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259441259441B000H7LVKYA5A1C8P4UWBM8catherine0051277596800Fabulous, as usualI have purchased these cherries several times through Amazon and I have never been disappointed. They are almost half the price that I would have to pay at the grocery store.
259442259442B000H7LVKYA1WZ7QHXPKIJ6E. Smith0051277078400Delicious cherries!I'm so glad I ordered these delicious dried cherries. They're perfect for sprinkling into my morning oatmeal or I often grab a handful for a snack. I also feed these to my toddler, who loves them! They're a nice change from raisins. They also mix well with toasted almonds for a trail mix.
259443259443B000H7LVKYA27AF4DLLOBQDQB. Marshall "Bronco Fan"0051276473600Fantastic CherriesLooking for something to snack on that is a bit tart and a bit sweet. These are fantastic, satisfying and really tasty. The price on Amazon is just outstanding, Order and keep in the freezer - we pop them in the mouth frozen, really good that way. Will definitely be ordering more.
259444259444B000H7LVKYA2MQHRYQW8FHB3J. D. Babinec0041273708800Michigan CherriesGreat Bargain! Put some in a bowl for snacks, then place the rest in zip lock bags and into the refrigerator. The stock of cherries has lasted months, and they are just a nice as the day they arrived.
259445259445B000H7LVKYA1SSBFV2WWCBCWB. Ern "Aruba love"0051272412800Great price, great product - dried cherriesWe were paying a fortune for small bags of dried cherries at the supermarket to put in our scones and are very happy to have found this source for the product. Came quickly, is very high quality and a good price.
259446259446B000H7LVKYA29FW5VZJ98OZ3Tired and Disgusted of Inferior Products "KK"0051270684800Traverse Bay Dried CherriesI ordered two packages of cherries, one for myself and one for a family member at another address. The box of cherries delivered to my family member was stolen (through USPS) and I contacted as well as the US Post Office in their region and the package could not be found even with a tracking number. replaced the package with no questions asked and only charged me for the initial package that was stolen. I would use again and have since purchased other items.
259447259447B000H7LVKYA1U2FIKJC2TFG1R. Horton "NW Penna."0051270252800Excellent quality, reasonable price, dependable sourceThe title of my review says it all. We go through the 4-lb. box every couple of months and have ordered quite a few boxes over the last year, and will continue to do so.
259448259448B000H7LVKYA15ZMV2QC2DN6GP. Earley0051269475200Traverse Bay Dried CherriesI love these! The cherries taste wonderful and I keep them in the fridge for whenever I need a snack!
259449259449B000H7LVKYA2UKRZR3R3GRX4Pat J. Cummings0051269388800Top quality dried cheeriesExcellent quality dried cheeries and fast delivery from Amazon. Will certainly continue to order these as need arises.
259450259450B000H7LVKYAOPXIFPSUY2CQC. Mitchell0051269388800Dried cherriesI was so excited to find this product on Amazon! It's sometimes difficult in my area to find even the 5 oz. packages of dried cherries in the supermarket. These are delicious and I definitely will buy again.
259451259451B000H7LVKYA24CJ2PQ1ISAEZBig Orange Fan "Hank"0051269302400Excellent Product, Excellent PriceWe gave these a try based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews. The sweet tartness is every bit as good as others have described. To appreciate what a great deal this 4 pound box is, compare the price with what you would normally pay for the much smaller packages typically found in grocery stores or health food co-ops. This is definitely one of those instances where buying in quantity is a much cheaper option. We plan to order more of these cherries and will try other dried fruit from Traverse Bay as well.
259452259452B000H7LVKYA2L4MA9F9M66O4Cee Tee "If it's GREAT...I'll tell ya!"0041268870400They were pretty good.They were pretty good but I can't rave about them. I have had better, but they were good. Nothing else really to say, I bought them because they got so many great reviews, but they were just okay (average).
259453259453B000H7LVKYA38D0CXWO6O6NHL. Walker "licensed Home Baker"0051267747200The BEST dried cherries!These cherries are large, moist and FULL of flavor! We have been baking with them for some time, customers love them AND they are reasonably priced!!
259454259454B000H7LVKYA3PDFQ3T056UWWF. S. Moyer0051266192000Sweet Cherri-OWhat a great snack and wonderful flavor- both tangy & sweet in the same bite! Looking forward to using them in my cooking. I highly recommend them.
259455259455B000H7LVKYA2BL8SGZEL6RC6J. Hatcher0051265328000great service and wonderful my package on time and the product was exactly what I wanted. thanks.
259456259456B000H7LVKYA1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky0051265155200Dried Tart Cherries from the Cherry Capital of the World!My first experience with dried tart cherries was when I went to visit a friend from Traverse City, Michigan about ten years ago. As a teenager, she had worked in the cherry plant removing pits from the fruit, not uncommon for natives of the Cherry Capital. She took me down to Meijers to buy this exact box of dried tart cherries to carry home on the plane as a special treat.

