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259261259261B007PA30XCA3TUWXRDKBU64BDiane DiNunzio0011350518400coffeeThis coffee did not have the full flavor I expected from Green Mountain. It tasted weak to me and my coworkers and my husband agreed. In Green Mountain's defense I do like strong coffee, so if you do like it strong, this isn't the one you want.
259262259262B007PA30XCA2SAC7ZQ1QDE0ICynthia G. Solge "dreaming of retirement"0051350432000Great coffee, great priceUsing Keurig cups is so great but also expensive. It is a luxury I will have to give up after retirement but the ease of trying so many different coffees is really great and I have enjoyed the coffee and the makers immensely.
259263259263B007PA30XCA2QYVBQNLWUKKQPaul Marentette0051349913600Flavorful and smoothThis coffee is stronger than a breakfast blend but not as strong as the darker roast coffees. It has a rich flavor, is not bitter at all, and I like it any time of day or evening.
259264259264B007PA30XCA24OTZLS5H8FEFC. Dunne "Cindy"0051349568000Great flavorI love this flavor of Green Mountain coffee and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a full bodied taste.
259265259265B007PA30XCA28CZZ5VIMKLC2Cheryl1341344470400Coffee is good delivery was not!
259266259266B000261NR6AHDULU11FJP66Jeffrey H. Bowles2251322352000Great food but don't be fooled by priceThe food is great.

But something has to be done about companies using ridiculous "list Prices" as a selling point. There is no where in the country where this food is selling for $120 as is claimed here. It is just a gimmick to make there price look good. But there is a time when a gimmick turns to fraud and I think this is it.

Studies have shown that the the variation in prices is higher online than in brick and mortar stores - you aren't guaranteed a good price without looking around regardless of where it is coming from.
259267259267B000261NR6A33DWT2APDBNX6desert warrior "laser_mechanic"2251239235200One of the top 10 foods out there!Forget the TV advertised foods (purina, etc) as they are full of grains and wheat. Switch to this, specially if your dog is a small breed and overweight. Our 7 yr old Jack Russel was looking portly; we switched to this brand and within 4 weeks he had a waist and muscles, and more energy!
259268259268B000261NR6AJD41FBJD9010N. Ferguson "Two, Daisy, Hannah, and Kitten"2251233360000dogs love it-- a weight loss tool-- holistic health approachMy golden retriever struggles with her weight, so we've relied on this food to help keep her trim. I appreciate that this food provides good nutrition with lower fat and calories. Nutro Ultra is a holistic health food with human-quality ingredients (no icky meat by-products or indigestible grains)-- meat, veggies, digestible grains, and fruits.

Here's the list of major ingredients:
Whole Brown Rice, Chicken Meal, Rice Bran, Lamb Meal, Sunflower Oil (preserved with mixed Tocopherols, a source of Vitamin E), Poultry Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols, a source of Vitamin E), Natural Flavors, Flaxseed, Sun-cured Alfalfa Meal, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Salmon Meal, Oatmeal, Tomato Pomace, Cranberry Powder, Fish Oil (preserved with mixed Tocopherols, a source of Vitamin E), Potassium Chloride, Dried Egg Product, L-Lysine, Dried Kelp Meal, plus vitamins and minerals.
259269259269B003SPIM1SA1SFR88YZNLAZMYao Jin "Tech Enthusiast"3321346025600Great taste, horrible priceTaro is a purple potato that has a very subtle taste normally. When it's combined with a creamy and sweet flavor, its taste gets enhanced substantially to get something very unique and pleasant.

This is the typical brand carried at many Asian markets. Except, most Asian markets sell them for $2.00, $3.00 at most. $10.00 is highway robbery.

