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259561259561B000H7LVKYA2XSJKBHOGIHG4Ann Cox1151319068800Healthy and DeliciousI have ordered these cherries twice now and will certainly order them again. They are plump, soft and delicious. They do have sugar added to them though, but they aren't too sweet. I package them into smaller freezer bags and take one bag out at a time for use. Every morning I add them to my cereal, and I use them in cooking, salads, and just to eat! I highly recommend them!
259573259573B000H7LVKYA2YSLSMIMUDKRLRaschkec1151304726400WonderfulBeing a native Michiganer I have a love for all things Michigan. I was a bit concerned in purchasing these dried Cherries thinking they wouldn't be as fresh as what I can get in state. Boy was I wrong. They were delivered as fresh as if I were to drive up to Traverse City myself. Overall these things are great!!!

4 pounds of cherries is a TON! So what we've done is split the package into four freezer bags. Freezing 3 of the 4. The bags defrost really well they just have to be kept in the fridge. I would have really liked to see the cherries be split into smaller packages within the big box.... but ah well. Overall I'm really happy!
259574259574B000H7LVKYA38B7MUWO2UPZET. Boone1141304467200Delicious, Preservative-Free and Grown in the USAThese dried cherries are grown in the USA and are delicious to eat plain or to use as a topping on cereal or as part of a trail mix.

Another plus--they don't have any preservatives or sulfites added.

There are two reasons that I gave these cherries four stars instead of five.

1. They have a lot of sugar added, and they are a little on the sweet side for my taste. I prefer to limit my sugar intake and add sugar to food sparingly, but that's not an option with these cherries.

2. These cherries, all four pounds of them, are packaged in a single plastic bag which is not resealable. I would have preferred them to ship in several separate bags, or at least a big resealable bag in order to make storing them more convenient.

I ended up repackaging the cherries into several heavy-duty Ziploc bags to store them.
259575259575B000H7LVKYA3B1XBG7CMYK41Roman1151304035200Tasty and addictive cherriesVery moist and tasty cherries. May be just a little bit too sweet for my taste, but much better then other dry cherries I've tried so far.
259562259562B000H7LVKYA20JEV0MDLM0PQH "katran62"1151318896000Yummy and good quality - for a lot!I'm very picky when it comes to dried cherries - and these are wonderful! Tart and juicy, the box arrived quickly and was an amazing value for the quantity. Thanks!
259576259576B000H7LVKYA77QEN5EDQT18M. Bannick "MeankingcraB"1151302825600Fantastic treat!I love the terrific tangy/tartness of these dried cherries, and that they are rich and chewy. I eat them straight out of the box. I also tried Subscribe & Save for the first time with this shipment (and will in fact run out way before my next scheduled shipment - have to make a note to move that up).
259563259563B000H7LVKYA2TQ91WW10PTGLRenny1151318550400Wonderful!I absolutely love these cherries. They are perfect. I have read some reviews that say they are oily, but this was not the case for me. So far, I've used them in salads & for eating out of hand & we all love them! I was worried b/c I had heard thru our local food co-op that cherries did not do well this year, but found these to be great.
259577259577B000H7LVKYA35LPF2IU0CSTLMaura Enright1151301356800YummyI agree with R.D..... it is hard to stop eating them! The price does seem to be going up and down. Amazon suspended my subscription when the price doubled... then the subscription became available again at a reasonable cost, currently half the price of the one-up order. I will continue to order them when I can afford them and allow the subscription to be suspended when I cannot.
259564259564B000H7LVKYA1R8MUOIWZ042OCrisatunity1151317254400Great cherriesI was iffy on buying these because of the added oil. They do claim it's only a tiny amount to keep them from sticking, and the reviews were such, that I figured what the heck.
And I'm really glad I ordered them. They are really delicious without a hint of greasiness or bad tastes you sometimes find with dried fruit loaded with oils and chemicals!
259565259565B000H7LVKYA30P90TX73MGYLoutpost1151317168000really fine productThese cherries are fantastic. The flavors and textures are excellent offering a very satisfying blend of sweet and sour. I am ordering another box right now. Just get some and enjoy.
259578259578B000H7LVKYA3M5WLGG981Q2MK.J1151301270400Very nice CheeriesDried Cherries are very tasty, set it to deliver every two month at first, just to
try it out, right now I need to make it deliver every month. Yes, it is good.
259566259566B000H7LVKYA3GIX2KGKD4W48Bindi1151316390400I highly recommend!!The taste is great!! They are GREAT for you!! I couldn't be more pleased with the dried cherries, packaged very good, arrived on time as well. I read a review that said they were disappointed with the packaging not being ziplocked. Unless you are going to eat 4 pounds within a few days you would want to separate. I purchased quart size freezer bags and small snack bags. Separated out portion size (is high in sugar)and put several snack bags in each quart freezer bag. It's handy when you want to put them in oatmeal, snacking, etc.
259579259579B000H7LVKYAMCX84U402LW3nicole1151301097600yummy!These dried cherries rock! They are delicious and are not too sweet or too tart - perfect. They go great with cereal, in oatmeal, or snacking right out of the box. The 4 lb box lasted ~3 months. I highly recommend for the price and quality.
259567259567B000H7LVKYAXFJPFRKOUT8ODeb1151314921600Traverse City Dried CherriesThere are dried cherries in almost every local grocery store but none can compare to Traverse Bay Fruit Company dried cherries. They are plump, sweet, tart, tender, and overall delicious. I use them in salads, baked goods, trail mix, and just for snacking. Try replacing raisins or dried cranberries in recipes with these cherries for very satisfying results. They are especially fantastic in a carrot cake or a mixed greens salad with toasted almonds, sliced fresh pears and bleu cheese crumbles topped with a raspberry-balsamic vinagrette!
259580259580B000H7LVKYA2US14S7N0MNL9Emanuel1141300752000Very pleased with the order.What can be said about a food product?

