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259195259195B001PICX42A18H6GSA21LHFFAmanda0051295654400Very Yummy!I love these gummies! The summer strawberry is defiantly my favorite. They have more of a "real" taste to them compared to the HFCS & gelatin filled ones. Very overpriced on Amazon, though. I bought a 24 pouch variety pack at Costco for $10.
259196259196B001PICX42AWRWWLR5RGEJHCJ0051293926400Yummy!These are very yummy snacks! I love that they are organic/ natural ingredients----so, I don't feel so guilty for eating them! My husband and I both love them!
259197259197B001PICX42A1SLKE15SFXJVUMomof40041293667200Good choiceMy kids love fruit snacks, but I didn't like them having the dyes in the traditional ones. This is a great alternative. They taste great. A little expensive for the small package.
259198259198B001PICX42A2Z0GXU9F7C8O0DB "just a mom"0051293580800even great for adultsWe LOVE these in our house! They are so yummy and the texture is soft enough for a young toddler to chew. I sometimes steal these for a little treat for myself :) My toddler loves these so much that I have had to hide them in the pantry otherwise she'd be asking for multiple a day. They are a little on the expensive side in the store but they are slightly cheaper on Amazon in bulk.
259199259199B001PICX42AKRSCGMCEELRHMe & Mrs. Jones0041292889600Delicious Bunnies Don't Come Cheap, Silly WabbitThese are delicious. Several servings seem to be needed to satisfy. Genuine fruit flavor.
Texture is smooth and chewy. These do *not* have a granulated sugar coating. We are happy campers!

Some hop-to-tips:

1. These also taste good when refrigerated, but it increases the stickiness-factor.

2. Somewhat addictive. Hide the bunnies away, but please don't make rabbit stew!

Why did we rate these with only 4 stars? The price, silly wabbit, the price !
259200259200B001PICX42A20KBBA7KMAEBCromatomato0051290470400Tastes so good!I chose these because I wanted a fruit snack to keep in my desk that is satisfying, but not junk food.
There are no animal products in the snacks (yay) and you get 100% of your daily vitamin C requirement.
They taste great and are so cute! I like all the flavors.
259171259171B001PICX42A30LR5INSY5MX1Marcie0051321574400Delicious! No more artifical snacks for us!These fruit snacks are absolutely delicious. I realize that they're more expensive than the artificially flavored/colored alternative, but they're worth it! You can actually detect the flavor of the fruit in these snacks, rather than the overpowering flavor of sugar that you get from other snacks. No more artificial fruit snacks in our house!
259172259172B001PICX42A225FDQPMSKXTRE. A. B. Smith0041320796800Household favorites!The only reason I didn't give these 5 starts is that I wish the price were a little less. I have 4 kids and a husband who think these are the yummiest fruit snacks out there, so they disappear quickly in our house. Annie's Bunny Snacks really do have more of a fruit flavor and a less gummy texture than many other fruit snacks out there. Delicious!
259173259173B001PICX42AUJFS05S61OUGpmart10100051317859200Healthy snack you can feel good about feeding your kidsI had these for the first time at my sister in law's house. They are sooo good, and being organic you can feel good about giving them to your kids. With the subscribe and save, you can conveniently have it delivered for cheaper than they normally cost at the store. They're great to have around with kids and lunches to pack!
259174259174B001PICX42AF74VPDSL69FEKandyKane "KandyKane"0051316476800Wholly crap these are goodI bought these as a snack for my toddler when we are out. I tried these first and couldn't believe how good they were. Then I handed them to my husband and my toddler, wow wee!! These were a hit with all the members of our family. In fact I recieved this package on a Saturday and we had gone through two and a half boxes by Monday. We just had a self control issue with these. They are sweet but not too sweet and are very soft for a small child to eat without difficulty. I do find them a bit sticky but they dont get stuck to my teeth. My whole family is in love with these snacks. My only gripe is that there aren't very many in the pouch and in the box in general. So if you like these be sure to get a few more boxes to have on hand for anxious toddlers and craving adults.
259175259175B001PICX42A2OBDNQ5ZYU1L8Diana De Avila "MS Gkygrl"0051313366400A little pricey, but very worth it. TASTY & TANGY!We've been trying to find a little sweet to munch on in our household of late. We've tried the Welchs Fruit Snacks Twenty Four 2.25 Ounce Value Box Assortment and we've also tried a Big Box store brand fruit snack and while both of those were more economical, they had so many various additives and I wanted to start with a cleaner slate so I decided to try these. They are delicious, tangy and of a different consistency than other fruit snacks I have eaten.

