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259321259321B000H7LVKYA2WY2IGOPAFV5CS. Zwick "Canine Rescue House"0051335830400Fresh, large & plumpSecond time ordering these from very fast shipping and the product was as good or better than description! Gave some away as gifts in little bags with bows- got responses that my friends wanted to know where they could buy them as well! Delicious tart cherries!!! Great to eat plain or add to oatmeal or recipes!
259322259322B000H7LVKYA16KXZRNO7LLJ9Anthony E0051335484800DeliciousI love cherries every way I can get them. These cherries are delicious and have as much if not more flavor than fresh cherries. I love them so much I get them with subscribe and save. They deserve more than five stars.
259323259323B000H7LVKYA2CJIB7UCI3QOSD. Koth0051335312000Dried CherriesI have totally enjoyed the dried cherries from Traverse City, Michigan, and would I recommend its purchase by every person. The cherries are excellent for health reasons as well.
259324259324B000H7LVKYA31UB89IP9EN69Flora P. Rockburn0051334707200Outstanding quality and just sweet enough!The dried cherries are wonderful. I did crunch into a few that had part of the pit, but it did not deter me from continuing to eat them. I would recommend this product to others and when this box has been depleted will order more.

Thank you and ENJOY!
259325259325B000H7LVKYA1NMICPF8DMJM7Tracy0051333497600Kids love these!I give these as a treat for good work at my school. Kids work extra hard to get a little handful.

Great product. Sweet and tart.
259326259326B000H7LVKYA2ICZYFD825S13Luv Books0051333238400Traverse Bay Fruit--dried cherriesI love these cherries. I heard dried cherries were supposed to be good for arthritis. When I saw these on the Amazon site, I decided to try them. I had been buying dried cherries in the grocery store and paying lots for them. Since having these cherries available for a very good price, I eat a handful of them every day, and my arthritis is at the least, bearable. I really believe they help. One thing for sure, they don't hurt anything.
259327259327B000H7LVKYA290D2MVMDRIPpat0051333065600happy founderI have always eaten cherries fresh but as always if you don't eat them quick enough they will go bad like any other fresh fruit. I was told that they can be found dry so I started my search online and found them with at first I was not sure if I wanted 4 pound but decided more is better, I'm glad I did because they are everyone's favorite in my house. Thanks Traverse Bay Fruit Co.
259328259328B000H7LVKYAJW1RBCKMV95LD. A. D. "veggie"0051333065600Could be a little more tart.....but still yummy.I bought these to add to my homemade granola. I divided up the box into smaller batches for future use. They taste yummy though a little more tart would be nice. Prices do fluctuate, so keeping an eye out for price changes is needed to optimize value.
259329259329B000H7LVKYA3THEEZ55XYMJ6ej76az0051333065600awesome!Excellent quality. Tart, not sweet. Only one pit in whole box. Subscribe price is unbeatable. Why pay high grocery store prices?
259330259330B000H7LVKYA1NC1XUONAAZTEG. Funk "jigger gal"0051332720000YUMMY!!!These are sooooo fresh and delicious! The price is definitely affordable and the cherries are worth every cent.
I love the cranberries more (and give them a 10) but these cherries are definitely a 9.99 :)))
Arrived QUICK and in excellent shape.
Thank-you Amazon!
259331259331B000H7LVKYADI9GRDLIP8U9acidcookie0051332547200So delicious I'm ordering more!I've bought Traverse Bay's cranberries in the past when they were cheaper than the 48oz Craisins bag I find here on Amazon sometimes. Last time I decided to go for the cherries. Delicious! Such an interesting tart, sweet, almost spiced flavor. I put them in my oatmeal almost every morning. I'm ordering a second box now!
259332259332B000H7LVKYA2IJZRBE12CZU8Nadia Many Words0051332374400Nice change in tasteTrying dried cherries was something that appealed to me, because cherries have notable antioxidant effects and the only other ways to eat cherries regularly are to buy juice at the natural food store or buy the yucky canned cherries in heavy syrup. I have access to Flathead (MT) cherries but they are perishable and only available fresh in the fall. I found that Traverse added a bit of sugar and sunflower oil to keep their product soft. I like the resulting taste, very tart, but meaty. Four pounds is a load of cherries, but I split up the shipment into plastic bags and settled them in the lower area of the refrig, opening just one bag emptied into a mason jar on the counter for a quick snack, with an eye on calorie counting.
259333259333B000H7LVKYA35I7Y0E0DFZ7RCrystal "crystalgail79"0051331424000Good dried CherriesThese are delicious! I really like them and will order them again. They seem very fresh and are very good.
259334259334B000H7LVKYA3UNQLT5RKQHY0Lady Luck0051327104000Just right measure of tartness!Purchased these originally for my son in law because he likes tart cherries, and decided, based on the reviews that I wanted to try them as well. In my opinion, they are excellent! Not too tart and not too sweet. If you are looking for a pucker your mouth tartness, these are not for you. I have used them on cereals, eat them plain, add them in with other fruits for a fruit salad and even cook with them! Tart cherries are touted for their antioxidant properties and their ability to reduce joint pain over time. I have found these an excellent substitute for raisins!
259335259335B000H7LVKYAICQXEWHSXAGIAudrey Deming0051326844800Traverse Bay Dried cherries.We love these cherries,I have been buying them for a couple of years.I have them out in a dish,we eat them as snacks, as well as in baked goods, on cereals, salad's etc.