The color of the cherries are uniform and a nice color. The taste is not too sweet and not too tart. It is really the perfect balance. I've used these by putting a handful in my morning oatmeal and also alone for a snack.

If any one you make home ice cream this would be a great addition to vanilla ice cream. Or even added to a pie.

The only thing I would change about this product is the internal packaging. It would be nice if the bags was resealable.Traverse Bay Fruit Co. Dried Cherries, 4-Pound Box
259581259581B000H7LVKYAZHLLP73RVQEDNancy Dent "mom4music"1151300406400So Good!These are so good and have a freshness to them that can't be beat. Excellent taste, texture and quality. Love to mix into my morning oatmeal!
259582259582B000H7LVKYA2BK8M8AN9322ACarol A. Clark "CarolinCarolina"1151299456000Great Value, great taste!I ordered them because of the fantastic price and we are very pleased with the taste and quality. I am using them because they are supposed to help with gout flare ups and arthritis. I love the taste and am glad that I am on automatic shipment!
259583259583B000H7LVKYA12CUE7OCCX659TMan1151295308800Fantastic cherriesThese cherries taste amazing. When the box arrived it was nearly impossible to keep people away from just eating them straight from the bag. If I had to make one complaint, I would say that they are a little sweet for my personal taste. That said, they still terrific. Far surpasses anything I have been buying locally.
259584259584B000H7LVKYA8W785VGPQHNQWilford Schreiber1151294704000outstanding valueOutstanding value, healthy, very tasty, useful in so many ways. Bought one for a gift and one for ourselves.
259585259585B000H7LVKYA1K2TLACNOOMK0A. Coursey1151294272000Yum-o!I really liked these cherries. They are sweet-- but not too sweet. Great by themselves and awesome when added to my breakfast oatmeal. A real hit!
259568259568B000H7LVKYA1XC9ZH4DH2Y7OBlackDawn331151313539200The best deal everI got hooked on dried cherries from the local Whole Foods market. They were amazingly delicious but a little too expensive for my blood. On top of it all they stopped carrying them when the cherries were out of season. :( I did some searching and found these from the Traverse Bay Fruit Co here on Amazon. I decided to take a chance and give them a shot. One word...AMAZING!!! Perfect in a number of ways a little sweet, a little tart a lot of yumminess. I will definitely be ordering more. Traverse Bay has saved my life and my wallet!
259569259569B000H7LVKYA14VNR6ONQGSKVRachael Warke "DigiMusicQueen"1151313366400Better than raisins ever thought about being!These are wonderful! They make a great snack. Like raisins, with a punch! But the real amazement happens when you cook with them. They turn in to something like pie cherries! I don't know if I'll have the nerve to try making a whole cherry dessert with these, but I think it could be done. In fact, I may have just inspired myself to try it. These are great, no matter what you do with them!
259586259586B000H7LVKYAQPMVJHCHLWW3KayCee "208muffins"1151292112000Love these Cherries...and so do my family, friends,& neighbors.The cherries are great. I always think I have too many and give a bunch away to my friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Everybody is very pleased to have them and I'm kind of a hero. :-)