The Welch's snacks are definitely chewier than the Annie's bunny snacks are. They are also way sweeter whereas the Annie's Bunnies are tangy and mouth watering (in this flavor at least).

You don't have to worry about any dental work with these or stuffing yourself with a lot of additives. You can taste that and feel it in the texture. They are a little pricier than mass-produced fruit snacks and these pouches are a little small ... but they are yummy.

In this case, you pay for "Organic" and a fruit snack without all the additives. You just have to decide if fruit snacks like these are worth it for you. We decided they were. We are actually finding more Annie's products that we like.
259176259176B001PICX42ASHXEHASXRBBASusan Davis0051311984000Awesome toddler snack!My 2 year-old LOVES these. They are kinda sweet-tart, which I happen to prefer over the super-sweetness of other brands. Plus, I feel a little better about letting my son have these as a snack. Even though they are more expensive than other brands, the amazon subscribe-and-save price makes it worth the extra money.
259177259177B001PICX42AE6WR37S9BBKPmegan Howard0041311292800Delicious!Delicious and healthy snack! I would have to say that these are better than all of the others of the same type-Welches, Target brand, etc.. The only problem-too expensive. The pouches inside the box are small and you could easily down a full box in one sitting they are so good.
259178259178B001PICX42A1FVVUN9QRKK2XJen0041310428800Great product, but texture needs improvementMy preschooler loves this snack. The flavors for each bunny taste different. The product is made with wholesome organic ingredients. I really think they need to put more in each little bag. I like the fact that they don't get stuck in my teeth. I also really like the fact that they do not contain gelatin. It's really hard to find gummy products that don't contain gelatin and since we aren't pork eaters, we don't want gelatin in our snacks. The only downside is that the texture is a little too squishy and needs to be a little more chewy. My kid thinks they are perfect, but I won't be snacking on them again because I'm very sensitive to food textures and get a little grossed out by the squishiness.
259179259179B001PICX42A3RJVINZDBOUNEN. S. Goodman0051309910400Yummy Fruit SnacksI bought these for my kids but find myself eating them because they taste really good, unlike the "regular" brands I find at the supermarkets, which are too candy-like. They're more expensive than the other brands, but worth it.
259180259180B001PICX42AIT3DTQ8RH2RWahmunaeatchoo0051308614400BEST fruit snacks ever!Annie's fruit snacks are like nothing I've ever had before. I love that they are organic and have cane sugar & real juice instead of preservatives, food coloring, sugar, and other un-natural additives. These are pretty much the only fruit snacks I ever buy. And you definitely can't beat the fact that my toddler LOVES them..and so do I! I love all of Annie's products and hope they keep them around for a long time!! Thanks Annie's!!!!
259181259181B001PICX42A2PCTGZIA2G28IThanh T. Le0051307923200Outstanding productAt first I buy this for my kids only, however my wife try it and like it so much so I increase to buy the product 4 time a month. I give this a 5 star because my wife and kids love it.
259182259182B001PICX42A36QQD3D01Q0UKS. Slack "Girls and Mama"0051307145600Deal!!How can I say anything bad about this product? Great snacks, great price, free shipping for the amount that I purchase!! Can't beat that!! Way cheaper than that store that is all about "foods" that are "whole".
259183259183B001PICX42A1EPVV14X0R3I0Tiffany0051306713600YUMMY!My kids love these! I especially like that they are tree nut and peanut free since my daughter suffers from a severs peanut allergy.
259184259184B001PICX42A36LK8CP3ZC7JALR0051306195200Delicious, low-cal organic snackI'm a big fan of these - delicious and low cal. Wish Annie's would make more low-cal snacks and foods
259185259185B001PICX42A3NB4B8HX83KXPMelissa0051305244800Annie's Homegrown Berry Patch Fruit SnaksI am ADDICTED to these. I work with kids and they love them too. They are a great snacks for kids and adults. It takes a minute to get used to the texture of these vs. the texture of regular fruit snacks, but after the 3rd or 4th (of a pack) you don't really notice anymore.
259186259186B001PICX42A3MBBU0T4ZL72SS. Murphy "Lady_Helios"0051305158400Annie's does it again!I keep my pantry stocked with everything from Annie's. I was so thrilled when I saw there were healthy fruit snacks. I'm an avid shopper for healthy organic products, being a health-minded mom for myself and family. I only want to feed my toddler healthy foods that are minimally processed and not filled with bad ingredients (like high fructose corn syrup, msg, etc.) My daughter gobbled up these lil' bunny snacks right away the first time she tried them. And yes, I admit I did too! they sure taste way better than the junky unhealthy fruit snacks. You can tell a big difference in quality and taste with products like these that stick to basic good ingredients. Good job Annie's company, I'm hooked to your products for life!
259187259187B001PICX42A1T1YSCDW0PD25A. Wiersch0041304899200GREAT tasting but too expensiveI was surprised at how great these taste - so five stars for the taste alone. Great softness, texture, and flavor. It would be hard to find a better tasting fruit snack made with similar quality ingredients.

