Amazon Fine Food Reviews

259629259629B002CJAOMGA1ODKP5Y7DPMM1Doreen B. Bishop "Doreen Bishop cat parent"2251317427200WONDERFUL FOOD FOR MY TNR PROGRAMOne of the most rewarding projects I have taken on is fixing 60 cats for a TNR program. Purchasing the cat food and getting it home can be overwhelming BUT not when I go to Amazon. I shop their sales and purchase by the cases, I buy the ones that say Super Saver and get free shipping right to my door. What was once getting very hard for me is now made possible again. My cats love all the flavors and have a huge selection to choose from. The packages are easy to open and so are the cans. I wish the meat and gravy ones could come in bigger cans but I can't complain just smile and open 24-40 cans a day.Thanks Amazon and Friskies for making me part of your family :)
259630259630B002CJAOMGA2P8O9FJM6ISGPKimberly Mcnamara "Kim McNamara"2251305244800My cats love Friskies and I love Amazon!My cats LOVE Friskies food and refuse to eat any other brand and I have tried them all! I'm glad they like Friskies though because they have good prices and a huge selection. Ordering from Amazon is even cheaper than the stores around my house and it's so convenient to have it delivered right to my door for free so I'm so glad Amazon offers the subscribe and save program on the Friskies cat food! :)
259631259631B002CJAOMGA2N4DUHU7UCP1NDonna Musick "frenchie"2251304294400great value!I am just pleased that I can get a good value and that the product comes promptly. My cat is happy!
259632259632B002CJAOMGA3L3HI0ECONAD2Maryallene Otis2241263081600Pretty good cat foodOur two six month old male DSH cats love this stuff, but I have to admit there isn't much they won't eat. We alternate the Friskies with more expensive food in hopes of keeping them healthy and not breaking the bank. Seems to work so far.
259633259633B002CJAOMGA3MGU533SL3727donna1151348963200Cat FoodFriskies Cat Food Meaty Bits with Beef in Gravy, 5.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)is great. It is so nice to have this on my porch and not go to the store just for cat food. My dog likes it too.
259634259634B002CJAOMGA2TB7LPP6VW0LOPhyllis D. Bass "pbass1"1151330732800Good Stuff!I am so happy that I purchased this cat food because my cat absolutely loved it I gave him half the can for his first meall and the rest later, which really saved me money. I'll definitely purchase more in the near future.
259636259636B002CJAOMGANP2X414OHQNSLaverne0031351123200damaged can in groupOne of the cans arrived damaged with a collection of bugs in it. The product itself is fine in the other cans, and I am using the rest. My cats really like this food and I have ordered it before with no smashed cans. I hope the company is not foisting old product on online shoppers.
259637259637B002CJAOMGALM9TFWSG5PRSergey I0051316304000Great cat foodMy cat loves these. Good price and convenience with Subscribe & Save - just make sure to check the e-mails for the price changes.
259638259638B002CJAOMGA3UF8PP4XBW3GOMargaret Shepherd0051291939200Cats love this foodI purchase this cat food via Amazon Marketplace auto delivery. The savings are amazing and I get to choose how much and when it is delivered, at a marked savings - very important since we have 7 cats and 4 kittens on our property. They keep away the rodents so I'm glad to treat them to this food which they rush to when they hear the can open. Check out this food and check out Amazon Marketplace auto delivery!
259639259639B007SD4A1WAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051350864000Packed With Nutrients. High Protein and Fiber. Low Sodium.Gosh! What next? A 24-ounce bag of raw, shelled hemp seeds. Well, I've consumed a certain amount of hemp in my youth, but we threw the seeds away. Pity. They're rather good when prepared right, and these are well prepared. They're called Hemp Hearts and I stumbled upon them at Costco. Rather interesting. These little gems are really packed with nutrients and the protein and fiber are way up there. Plus, would you believe, there's no sodium. Yeah, and they taste rather good too. I just like to eat them by the spoonful right out of the bag. Plus, I'll eventually I get around to sprinkling them on things also. Who'd have ever thunk? I wonder if you can smoke them?

Gary Peterson
259640259640B007SD4A1WAIV1Q1F8XTLPEMegan Creel0051348099200Delicious and Nutritionally Dense!I purchased this product size at Costco for $15, and it is amazingly good. They are tender little bits, and their taste is reminiscent of unsalted pistachios.

Plus, they pack a walloping 10g protein for 3 tablespoons!

