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259501259501B000H7LVKYA70UE73W4T5Q1dennis m sheehe0151342310400DeliciousConsistently delicious, reasonable price. Terrific for snacking, salads etc. I recommended for people who are looking for healthy alternative to traditional snacks.
259502259502B000H7LVKYA7S443PMFJ01Susan M. Kishbaugh "zuska"0121337644800dried cherriesthey are leathery, I did not care for them at all, they use to be better.
I doubt I will purchase them again
259503259503B000H7LVKYA35W0SYM3736E6Amy0131327104000Nice dried Cherry but a little bit sourI bought two boxes of dried cherry for my Mum and myself as well. Both of us like it. However, I would like to say that it is a little bit sour, much suitable for matching with oats and walnuts as breakfast in the morning but finger or snack foods while watching TV. Recommend it!
259504259504B000H7LVKYA15IKZ990Q2F3LBrahmaboba0141326931200Tart, sweet. Perfect for oatmealI bought these after reading the good reviews and using the Subscribe & Save option.
Packaging: They arrive in a box shown in the picture. Inside that, they are in a sealed bag. Once you open the bag, they recommend keeping them frozen or refrigerated. I put most of the bag in a air tight jar that has a twist-off lid for easy access and in the fridge. There was a lot leftover in the bag so i put the remaining in a Ziploc freezer bag and placed in the freezer. It would have been nice if the cherries came in a resealable freezer bag but I understand why they didn't. There is a date on the bag also. I'm guessing this is the "best if used by" date.
Taste: They are not your sweet cherries. They are a little tart but also a little sweet. Just how I like them.

Bottom line: I use these in my oatmeal, in sandwiches, in trail mix, and straight out of the container. For the price I paid (~$18) and the amount you get (4lb). It is definitely worth it. This is the 2nd 4 pound box I have bought in a year.
259505259505B000H7LVKYA1D8O9UO5Y6UEMM. Sutliff0131319673600Be CarefulIn the second handful I encountered a pit. Luckily this did not chip anything and all is well. The flavor is good but the pit is unacceptable.
259506259506B000H7LVKYA2Z017GKV1GFI2LanBB0131317859200Disappointed!Definitely you can not eat it from the package. With the extra vegetable oil, it s just for cooking only! Very disappointed! I gave it 3 star because of the price. But now I dont know what I can do with the whole 4pounds!
259507259507B000H7LVKYA14F1QK94GD263Monica Johnson "Monica Broadfoot Johnson, Aut...0151312588800Best Darn Cherries AroundThese cherries are wonderful by themselves, in cookies, or with a nut mixture. I've had other brands, but I like these the best. I think that they are reasonably priced, especially for the amount and quality that I received.
Monica, Tucson, AZ
259508259508B000H7LVKYA1PZX2XH8YATBDBryan McKenna0151309824000Sweet and tangyGreat dried cherries from the heart of cherry country (as I'm led to believe). Perfect for salads or a high-energy snack.
259509259509B000H7LVKYA3TMG042G83M56James Bourque "Conservative Georgian"0151309478400Great Yart Cherries in time for Summer RecipesThese cherries are great right out of the bag. In recipes they lend a sweet tartness that is hard resist. I used them in salsa, rice dishes, salads, chutney, and sundae topping (mixed with Bourbon!)
259510259510B000H7LVKYAS3XZECOIJ97ZDr. Harold Wong "Ha Rule"0131304640000Like prunesWith all the great reviews I guess I set my expectations pretty high
It has a very similar taste to prunes with a little more cherry tangy kiss
The cherries are not order wholes but shredded to tiny pieces and unidentifiable until tasted. I presume this is for cereal muffins or oatmeal. Makes me wonder if the reviews are from an older target audience... The Prune enjoying type
Ordered another box to make sure the dealer didn't cut my cherries with prunes and yep same results
259511259511B000H7LVKYA3DWJFOY4BO59UHelena Guillion0131302048000Tastes more like candy then cherriesToo sweet and candy-like taste. Also quite dry. I don't know how other people found these cherries juicy. I compared these to a pack of cherries bought at Costco (slightly higher price). Those from Costco have real cherry taste and are juicy. Three stars only for low price. Otherwise I would have given two stars.
259512259512B000H7LVKYA2PMVYZZ8GEIQNRuth M. Keeble "Ruth"0151243209600Excellent productThese cherries are delicious. No sulfates or added sugar. Great to use in oatmeal. I use them as part of a trail mix.
259513259513B000H7LVKYA2LML9SYWSJJSZWilliam J. Brennan1311336003200disappointed and outragedA month ago my order arrived in a box that looked like it was crushed and laid in water in a corner of a warehouse. The cherries were bitter and dried, unlike the prior two orders around Christmas. Then yesterday they charged me again even though I didn't reorder, which caused me to overdraft my bank account. Frustrated and disappointed.



