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259381259381B000H7LVKYA3RUFQTP6KBUH8William Renfroe9931283040000Great ... IF you use a lot of cherries in a hurryI really like the cherries, but I don't like the packaging. When I bought from this same supplier in the past (Traverse Bay Dried Fruit, Dried Cherries, 2-Pound Bags (Pack of 2)) the bags were resealable, which is nice for those of us who aren't cooking enough at one time to feed a small army.
These cherries taste great right now, but since the packaging is not resealable I had to transfer them to something that CAN be sealed so they will stay fresh. After all, most of us don't go through cherries by the pound in a short period of time.
When I checked today the cherries in two resealable 2 pound bags were selling for slightly less than this box that is nominally the same size.
259382259382B000H7LVKYA1DLXO4Y5TOSXJS. Skalnican0051319414400Can you eat 4 pounds of cherries...YES!I stumbled upon these on Amazon and went for it not knowing what I was going to do with 4 pounds of dried cherries. When they came I began eating them and didn't stop until they were gone. I'm not sure how long it took but it was probably less than a month and they were gone. They are VERY good. Great in salads, making your own trailmix or just by the handful. Traverse City, MI knows cherries and these are the best I've had.
259383259383B000H7LVKYAJ4N1F0LLV4F3NoSpam0051319414400Delicious!I purchased these yummy cherries in mid January ('11), and they are just as moist and tasty as when I first got them, and I store them in the cabinet.
I still probably have at least 1.5 lbs left of the 4lb bag.

I love to use them in hot cereal, my latest fave being Bob's Red Mill Cereal 8 Grain Wheatless, 27-Ounce (Pack of 4)I also add sliced almonds, cocoa powder, a pinch of salt, cinnamon, and some coconut oil (after it's cooked). Fast, easy, healthy, and delicious! They're just plain good any way you choose to eat them!
259384259384B000H7LVKYA3QVG8XW5BEEQHSharon K. Kirby "grandma"0051319328000cherriesLove the cherries. I traveled to Michigan and bought some cherries years ago. I couldn't find them anywhere in Houston so glad I could purchase them on Amazon.
259385259385B000H7LVKYA33P7MDWX7YCTOKen Lyon0051319068800Great product at a great priceI've been ordering dried cherries by mail for several years now, from another source. These cherries are just as good as my previous source, at a better price, thanks to Amazon Prime.
259386259386B000H7LVKYA1MW6CTQTLQN9BLauren N. Johnson "yofe"0051318464000Delicious and freshI recently bought and recieved dried cherries. they were absolutely delicious. I ate them as a healthy snack and also used them in my yogurt. I am sure they would be great in baking too. The shipping was remarkable fast and well packaged.
259387259387B000H7LVKYA1LP1PGQLL9B5FAndy L.0051318291200Great for your health!Definitely a great healthy alternative to all those sugary snacks out there. It makes a good trail mix to bring to the office or at home. It's all pack into one bag, so you can't leave it opened too long, but once you start eating you won't go a day without it.
259388259388B000H7LVKYA27QP4IT958BMLMR. & MRS. "B" "D & M"0051317772800Well Priced & DeliciousWe used these in making "Cherry Bread" in our bread machine. Works really well with a sweet dough recipe. The price is good at this time. These cherries are not overly sweet, but have a more of a tart to them. They also hold together well in our machine. They also make a good substitute for raisins in trail mixes. We store our excess in Mason Jars in fridge. Recommend them highly.
259389259389B000H7LVKYA3JIJQGVU5KVLPQ. K "chillion"0051317513600Great Value!Brought one case (4 pounds) and gave half to my officemate. Now I need to buy more!! Really tasty and great value!
259390259390B000H7LVKYAALOXYLKCWZ4NMilagroKy0051315958400Delicious!Traverse Bay cherries turn my zero fat Greek yogurt into a breakfast dessert! Great price, too! These come in one large bag so I divide them into zip locks and freeze. The tangy taste is more appealing to me than other dried fruits.
259391259391B000H7LVKYA39EMZ4NMHL4CAvascon0051314835200Dried CherriesThis is the first time I have ordered from Traverse Bay. I must say these cherries are a delight. I look forward to using them on cereals, in baked goods and with trail mix.
259392259392B000H7LVKYAFNBSWALDKKM8Richard OConor "not a doctor, Jim, just a PhD"0051314662400Delicious. Fast shipping.Couldn't be more satisfied with the purchase. Exactly as described. Fast shipping. Cheaper and better quality than I could purchase locally. What more could I ask for?
259393259393B000H7LVKYA1QH08S63FWP1Fcatsings0051314576000delicious!you won't go wrong buying these. soft and juicy, great in salads, trail mix, cooking and less expensive than buying from the store. we package them in zip-loc vacuum bags and throw them in the freezer for later.
259394259394B000H7LVKYA2MH1Z3DA7LIJFSweatinginTexas0051314403200These are a keeperI bought my first box of the dried cherries recently and they are excellent. This morning I used my raisin bread recipe and made cherry bread by substituting the raisins (omit the cinnamon) and the loaf tastes wonderful. I could make these and give them as gifts. The flavor sparkles and I am very pleased. I will continue to buy these cherries from Traverse Farms.
259395259395B000H7LVKYA24BSXYBK1UX7LMom of 5 "family of seven"0051312761600Great value!A great value for these delicious dried cherries. Very good to eat out of hand, in salads, recipes or any way you wish! I can only find very small packages in the stores and at much higher prices, so am happy to be able to get them in bulk at this price. I appreciate being able to find products that are otherwise unavailable to me at Amazon!
259396259396B000H7LVKYA3EE1SIIZOFL3Tjim bechtel0051312416000Traverse Bay Fruit Company Dried Cherries reviewThese cherries are so good and the price was exceptional. I loved eating them and they did'nt last too long because they were so good.
259397259397B000H7LVKYA3M1V937PS0PDSM.E. Reader0051312329600The real deal!I was shocked to find these on Amazon! I stock up on this very brand every summer when we go to Michigan & paid $24 for them in a Northern Michigan grocery store just a few weeks ago. I think I'll just subscribe & save big from now on! These cherries are awesome, absolutely the real deal from the Cherry Capitol of the World, Traverse City Michigan. LOVE MICHIGAN !!
259398259398B000H7LVKYA2OG2CKWVDXFWBTerri F0051311811200very good cherriesThese cherries are juicy and taste delicious. There is no chemical taste as some from the grociery store have.I will buy again.
259399259399B000H7LVKYA1H14REUSSP3YTBlue-eyed-lady0051310342400Wow! Delish!Had order these a couple years ago. Wonderful. Ran out and needed more. Doubled my order this time around. They last forever in the refrigerator. Excellent item to top a summer dinner salad. Can't believe how fast I received my order! They must have shipped it out the same day. I would recommend everyone try the Traverse Bay Dried Cherries!
259400259400B000H7LVKYA2Q0FXVJFRII51P. Angell "Joe Pike groupie"0051310342400Dried Cherry PerfectionSimply the best dried cherries in the country.. and delivered to my door no less! What more could a girl ask for?!
259401259401B000H7LVKYAZLSENEQ6PA12hopper0051308096000These are the bomb!I used to go camping up near Traverse City and every year bought these cherries. Haven't been able to go in a few years, so I was so happy to get them this way! This is even cheaper than in their retail store up there and they are just as wonderful! Love to eat them out of the bag or in my oatmeal!
259402259402B000H7LVKYAWWAIB9MPI0D7tony m mertz0051307318400Mmmm sweet and sour.Very good dried cherries, at a much better price then that in the supermarkets. Great in salads, breakfast bars, and oatmeal. Make sure to have some good air tight containers to store them.
259403259403B000H7LVKYA1R3WG200ZQFRMS. Waterbury0051306972800Perfect Taste! Perfect Price!I must say, I was skeptical about purchasing this through Amazon and not the local grocery market. But, the price is what swayed me. I saved about $4.00/lb with purchasing through Amazon. The taste was perfect. Just like the cherries I buy in the store. I would recommend to anyone!
259404259404B000H7LVKYA1EF4P8OZH7AXMWubbis0051306886400Friggen Cherries!What a great value for these cherries. They're a perfect snack for lunches, just thrown 1 ounce into a tiny tupperware and you're good to go. What's more is that they were way cheaper than getting them from a dried fruit vendor, while still being the best dried cherries I've had in a very long time.
259405259405B000H7LVKYAWNBIIKGDPB2EM. Foster "mp1331"0051306627200Buy these and Save Money!This is my fourth purchase from these folks, and I couldn't be happier. Well packed, fast shipping, and high quality fruit. I use to buy at Sam's- but once I found these guys I got hooked. If you have any questions just email me Thanks for using AMAZON and looking at my review.

