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259473259473B000H7LVKYA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle0051227657600Christmas cherries excellent for holiday baking!!!We were browsing Amazon's Gold Box deals when we came across this four-pound box of treasure. Our family does a lot of holiday baking, sharing gift baskets filled with cookies, candies, and dessert bars and breads.

These simply are outstanding cherries. They are tart and firm with a richness that we don't find in bulk foods stores. Both of our sons tried the cherries and gave us their "GG" thumbs-up review (that's "Good-Good" according to the under six-year old audience).

We're thrilled with both the quality and the price of the Traverse Bay dried cherries. Since we're members of Amazon Prime (highly recommended!) shipping was simple.

Of course, we're used to buying dried fruits in smaller quantities. We opened the boxy and divided all four pounds into individual sealed bags that can be stored in the refrigerator, the freezer or in a cool, dry cabinet. That was a piece of cake.

In summary, if you are planning some holiday baking or other recipes that call for dried cherries, this is an excellent buy with a quality that will have you coming back for more.
259474259474B000H7LVKYA3KJ9ONYM913ZJane Olson0051227571200Traverse Bay Dried Cherries are very, very good!Traverse Bay Dried Cherries, 4-Pound Box

These are the best dried cherries! They are big, juicy, and just tart enough for eating as is.
259475259475B000H7LVKYAW6J9IILGOZY3Katawampas0051227398400Plump, Tart, Sweet, Large & Delicious!These are really good. Plump, Tart, Sweet & Large. Really good for eating as a snack & excellent in baked goods, cereal, etc. I like a cherry w/a bit of tartness & these are the ones! Not overly sweet which is hard to find in a dried cherry. They are pliable/chewy - not dried to crusty bits.
259476259476B000H7LVKYAA8HJTWA03NWFJan Carter "Gacjac"0051225756800Dried Tart Cherries - were delicious and freshNothing to say except they were delicious and I would recommend anyone to order them. They are fantastic and sooooo good for you!
259477259477B000H7LVKYA1DDZSQJS83VZSDenise Hurley "Irish Eyes"0051223942400Traverse Bay Dried CherriesThese cherries are awesome. I use them as an herbal supplement to ease inflammation in various arthritic joints I have and they are simply wonderful, delicious and work the best for me.
259478259478B000H7LVKYA662HS79WTI9CJ. Colby0051215907200Great cherries, great price!These dried cherries are moist and sweet. I just divided the 4 pounds into smaller bags for convenience. They were a great buy for the price.
259479259479B000H7LVKYA2M9JWRF6O2FKGM. Schimmel0051215216000Worthwhile CherriesI have found that the cherries from Traverse Bay area of Michigan are the best anywhere. Living in Albuquerque, we cannot get such wonderful cherries locally, so I order them on-line from Amazon/Traverse Bay Dried Cherries. They are wonderful in salads, oatmeal, and they are the best in cookies, especially oatmeal cookies with walnuts, raisins and dried cherries. When we go to potlucks, everyone always asks for our oatmeal cookies with the cherries. The four-pound box lasts better part of a year, and they stay very fresh in the bag in which they are delivered. I have bought them in Michigan when I have visited there, and the price on Amazon is a good deal.
259480259480B000H7LVKYA3FCBLQ559O6MAPatrick McCune "Pmik"0051213056000Dried Cherries are tasty!I didn't hesitate to buy the 4 lb bulk of these dried cherries. I had purchased smaller quantities in the past and knew these would be great!
Good for snacking or baking, you'll enjoy them!
259471259471B000H7LVKYA1AHQCXSZ2JRH2James M. Manson0051229817600ReviewThe product was ontime and the quality was extremely high. I have ordered this brand more than once.
259472259472B000H7LVKYA29KYZUBP8M9T6Mike in PA0051229731200These are the best4-pounds just aren't enough. These are great! Very sweet and I only found 2 pits in the whole box.
259481259481B000H7LVKYA2TC6HCS35URBYhoshikaze0051201737600best dried cherries i've ever had!!several months ago i started eating oatmeal for breakfast to help control my diabetes. (it actually works. who knew?) i'm not a big fan of oatmeal, so i tried tossing some store bought dried cherries in it one day. it was better, but too sweet. >_< the cherries tasted like gummy candy and did not fit the "tart" description on the package.

however, i didn't want to give up! i went on amazon and asked for these cherries for christmas. and oh my word... not only are they an incredible value, they are INCREDIBLE cherries! they're tart, juicy, and fabulous just to snack on. i'm asking for more cherries for my birthday because they're so good! in fact, my mom wants to try them because i've raved about them so much. *^_^*

i will order them again and again. great stuff!
259482259482B000H7LVKYA1U8VI6I2MFEU8Mona Lisa "M.W."7731279411200Great value but just ok for dried cherry snob.I guess for the price, these are good. My husband likes them to mix in his cereal/oats, etc. I have had some killer cherries before so I'm comparing these to the "others". If you are not a dried cherry snob such as myself, you will probably enjoy these. I find them to be too oily and too sweet, with the feeling of being "over processed". They are lacking the powerful intense cherry flavor that I adore. However, those which I speak of come at a real premium. The perfect balance of sweet and tart without the oiliness are hard to find, and very expensive as well.