259515259515B000H7LVKYA3HNXHOVOAT8K4Lady B0241238112000Good to the very last "chop"Although tart,( good tart) the cherries are excellent as "extra's", and most importanly ,as a side fruit snack.
259516259516B000H7LVKYA1RQ3IYSJE98FVwayne31311296518400Do they forget to put sugar into my cherries?After reading the reviews, I decided to give it a try, but was very disappointed. The reviews said it was sweet, or over sweet. yet mine was very tart. Don't know if they forget to put sugar in my cherries. :(
259518259518B000H7LVKYA1PHUNK2JATXUVEliana0811335830400Dried CherriesI am completely disappointed. I bough this cherries for health reason especially for my hubby suffering from gout, and to my chagrin I fund that they are full of sugar, and oil to which my hubby is allergic to. What a bomber, Knowing this, We have no reason to eat them. Sincerely, Eliana.
259519259519B000H7LVKYA2QOS6ZMJEF21VHJ "31911302739200
259520259520B000H7LVKYA39SDGVB8MVHSMLaura63211264377600Rancid TastingThe cherries tasted rancid - DO NO BUY!!!!! We have purchase dried cherries in the past from other companies (Shoreline Foods) and have been extremely happy. Travers Bay Fruit Co. cherries are nasty!!!
259521259521B000H7LVKYA1C01PC2B8MBGUshakie22211297728000old the worse product everi just got it and it is old and does not worth it...the taste is not as good either i did not get it why they get so many 5 stars is the worse product i have ever bought from online ever
do not waste your money... some people compare this with grocery stores dried cherries ..... funny.... this product sucks big big time
259522259522B000H7LVKYA2IF5J75C7N3W1orbital chaos4451192579200these are greatVery happy with these; keep them in the fridge to add to granola and yogurt.
Helps to get enough fruit in diet without having to worry about rotting and throwing away fruit, or being forced to eat it because it will waste. Good practical diet option, and I like having more options.
259523259523B000H7LVKYA2XORRZN1Y20GCBently Frothingham6721289779200staleThe cherries are NOT particularly tart, instead are overly sweetened. To make matters worse, the oil that's used as an anti-clumping agent was old and stale, so the cherries taste and smell like rancid oil. You might get by if you just cook with them, but they are unpleasant to eat raw.
259524259524B000H7LVKYA31XJUDJ57RODFMr. Knox3331342742400Dried Cherries, first great, then good, now... sour.Bought these three times. Initially they were sweet and plump (like someone else noted). The second time, they seemed a bit more sour, but still quite delish. I just got my third box, and they are small, sour and tasteless. You can see that a lot of them are lighter red color, meaning they have been harvested before they matured. Now I have twenty-five bux worth of sour things sitting in a box. Still edible, but I am going to see if I can use them when brewing beer or cooking something. Meh.
259525259525B000H7LVKYA1I15SL8SNF9CVDiane Devoe3341304121600Just opened my 1st box---and..............I am VERY happy! I need to eat more fruit than I do--and I LOVE cherries! So--I was reading a lot of the reviews and, I am happy to report, the bag I received is a good one! I was hoping that they wouldnt be dried out and hard to chew---as some raisins and other dried fruit can be! I think that they are not overly sweet and not "oily" as I feared they would be! I, too, had noticed that you really need to catch them when the price is low---I had kept them in my cart for quite a while and, wanting to order about a month ago was dismayed to find the price went up to almost $40 or so! So-no order then---but price came down and with "subscribe & save" got them for a very reasonable and fair price! Going now to pack them up safely in a ziploc bag so they dont go bad---and enjoy them. I also cant wait to turn my friends on to this "almost" healthy snack! I would have given them 5 stars if the packaging was in smaller portions---the loss of a star was NOT for the quality or taste of the product!