I just received a box yesterday, but to my surprise, I guess I goofed and we got the Dried Cranberries instead. Don't know about them yet, but I guess they can't be returned.
259336259336B000H7LVKYA2G9YGFKY0AX7Psally0051326585600traverse bay fruit-dried cherriesI lived in the Traverse Bay area for a number of years which is how I became familiar with dried cherries. Now that I live across the country I was amazed to find that Amazon sells this delicious fruit. I use it for EVERYTHING: I mix it in trail mix, eat it straight out of the bag(my favorite), mix it in sauces over turkey, beef, fish, mix it in muffins, over french toast, over ice cream, cereals etc. You are limited by your own imagination with these dried cherries. I would not hesitate to recommend this healthy product and plan to buy more when what I have is gone.
259337259337B000H7LVKYA30XIH54QTEEEVMichael G. Wall0051326499200Great Cherries!I ordered one box, and ended up getting a subscription, less cost per box, one every 6 months.
They are great!!!
259338259338B000H7LVKYA1NXYPTT257Q0UC-Note0051326412800Absolutely DeliciousThese are absolutely delicious. Our office received them as a holiday gift from one of our patients. Once you eat one, you can't stop.....simple, healthy snack! YUM!!
259339259339B000H7LVKYA1FIGJFU5NJ9LELibrary cat0051326240000The Chuck Norris of Cherries!Delicious as described! This is one honkin' huge 4 POUND bag of cherries! Oh my gosh there is a bazillion of 'em. Divvy them up and share with friends.
259340259340B000H7LVKYA2V7EXI7QDFEVKChile0051326153600CherriesI am so happy with my order for these delicious cherries.They were slightly sweet yet a little tart some thing for every one in my family. Instead of eating surgery snacks these cherries are a great replacement and has far less calories then candy. I will be reordering my next box soon.We just love them !!!!
259341259341B000H7LVKYAJNGKPSFJL3DQOccasional Customer0051325721600Happy with the cherriesI ordered these to make a sour cherry chutney and love these. In fact, I'll be ordering them again when this supply runs out!
259342259342B000H7LVKYA3MBBSPYQ0VNDJLesley Noble0051325721600Traverse City Fruit CoEasy ordering
259343259343B000H7LVKYA12TN1HKUWI8ELNY Barb0051325721600yummyThese were the best dried cherries that I have ever eaten. You can expect me to order them again and soon.
259344259344B000H7LVKYA3SLTZN1ZPGZ1WTore Fossum0051325635200Good cherriesThese cherries smell and taste good! They are not hard and not plumped up with a lot of water. The outside skin is shiny. There is enough sweetness but not too much.
259345259345B000H7LVKYA2F6VD4PF0HL2LE. Williamson0051325116800TastyThese cherries arrived promptly, taste great, and were completely as advertised. We broke the package down into smaller quantities and froze them. Would buy again, and will when the need arises.
259346259346B000H7LVKYABM0Q995KC344Likes to shop "Tony"0051324944000Tastes great and so convenientI bought these using the subscription method so the price is better than any other supplier I have found. They taste very similar to the ones I was getting at Wegman's so I am not sure why some would find them tart or foul tasting. When I get the package I separate it into several bags and freeze what I am not going to eat and leave one bag open so I can grab a few when I feel the need. I do like them to dry a bit more so as they lay in an opened bag they get a little firmer and to me they lose no taste. I set it up so that when I am just about done with the last bag of my order there is a box on my porch. They let you set up how often you receive a new order so you can tailor it to how little or much you eat. I find them to be just the ticket when you have the munchies but do not want to eat a meal. Pop a few in your mouth and usually I am fine until I decide to eat a real meal. This is my third box and each has been very similar in taste. Oh I weigh the bags I make and so far every box had more cherries by weight than listed on the box.
259347259347B000H7LVKYA33DNVRWB4WFEFAh Har0051323475200chew chew yum yum and 2 pounds of cherries to go....Got to love Michigan dry cherries....nice tart and sweet taste. No sugar added but still plenty sweet.
Glad they ship in large quantities.
Next time i will buy large case of small packs to gift out.
Order arrived in great shape. Will consider sending as gifts as well.

259348259348B000H7LVKYA363AV9MXAA9B9Ckunkel0051323302400Perfect sweet/sourPerfect combo of sweet and sour. No sulphates used in drying. Great snack instead of fruit snacks! I will purchase again!
259349259349B000H7LVKYA1JJ7LWG3FSYR9Donald E Sewell0051323216000This is a good dealIf you are able to shop at Tom's in Traverse City, you may be able to get a better deal. Maybe, maybe not. If you can't shop at Tom's right now, here is the local grocery store best deal. So glad to be able to buy these cherries online. Ruthie
259350259350B000H7LVKYA3QF03I34E4NS4jalley44030051323129600Michigan CherriesWonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful. These cherries were fresh tasting moist and just what I expected. We use them for everything from Oatmeal to glaze for meat. Good job on handeling and packaging.

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