Bottom line: taste alone, this gets 5 stars. At $10.00, rating drops down to 2 stars.
259270259270B004N5MEHAA28Q8QL9BPSHAZDannyganz0051320451200Great valueOrdered this with several other bags of Halloween candy. As I ordered in early September while the weather here was still hot they packed them in a large, thick Styrofoam cooler with several ice packs. Only charged a total of $1.99 extra for this packaging. Cooler and ice packs are both reusable so a very good value.
259271259271B004J5DGJOA3DEBPEFPH2367J. Thomas "slash"0051345161600great!Very yummy! Cover in chocolate and almond shavings. Comes in 3 individual bags in a resealable box, which makes it easy to store and carry around.
259272259272B000H7LVKYA1GB6K7PQA8DN5Pink Cat1151272844800They make a great gift.On a whim, I sent a 2 lb bag of these cherries to my Mom as a Summertime "Thinking of You" gift. She adored them! Months later when I asked her what she'd like for Christmas, she immediately said she'd love another bag of cherries. This was a nice change from her usual reply of "You don't need to spend your money on me...I don't need anything," which I've been hearing for years.

I think they are so appealing to my mother because she has a sweet tooth that she rarely indulges. She is very health-conscious and won't eat junk food. I assumed she'd enjoy these cherries in her salads or in her oatmeal, but she says she always just eats them plain, "like candy."

I've recently had more cherries shipped directly to my Mom's address. Gift-giving doesn't get any more convenient than that!

Long story short--These make a great gift for those hard-to-buy-for people.
259273259273B000H7LVKYA2WVF9ZQ068DN0Living it up1151271894400Forget the SweetTart candy and give me some SweetTart Traverse Bay Cherries!These are the best dried cherries I've found and the best price on top of that! The cherries are moist, sweet, tart and good in everything from oatmeal to salads or just plain for snacking.
I love Traverse Bay's dried fruits. Their quality and consistency are much appreciated.
259274259274B000H7LVKYA3TAA7WCI9KCZDBrian Borgmann1151261440000Only place to buy Dried Cherry'sFirst visited Traverse City MI 5 years ago and purchased a box. Each year after waited to take trip to MI. Now we do not have to wait a year for our favorite snack.
259275259275B000H7LVKYASQJ936HYEV7KCarl R. Sherman1151259625600dried cherriesThe dreied cherries were a hit with the whole family. It's a shame that they are not available to order at this time. Awaiting e-mail to come when they are once again in supply.
259276259276B000H7LVKYA3ENT8MB6UY9N1Kathy P. Biggerstaff "KathB"1151257552000OutstandingThis product is always fresh and flavorful. I have been ordering the Traverse Bay Cherries for about a year now and have never been disappointed!!!
259277259277B000H7LVKYA2W6BKERLMO7I9Grace1151257120000Excellent!!!These are just a wonderful tasty snack! Can't say much more than that. They may be an expensive snack, but I am hooked. I will continue to keep these in the house!
259278259278B000H7LVKYA39NGYK97FBZM3J. B Kraft "lonestargazer"1151257120000Excellent fruit in quality and tasteThese cherries have a delicious flavor, and make a wonderful snack or addition to trail mix or breakfast cereal.

The quality of the fruit is uniformly high, and the sunflower oil to keep them from sticking together works great.

My wife makes a wonderful cherry bread, and these made the best she's ever made. We don't live convenient to a good source of dried fruit, so buying in bulk is great for us.

If you love cherries, the flavor is excellent, and is not hindered by over-sweetening or by additives. A great way to add fruit in your diet. These do come in one large bag, so we divided them into convenient quantities in freezer bags and froze part of them.
259279259279B000H7LVKYAB9MXS2ZLVK5NDonald M. Hadley1151256428800Traverse Bay Dried CherriesWe've enjoyed these cherries for many years. The're good in salads, with other fruits, in pastries or just a plain snack.
259280259280B000H7LVKYA1L5NDF13TI7BVC. Zimmerman1151255392000Traverse Bay Dried Cherries:I have summered in the Traverse City area most of my life. Normally, I buy 2 or 3 boxes of these dried cherries each summer and take them home with me to Atlanta. (Traverse City bills itself as the cherry capitol of the world -whether it is remains to be seen - but they sure have a big cherry crop.) This summer, I was unable to go to Michigan, and ran out of cherries in July. Imagine my amazement (and happiness) when I found not only dried cherries at, but my actual brand - Traverse Bay cherries - and at a competitive price. While this may look expensive to the uninitiated, 1/4 pound of dried cherries sells for about $8 at the gourmet or grocery stores. Doing the math, that would put 4 pounds at $128. Now... about the cherries, they are heavenly. Put them in salads, in cookies instead of raisins (so much better), in your oatmeal, or just eat them with your fingers. Tip: transfer them to a zip-lock bag as soon as you open them. They do tend to get hard if not kept zipped up. I keep them in the pantry at room temp.
259281259281B000H7LVKYA2XXX3WZBED4HJdock1151234742400Too costlyI love these cherries for snacking, on oatmeal or salads plus they are good for you. The taste is fresh and slightly tart--better than candy.