Anyway, they are sweet, tart, chewy without being sticky. I use them in oatmeal, salad, cookies, bread and for snacking.
259570259570B000H7LVKYA2IV5C49CUS054Miss Meezer1151309824000Awesome! Good for you Treat!I use these dried tart cherries with a generous handful, along with fresh pineapple including the core, raspberry and spinach or apples in my Vitamix - the tart cherries and the pineapple/core really seem to help the inflamation I experience from my arthritis. I truly feel the difference using these tart cherries, plus they taste delicious.

We use the tart cherries along with my dehydrated apples in our rice cooker along with steel oats - absolutely delicious and so good for you.

Concerned that the price has gone up from $18. and change to nearly $25...hope they don't get so expensive I can't afford them...seems like all the Subscribe and Save prices have gone up $2 - $9 - ouch! On a fixed income this hurts...

be well
259587259587B000H7LVKYA1IL2C374W67QQJennifer1141290643200Consistently niceI went through a four pound bag of these without getting tired of them. The quality was very nice with no bad ones in the batch. The flavor is consistently zesty and the texture is just like raisens.

I will take a break for about a month, then buy more because they are low fat and healthy.
259588259588B000H7LVKYA21ZQO3UZSA1G1klgmom1151288051200These cherries are the best!I bought a box of these dried cherries while in Traverse City this summer. I had intended to divide up into small bags to give away to friends but they were so good I ended up eating the whole box. I eat some every morning on my oatmeal. I am glad that Amazon offers them on an automatic ship program so I don't have to worry about running out.
259571259571B000H7LVKYA31XEZVGJKRVI1Joe1151308009600Dried cherries from the US cherry capitalMy wife eats 12 dried cherries everyday as they were recommended to help her health. Dried cherries have many compounds that have been shown to help many health conditions. You can check Wikopedia for other information. to the cherries. The cherries taste great. They were all loose and not stuck together making them easy to repackage into smaller bags. I have tried dried cherries from the grocery store and other sources but they are not as good. I think one factor may be that you are getting fresh product from Traverse Bay Fruit Co which is located in the cherry growing region of Michigan. I plan to order more when these run out.
259572259572B000H7LVKYA1EWQ7R82V2KLECarmen Dybdahl1151306972800Delicious!I was a tad disappointed at first because these cherries are tart, but now I think they are better than the sweet cherries.
I really like them, and guests do, too. I can't keep the little bowl full when anyone comes to visit. I keep some in my truck to munch on during my drive home from work - they keep me from stopping at a fast food joint. I can't wait to try them in a salad or on my oatmeal.
I'm saving my money to buy the dried blueberries next.
259589259589B000H7LVKYA3I35IPZ3SXLBKCheleida1151287964800Michigan's Best Gets Even BetterI love these dried cherries, they are juicy with just enough tartness. I've put them in cookies and breads, oatmeal, salads, you name it! With subscribe and save, you can get free shipping as well as a lower price. I got mine in 3 business days. Just in time for holiday baking!
259590259590B000H7LVKYA329HQUKV0HHTQM. Abray "Rene"1151287878400Always my choicemost reliable, best dried cherries. Don't hesitate. I mix them with walnut halves and bring to work for a healthy snack. Great to keep in car for that ride home when you're starving and have to stop at the store to pick up groceries and don't want to buy out the entire store - have your walnut and cherry snack before going in - saves my grocery budget from busting.

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