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259531259531B000H7LVKYA2YAOPVCG3RNW1K. Lynch3341219017600Excellent product.I have purchased both this 4 lb. box and the box with two 2 lb. bags. I prefer the latter for convenience of storage, but this larger bag was of excellent quality also, and seemed to hold up quite well.

My one suggestion would be that the web site make clear how these 4 lbs. of cherries are packaged - all in one, or smaller packages.
259532259532B000H7LVKYA2075G41HTH1PDNancy S. Gillespie5651187827200Delicious!Traverse Bay Dried cherries, so delicious!
Jusice just flows around your tongue as you chew them.
So good, my generous hubby said he hoped I didnt mind,
he gave a third of them away to friends!!
Now, I need to order some more.
Came packed well and came quickly from TC to San Antonio,
THANK YOU. Keep up the quality work.
259533259533B000H7LVKYABB4V5IJHTJG4New York Angel2221341878400$7.37 price increase in 3 months ?!?The last time I bought this item was exactly 3 months ago on April 12, 2012. The price was $28.62, it is now $35.99. That's a sharp increase of $7.37 in 3 months, which is a price increase of nearly $2.00 per lb. - and when you consider that this product is 61% sugar, that's quite a price hike.

At this price, Traverse Bay Dried Cherries costs MORE PER LB. than the Trader Joe brand of Montmorency dried Sour Cherries which are delicious and come in smaller bags. The whole point of buying bulk 4 lbs. is that you get a price break over buying smaller bags in grocery stores. Not anymore.

I'm gonna go to Trader Joe instead and buy their excellent dried sour cherries which are not as oily , and have a nice tartness.

***UPDATE - Aug. 17, 2012 I just bought from Trader Joe their Tart Montmorency Cherries 8 oz. bag for $4.29 yummy!
259534259534B000H7LVKYA3M2TSC7Q9SC0YLoanwolfe22213416192002.5 pounds of sugarJust checked the Travis Bay web site.
Every 100 grams of product contains 61 grams of sugar.
That means that you are getting two and a half pounds of sugar in each four pound box.
They carry unsweetened cherries at their web site.
259535259535B000H7LVKYA1RQQ2HWUGEUWAEB MamaBear2221327104000Tasty but not the healthiest- LOADED with sugarWe used to eat these a lot, and I think they are delicious. Sorry to be unfair, but I wanted to say that these things are LOADED with sugar- just look at the nutrition info: 25 grams of sugar per serving, 1/4 cup- which you could easily eat twice that much. One serving has almost as much sugar as a candy bar (usually around 30 grams), and as much sugar as an 8 oz serving of coca cola. Imagine if you eat a double serving- that's like downing a whole bottle of mountain dew or noshing on a king-size snickers!
I do think cherries are great for you, they have lots of antioxidants, vitamins, and a small amount of fiber. no sulfites which is good. They are better than candy, I suppose, but sweetened so much, this isn't the healthiest snack. Just seems like everyone is raving about how healthy these are. I used to think that, too, but then I actually faced the music.

craisins are the same way, actually even worse.

So while it's better than some chemical laden, corn syrup sweetened concoction from a gas station, these are a far cry from healthy.

why can't i find unsweetened or lightly sweetened cherries at a decent price??
259536259536B000H7LVKYA1VNR6KXZRHTV4GregS2251318896000Great snackThese are fresh, tender, and delicious! I have tried other brands, but so far nothing comes close. Almost as good as chocolate, but obviously much better for you.
259537259537B000H7LVKYAAT5YMWG2EFOVAnita L2231317600000Good for the price, but just OK taste-wiseIn comparison to Trader Joe's Dried Montmorency Cherries, Traverse Bay Cherries are significantly less tart. The extra sugar (4g more per serving than TJ's) lends itself to a flavor that is less fresh. For some reason, TJ's has 35%DV of Vitamin A, whereas Traverse Bay has 10%DV.. could be an error in measurement, but it seems a rather large gap for that.

Biting into a dried cherry from the better brand, you would instantly be aware: It's cherry, dried, but nonetheless juicy with an exquisite flavor. While Traverse Bay cherries have a nice texture (comparable to TJ's), they just don't taste as fresh-- They aren't bursting with cherry flavor. It's fine for the price, but when I need them for a recipe in which the cherries will really stand out, or when I want to eat straight from the bag, I'll be reaching for TJ's in the future. For my morning cereal, where the dried cherries get cooked into the oatmeal, Traverse Bay will do just fine.