Sadly, I was also surprised at how expensive these were, how small the packets were, and how few packets were in a box, so minus one star for that. So overall, 4 stars. 5 stars if price were no object.
259188259188B001PICX42A3O203RSPWFVKIK. tsang "Slave Mom"0051302998400Yum YumYum...I love eating this snack. It is so good.< That's the comment from my child>.Now comment from Mom:
This is so much better than fruit roll ups, gummy bears,and fruit snack. It just taste more natural with the "plastic" taste most of the snack in the same class has. Although it is more pricy, and it is worth the money. Less chemical stuffs in your little ones' tummy. Definitelt recommand this.
259189259189B001PICX42A1K4AIPL0NFAGFConstance Cade0051302825600So very pleased in so many ways!These are great! The texture is like no other fruit candies --- very soft and easy to chew, unlike a lot of gummy products. I especially like the Berry Patch flavor --- not to strong and just the right amount of sweetness. I am a repeat customer. And, these are all organic. Wonderfully delightful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
259190259190B001PICX42AF8D3C07NVCFOcsmum "minieandc"0051301011200Delicious!!These fruit snacks are delicious and the kids love them. Only disappointed by the price - Costco sells them for a much better deal.
259191259191B001PICX42A1ZO6VO9RESLATJonathan "Jonathan"0051300838400Great snack!Great tasting fruit snacks, 100% natural organic ingredients and totally vegan. They have a very natural fruit flavor, not like the sugary junk found at supermarkets. The gelatin alternative from palm leaves is very good, the fruit snacks have a great texture to them. They are soft and therefore easier to eat. I like leave the box in the fridge, because the texture and flavor improves while chilled. I recommend trying them chilled.
259192259192B001PICX42A35QBO7ZEWODQFKeeperAtHome0051297296000Excellent corn syrup-free treatMy four-year-old loves fruit snacks, and when I started trying to cut corn syrup out of our diet, she was heartbroken that I wouldn't buy her the regular ones anymore. She's very finicky, and I was afraid she would balk at anything different, but she immediately loved these. Very yummy! They are a little sticky, and at first I thought they might have a tough, gummy-bear-like texture, but they are very soft. Even my one-year-old, who doesn't have molars, can eat them. There were some complaints about the price, and they do cost more than average fruit snacks, but you have to realize that companies use corn syrup for a reason - it's cheap! If you want a healthier alternative, you're going to pay more. There was also a negative comment about the number of pieces per package, but I think each package actually contains more pieces than regular fruit snacks.
259193259193B001PICX42A3NBYSP7Z9FYQZPetit Lapin0051296086400So good- they are addictiveThese are the best gummy bears that I have ever had, I don't feel bad about indulging with them because they are a healthy sweet treat and they are vegan! No animal gelatin used like in other gummy bears :)
259194259194B001PICX42AI6O8ZSTJWB2T2Irish4u0051295827200Little bunny gummies pack enormous flavor!!These little gluten free bunny gummies are nice and soft (without sticking to your teeth) and pack a huge flavor punch. They are great for satisfying my mouth filled with "sweet" teeth!

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