful that I can easily and safely purchase it online.
258960258960B001EQ5JKKA2GB9GEUC383IQBird lover0051241308800Good price for PG TipsBeing British by birth, we drink a lot of tea and I was very pleased to find that Amazon could supply PG Tips at a much better price than what I have to pay in my local grocery store.
258931258931B001EQ5JKKA1AGYOFQX4YZGTJ. Murphy "somebody's mum"3351229904000Excellent teaP G TIPS is a very high quality tea and buying in quantity from is better value than purchasing individually from import or grocery stores.
258932258932B001EQ5JKKA22YDTOK7TEW6SL. Jones "OCwildlife"2251264982400PG Tips best buySo far, this product PG Tips is the best tea you can buy from the UK for in the States. Nice robust tea, best grade possible for such large quantities. I've tried to find it in stores here in California and it's just not around. Tea that has the 'tips' of the tea leaf in it is a better quality than what we can buy here. I buy large quantities at a time.
258933258933B001EQ5JKKA3C7I4EO54ZVG5Shirley D. Martin2251229817600great strong black teaI love PG tips and getting it delivered to my house is a big plus. I order extra for my friend at work and deliver it to her. This is one of my favorite teas, with a spoonful of honey and dash of milk--stronger flavored than what you get in US teas.
258934258934B001EQ5JKKAA047USOQJ4LBStephen L. Born "potter"1151265932800PG Tips in the Pyramid BagsOnce we started using PG Tips, we could not go back to other teas - even if they were easier to find. PG Tips is the best tea for me in the morning. My wife likes loose tea, but I like the pyramid shaped bags. After a few minutes of steeping, it is the fullest richest morning drink. If I want to have it even stronger, I leave the bag in the cup. If I only need the usual jolt of rich tasting caffeine, I remove the bag and enjoy the best tasting tea in the world. Amazon sent our tea to us quickly and at a reasonable price.
258935258935B001EQ5JKKA2WAVZ2HNTQ1X2Saba gal1151264377600My favoritePG Tips is my favorite black tea. The quality is much better than the big national brands. I always know what it will taste like, unlike some brands that seem to vary by batch. It has robust full flavor that holds up if I add a flavoring. Buying it in the bulk packages makes it less than half the price of a grocery store.
258936258936B001EQ5JKKA2GIRSLF23LFUGRA "Loungin"1151236470400Best tea in the world!I've loved PG Tips from the day my friend introduced it to me while visiting out in England, as a preferred brand amongst many in the UK. The pyramid bags are so brilliant and really do make a difference in best brewing each cup of goodness quickly. Just let one brew in med sized mug for 3-5 mins w/hot water, dunk it with a spoon couple times each minute then strain, dump the bag, add a little milk (or non-dairy creamer), some sugar if you prefer (or real sweet like I prefer) and voila! you've got the best cup of tea with breakfast, afternoon, or evening snack you could ever ask for. You can taste the quality. Thank you Amazon for making these available fresh at an amazingly reasonable price! I can never run out of my PG Tips now...
258937258937B001EQ5JKKA11TFOKA4SCGP3Nick Lowe1151231459200A Great Everyday TeaThis is a great price on a great tea. $25 for 4 boxes on sale. Make sure you have some friends to share it with as 680 tea bags will go a long way. (I would not keep it for over a year) The tea is best after 3 - 5 minutes of steeping, any longer and it gets bitter. Wonderful with a spot of milk.
258938258938B001EQ5JKKA86BC3J6G60UCcaseyfoofoo1151231372800Excellent teaThis PG tips tea is the best tea I have ever had. It is smooth and barely astringent. It brews a very dark color but doesn't have that bitter strong flavor I usually associate with dark tea. The tea bag is a triangle with no string attached. I accidentally left the bag brewing while I did household chores. By the time I got to it I was sure it would be foul, but I was pleasantly surprised with a great cup of tea.
258939258939B001EQ5JKKA1O4D1SWDYE7LAJ. Slaughter0051339545600It's the BEST!This is a full-bodied tea with a clean, distinctive flavor. It makes wonderful iced tea, but I personally like mine HOT with sugar and a little warmed milk.
258940258940B001EQ5JKKAFDGDEI418X0UY. Kwan "SnoopyJohn"0051335225600Excellent English teaMy wife tried this tea when we visited London before. Lucky us, we found it in Amazon's website. The tea tastes great as the leaves are young and not bitter. The flavor is much much stronger than those brands selling locally in the U.S.
258941258941B001EQ5JKKA14U0H4T89C8CTGail0051333152000PG Tips Best Tea ever!!PG Tips have been my favorite tea bag since I was a little girl visiting my Nanny in England. I have since been ordering from Amazon. Can't go wrong with a great cup of tea.