Traverse Bay: $18.44 with Subscribe and Save, on occasion/4 lbs
TJ's: 3.69 for 8 oz. package--> $29.52/4 lbs

Again, I can't say I was disappointed with these. It's not as if they taste awful; I just don't want to eat them in the same way I want to eat other brands of dried cherries. But for the price (and given others' rave reviews), it couldn't hurt to try them.
259538259538B000H7LVKYA2BV5ZGDOT0YYZSetherson2251315612800Excellent, marvelous, absolutely mouthwateringly delicious!Folks, I'm not exaggerating -- these cherries are wonderful. I'd never had dried cherries before that I know of, at least none with a slightly tart (not sour) and sweet flavor. The texture of the cherries ... again, I am astonished at how good these are. I'm trying something that seems to be working out well, too -- I have been "blooming" the cherries by heating up some water on the stove, and then placing a handful of cherries in a coffee cup and then putting the hot water in there with them. Cover it, and let them rehydrate for a couple of hours. The cherries puff back up a little -- not like they were before drying, but it makes them a lot more like, say, canned cherries (except clearly, with no preservatives or syrup), that you can chill and put on your cereal or ice cream ...

These are great, and I eat them by the handful!!!

-- Setherson
259539259539B000H7LVKYAOMCOALSSDUMIJeffrey R Blum2251315180800Really tastyThese are really tasty, and not too sweet. We ordered another box. Great in oatmeal. They are somewhat oily, but this is not a problem, just a surprise compared to something like raisins.
259540259540B000H7LVKYA1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"2251312243200Vegan Natural Kosher ChoiceVegan. Natural. Kosher. Wonderful dried cherries. Perfect for baking. (My favorite is to add them to vegan chocolate cupcakes, just add to the recipe & mix before baking.) Also great for snacking and blending in smoothies. Great cherry flavor goodness, not overly tart. Comes packed in one large inner bag, which fits in a gallon (3.8l) ziplock storage bag. Or you can repack in smaller quantities after opening. The Traverse Bay area in Michigan and Door County, Wisconsin are famous for their cherry orchards. Definitely recommend a visit during harvest time, if you ever have the chance. Just received my second 4lb [1.8kg] box. Freshness dated to May 2012. Can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer to keep fresh even longer [but if you really like cherries, especially at a grower bulk pack price, this is not an issue.] Made with cherries, sugar, and a small amount of sunflower oil to prevent clumping. No added preservatives or sulphites. All natural. This review is out there for those for whom it makes a difference. See all of my reviews and the vegancompassion Profile for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" & all the other helpful "Vegan Grocery" Listmania. Your input counts and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you. *** SUBSCRIBE & SAVE ***
259541259541B000H7LVKYA1OB8DLN4URBHLD. Gray "Dan Man"2231309737600VERY SWEETMaybe it's my fault for not reading the description well enough, but they are really sweet. Without a sweet tooth, these were hard for me to eat. Plus, I didn't think to check if they were organic, which is a must for me and fruit. However, it's a large amount and goes a long way for the price. Next time I'd order unsweetened organic tart cherries (for inflammation) from another source.
259542259542B000H7LVKYATJN4KEHJBOC8KatyKatIL "KatyKat"2251307145600Well, so far so good - first order very goodThis was my first time ordering these cherries.
My husband has gout, so I thought this might be a good snack to help him ward off attacks.
(Cherries are known gout helpers.)

I wasn't thrilled with the price, but when it got down to a more reasonable cost (under $25), I
ordered one to try. I was not sure I really wanted to, with all the mixed reviews of some orders
being moist and great and some being nasty and dry.

The box we got arrived quickly and in good shape.
I'll post photos later, but wanted to get the review going.
I must say that I had a much bigger box in the picture in my head.
Yes, you get this box, but it is SMALL! I know they list the weight, but it was a little
hard for me to visualize four lbs of dried cherries. I'm probably not the only one.

Upon opening the box, all the cherries are in one sealed blue bag. I guess the blue
color helps with keeping the condition of the fruit from deteriorating.
I cut it open very carefully, and decided to bag them up in snack-size zipper bags.
(I was originally going to use our vacuum sealer to make smaller bags, but the quantity
was less than I had visualized. Zip top snack size worked great. I used a spoon to fill them
to not touch any of the other cherries.

Then came the big mistake - I ate a pinch of them.
I say mistake, because my husband is going to have to be quick to get some!
These were a little more tart than I thought they'd be, but they are delicious.
The bag we got had reasonable-sized cherries, around a fat raisin size. They were
very moist. As I let some sit in my mouth, they seemed to plump even more. Upon
chewing, they released a wonderful flavor that made my mouth water a little bit.