Anyone notice the huge increase in this product? I ordered the same product but distributed by another company for $28.31 through Amazon. The cherries were just as good. Sorry, but no can do at $43.97 for 4 lbs. Is that gouging or what!
259282259282B000H7LVKYA230F8HH53OQ2E. Jelks1151215216000wonderful cherriesThis is a great product. I love to add them to my granola and also put them on my fruit salad. Will definitely order them again.
259283259283B000H7LVKYA2HDJW8M060YEWL. Guyne1151208476800Delicious! Will reorder in futureI had recieved these cherries from a houseguest as a gift. When they were gone, I ordered some for myself, as well as family members. They are delicious. I would in the future order smaller, seperate pkgs. vs. the one big bag that is in the box.
259284259284B000H7LVKYAU29I8QMOGTLQMama Ph.D.1151205884800Lots of Delicious CherriesWe ordered these for use in Christmas baskets. The price was excellent and they are very high quality dried cherries. We have received cherries from this company before, and we were happy to find them available on Amazon for such an amazing price.
259285259285B000H7LVKYA30N1DB2QKVEOEDimasin1151205280000Best cherriesUsed to buy them from Sam's Club, but they were long gone. Found them on Amazon and very happy with my purchase. Absolutely best cherries you can find!
259286259286B000H7LVKYA2NYIZGLQC92M1Tracy J. Jacobsen "grannycat"1151204416000Traverse Bay Dried CherriesThese are sweet/tart and free from preservatives, They taste like cherry pie without the crust and are a treat for those of us who must remain gluten and chemical free.
259287259287B000H7LVKYA1W96IU2I0EUA0Edward Galstyan1151204329600Yummy!These are excellent. Some tips: Do refrigerate them, or even freeze them -- they taste way better cold. They're very delicious. You won't regret it -- just buy & enjoy.
259288259288B000H7LVKYA2DV48TSVVVO6VJesus is my Savior1151202601600Organic and delicious these cherries rock!I've been craving cherries all winter, and I am so pleased with the quality of these. We ordered the 4-pound box and I am so glad we did. Stored them in those snack size little zip lock bags... We keep some handy for a great tasty and healthy (organic even) snack. These cherries are much larger in size than we anticipated, and the flavor is basically sweet with a nice tanginess to them. How great to be able to enjoy them all year round! We also ordered the 4-pound box of blueberries... they are excellent as well.
259289259289B000H7LVKYA1JURFCT9KM3M5Missy H. "Momma to 3 boys"1151202428800Mmmmm... cherriesI'm very lucky to live here in Michigan, where these cherries are grown practically in my back yard. I am able to buy these at our local grocery store, but this Amazon price is AMAZING for people who aren't as lucky as me!

We like to use these cherries all year round especially in chocolate no-bake cookies, chicken salad and granola bars. YUMMY!

It's true there is nothing better than Traverse City tart cherries! Try them and you'll have to agree!
259290259290B000H7LVKYA10G8ZYR2RVVAEK. Thomas1151201392000delicious tart and sweet cherriesdont hesitate to purchase these - these are wonderful. tart and sweet and delicious. these are very cost effective compared to paying $4.00 for 5oz in the grocery store and taste just as good.

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