258942258942B001EQ5JKKA2L23GFABCHRAGGillian "GillianZ"0051304467200Anyone for Tea?PG Tips makes a great, robust and flavorsome cup of tea, and Amazon has excellent deals. Getting a good, strong cup of hot tea (prepared the classic English way - hot, strong, with milk and sugar) is key to starting my day off the right way and PG Tips does the trick. I subscribed to Amazon's regular delivery option and got an even better price. Cheers!
258943258943B001EQ5JKKAYAUX7L6IPIGTB. Willmot0051292803200Doesn't get any better for black tea !This is one of the best British blends of tea from Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan leaves. Brooke Bond has been in business for more than 100 years, which speaks volumes.
258944258944B001EQ5JKKA1WIBCXZ1T5M3FA. Brown0051286582400Simply the bestI have drank gallons of hot water steeped with PG Tips since I was a young lad in England. Not going to stop now that I'm in the States. LOVE the stuff!
258945258945B001EQ5JKKA1AO7MPQSWRM89jc "jc"0051274140800Best tea around.....I love my tea in the morning and nothing beats bag will do a small pot too so you can get a few great cups of tea to get you going each day!
258946258946B001EQ5JKKAIE2KMTPDGTOOPhilip F. Zammit0051273449600Great cuppaStart with fresh water, warm up a china or pottery teapot and pour vigorously over the teabags the moment it boils.
Let it sit a couple of minutes, stir and pour over a dash of milk into a fine bone china Wedgewood (or equivalent) cup.
It's a little bit of heaven.
258947258947B001EQ5JKKAEO1L073HMSPQMarshall's Sauces "Marshall"0051269993600Excellent product, great Amazon price.This is a great product imported from England. The deals offers through subscribing saved me a lot of money on buying PG Tips.
258948258948B001EQ5JKKA1W5HYFEUZL640S. Bashir "Sb"0051265673600Great tasting tea at best priceMy family is BIG on tea drinking and cant settle for an inferior tea brands. Buying PG Tea from Amazon saves $$$
258949258949B001EQ5JKKA1IE11KG8JBE48amazon member0041263945600Very drinkable, but no longer affordableThis is some good tea. I've been drinking it every day (with milk) for the past couple of years - more than 2000 cups so far! If the only tea you've ever had is Lipton, I highly suggest you give this tea a try. It's smooth and delicious. Though I must say I'm getting kind of bored with it, and I may try a different tea soon, but I'm sure I'll come back to it again.

Feb 2011 update - The price has more than doubled over the past year, which now makes this tea too expensive for my tastes. I keep looking for a sale but it's never cheap anymore like it used to be.
258950258950B001EQ5JKKA38WNHETQORU7FJ Mark "discriminating customer"0051260835200Great Tea, great priceMy wife is really the tea drinker in our family, although I'll have some on occasion. We both love this tea,and you can't beat this deal in terms of price and quantity.
258951258951B001EQ5JKKAH2P6ZHTX9BU8R. Krause0051259884800Excellent Tea, As Good as the Loose LeafI had been using the PG Tips loose tea but then it became unavailable. I switched to the pyramid bags and have been very pleased. Makes a nice strong pot of tea with 4 bags.
258952258952B001EQ5JKKA2E5CCGSBU6XJHJ. Sudar0051259798400Ahhhhh..... teaPG Tips, a sanity saver. It's my early morning pop the eyes open drink as well as my snuggle into bed with a book cuppa.
258953258953B001EQ5JKKA2B1S0E1V1Z3L2Fauzia Shah0051258848000Excellent tea, if you enjoy drinking black tea.Excellent tea, if you enjoy drinking black tea. It is used in the morning instead of coffee or any other time of day when you need caffeine. It tastes great hot.
258954258954B001EQ5JKKA195PJCYFD7XA2caribman1610051258848000PG Tips TeaPG Tips Tea is the best tea in the world. Each tea bag can produce 3 mugs of tea. I was so happy, that I was able to get this deal.
258955258955B001EQ5JKKA3IKSPBEI6MCA7Sangeman0051256515200Great tea - great delivery - great costThe title says it all. One of my daughters introduced me to this tea three years ago and I've been hooked ever since. She says you cannot drink this without milk, soy or cream. I say you can but it's excellent with soy milk. Well I guess the title didn't say it all. Enjoy! Oh yes - the delivery thru Amazon was much faster than I expected.
258956258956B001EQ5JKKA2B5BQQIVQ21EON. Roessner "CoffeeBreak"0051255305600Tasty tea!I'm glad I found PG tips tea. It's delicious with just that little bit of bite that I enjoy. I bought the 160-count boxes, pack of four to an order and when that ran out I placed the same order. Now I have a six month subscription for PG tips tea. My daughter figured out that that much tea allows for three tea bags a day which we can easily use - especially since I gave her a box of tea. She was delighted to get it as she is now hooked on PG Tips Black Tea. For anyone wondering about my "nickname", Coffee Break, I will say that yes, I do love strong coffee in the morning, but as much as I enjoy coffee I need soothing tea in the evening.

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