259526259526B000H7LVKYA4RY3X98ZTF9QA "beachgirl"3351302652800Delicious, nutritious dark red plump cherries...yum!Pros: nicely packaged dried fruit, which has a tiny bit of oil to keep cherries from sticking to each other. Delicious in a baby spinach salad along with sunflower seeds.
Con: expiration date wasn't quite as long as I was hoping for, it was about 8 months. I was hoping for at least 1 year.
259527259527B000H7LVKYA43L65QI71TMVRose Drew "rose"3341301097600Keep an eye on the price!Traverse Bay dried cherries are absolutely fabulous. Bought them for my Dad to help with his gout: within a week or so he was out of the slipper and back in normal shoes. Big Pharma gout meds can make the gout worse while your body deals with the sharp uric crystals freed by the meds. If you want or need the meds, take them, but do try cherries also! Any form, apparently, is helpful: fresh, dried, even the nasty red dyed ones in jars; cherry juice. The cherries have eased my daughter's achey joints due to Lyme.
HOWever, do keep an eye on the price!! They went from $23 to $28 to $43 to $20 in the space of days. I fnally shelled out the $43 cos my family were out, and I figured that the supplies were seasonally low. Plus, Amazon exhorted me to "BUY NOW! Only 6 boxes left in stock". So I did and in less than 2 days they went from $43 to TWENTY DOLLARS. Must say I was miffed. I'd have cancelled the unshipped order but was away from 'net for a crucial day.....
Some folks have said the odd batch can taste oily or perhaps stale. We have yet to notice that, and we've been buying them repeatedly since Sept. In 7 boxes (including the 2 lb double bags when the box was gone for a few weeks), we've not found a bum supply.
Great eaten as they arrive; fantastic in cereal or yoghurt; and if you have arthritis due to age or Lyme; if you have gout; do give them a try.
259528259528B000H7LVKYA2A59SQD6EOC0UMeiredith H "Love Taiwan!!"3351296432000WoW~This must be the BEST dried Cherries out there in the market. It's juicy and not too sweet.
For 4 Pounds I thought I should get a big box but not quite. Because of weight of the dried cherries quite heavey, box size just a little bit bigger than a letter size paper.
259529259529B000H7LVKYA262SWHVXZUZZDMaine Man "Maine Man"3351295827200Delicious. Will buy again.Delicious. Will buy again. Tangy/tart, not too sweet. I didn't like dried cherries until I tried these.
259530259530B000H7LVKYA2SA6LR78V49UVOrangeCrush "Still shooting with Film!"3351259020800The Best Dried Cherries, Period!!I actually live in Michigan and every year head up to Traverse City for the cherry fest. It was during a cherry fest like 6-7 years ago that I was introduced to Traverse Bay dried cherries and cranberries. I have never eaten another brand since. If you like dried fruit then look no further. Traverse Bay sells Dried Cherries, Dried Organic Cherries, Dried Organic Blueberries, Dried Wild Blueberries, Dried Red Raspberries, and Dried Strawberries. Just check out the companies homepage. They even offer subscription based shipping just like Amazon. They also sell a bunch of other stuff as well including antioxidant fruit based vitamins, Jams, fruit concentrates, etc..

Dried cherries and dried cranberries are my favorites and I have actually tried a lot of different brands over the years. None of them have the quality, freshness and flavor that Traverse Bay has. I eat them out of the box, on cereal, in salads, and even in homemade ice cream. Dried cherries, or any other dried fruit for that matter, is a great snack.

The bottom line - If your looking for high quality dried cherries then look no further. By the way if you love cherries and have never been to the cherry fest in Traverse City then I highly recommend you check it out. Its a great time!!

5 Stars!

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