Still, for the price I would give these 5 stars for what you get. Still better than those that are available at your local chain grocer.
For those of you who love dried cherries but aren't snobs like me, this is the way to go.
259483259483B000H7LVKYA3H8KVZR2V6TKPSpartan817751198972800YummyCherries are big, juicy, and just tart enough for eating as is. Works just like raisins or cranberries in baked goods. Dust with a little flour before chopping up.
259484259484B000H7LVKYA3D8N12IGNSBKJD. Bridges7751198368000Michigan Cherries are GreatSince we discovered Traverse Bay Michigan dried cherries several years ago, we have continually bought and enjoyed them. They are not available in the area of the country where we live and we were glad to discover them on Amazon. The tart cherries are dried and processed with a bit of oil to help prevent them from drying out. They are excellent in everything from cereal to salads and can be used in place of dried cranberries to give foods a sweet/tart tasted.
259485259485B000H7LVKYA10N4TQD8EIC66L. Pennington151851168905600Yum!These are the best dried cherries you will ever eat. Not only do they come from the best cherry region in the country they are by far the yummiest I have ever tried. They are a great value for the money, too! Don't hesitate to order some today.
259486259486B000H7LVKYA3ATZGRMWXXV3QBrian B. James "BrianJ"5511322006400overratedA real disappointment. I normally buy Kirkland Signature dried montmorency cherries from Costco. The Costco cherries have a much brighter flavor and a nice tart sweet snap at the end. These taste dull almost raisin like initially with a hint of cherry at the end.
259487259487B000H7LVKYAHJIFM6IB8602Gretchen Winkleman "clever_xyz"5551290816000Dried Cherries for Arthritis!These dried tart cherries are excellent and a real buy but only when ordered through (rather than Traverse Bay) in the 4-pound box. We get them to help with our arthritis, taking 10 morning and evening. You will know within a week whether or not they will help, but most of our friends have found they help. Of course a piece of cherry pie would have the same effect, but these are lower calorie and much more portable! They can be substituted for Craisins in granola, muffins, cereal, and so on.
259488259488B000H7LVKYA1POWCMC15A723mauserati5551189728000finally, TART dried cherriestried several brands of dried tart ("sour") cherries, but the preservation process always added sugar to the point of candy-sweetness. These are actually sour; terrific for baking (which is why I ordered them)& ADDICTIVE tangy snacking. Yes, a large quantity, but they stay soft in airtight containers, in cool or cold storage. EXCELLENT VALUE.
259489259489B000H7LVKYA1WNCGEE988MJHTom7831315180800These need refridgerationThe box says (small print) that these need refridgeration. This is not emphasized in the description and I think that is a mistake.

I have now received 3 boxes of these cherries. The first 2 were excellent. vivid cherry flavor, just excellent. This last one, not so much. These taste like prunes and if prunes grew this small I might be saying "waaaiitt a minute." So why 3 stars and not 1 or zero? I think the heat got to them.

These arrived on a hot day, say 95 degrees. They didnt sit outside baking for any time, but it was hot and I am sure the UPS truck was not refridgerated. I had not finished the last batch so these went into the basement for a week or 10 days before I put them in the refriderator. I think this delay could have caused the problem. Box says "refridgerate or freeze". I didnt do this right away so I cant automatically blame the product.

