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259231259231B004DDAZGYA6ZIQ8QZXEDQ2Josh1311326931200Worst Ever!I have tried a lot of sugar-free chocolates, and these were by far THE WORST. They taste awful. I can't believe they are even selling them. I just wanted to save someone else the bad experience.
259232259232B0057YDAXIA2SOCEQV3JDUSTProf. Horace Worblehat0031338681600DisappointingThe store where I usually get Fever Tree Ginger Beer was out of it, and FT's ginger ale isn't as good. I noticed Q Ginger, a brand I hadn't seen before, was "on sale" -- though it's cheeky to say that about a $7 bottle of ginger ale. But then I never thought I'd get used to paying Fever Tree's prices, either.

Problem is, this isn't that special a drink. It's a pleasant ginger ale, but nowhere near spicy enough. The lack of HFCS is a plus, but not enough to justify the outrageous price. If your taste runs to Seagrams or Vernors and you want to try something drier (but only slightly more flavorful), you might enjoy this more than I did.

But for those of us who prefer the tingle of Fever Tree, a decided disappointment.
259233259233B0057YDAXIA3TDR4QV4K9LC3honest d "donna"0051318204800terrific alternative to what's readily availableno high fructose corn syrup!!!

That says it tastes wonderful, and while I don't use it in mixed drinks... I do love it when the odd cramp in my leg, gets me out of bed in the middle of the night!
259234259234B001CF2TPGA2JLQNYHGU4Y7YKrista Fiorentino "Michele F."232611269907200Canine chewsI purchased this package of Premium American Beef Hide Retriever Bones thinking I was getting a good product at a good price. I was wrong. These bones are the same ones I had previously purchased at BJ's for a lot cheaper. These bones are made in Mexico, not the United States. I had to throw out many of the bones from the package I bought at BJ's. These bones are NOT premium quality. I will never again purchase these bones for my dog. I guess you do get what you pay for.
259235259235B001CF2TPGA1KFZU90Z2D7BYthe Goat "-the Goat"9931304035200Don't be fooled by the weightThese are quality rawhide treats. My dog loves them.

But if you pay attention you will see amazon lists the weight of the package as 7 lbs. I used this weight to compare against other rawhide treats. This package appeared to have the best weight per dollar ratio and that is what I based my purchasing decision on.

When I opened the box I saw the package was marked "net weight 5 lbs." (true weight was 5 lbs. 2 oz.). What happened to the other two pounds?! That is a large discrepancy.

I realize the weight amazon lists is for shipping purposes. But for a bulk product such as this, the shipping weight should reflect the product weight within an ounce or two.

In summary the product quality is great. The value for the price is marginal (you can get 5 lbs. of rawhide for cheaper). And the accuracy of amazon's listing is downright misleading.
259236259236B001CF2TPGA2DYDN1C6AX889rhalpin0027731285891200Dog's love 'em, but watch for CHOKINGMy 65-lb Weim loves these chews - they are definitely a great value. But PLEASE WATCH your dog as he/she is chewing on the last 2-3 inches of the chew! My dog hasn't choked yet, but the last little bit of beef hide becomes lodged at the back of her jaw so and she starts licking/thrusting her tongue to dislodge it...and that's when I have to reach into the back of her throat and pull it out. She has never choked per se, but I'm sure she would if we weren't watching her. I'm not saying you should avoid these chews (or similar chews) altogether, but you MUST only give your dog a chew like this while you're supervising.
259237259237B001CF2TPGA2HD05NYVQI55OJ. Hirsch2251268956800great value for your moneyI bought these for my 9 month old puppy due to the fact he was chewing me out of house and home. PETCO loved seeing me drag out bag after bag of raw hide chew bones. I found these chew bones on Amazon and loved them. These are a great value due to the price per treat vs the time it takes my puppy to consume them. These treats last twice as long as the PETCO and PETSMART chews and they are less than half the cost. The only thing is the high shipping cost. All in all I am very pleased with this product and would recommend them.
259238259238B001CF2TPGA2BX8UB4OIC1CFA. D. Christensen1131320796800Great Quality, Don't Last LongPros:
- High Quality Raw Hide
- My Dog loved them

