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258961258961B001EQ5JKKA1KKGZYUA7MWYUMomof20051238976000great buy!My hubbie is an expat & needs his PG tips. Amazon has THE best price. Nothing like a nice cuppa cha!
258962258962B001EQ5JKKAZOWJL2R55ET4A. Jellum0051238803200PG TipsThis is an excellent tea. I am very happy to find it offered at Amazon as it is not avaliable locally.
258963258963B001EQ5JKKA3OIRMPHS0BVNNR. Chalfant "Yo Mama Music"0051238716800Tasty tea...I love this tea, and it is now sold in my local grocery. I use 10-20 bags a day, and the large boxes save me 80% from the grocery store price!! Sounds silly, but it adds up! Thanks Amazon.
258964258964B001EQ5JKKA322I1HJ4R1IVFK. HSU "Milk Tea Lover"0051238630400great tea for milk teaI love to use black tea to make milk tea(tea+milk+suger).
PG, I found, is one of the best kind~ Strong and nice to make good milk tea!!
258965258965B001EQ5JKKA3JI2AXKMHBCDHMidwestmom0051238630400a trip to heavenThe best tea available for the tea drinkers in the US. Can't beat the amazon price. I got a great deal because of the special running on, so I am stocked up.
258966258966B001EQ5JKKA273O3ZA0KU1SPM. C. Anderson0051238544000The best black teaThis is the very best black tea available commercially. it is very hard to find in stores and I was delighted to find it on Amazon.
258967258967B001EQ5JKKAL2S7K7AQ2BD5Stew D'Amato "ExPat Brit"0051238198400A Robust CuppaThere's a reason that PG Tips is arguably the most popular tea in England; you get a full flavored robust cup of tea every time. If you prefer weaker teas, purchase a US brand like Lipton. But if you want the rich golden color that black tea produces and the full flavor eschewed by the pyramid style tea bags, then this is the tea for you. Knowing we can get PG Tips through Amazon will ceratinly free up suitcase space on our trips to England.
258968258968B001EQ5JKKA1629UD031VH9ESam L.0051237420800Excellent TeaI'm a green tea lover, but like drinking a strong black tea in the morning with some soymilk in it. This tea brews a stiff beverage that is accompanied well with some sort of milk or milk substitute, and a bit of sweetener (I use Splenda). The pyramid bags don't have strings just to let everyone know, but I have to use a spoon anyways to stir. I brew mine for only about a minute and a half with boiling water straight off the stove.
258969258969B001EQ5JKKA30EVO7D4616KAVeronica M. Lyons0051237161600The very best English Tea and the very best bargain ever!This tea is arguably the #1 tea in the UK - it's also the #1 tea in my family. PG tips is known for its excellent flavour, its "pick-me-up" (as well as its "wake-me-up") quality is renowned and worth savouring!

The marketing mission is unbeatable. The customer service is top of the line - friendly, immediately responsive, and very efficient.
258970258970B001EQ5JKKA9BWUH9XKZ2DQGUSR19 "JimE"0051236643200Good British Tea for a good price.OK, this is the most popular tea in Britain, which I suppose makes it good ? Anyway the price is 50% less than the local supermarket charges for the same tea, if it is on offer, as food products often are, it is an even better deal.
258971258971B001EQ5JKKA2SZTGZ38CSQ8AYusuf "Tea Lover"0051234742400Best TeaIf you love drinking tea, then this one is a must ... nothing beats PG Tips !!
258972258972B001EQ5JKKA2PEM7UH6HSMSLJanet M. Moyer0051234396800Excellent teaI drink ice tea all year long and these tea bags brew a full bodied delicious ice tea. You will really enjoy this product.
258973258973B001EQ5JKKADW7D1AUWOEUXTyler0051234137600Really good teaPG Tips is a really good tea. It's either this or another english tea I love to drink.
258974258974B001EQ5JKKA38HGIKK6JG6ABAllison A. Reynolds "Allison Reynolds"0051234137600Best thing since sliced breadI relocated to America, on 22nd of March 1982 from England, and ever since I left the Only time I was able to get a Good cup of tea. was when my Mother sent me some from England, now since I found out that had them I relive a little of England everytime I have a cup-a-tea,.
Very Sincerly
Allison Reynolds (Ms)
258975258975B001EQ5JKKAH1K0BYP3LI2GJ. S. Bayer "IT Pro"0051233792000Great Tea - Robust taste with a smooth finish!This is undoubtedly one of the best teas I have ever had the pleasure to taste. Although I live in the USA I tend to enjoy a very robust cuppa of tea. I sometimes buy "specialty" teas from one provider or another and do enjoy them. For a tremendous daily cup of tea, PG Tips is the best tea that I've tasted. The pyramid bag allows more room for the tea to steep and the tea blend is robust enough to tolerate a little milk and still have a nice strong flavor. It feels silky in your mouth and has almost no astringent edge at all.