Then a few years ago, I began buying cherries at Trader Joe's and they became a pantry staple for me. Once I realized my friend could get them on sale at Meijers and ship them to me for a significant savings and slight quality advantage over the ones I had been buying, I asked her to do that several times. It never occurred to me to look for them on Amazon where the cost is about the same as having them shipped from Traverse City and I won't have to bother my friend.

Normally I do not buy sweetened fruit of any kind but the slight amount of sugar is necessary due to the tartness of the cherries, much as lemonade or cranberry juice must be sweetened, and it is completely unnoticeable. A slight bit of oil is also required to keep them from turning into a solid mass of moist chewy goodness!

A few of these are great in smoothies, but not too many, as the flavor is very intense. I also enjoy them in oatmeal and cold cereals, with milk chocolate, and out-of-hand as a snack. Once, after carelessly mistaking them for raisins and adding them to scones, I got a very pleasant surprise! They are great in rice pudding, crème brûlée, ice cream, and chicken salad.

A wonderful one-dish lunch or light summer supper is "Barley, Bacon and Avocado Salad with Roasted Chicken", but with these dried tart cherries added. The recipe is easy to find on the internet.

If you ever have the chance to go to Traverse City to see the cherry blossoms or the fall leaves up on the peninsula, please take advantage of the opportunity as you will surely enjoy it. Now if I could just get Honeybell tangelos from Amazon, I'd be set!
259457259457B000H7LVKYA21UJLA54L2MZOThomas Measday0051254960000Just as describedThe product matches its description. Have reordered twice. Great to have on hand. Keep sealed in plastic and stays fresh tasting for 3-4 months. Price in the 4 lb box is about 15% of the per pound price compared to what the local markets sells its 4 oz packages for. Just honest good taste.
259458259458B000H7LVKYA3UUTDX2WNVUS3S. Whitworth "Hannah's Mommy"0051254787200The best dried Cherries everYou heard me correctly. These are the best dried cherries ever to touch my taste buds and make a party in my mouth. I have tried dried cherries in the store and they are too sweet and not sour enough. Traverse Bay dried cherries taste like a cherry should taste, tart and sweet. The perfect balance. They keep me coming back for more. I just eat them by the handful and have never had them last long enough to make it into a baked good or trail mix.
259459259459B000H7LVKYA3174RBAMY9J6JR. K. Buttacavoli "Librnpa"0051251331200Healthy and delicious dried cherriesTraverse Bay Dried Cherries, 4-Pound Box After suffering with a stiff and painful shoulder and not wanting another cortisone shot I ordered Traverse Bay dried cherries not expecting to see much improvement. I was wrong! Within 7-10 days I realized that I didn't have the constant, nagging pain and I hadn't taken an aspirin or Aleve for nearly a week. The change and improvement was subtle but definite. And all that time I just thought I was enjoying some of the best dried cherries I'd ever tasted. I put them in oatmeal, yogurt, quick breads, sauce for roast chicken, or just pop a few plain as a great, easy snack. The price is right, the delivery was timely, and, if Traverse Bay keeps their quality well controlled and dependable, they certainly have a winner with these cherries. About 15 or so a day seems to work just fine and they keep me away from the candy snacks - and that's really worth it! I highly recommend them.
259460259460B000H7LVKYA2SRZMUFJA0NORDr. A.T. Pete0051250899200Traverse Bay Dried CherriesExcellent product,
Consistent quality throughout.
Prompt delivery.
Box contains one large 4 lb bag.
Good value
259461259461B000H7LVKYA222ZMGQ32LXFBLee Espinosa0051247961600great to take care of a sweet toothThese are great when you are watching your diet, but still like to have something sweet every now and then. This is a good price on them also.

Not only are these great to eat right out of the box, they're also good on cereal or with nuts.

A nice snack.
259462259462B000H7LVKYAM1AIMJ3WHFXRM. Simerson0051240704000I can buy them on Amazon now!For 25 years, I lived 40 miles from Traverse City, where the vast majority of the worlds tart cherries are grown. A cherry pie made with any other kind of cherry is a poor substitute!

