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259291259291B000H7LVKYA169N2TE19W6UVMiss Adela1151199923200Perfect for adding and snacking..I love dried fruit..ALL of it.
These are the best dried cherries I have ever had.
I was making waffle batter when the UPS truck pulled up and I stopped everything in midstream to open these. I immediately chopped up a couple handfulls and into the waffle batter they went plus a half teaspoon of almond extract.
Sooo good. I was eating them out of the bag while I was cooking.
So moist, so big so juicy, so perfect.
Since then I have made chocolate cookies with almonds,white chunks and cherries. I add them to oatmeal, trail mix and muffin batter.
They are the best period.
259292259292B000H7LVKYA3D9NUCR4RXDPYKathleen San Martino1151195603200Good Winter Fruit for OatmealThese dried cherries are great when no fresh fruit is available in the winter. I use them in my oatmeal with several other dried fruit.
259293259293B000H7LVKYA10AFVU66A79Y1R. Cipriani "Flo"1151195603200These are GREATLove them, large soft and chewy just the way I like them . I could hardly stop snacking on them. I wanted to order the Blueberries but they are gone but will definitely be ordering more from Traverse Bay
259294259294B000H7LVKYAJU47O1608QTIMaru21141194307200Great ProductThese Cherries are well worth the money and much cheaper than I can purchase locally. If you like dried cherries as I do, don't hesitate to purchase these.
259295259295B000H7LVKYA2N77T9RKKMJXMDavid E. Jaqua152221193184000dried cherriesI wish I was more positive, but I am not really happy with the product. I have bought Traverse Bay Cherries in the past. These cherries have an off taste as if they have been in storage too long and are far too over plump as to suggest extra sugar has been added to increase weight. Michigan cherries from Traverse Bay has been an excellent product in the past. I suspect these are second rate in some fashion.
259296259296B000H7LVKYAV1OQ8Y3778TVRob2331318032000good for healthI ordered them after reading an article about the benefits of tart cherries. These cherries are wonderful by themselves, in cookies, or with a nut mixture. It has a very similar taste to prunes with a little more cherry tangy kiss. However, i did get bored of it after going through half of the box.
259297259297B000H7LVKYAUITG1DJ3QUGKE. Swope2341313280000Good and good value, but not the bestI am glad that another reviewer pointed out that these ship from different farms. The first order I received was very nice, almost as good as the Kirklland brand (but not as large or plump,) still very good. the second batch were smaller, dryer, maybe it is because it is summer now and it is last year's crop? In any event I was much less impressed by the second box. If I had received those first I would not have subscribed. Now if that is due to seasons then it is to be expected but the second batch did indeed ship from a different company than the first.
Even at the lowest price I have seen here (about $18) these cost a bit more by the ounce than the ones we get at costco... and that is in the most expensive place on earth (Hawaii). If they had them all the time I would buy those exclusively, but they don't. Maybe they only ship/ sell when they are fresh?

I do not want to knock these to much. They are good and a much better value than at the average supermarket. We just have a better option. If they were as good the very small price difference wouldn't matter as the convenience would more than make it up. But I find the Kirklands better and more consistent in quality. I also wish they would not add sugar or oil to these :( I really do not want added sugar or fat in dried fruit! I suppose it beats chemicals, but I don't buy chemically treated fruit. These are good, but not the best I have had, and I am about as far away from cherry country as one can get.
259298259298B000H7LVKYA3GZ140SEBF9GIBrad Wright0051351209600YumThis is my third box of the cherries. I love putting a handful on my cereal in the morning. They are very sweet and just a bit tart. They are also great in salads and make a awesome muffin.

I will say that there seems to be some seasonal variation. One of the three boxes I received wasn't quite as tart/sweet as the other two. They were still very good but not "as" good.
259299259299B000H7LVKYA3HSOYVTIQSFVLC. Wallace0051351036800the best dried cherriesI've shopped around for the best dried cherries, and these are the very best. They are still soft, not hard and dried out. I use them when I bake, put them in salads, and eat them right out of the bag. My RA doc and I are trying all natural treatments, dark cherries are supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties.
259300259300B000H7LVKYA1E5FD48DW2XYXDaniel G. Boudreaux0051350864000Great ProductLove these cherries. Sweet yet tart. Dried yet moist. About the consistency of rasins, with that great cherry taste. They go great in cerial for breakfast. Or just to munch on for a snack.