I can see using these in muffins and cookies, in your cereal, snack mixes and just eating.
So far, I've had more of the cherries than my husband. (Hey, you snooze, you lose!)
They are wonderful.

Not sure a second order would be the same quality though. I am a bit concerned with all the mixed
reviews about getting a consistent quality for the second order. They are too expensive to have
something dry and tasteless arrive at the door.

All in all, happy with this purchase.
259543259543B000H7LVKYA2175KPKKPPWMUAndrew Fournier "Hissyfit"2251304208000Cherries from heavenI love dried cherries and I could take up a LOT of your time raving about them. Or I could just say they were the perfect combination of sweet and tart. I love them by the handful and am thinking of dipping some in chocolate too. YUM!!!
259544259544B000H7LVKYA1CK873S3B5SA4cindylu22313037760002nd shipment so different than the firstLoved the first shipment, big flavorful cherries very sweet and slightly tart. Second shipment cherries were considerably smaller, much drier and not nearly as much flavor.
259545259545B000H7LVKYA24S1HFCIY6J3PAndrea Barber2251301356800Hands down the best dried tart cherries ever!There's not much else to say about them. Based on the other reviews I just had to try them, especially at this great price, and I'm extremely happy I did. Traverse Bay Fruit co. has a new loyal customer.
259546259546B000H7LVKYA3N4ARDBTE51SNLe Samourai2221258416000Used to be great, now awful!I've ordered about 2 boxes a month of these cherries over the past few years and up until the last shipment (a few weeks ago), they have been excellent. Now, the latest shipments have lacked the quality that they once had. They are now smaller and the taste has changed for the worse. As I eat the dried cherries as a standalone snack, the taste is extremely important! It's very unfortunate that Traverse Bay has changed this and I will no longer be ordering them if this wasn't just a one time difference!
259547259547B000H7LVKYA2LN5DDGT21310A. cotton "CaramelCandy1978"2241208995200These Are Good If You like Sweet Tart CherriesThese were ok, they had a really good Texture. But I didn't really like the tart flavor as much. I loved the cranberries though. Either way, these are the best dried fruit I have ever tasted.
259548259548B000H7LVKYA300SDG46S0H49Brian J. Wolf2251187827200Traverse City CherriesThe Cherries came on time and are fresh. We are enjoying them very much. I would order from this company again.
259549259549B000H7LVKYA10O8SJ9M74Y43K. Shchyelkunova "Bargain Hunter"4531317600000Why would they put vegetable oil in cherries?My biggest beef with this product is that they took one of my favorite and one of the healthiests fruits, and ruined it with processed vegetable oil. Was there really a need for that?
The price is definitely great for that big of a box of cherries, but I will simply not buy it because I don't want to be consuming anything with vegetable oil in it.
Plus, it kind of defeats the purpose of even buying dry cherries. Isn't it suppose to be a way to preserve product for a long time vs. buying fresh? So why mix it with another product that easily goes rancid with a change in temperature or time?
259550259550B000H7LVKYA1JZJ7ZKEDNW0GCookie Mom4521306972800DisappointingAfter not finding the dried cherries at Costco, I decided to give these a try. In comparison to those from Costco, these are dry and tasteless. The price was fine, but the quality was not. Try buying the Kirkland brand for moist, tart and absolutely delicious dried cherries.
259551259551B000H7LVKYA2UK6BU6OZ1X3BAnkit Garg6821295568000Way too sweetI bought these cherries based on all the positive reviews on Amazon, but I guess I have different tastes than most the reviewers here.

The cherries are way, way too sweet. It really detracts from the actual flavor and tartness.

Maybe if there was half the sugar in them than what it has now, they would taste much better.
259552259552B000H7LVKYA1P4BZJXU48DRZSuzyQ1111346371200NOT even close to the same cherries I ordered last yearMy review of Traverse Bay Fruit Co's dried cherries is going to be almost identical to Robert J. Kiep's, which was written on 7/17/12.

The cherries I ordered last year were plump, sweet, and delicious. They came out of the package looking and tasting *perfect*, and remained perfectly wonderful to the very last one. Last week I placed a new order for the cherries and what I got was something that might as well have been little bits of dried cardboard. So I thought, "Hmm, maybe I got a bad batch, let's call for a replacement." Amazon, as always, was great about sending a replacement right away. But guess what? I got the same tasteless, nearly colorless dried bits of cardboard again, which leads me to believe that Traverse Bay is doing something vastly different with their cherries now - or obtaining them from an altogether different source.

