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259051259051B007OXJK1QA3K6KSE80UGT8UAlfred G. Rillo0051313280000Best yetThis is the best k-cups coffee I have had. I've tried over 25 different brands but this is the best and I will be reordering. There was still 7 months left on the best by date so it was fresh and it was delivered one day ahead of time.
259052259052B007OXJK1QA3DVGMO8DCK8AXBusy Buddy0031311379200Good not GreatThis is a good cup of joe, it does have a pleasant aroma and smooth flavor. I have been trying
different blends of coffee for my Kurig brewer and found this to be a little on the weak side.
259053259053B007OXJK1QA3HPV7K456CXNWKelly O. Cochran0051309305600Great coffee-- But getting priceyThis is great coffee. Taste great!
I love this stuff!! If you have a Keurig Brewer, you'll love it!!
259054259054B007OXJK1QA2ITZC8YX0DOLSSeamus Mccormack "euripides 203"0041308787200Wife loves it, too mild for meMy wife loves this Caribou Daybreak blend, I don't because it is too wussy! I know, a strange word to describe coffee but it has NO kick at all! At the other end of the spectrum, I also don't like espresso blends because they are too strong. I suspect this blend might be good for iced coffee, though.
259055259055B007OXJK1QA2AIGDKK3BQDJWAF Pilot0051307404800My favorite k-cupsThe Caribou Daybreak k-cups are my favorite blend so far. They taste great and aren't too strong. I typically use the travel mug setting and drink it black, but it still tastes great using smaller cup settings. I find that a lot of other k-cups taste a little too strong, but these are very good!
259056259056B007OXJK1QA2AIGDKK3BQDJWAF Pilot0051306972800My favorite K-cupsThe Caribou Daybreak k-cups are my favorite blend so far. They taste great and aren't too strong. I typically use the travel mug setting and drink it black, but it still tastes great using smaller cup settings. I find that a lot of other k-cups taste a little too strong, but these are very good!
259057259057B007OXJK1QA1L5VZVR2Z4BPIRonald Stoutenburg0051306281600K-Cup coffee Purchassed from Amazon.comCaribou coffee daybreak morning is a mild coffee for those that do not want a strong first cup of coffee. Good purchase for lite coffee drinkers.
259058259058B007OXJK1QA15UUCQ6XRU3BKJennifer0051304899200favorite coffeDaybreak coffee is the perfect coffee. I have tried over 20 flavors/types for my keurig , and by far Daybreak wins. Shipping was fast and product is gone. Time to order more already.
259059259059B007OXJK1QA1VR9II0HC7ZQ6Della Street0051304380800Coffee BreakIt is a good cup of Joe in the morning or any time of the day, smooth to the taste and not too strong.
259060259060B007OXJK1QA3FLB2I0FYHWWAK. Pereira0051303257600YUM is all I need to sayI love the two Caribou coffees, the blend and morning blend. The are fantastic and I highly recommend them if you like a nice clean fresh coffee flavor.
259061259061B007OXJK1QAWTRHIVUWT8J5bookworm28 "bookworm28"0051302998400Great coffeeI love everything about this coffee. It has a good taste. The fragrance is wonderful. It is just the right touch for morning coffee.
259062259062B007OXJK1QA16PLVO6LJVMYND. LOVE0051302998400GREAT!!!This is a Great light smooth Coffee. Amazon has really good prices and sends the orders out in a jiffy. Will always use this as my coffee purchaser.
259063259063B007OXJK1QA1GY9KJ5TCGAUGlinda carosella0051302134400good coffeethe coffee is smooth and easy on the taste buds....i don't like a strong coffee and this one fits me just right...using the keurig is a snap and i like the option of using different coffees during the arrived quickly and in good condition...would definately order this coffee again...
259064259064B007OXJK1QA3O1EFKA6UXFHRF. Wong0031299196800Very acidicIf you like smooth coffee with a pleasant aftertaste, look elsewhere. I find Daybreak very acidic... I've bought about 8 different types of k-cups, this is my least favorite.
259065259065B007OXJK1QA3N8MVLUIB3KQ3HELEN KING1211325289600Shipping not as promisedThe Caribou Coffee is of course equal and the same as any I could buy in a store or at any other on-line vendor. The time it took to get to me was unacceptable though. I will not be ordering my coffee from this vendor again. I opted to pay for speedier shipping although I was eligible for the free Super Saver on this item, because I knew I would soon be running out of coffee at home. I then received a notice of a shipping date that was almost 2 weeks from order date! I had to then take my time and get stressed arguing with them about the fact that I'd paid extra for expidited shipping. I did get my shipping fees refunded, but not my coffee sooner. So I had to then go out to a store to purchase coffee to use until the order from Amazon finally arrived, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place by placing the order on line. Not a happy camper on this one!
259066259066B007OXJK1QA8LE1433WIXI1Michael J. Crow1241325116800Nice Breakfast blend with perky aromaAroma-4
Great nutty smell that will be pleasing in the morning.

There is defiantly a sweetness to the coffee that lasts the entire cup.