I'm going to try jaring some for the pantry. But I'm not sure if they'll last that long. I may munch on them first.
259301259301B000H7LVKYAEKDCFG7BV7TOPatti0051350086400Traverse Bay Dried CherriesI missed getting my dried cherries from home in Traverse City, Michigan. The 4 pound box is a great size! I have not been able to find anything like it since moving to Washington. And the taste of the cherries is incomparable! Had a co-worker taste them without knowing where they came from, and she wanted to know where I bought them because she really liked the tart taste.
259302259302B000H7LVKYA133XZT3RMWU4OLaurie0051350086400Great CherriesGreat cherries! I eat them plain or in cereal. They're also good for baking. I keep small container of them in the pantry and freeze the rest until I need them.
259303259303B000H7LVKYA3IHTXQYL7SJ6Zlynne Perrin0051349481600YumThey are a wonderful breakfast treat with edamame and nuts. YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM
259304259304B000H7LVKYA2PW5KJ65QRXW4doreen rutledge0051349395200Helped my arthritis painPackage arrived promptly. Fruit was moist and fresh. My husband and I both eat 20 cherries a day and have found our stiffness and pain improved. Will order monthly now.
259305259305B000H7LVKYA2O0NDNKWSMVNFJohn Gondol "olde retired preacher"0051348876800Wonderful Cherries, Wonderful TransactionWe usually buy a big box of dried cherries when we go to Michigan on vacation, but our source quit handling the large boxes. My sister-in-law suggested I check online, so I decided to check amazon. I was pleased to find the fruit available for far less than I paid on my trips home to the Wolverine state. Great cherries, great price, great transaction! Thanks amazon!
259306259306B000H7LVKYAMPMJ8SIAZQLHcasual camper0051348012800I bought this to make cherry wineI wanted to try a batch of cherry wine but couldn't stand the thought of pitting 100000 cherries. This seemed almost ideal. Had to guess the dry to fresh weight ratio since information is not readily available. 1lb dry equals 3lbs fresh seemed like reasonable estimate so a box of cherries should yield 4 gallons of wine. Good recipes are on the web so look it up. Batch is 6 weeks old and seems promising. Dry & slightly tart. Maybe ready to share with friends by Christmas time.
259308259308B000H7LVKYA1I9BBIYCSW989Bill Machtel0051347667200delicious cherriesThese are delicious, tart, and chewy dried cherries. Try not to eat them all! Try to eat 10 a day for any gout symptoms. A tasty old remedy.
259309259309B000H7LVKYA18A136L1C0PO2tnybwk10051346803200Num NumI ate a pound of them in the first two days. They were DELICIOUS. The rest were vacuum sealed for later. Great product. Great delivery. Great Num Num!
259310259310B000H7LVKYAEDNDEAWCIYRVJohn Naylon0051346284800gone in 7 daysI love these cherries. The problem is they don't last much longer than a week. I probably should order the 40 lb container.
259311259311B000H7LVKYAUERWVLBZ10LEEBeth0051342742400Best dried cherries on the market!We've tried many brands of dried cherries but these are the best. At first I didn't think I would like having sugar on them but, honestly, the sugar acts as a preservative and keeps them moist and they are not too sweet. Just a balanced blend of sweet & tart and soooo moist. My favorite snack is a handful of the cherries mixed with a handful of slivered almonds. They are excellent on salads and cereal, especially on oatmeal.
259312259312B000H7LVKYA1VRV5QFIH1CAWStephen Jeter0051341792000Traverse Bay CherriesWe are very pleased with this purchase. The cherries are great! We have since sent boxes to family members. All orders arrived on time, no problems. Everyone is happy with their cherries. I would highly recommend this company and product.
259313259313B000H7LVKYA2DOCX1UAK7BKOgracepi0051341360000Love these cherries!!!These cherries come packaged just as they are described. They are tasty, fresh and great straight from the bag. I often take them as part of my packed lunch to work and always mix them in my home-made muesli. The subscription service is a great option for regular repeat ordering and is easy to adjust when needed.
259314259314B000H7LVKYA1H3D6C2VBGOOZShopper playgirl0051339632000Good for your healthI bought a few boxes of these and loved them,but be careful they do make you have gas so i was a full of gas while i ate them,
I probably ate too much as they are good tasting.
259315259315B000H7LVKYA2998IDZ0JBN. L. Perkins "horse lover"0051338854400AddictiveThis is the 4th or 5th time that I have ordered these dried cherries.
I use them on cereal, in muffin and cookie recipes or just to eat.
They really are addictive, but much healthier than cookies or
259316259316B000H7LVKYA9QS06R2RZPQAKate0051338422400great cherries!If you love tart cherries, these are the best! Super delicious & not too tart...perfect on yogurt, in trail mix, brownies, name it. A true family favorite...can't get enough of them. Wish we had them all year long!
259317259317B000H7LVKYA1G2YPO0LF5DJGkevsh10051337817600Delicious!I bought these dried cherries based on all the positive recommendations on Amazon, and have found that the reviews are well-deserved. These cherries are fantastic! They are tart, not too sweet, and make a great snack.
259318259318B000H7LVKYA2MGK1BK4AD0IHMochamps Daniel "Daniel Mochamps"0051336521600Just Great!Just great, I am reordering right now... Cherries are delicious. Eat more dried cherries.... excellent remedy against inflammation of the joins and gout.
259319259319B000H7LVKYA2VJC1CIOKUMTODaisy Lynn0051336435200Awesome CherriesAny time you order (even when reading previews) it is a gamble. Nearly all of the previews for this were good, but I read one which was not and called the validity of all the other previews into question. I was concerned, but ordered any way. I am glad I did. These cherries were sweet, moist, and had that amazing cherry flavor that you usually only find in long cooked cherries. They were well packaged and delicious. If I need cherries again, I will definitely buy these.
259320259320B000H7LVKYAVWYDFW2JDNPCMollyB0051335830400Delicious!Love, love, love the cherries. They are so awesome and delicious. We ate some of them and they are wonderful. I have used some of them in chocolate chip cookies and they too are great.

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