259406259406B000H7LVKYA39ZLUMDJHK6I2R. Lacefield0051306368000Yummy!This is the second year I have ordered dried cherries from Traverse Bay fruit. I have had occasional flare-ups of gout and arthritis and have found that cherries and cherry juice quickly bring me back into balance. Now I incorporate cherries into my regular diet. These cherries are moist and very tasty. I highly recommend them.
259407259407B000H7LVKYA2VE2H1XWP6ET8A. J. Stickney0051306281600Very Good Cherries!Enjoy these dried cherries very much.Good flavor and moist.We are getting them with auto ship which makes them even better!
259408259408B000H7LVKYA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"0031305763200Moist, Tender, Sweet and Tasty CherriesThese moist, tender, sweet and tasty cherries are ALMOST irrestible. At about twenty-two bucks they're doable, at forty-two bucks not at all. Everyone at home eats these like raisins, even the dog begs for them. I'm sure these would be wonderful in baked goods. However, as HOT as it's gotten here in Texas there's NO WAY I'm turning on the oven.

As others have mentioned, these are not the Tart Cherries many health fanatics are seeking. These are sweet and yummy and worth a try at the right price.
259409259409B000H7LVKYA2NIF2S9WBPTD7Jennifer Starks0051305676800Traverse Bay Fruit (cherries)I personally love fruit in most everything. I brought these and to my surprise my daughter and DH loves them. They eat them when having a sweet craving and in their oatmeal and because they're sweet you don't need sugar. I think it's better than their love for Snickers (which will never die ~ we keep a case in the freezer for emergencies). I drop them in salads and cookies and when I am out of candy I just melt some chocolate bark add almonds and these cherries and life is good again
259410259410B000H7LVKYA3616A6XYQ1S8OMehl0051305417600Very deliciousThe dried cherries are very delicious. They have a great balance of tartness and sweetness. They have just the right level of moisture. Great for snacking or adding to recipes. Also fairly healthy, a great alternative to fruit snacks.

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