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259021259021B007OXJK1QA3TZ798YOKS19Opv "sugarflour"0011346976000Daybreak Morning BlendIn my opinion, this is not good coffee- I've tried it plain and tried "doctoring" it, but cannot bring myself to drink a cup of it.
259022259022B007OXJK1QA1MNN0ZMHYPJDUDaniel Stephens "HaMsTeR"0051346371200Best K-Cup Coffee YetI really like this flavor, it is really smooth and light, but not weak tasting... perfect morning coffee when you want to gulp down a cup of Joe...
259023259023B007OXJK1QAJ6O9ZZI787ZQSandNPcola0051346025600LOVE IT! LOVE IT!This is my favorite by far! I have it everyday! I can't find it localy anymore and was glad to find it online!
259024259024B007OXJK1QAAB2FXYP6O4KDKaren L. Hankins0051344297600great coffeewas searching for a replacement coffee, I was quite pleased with this one. very good. I will buy this again. I love coffee, and this was perfect
259025259025B007OXJK1QABKC7UMG7E8HTNancy Paxson "Luv gadgets"0051340755200SmoooothGreat rich light roast cup of coffee and second only to my favorite mocca java (it is not chocolate flavored rather a region where the beans are grown)!
259026259026B007OXJK1QA23GHRF18QYSFXAnthony Pacheco "Tony"0051339977600Smooth with hints of spiceI love this K-Cup. I like the "non-burnt" tasting, light coffee and this one does that. It's so smooth you can actually pick up other, non-coffee flavors.

The only negative it is so tasty, you'll just want to keep making cups of it and drink it all day.
259027259027B007OXJK1QAE0BM99KXYOJJhomeshopper0051337385600smoothNice smooth flavor. This has a nice coffee flavor without the strong bitterness you find in so many these days. Tasty but not overwhelming. A good choice for those who like coffee but don't like to feel as though you've been chewing on coffee beans. :)
259028259028B007OXJK1QAVEJNN6TKMDRRold hen0051337212800Great Waker UpperI've changed my mornings. This is the smoothest
bestest waker upper that I've ever had!!!! It
is just the thing to get me going (and at my age
I don't go fast or far but I can still go N getum!).
259029259029B007OXJK1QA3H5BRW9KG7HP6Delma LaFountain0041337040000Caribou daybreak coffeeGreat coffee, wish we could get it in larger packs.It's not too strong,doesn't have any burnt taste, and not bitter. If you have never tried it, give it a try!
259030259030B007OXJK1QA3RWB13VRYFQ1XMichael W0051336176000Delicious!This coffee is probably the best tasting K cup out there and is at an affordable price. A favorite of the whole family. Does not require sweetener! Highly recommended.
259031259031B007OXJK1QA3UH78YN0TKN3QPaige Doty0051336089600Caribou CoffeeThis is my favorite coffee. Not too bitter but still has that great coffee taste. If you haven't tried it you will love it. Good morning coffee blend.
259032259032B007OXJK1QA3VZRFZ66SX2TCMedix0011334448000Mud?This is some of the worst coffee I have ever tasted. The other Caribou styles are tolerable, some even decent, but "Daybreak" was just nasty. I have never written a review for a coffee before, but I felt compelled to share how bad this stuff was in hopes that it will save some one a few bucks and their taste buds.
259033259033B007OXJK1QA1SAHMB8L5XG2Dmsv4190051333929600This is one of my favorites!I really, really like this coffee. It's light and smooth! It became really hard to find locally so I was happy to have it delivered so quickly from this seller. I will be ordering again!
259034259034B007OXJK1QA13BMDVMDVLSITdarryd0051333929600Medium bodied, full flavoredGreat tasting coffee with quick a caffiene kick. Perfect for people who want a well flavored covered that's not as bold as French or Italian roast.
259035259035B007OXJK1QA2KA2IVQX6ADZVPatti S.0051330819200Great coffee for the Keurig!This is a nice mild morning cup of coffee. It is smooth and tasty. I usually use it with the Keurig on the setting that gives the largest cup of coffee. If you want it stronger, you can just adjust and use the middle setting for cup size.
259036259036B007OXJK1QAFAKOXAIDA4YGTheRayche0051329264000Great tasting coffee!I love a nice smooth coffee that is a light to medium roast. This is actually my favorite! The only thing I can say about this specific product on Amazon is that it's definitely not a great deal/value. After getting the product and breaking down the price, it was pretty much the same amount I pay for it at Publix or any other grocery store.
259037259037B007OXJK1QA1D80B77Z7ZIYXMaryann0051328054400smooth and mildI don't like bitter or strong coffee, so this blend is perfect for me. It has a nice coffee taste without being too strong. And it is smooth. I finally found what I want for my Kuerig.
259038259038B007OXJK1QAINUV6DVXMKEMkzoomn "Audiophile"0051327536000Strong enough, though not Starbucks strong!"Caibou Daybreak Morning Blend" has just enough caffeine to get you going in the AM without the caffeine overload feelings that stronger blends provide. I drink a cup black and I'm on my way without any empty stomach jitters.
259039259039B007OXJK1QA2TJG4N8LNJW23Blythe Dresser0051327104000Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than Caribou's signature blend, along comes Daybreak!When I picked up a box of Caribou Coffee, Caribou Blend, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count, I really thought I'd found the best good-cuppa-coffee to please everyone in our household. Caribou is a coffee company that is very popular in Chicago and are known for producing great quality coffee. With their reputation, I've always been eager to try the other blends that are available in k cup form, but they are often hard to come by.