I have been enjoying dried cherries for a very long time. When I was a lad, a family friend who worked for a fruit processor would bring dried cherries to church once a year, shortly after harvest. They were an amazing treat. Then the fruit processors got more organized and dried cherries became available year round. Now they are nearly always in stock at the local Sam's Club. On rare occasion, they'll show up at a Sam's Club outside of Michigan.

During the early years, they dried the cherries quite a bit more than they do now, about the same level of dryness as the dried cranberries, similar to a raisin. Then they figured out how to dry them less while still maintaining an adequate shelf life. What a difference! These have a chewiness more like a golden raisin but less sweet, and with that characteristic tart cherry bite. Delicious!

I moved to Seattle in 2000. They only grow sweet cherries here. When we visit family in Michigan, we return with two boxes of these in our luggage. Every. single. time. We put them on salads, in oatmeal, GORP, and in snack baggies. We sometimes share them, and everyone likes them. Our two kids love them as much as we do. It's hard to make two boxes of them last until our next trip to Michigan. Now we don't have to.
259463259463B000H7LVKYACSGOJCV2169GDarlene Klischer0051240704000Cherries GaloreFour pounds of cherries seemed like alot to order
I have used them in baking,In my morning cream of wheat and "snacking" at the computer.
It was easy to bag them in sealable sandwich bags.
I have found that cherries are excelent to relieve Arthritic pains.
259464259464B000H7LVKYAEKM9A7HYK5RCC. Powers "healthy mom"0051239062400The best dried cherries anywhere!These cherries are delicious and nutritious. They are big, soft and my kids (ages 6 and 2) love them - either straight or in their favorite snack mix (cherries, peanuts and dark chocolate chips). I've also used these for baking and they always turn out wonderful. Can't say enough about these Michigan homegrown cherries.
259465259465B000H7LVKYA29RWLMOBKBU7YJames Watford "The Baron"0051237507200Taste great and less filling!Tried these cherries after reading about how cherries help will relieve inflammation and pain in arthritis and gout patients. They say about 20 per day works for most people, but I found 10-12 with each meal worked for me. After just 1 week the pain was almost gone. I will continue to order these.Traverse Bay Dried Cherries, 4-Pound Box
259466259466B000H7LVKYA2RQ4D6ST3MQ8BMs OBX0051236902400Cherry-licious!!These cherries are great. Plumper than a raisin and nice for snacking. I shared some of them with my daughter's family and they're going to order their own supply and make them a regular part of their snacking routine. Perfect when you just want a quick taste of something sweet. I've also tried the Traverse Bay cranberries which are very good too. Comparing the two, the cranberries were sweeter and more like a raisin consistency. Both are great for baking. I have a cookie recipe that I tried with the cranberries, white chocolate chips and pecans. Best cookies I've ever made. Also tried both fruits in scones. Also very good. And as others have mentioned, good in hot cereal. I will definitely be a regular customer.
259467259467B000H7LVKYA24XUWT3SCRAPTE. S. Noyes "liza lives to read"0051236643200PERFECT CHERRIESThese cherries are tart, sweet, plump and perfect. Great for baking -- my boyfriend just put them in some banana bread, yummmm- or for snacking right out of the box by the handful. I love the Traverse Bay Dried Cranberries too, but I think I like these even more. No need to worry about freezing or airtight storage; we eat them too fast. A great product at a great price. I don't think you'll find anything like these anywhere else.
259468259468B000H7LVKYA2FKRDROH573E9Daniel L. Schellenbach0051233964800Traverse Bay Dried Cherries 4Lbs BoxIf you like dried cherries these are the best cherries to get. You can freeze them and use them later in cookies, on cereal and just eat them for a snack.

They are the best.
259469259469B000H7LVKYA1WOMXOEX90ARIAvid Camper "WS"0051233532800Delicious!These are, the MOST delicious, dried sour cherries we've ever bought! They are sweetened just enough, don't stick together in a lump, are just slightly juicy, have no preservatives AND taste great refrigerated! For those who are wondering, 4# just fits in a 1-gallon zip lock bag. On the box, it says a serving size is 1/3 cup and there are 42 servings. They were just over $27 on sale. I will buy these again!
259470259470B000H7LVKYAIKP8E0QTP0K9Kwisatz Haderach0051233187200Tart and delicious!My entire family loved these cherries. Some would say $28 is too much to pay for just cherries but they are worth it. There is no chemical taste like you sometimes detect with apricots. Of course, these cherries don't have any preservatives. They are tart and that's a good thing in my book. My only concern is the high sugar content but if you moderate, it's okay. It's just hard to moderate when they are soooo good.

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