I also really enjoy Ahmad English Breakfast tea, but PG Tips has me covered for every day tea. I've been drinking two to four cups a day brewed with my Zaraphina tea maker suite and the tea is perfect!
258976258976B001EQ5JKKA2JYDHWRCKKGNTTom Davidson0051233619200The best workhorse tea you can buy....By "workhorse," I mean that PG Tips Black Tea is the perfect tea for daily consumption; it's consistent, well-flavored, and perfectly pitched for taking with a little bit of milk and honey. It's perhaps a bit pedestrian, but frankly pedestrian is what I look for in my daily tea. The triangular bags are really more of a gimmick than anything else, but they're fun nonetheless.

Two notes, though: 1) Don't let the tea steep too long. If you let it go longer than a minute, you'll notice the difference in "sharpness." 2) This deal is for a LOT of tea. You could safely give a whole box or two away as a gift and still feel like you've got plenty of tea set aside for the apocalypse.
258977258977B001EQ5JKKA3A4GA5I1EEHE5Internet "Bargaineer"0051232064000My FavoriteThis my favorite everyday Tea. Very full bodied yet mellow and never provides that bitter tannic taste that some teas do. I used to drink only Earl Grey until I tried this, it's great.
258978258978B001EQ5JKKA13T349LLZ0T4EBetz0051231891200best tea evermy husband is he knows tea.
this is his fave! great price, quick shipping.
258979258979B001EQ5JKKA2HPF56C5C13I1Nina "nal001"0051231718400Very Tasty TeaI bought the PG Tips when it was a Gold Box value. I had never tasted the tea before. But, I've been drinking two cups a day since it arrived. It's really a delicious tea! I usually buy Twinings, but for an everyday tea without extra spices, I prefer the taste of the PG tips. Good thing, because 4 packages * 160 bags is a LOT of tea. I brew it for 3 minutes & add milk and Splenda.
258980258980B001EQ5JKKA21Q7RG6K40GA4Sarah0051231632000Simply the BestI lived in U.K. briefly as a child and my mum is English. She of course is a great tea lover. I love my coffee just as much as my tea but PG Tips challenges that dual love at times.

This tea is phenomenal. If I were on a desert island and could choose one tea of all that is out there I would choose the PG Tips. It has a lovely, satisfying flavor that has me finishing every cup to the last bit - even if it's gotten cold.

It is an excellent tea. Everything I want and expect from a good pot and/or cup of tea is there. Thank you for the great Gold Box sale on this set recently Amazon! It gave me an opportunity to share as a gift some of these boxes.
258981258981B001EQ5JKKA1HF565DR57V7ASrikanth0051231113600PopularExcellent value and great taste. This tea is very popular in the UK and is sold by all grocery stores there. Worth a try.
258982258982B001EQ5JKKA2BSLZK1166NMBdia6041231237593600Smooth and uncomplicated.Initially I had wanted to try what the British drink seeing it is one of the mostpopular. I do find it smooth and uncomplicated however I do enjoy my tea with sugar/splenda and dairy thus it makes no difference from my usually everyday brand. We have started carrying PG TIPs at Safeways in Canada, and I must note it is not the same quality as it is packaged in Ontario rather when purchased online and British Shoppes which do carry those packaged in England.
258983258983B001EQ5JKKA2EW36QZY7OIMJsss24312516768005 star tea, 3 star service from AmazonWe love PG Tips and were worried that when we moved to the US that we wouldn't be able to find a cost effective way of getting our teabags. We use on average 6-8 teabags a day so we really couldn't afford to buy an 80 count box from World Market at $7-9 a piece. We were thrilled when Amazon started carrying the 2 pack of 240 count boxes with free shipping.