- The leather rolls I ordered weren't rolled very tight. Compared to other products I've had in the past that would last hours, my dog had these completely gone within 10 minutes.
259239259239B001CF2TPGA1I2BS5N4YBY46Shirley L.1151299801600Good eats!We have two dogs and they really like these chews. They eat them not leaving any pieces behind. They are moister and not as flaky as other chews we've purchased, and the price is very reasonable.
259240259240B001CF2TPGA2XB5P29LJ8Y6SSusan Royce "K9 handler/Lab lover"1151294963200Love the American RawhideI sometimes have difficulty finding American rawhide and I don't feed anything else. So was happy to find this product - the dogs cleaned their teeth while enjoying a good chew.
259241259241B001CF2TPGA32JI0POCN6GSUJ. Blacques1151255737600Great priceI have purchased these a couple times for my two dogs. Great price (even with the expensive shipping charge) and long lasting. There is nothing worse than paying $8 for a dog chew and then watching your dog eat it in less than 5 minutes!
259242259242B001CF2TPGACW0VUA3CPI7DS. Stanley0051350432000PEOPLE ALWAYS ASK----where I buy these rawhide rolls. They are tightly rolled and there's much more rawhide than the ones you see in pet stores. I give these as gifts to my dog friends.
259243259243B001CF2TPGA2LSXFA6JAZF0TPen Name0051350345600These are good qualityBought these because the SAMs club here stopped carrying them and Walmart didn't have any good rawhide chews. The SAMs club ones were really good, so I am glad I found these to replace them. My dog is a chewer and they last about 4 days for her.
259244259244B001CF2TPGA2FNKM40MAMABUDenny's Review0011349913600Concern for Healthy PetsGreat pack of rawhides BUT made both of my retrievers sick (diahera) after one roll. Same after 2nd roll week later! Not sure I like the "glue" that keeps the rawhides tightly wound into the roll. So have not fed any more out of the pack!
259245259245B001CF2TPGA1Y79JL1SB8ST0Sharlon L. Claxton0051348012800Happy ChewersMy Press Canarios are very happy with these chews and I am because they are USA produced. Great value for the price.
259246259246B001CF2TPGA1A5MCMKEWV969stbnrd0041347494400My german shepherd loves theseWillie2 loves to chew on these retriever rolls. He anxiously awaits his roll every evening. I give him one so he will not bug me for anything else. Keeps him occupied for hours.
259247259247B001CF2TPGA3UFQ64R3CZEJIJLCStewart0031347408000Supplier ChangeI have been buying these rolls for about six months. I had always been very happy with them. They were high quality good thick roll that provided a solid three hours of chewing for my extra large dog. But I recently reordered these by clicking on my order history and received a totally different product. It is partialy my fault because I didn't notice the supplier had changed. The product I received did not match the description. The rolls were 12"-14" and much thinner. They aren't bad but they don't last as long. And I was a little disappointed in Amazon selling a totally different product under the same link.
259248259248B001CF2TPGA1YY5HCHL3LILRStev0051343692800Great for large dogsI have a Black Lab and he loves these. They are just the right size for large dogs. Additionally they are priced lower than most.
259249259249B001CF2TPGA1XQI77G4HCYZAbridgetk10180051320278400beef hideMy dog really loves these. Great price for the package including free shipping. Much more expensive in the stores. She knows when "she gets mail!"
259250259250B006UV31XQAZKAPYY0K1Q2FKatelynn0051331337600We love these!These beans are sour! But not so sour my toddler can't eat them. They taste great also. And the little packages are only 69 calories. Great to throw in your purse or diaper bag for a snack.
259251259251B0016862HAAIYFUIJ7X5PIUD. McGilvray "reader"5551253318400The Greatest Canned Soup least I hope it remains available. It is so delicious- the only way to get better soup is to spend half a day making homemade soup. Why don't grocery stores carry it anymore? My local stores are H.E.B., Sun Harvest, and Whole Foods, and I can't find it at any of these places. And to Campbell's I say, "Please do not discontinue this product- it is your best soup." So, I'm just going to order a case from dependable Amazon- and when it runs out, I'll order more.
259252259252B0016862HAA37ACPL5FVUTLBob in OR2251218412800Souper ServiceOur local Safeway stopped carrying this item, so, I turned to Amazon. Good price, good service, quick delivery.

259253259253B0016862HAA2NONOFRD3SKAAjenc0051329609600Love this soup and the Hometown Favorites store!I am crazy for this soup! My favorite method of consumption is to make a batch and drink it from an oversized coffee mug...the soup is nice and smooth, easy to sip. Furthermore, Hometown Favorites is a very fun online store to're unlikely to get out of there with only soup in your shopping cart!
259254259254B0016862HAA1Y0N2NCM5LCGSDeb0051318032000As I rememberThe soup arrived promptly. Two cans were minimally dented, but still usable. I was very happy to have found this soup as the grocery stores discontinued stocking it. It, paired with Campbell's Tomato Bisque, is one of my favorite chilly night suppers.
259255259255B005J0KYGGA331R5OB82EOTYBrian Deasy0051323561600Best vodka that is unknown.Without reservation the smoothest vodka I have ever tasted. Beats out Gray Goose and Absolut.
Low priced and makes a great drink with tonic and a lime wedge.
259256259256B007PA30XCAD2QRU9ZXBQZ1Domestic Gnome2241346889600Good, solid blend that produces a decent cupOwn a Keurig, and it's the go-to morning cup - still prefer French press, but convenience wins out. Fair Trade and Donut Shop are the household staples, and for Keurig coffee, it's not bad. Both produce a decent cup - stronger on the smaller cup setting if you want full bodied flavor, and closer to diner coffee on the larger cup setting. The 50-count package is a great way to buy.
259257259257B007PA30XCA33Q5SK80JMYR0jodoll782241345507200Good CoffeeMy husband and I enjoy the bolder coffees. We were not disappointed with this one. I will definitly purchase it again.
259258259258B007PA30XCA3TSZH2FEH4L7TwoofNbark2251345420800Love ThisI've been using this product for more than 2 years and absolutely love the taste. Have tried other flavors but keep coming back to this one.
259259259259B007PA30XCA5XZFWPRC09NWG. Nappa "miss gael"1151346544000Best coffee ever!I love this blend. I have tried many of the K-cups flavors from various companies, but this is the one I always come back to. Very rich and flavorful without being bitter. Delightful!
259260259260B007PA30XCAD6SU927PZPP4M. Shows0051350604800Really satisfies.Tried the Columbian Fair Trade Select K-cups for the first time a couple of weeks ago and loved them. Up until then, my fav had been the Donut Shop medium roast cups, but this is my new favorite in the K-cup line. When I want a great morning cup o' java, this is what I reach for (unless it's Monday morning and I need something stronger)!

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