Don't even consider purchasing these for the asking price. It would be highway robbery. I wouldn't spend $5 on the two boxes I received in the mail this week. I think I will try Costco's dried cherries as I've read good things about them. Bummer about Traverse Bay. I'm disappointed. I love to bake with dried cherries, and to snack on them, too. On a positive note, the Amazon rep was kind enough to immediately refund my money, and to let me know that he'd look into the matter so that others here are not disappointed in a similar fashion.
259553259553B000H7LVKYA2GZJXK2KRNEX7Ratty "Ratty"1121337558400Off TasteI purchased this product because I got tired of buying the 6 ounce packages of Sunkist dried cherries. I am somewhat disappointed in this product because the sunflower oil used to prevent sticking during storage gives an initial off taste. Luckily this initial off taste disappears soon after sucking the cherries and then they have a very good flavor. I consume a lot of dried cherries and I will not purchase this product again. Sunkist dried cherries don't have this initial off taste (even though they also contains sunflower oil). It turns out that the cost per pound is not much different when shipping and handling is considered.
259554259554B000H7LVKYA3NHUQ33CFH3VMCitizen John1151337040000These are sour cherries - the best although they've been sweetenedThese sour cherries are great by themselves or in oats or yogurt. Actually, I think they're just a little bit too sweet due to the addition of sugar, but I can't readily find dried cherries that aren't sweetened. It's not necessary to add so much sugar (and oil) because they taste naturally sweet.

Cherries have great nutritional value too. In particular, the red pigment in cherries is an anthocyanin that a lot of researchers think reduces inflammation. There are two main types of cherries - sweet and sour. I like the sour ones best and these are sour.
259555259555B000H7LVKYA2CV12QOHGV93ED. Rose "Major Consumer"1151336435200Yummy in my TummyI wanted to step up my fruit intake, and this is a great way to do it. These will last me a long time, so I'm glad I purchased the box. They look a bit like raisins but are plumper and sweeter. I added some to cole slaw and was happily surprised at the result. I will buy these again in this quantity.
259556259556B000H7LVKYA3B4T3WQ67BE1NDavid W. Laplante1151329091200Premium cherriesIf you look at the price of small bags of dried cherries in a grocery store of speciality market, you'll realize what a great bargain this 4 pound box really is.
The cherries have a great semi-tart flavor with good color. Excellent for baking or
eating as a snack.
259557259557B000H7LVKYA1MZXLG2QZZE2Lgladlady1151328832000Traverse Bay dried cherries - everyone loves 'emUsed these as a door prize for a Michigan Party in the SW. Well received. Everyone wanted to be a winner.
259558259558B000H7LVKYA1TTREMB4DDEX7ShanyaG.1151327881600Nice sweet but not too sweet dried cherriesI have been buying these for the past few years when I catch them on sale. Retail prices on dried cherries are just outrageous so these are a great deal with Subscribe and Save.

They are sweet but not cloyingly sweet like a few brands that I have tried. I have one box that stayed sealed in the box for a few months and when I opened it they were still nice and soft and not dried out and chewy as well.

These are great in baked goods and my kids love it when I put these in our morning oatmeal or when making cookies to add in a change of pace from Oatmeal Raisin cookies.

Overall its a great deal for the price and they keep fresh for a long time as well which is an added plus.
259559259559B000H7LVKYA1QCQE5XW37LN1Short Stain1151327795200King of the crop.I'm not a dried cherry connoisseur, but these are EXCELLENT. Sweet, a little tart, chewy, not oily, and VERY cherry without tasting artificial at all. As far as dried fruit goes, these are GREAT. I'd buy these again definitely, and at the just-under-20-dollar price I got them for, 5 dollars for a pound of a delicious, sweet, and healthy all-natural snack makes it quite the bargain!
259560259560B000H7LVKYA37MH7ICH80QOXKate McMurry "Young Adult Author"1151321574400Tastes like cherry pie!I had never tasted dried cherries before buying this product, so I can't comment on how these compare to other dried cherries. But compared only to themselves they are outstanding. They taste like cherry pie, yet they are unsweetened. They are simply naturally sweet.

I enjoy eating this delicious treat either alone or with my daily serving of dark chocolate (my favorite brand is Ritter Sport).

For those counting calories: Each dried cherry is 5 calories, compared to 2 calories per raisin and 20 calories per dried apricot or prune.

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