I ordered a 5 k cup sampler size of this blend directly for Keurig because I was so happy with the Caribou Blend that I couldn't wait to try the company's other offerings. I'm so thankful I did, because the Daybreak Morning Blend just hit the original blend out the park!

I enjoy a medium roast with a kick. Just because I don't like a dark, bitter cup of coffee doesn't mean I want to skimp on flavor or aroma. And Caribou Daybreak really delivers in both of those departments. This tastes like a fresh brewed cup that you'd pick up at a coffee shop. It goes great with a little skim milk, too. A perfect compliment to breakfast with a caffeine kick to get you going in the morning.

The only downside to this blend is that I haven't been able to find it in store near us. So we have to order it online, which seems a little pricier (surprisingly). Oh well, I still think this blend is completely worth it. It's my new go-to k cup!
259040259040B007OXJK1QA3RSWDQJ9B479ZJ. Zapata0041326931200Great light roastI keep this on hand for guests who only like lighter roast coffee. It is nice and smooth, just what you expect from a morning cup of coffee. A safe bet.
259041259041B007OXJK1QA100R4CDI5LE3IRealC250051326412800Great TasteThis is a great medium coffee that will keep you coming back for more. I have tried many of the different k-cups and found that this Caribou blend is my fav. Enjoy
259042259042B007OXJK1QA1NHNED4X7LXREDoc Martin "DakotaDocMartin"0051324339200One of the best coffees we've tried so far!I bought my wife a Keurig machine a year ago and we've tried a lot of cases of coffees, teas, apple cider, hot chocolate... you name it and we've probably tried it.

So far, this is one of our all time favorite coffees. It's rich, has a wonderful aroma, and it's flavorful without being bitter.

It's a little stronger than Coffee People Donut Shop but just about that same type of coffee. We love them both as do many of our guests and visitors.
259043259043B007OXJK1QA2VU1265IAJXIVFancy Shopper "Mimi"0051323302400Good-tasting coffee!I bought this for my husband. He said it has a good taste to it. He's tried at least 10 different K-Cup coffees and prefers this to any of them.
259044259044B007OXJK1QA2UCQBWDCPYVCA2G1C "Tom Turd"0051323216000DeliciousThis is one of my favorite k-cup flavors. Have one of them every morning. Still better than the Starbucks I just tried.
259045259045B007OXJK1QA1ONYV0E2SY06Ncr0021318809600grounds in the coffeethe coffee tastes good when there aren't grounds in the coffee. i thought first time i made the mistake somehow...i don't know how since you just plop the kcup in the machine, but now it's happened for like 1/2 the's terrible and a waste. this has never happened with other ones. i have other ones from different companies and it never happens, just with these caribou daybreak morning blend ones. :(
259046259046B007OXJK1QA3DINJVFWOP9BILori0031318204800CaribouKCupsThis coffee was very good. For the price we thought is was good-Still like the Donut Coffee better. I would reccommend it for a good coffee.
259047259047B007OXJK1QA1RTNTCLR0WQX6yjzmd "yz"0051316736000greatgreat taste, good price, no complaints. The rest of this message is to fill in the 20 character requirement, sorry.
259048259048B007OXJK1QA3N0SRT333RYFADavid J Wendel0051316649600Daybreak K-CupI always purchase this product at the store but since I have Amazon Prime why waist time, energy and money going to the local grocery store when I can get a 3 pack delivered to my house for free. It was packed beautifully and the coffee is good.
259049259049B007OXJK1QAA1YLD6GNEXGLLianne & Jason0051315872000Best coffee we have foundMy fiance and I dont seem to like the dark roast coffees and medium roast k cups (except for the Dunkin Donuts one) that much so when we say this at the grocery store and saw that it was a light blend that we hadn't tried yet we figured why not. We are glad we did.

This coffee smells so good when it is brewing so we knew that was a good sign when we made it later that night after we got home shopping. Then we tried it and basically fell in love with it and don't drink anything else now in the mornings. We do have an iced coffee that is different on the weekend but that's another review.

I highly recomend this coffee to anyone who like us feels that the bold and medium roasts are just too strong. This isn't at all and is just an all around very good tasting coffee.
259050259050B007OXJK1QA3O1I3KB7L1R9SVickie L. Kneisler "Vickie"0051315180800Great Coffee!!My husband loves this coffee,he say's "it just tastes good",and he is one that likes the stronger brand. I have drunk a cup or two also but I always use flavored cream usually around the holidays. But you can't go wrong with Caribou.

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