So imagine how irritated I was to come back to re-order more teabags (after ordering the same thing from Amazon for over 2 years) to find that they no longer carry that size and that they have pawned off the same exact 2 pack to another company who wants to charge me almost $6 for shipping. (The new company even have the Amazon "2 pack" symbol on their image which means that Amazon has probably got this company doing fulfillment now.) Shame on - what's the purpose of free shipping or my prime account if you've got someone else selling your product that's going to charge me shipping?

So I've had to go with the 160 count pack of 4, but I wouldn't preferred to just order my usual so I don't have open bags going stale.

A small rant, I know, but I look for Amazon to be dependable when every other online retailer is not. Please bring back my 2 pack of 240 count...
258984258984B001EQ5JKKA189B9LNNXJFEQPaul Burt "Movie Ace"0121327708800Brit Tea for the massesI really don't care for this tea at all. Maybe it's hot stuff in Britain, but it tastes flat and bitter to me. My advice, buy the smaller package just to be sure you like it. And be prepared to add stuff to make it taste better.
258985258985B001EQ5JKKA3D9M9AWSR4W4BPaul Nevai "nevai"0131257897600ordinaryThe only fancy thing about this tea is the bag itself. Otherwise it's quite undistinguished. I have both this and the loose version of it. There is no comparison between this and tea bought from specialteas or uptontea or many other equally good web-shops.
258986258986B001EQ5JKKA31B6ZYNVSRH5TWebuser "ProductReviewer"0231231977600Red Rose is betterI bought this as an Amazon Gold Offer because of the glowing reviews. It's okay. Not as smooth as the Red Rose.
258987258987B001EQ5JKKA16SBSM9H9Y7VHsam and honey "Sam and Honey"1511266364800P G TIPS TEAVery disappointed with box from recent shippment. I have gotten tea for several years and this is the first box to taste weak. Hopefully the other 3 will be stronger.
258988258988B005AYR98CA2DYS238QVLMWVeggie Lady "Kim"1151334361600Simply good cookiesWith multiple food allergies in our home, we are always searching for healthy treats that fit into our diets. These are by far my favorites. They are NOT moist cookies, but crunchy ones. No eggs, so not light and fluffy. Low in sugar, they are not sweet. I love the fact that they are made with quinoa flour, a far healthier choice than most other gluten free cookies that have zero nutrition to offer. Not health food by any means, but a tasty treat. Individually wrapped is great as well.
258989258989B005AYR98CA1R5Q4GXSYSKPHVeronica0021330646400What did I just spend my money on???Ok, maybe I have just been spoiled by some gluten free cookies, I dont know but these were terrible. I mean they were so dry and had no flavor at all. For only 5 grams of sugar in two cookies I should have known but I at least thought that they would have some kind of flavor from the quinao and chocolate chips. They claim to have a nutty flavor but I did not detect that at all, they tasted like a a bunch of raw flours mixed together with a few chocolate chips scattered about. At 6 bucks a box at my local health food store I feel as though I have been ripped off. There are far better gluten free cookies out there, and you could make them better yourself as well. I ate one and was just so let down, I really wanted to like them. I ended up eating another one because I wanted to make sure that they really did taste terrible, and I was right. The second cookie prooved just as bad as the first one. 140 calories in two cookies and they are a bit bigger then a silver dollar. I have to say though that I love how they are individually packaged and also the packaging that they are in are recyclable. If you like a dry flavorless cookie then this would be your thing. I dont know what I will do with the rest of them, maybe wash them down with some almond milk or put them into a vegan parfait of some sort. Or I could give them to people I dislike so they will have a horrible cookie experience. Cookies should put a smile on your face and make your tummy happy but these just about choked me to death from how dry they were. I would suggest that you look around your local health food store and buy one box just to give them a try but only if you have money to throw away. I would suggest any of the cookies by "Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies" Now those are some amazing gluten free cookies.
258990258990B005AYR98CA2981NMTIK49D3Michelle B. "Originally from Kansas"0051319760000Amazing CookiesWow! That is all I can say...these cookies are amazing - especially for Gluten-Free! I'm not obsessed with chocolate chip cookies like the rest of my family ... but if I want something sweet in the form of a cookie, this has now become my "go to" treat. Thanks, Andean Dream!

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