This is a light roast with near medium roast flavor. A nutty taste is the most surprising, pleasantly so, aspect of the flavor as it's not commonly this strong in a coffee so lightly roasted.

Good body for a seemingly very light roast. Not watery but not full out creamy.

Bitterness- 5
This is a very smooth coffee, no overpowering bitterness.

Aftertaste- 4
It leaves an after taste of a darker roast, but not harsh and bitter. It's a pleasant reminder of the coffee.....until the next cup.

Overall: 89 (out of a possible 100)

Scoring Summary:
(90-99) Very Awesome Coffee
(85-89) Very Good Coffee
(78-84) Just Average Coffee
(50-77) Just Poor Coffee
259067259067B007OXJK1QA2M195BM5R16GQPeter P. Surckla "PETECHEAT"1231307232000Great but not worth more than a dollar a cupGreat coffee but not worth more than a dollar a cup.
Be careful Amazon gets what the traffic will support.
Their price fluctuates. Try Bed Bath & Beyond.
259068259068B004ZWR6S8A3TWOQ3HJ4F15NM. Roy0031320278400swedish fishtwenty little fishes in twenty little words - the fish are too small. Sorry, I threw them out. Too bad they weren't the kind I like.
259069259069B000MPDRX0A2AVEP5YY3RXDXPuppypaws984411258934400Charms weren't charmingI had ordered the sweet and sour Charms before and was very happy with them. So I was very disappointed when the sweet pops arrived. A large amount of them were not only broken but shattered. Also, all but about 10 of them where cherry. Don't get me wrong, I like cherry. But other flavors were supposed to be in there. I only got one watermelon and one blue raspberry. I will not be ordering from this company again.
259070259070B000MPDRX0A39VB0WHFVQINR3311263600000Crushed on Arrival95% of pops received were crushed upon delivery
259071259071B000MPDRX0A2KJOIJTHDR3B1Roselia Bender "Bea"0051328572800AWESOMEI am very Happy!!! Arrived on time and arrived in great condition and it was as described. Thankyou!! Will be ordering again in the future!!!!!
259072259072B000MPDRX0AZG0KLED5UWPLDiane0041320883200Great taste but not so great varietyI ordered the Charm sweet pops wanting to try something new,they're delicious,but the variety was a bit off,I got all Cherry and Grape with two watermelon,I just wish the company would have added more flavors so I could experience all they had to offer.They came in perfect condition,which was a relief to me.I love the overall flavor and how long they last,I gave them four stars just because of the variety,maybe the variety is based off of most popular flavors?
259073259073B000MPDRX0A23X7453VUZFUYMariana0051302134400These charms are excellent!!These charms are so good and lots of variety!! I am so glad I tried this buyer because, the last 2 times I ordered these from another buyer, not only were they just about all broken, they were all grape except for 1 blue, 1 orange, 3 cherry and 3 strawberry. I love all these varities that I received, will definitely order these again. Thanks so much!
259074259074B000MPDRX0ABM1PHDP9T3Y5D. Branum1221300924800Odered Sweet and Sour Pops and got Sweet PopsI received this order of pops today March 24, 2011 and was not what is pictured. I got sweet pops instead with a small label on the plastic that the box is wrapped in stating sweet and sour pops. Then when you open it you do not have equal amount of variety of pops . You get 19 cherry, 12 Strawberry, 11 grape, 5 orange and 1 blue razz berry. Misrepresentation of merchandise.
259075259075B002HQJVIWA3I1AIW452NHXWDaniel Kanoff1211298332800never got my chaii ordered my chai 2 weeks ago and paid 45 dallars for next day shiping and i still havent recived them.
259076259076B005ME8M3QA3PV0803G5V4ODJulie Ann Evans "Jewels"0051324425600Slush PuppiesEven though it took a little more time to receive than I expected, this was exactly what I wanted. Since it's a seasonal item in the stores it was great to find them online.
259077259077B00021RG0EAICZP2PMKMZD7Freelance Andy5551167177600Good stuff!Great quality jerky here. It has a real smoked salmon flavor and is a good sized package. This is about as good as it gets, other than home made stuff. Will order again.
259078259078B00021RG0EA2SWN080QT0IG9Wade K. Morikone2211231200000Salmon JerkyPoor value for the price. $27.99 for six ounces? That makes it almost $75 a pound for an ordinary and unexceptional product. I've learned my lesson, never again!
259079259079B00021RG0EA18YJI43SEZH9AR Cat "cafeandres"2251199404800really good - still not worth the priceThis is the best salmon jerky I've had so far. True salmon flavor, it's sort of shiny and crisp, and breaks into small pieces when you chew. The only problem is a huge problem: $30.00 for 6 ounces! Plus shipping.
259080259080B00021RG0EA3BAX7I5EL3VOAEmerald Pilgrim0041333152000excellent flavor!This is delicious, and I signed up for the subscription delivery in order to enjoy it often. It's a healthy snack to bring to work or anytime, and it's exactly the taste I remember and have been searching for! The only problem is there are WAY too many bones, which is why I subtracted one point. The flavor more than makes up for all the bones, but still it would be such an excellent product without having to encounter all the sharp little jabs.

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