Given the excellent first 2 boxes I am going with 3 stars. These are natural product and I like that about them. This stuff is not pumped full of whatever chemical they can get approved by the government. My delay in getting them in the cooler means this review is on the 3 deliveries so far, not just the last one. That said, I have a recommendation. Do not order these when the temperatures are > 90 or if you dont have room to immediately store them in the refriderator.
259490259490B000H7LVKYA104VIFA17G3FBA. Bryant4431308096000All right but nothing specialIf you happen to dote on dried very tart cherries I suppose this is better quality than some. It disappointed us after all the good reviews. The texture was like very large raisens. The taste was not just tart but really sour. The only sweetness was from the added sugar, not the cherry juice you might expect. I think you'd have to be a special sour cherry lover to enjoy snacking on this product, and I don't think most kids would go for it. I'm not sure we'll be able to finish our first order.
259491259491B000H7LVKYA1COWOG0UFSS8XDr. S. Bailey4441196985600good fruitThis is the second time I have ordered this because I liked the first batch so much. This time, the taste of the cherries was not as good as the first time, though. They seem "older" and it may just be that they were sitting on the shelf for too long prior to purchase. They arrived quickly with no damage. I will certainly order again, and hope for a batch like the first one!
259492259492B000H7LVKYA2N374HSCCA9AJM., Yanping "math"3521303430400Too sweat to eat...Not exactly I want, and it's way too sweat. I don't really like it, and the pack is too big. I am having a headache taking care of 4 pounds since it did not taste good, as least to me...
259493259493B000H7LVKYA1NBU2KW0E1FIUCarolyn1251327968000confusedCherries are wonderful. My problem is accessing my subscription so I can change it. How in the world can I find it? I saw the cherries for a lower price one day and wanted to order but was afraid I would get two subscriptions. I would really like to increase the frequency of my deliveries but can not because this subscription is not available to me to change or alter in any way. This is possibly an amazon problem but even so, how do I fix it?
259494259494B000H7LVKYA1PXASLE6QSM57A. Neal1231315612800Must agree with others ... lacks consistency.These cherries are delicious ... waaaaay better than dried cherries from the grocery store.... but you don't always get the same product. And by that, I mean, we received our second shipment last week. These are much smaller than the cherries from the first shipment (5 months ago). They still taste great and are really moist, but MUCH smaller.

We use these in salads and I've used them in white chocolate sugar cookies and a cake, and they did not dry out at all.

I'll keep buying them but I'm hoping that the size of the cherries has to do with the season and not that the company "hooks" the customer with one product and then switches it up for something of lesser quality later on.
259495259495B000H7LVKYA3A36VG147MKYAlalouisianne "photographer"1251312588800good cherries, and I'm used to the good onesPlease note that these may not be Michigan cherries - they are stamped 'product of the USA'.

That said, I'm from Northern Michigan, and these taste like other dried tart Michigan cherries, including ones which are far pricier. They were well packed, arrived quickly and were delicious. Buying in this quantity makes a lot of sense, if you use any amount of these powerful and tasty antioxidants.

Use them in chocolate chip cookies, use them in cereal, hot oatmeal, as a snack, in pancakes. Wonderful!
259496259496B000H7LVKYA3KUM8243QMGV5Xwood1251305417600Excellent productI'd never purchased dried cherries before. If you wait until the priced drop and sign up for (and then cancel if you want) subscribe and save, this is well worth the price. It comes in one large bag and the cherries are already pitted. I'd buy these again.
259497259497B000H7LVKYA2N3D4MVEEM45FDon M.1231304467200DMNice and soft but the first taste is of plastic from the bag they are shipped in. I don't believe I would purchase this product again.
259498259498B000H7LVKYAQFY3681KPM3VV. Sakovich "Meticulous"1251304208000The taste on the sour-sweet scale is something like two raisins with one cranberry.It is very tasty for me as for my family and for all my guests.
Do not eat it during TV show!
Because you will not believe after... that you are capable to eat so much.
259499259499B000H7LVKYA100WO06OQR8BQDuffer. "Bo"1251256342400Taste Good, But..........Ok, these are excellent cherries and go well with numerous types of foods. I ordered them after reading an article about the benefits of tart cherries. However, I was more preoocupied with the thought of the benefits than the amount of cherries in the order. A 4-pound box of cherries is a whole lot of cherries. I highly recommend these but for me, a smaller package would be more practical.
259500259500B000H7LVKYAQF42UFHSOCMDG. Simon2431318464000From USA? Yes. From Michigan? Not Necessarily - Beware!!I think that most people who know something about the domestic cherry industry would probably expect that these cherries are from the state of Michigan. I say 'expect' because:

- Michigan is the leading US producer of tart cherries
- Michigan is home to the National Cherry Festival, held in Traverse City, Michigan every summer since 1925.
- These cherries are sold by the 'Traverse Fruit Co.', its name referring to the town where the firm is actually located: Traverse City, Michigan.

Imagine my surprise then, in tracking my package, when I discovered that my Traverse Fruit Co. cherries were coming to me from *Utah*. This was confirmed when I spoke to a sales person at the Traverse Fruit Co. (Cherry Central), in Traverse City, Michigan. I explained my position to her, and she told me that I raised a good point, keeping very polite and professional throughout the conversation. Kudos to the 'people skills' at Traverse Fruit Co.

While Utah produces good tasting cherries, my expectation is that the "Traverse Fruit Company", in Traverse City, Michigan, sells fruit grown in Michigan. In fact, it often does just that. However, since their fruit comes from multiple locations, the state of origin should be made clear both at the point of sale (, in my case) and on the box itself. Customers should be given relevant product information, so they know who they are supporting when they purchase. "Product of USA", for this kind of item, is not enough. Just my opinion.

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