This is my new favorite powerup for smoothies, or the afternoon handfull-of-something snack.
259641259641B007SD4A1WA1BECOLSWGDTLJChris0051340668800Great product, great service!I am very pleased with the product and quick service! The Hemp seed is excellent in Proetin shakes, it adds flavor and vitamins and texture.
259642259642B005BV0D4QAHA0QZOBC7D6YPublishing Professional "SMG"3351316995200Love this ProductMy little Shih Tsu loves these chews. They last her about 30-45 minutes, are healthy and non-staining. The price is great, less than half the cost at local stores. Shipping is always excellent.
259643259643B005BV0D4QA1Q87N400P5X6WADMac1131336953600Not suitable for under 9 months?Our pups ate these, although they weren't entirely enthusiastic about them at first, but I wouldn't deduct points for that necessarily. What I am concerned about is after I gave them each a chew, I noticed on the bag that these aren't suitable for dogs under 9 months. I didn't see this mentioned on the product page, and I emailed the company to find out why (is it an issue with a certain ingredient, digestibility, etc.), but have yet to receive a response. I have two 7.5 month, 50+ lb dogs, so I'm not too worried about the issue, but I'd like to get an answer before I give them more. This note should be on the product page, as well as in larger print on the package (it's only listed in the fine print on the back) if it's necessary to note in the first place.
259644259644B005BV0D4QA11IU9GJA01RCWLoobot0051350864000My Dog Loves ThemMy dog picked this out from the shelf in the pet store as we walked by. I decided to go ahead and get it for him and he absolutely LOVED it. They seem to do an okay job at cleaning teeth and they definitely encourage chewing. I was a little hesitant about getting the red/orange one because I was afraid it would stain the carpet but it didn't leave any mess at all.
259645259645B005BV0D4QAU5WJZN8DHM5AJ.T.0051345248000Thank goodness for Paragon Chews!These chews ROCK! My dogs love 'em...and they're cruelty-free, too. Win/Win! The Paragon veggie "ears" and toothbrushes are awesome, too. We buy them all...
259646259646B005BV0D4QA2068TH91WNRA8Will00313442976001 bag had only 6My dogs loved the chews but I got shorted in quantity on one bag. There were supposed to be 7 alligators per bag - one of my bags only had 6. These chews are on the expensive side, so I was somewhat unsatisfied.
259647259647B005BV0D4QA25ZWDT50WG0N9Cynthia J Cook0051341878400Great product, great buy.This product is of high quality and consistency, and my dog loves them. This is a cheaper way to purchase them than individually from my local pet store. I don't buy rawhide bones at all any longer for my small dog, these are much better and his teeth stay clean.
259648259648B005BV0D4QA2L7K5U87UVHJ7Codysbarn0051341014400Good, healthy! The BEST!My dog has terrible teeth, and never really like chewing things. I gave him rawhides, but he would never chew them, and the buildup would get really bad on his teeth. I've tried many products, and he likes some of the softer ones from the pet store, but they are full of filler and other products I can't pronounce.

These are not only super healthy (veggie based, no wheat or gluten), but he LOVES them. He gets one every day, and within two weeks his teeth have only half the build up they used to.

Great fun shapes, reasonable price, healthy for the dog. I'm SOLD.
259649259649B005BV0D4QA4UEQICR7N90NLaura Downing0051337558400Fantastic!My dog loves them, and we received them very quickly! I highly recommend this product, especially to owners with dogs who love to chew.
259650259650B005BV0D4QAGKU250PSW4BLbeansandmia0051335744000YumMy mini Schnauzers Love these!! They can chew through them pretty fast so it's not a long lasting treat. They seem to equally like all the flavors.
259621259621B000SP1CTUAI9KFYFEG7L4BJudith Doyel "Tutor D"0051293840000Dog Chew ToysMy dogs loved theswe toys! Even my older dog who never plays with toys used this and kept at it to get the treat out of it! They even fought over each other's Kongs and traded for awhile! A big Christmas success!Dog Toy
259622259622B002CJAOMGA35XOVRG0FBO9Drhymingdictionary111141307404800Saved my cat's life twice?About 6 months ago, I found out that my kitty has kidney disease. He was extremely ill, and I was planning on putting him down if he got any worse. About that time, I got a few different cans of Friskies food. He liked the Senior Meaty Bits best, and would eat almost a can a day. He made an almost full recovery very quickly.

Fast forward a few months and my kitty gets very sick again. He's worse this time, has trouble walking, and won't eat anything consistently, which makes the disease even worse. I was actually planning on where he would be buried. I tried to feed him meaty bits, and he absolutely loved it, but he would just lick off the gravy. I decided to try putting it through the food processor, and sure enough he gobbled it all down. I guess the meaty bits were too hard for him to chew in his weakened state.

Now it is the only food he will eat consistently, and he begs for it. I know it is meant to help with urinary infections, but I wonder if it helps with kidneys too. I am so relieved to have found my product, and I hope my kitty will be eating it for years to come.
259623259623B002CJAOMGA26A2G0P73IE5ZK. Berger6651277164800Solved my cat's urinary problemsAt about 3 years of age, our cat would have bladder infections several times a year (straining at the litter, staying there for 5 min+ at a time, only a little urine and it was blood-tinged). We had been feeding her only on indoor cat dry food. After many trips to the vet and rounds of antibiotics, I read that some cats with this problem do better on wet food - something to do with not drinking enough water or just not getting enough fluids in general. For the past 4 years, she has not had one bladder infection! Friskies Chicken Dinner in Gravy Special Diet is the only one she likes the taste of.
259624259624B002CJAOMGA8FJHPCMKR28FLinda5551262995200cat foodThis cat food is especially for cats with urinary problems and it has worked great for our cat. It is a little bit more expensive than buying it at Kroger, but having it delivered a case at a time is worth it.
259625259625B002CJAOMGA2AM2K58ODNP13spiralated3351334620800Cat's love it!My cats love it, I love that friskies is on subscribe and save. Also, it has helped keep my cat from having repeat bladder stones without having to pay for expensive food or starve her to death making her eat something she doesn't like. Whoohoo for friskies.
259626259626B002CJAOMGA3HHRQBSECP697Starla Slade2251337212800Excellent priceVery happy with the price. The cats LOVE it. I keep these on hand all of the time and even our picky eater has no problem gorging herself on this!
259627259627B002CJAOMGA73HPJDXJYD15Charlotte Brownlee2251331424000Friskies Cat Food Meaty Bits Special Diet Chicken Dinner in GravyMy cats like this food, especially the gravy. It is nutritious and has quality ingredients. Friskies is the way to go.
259628259628B002CJAOMGA24LZNFLWIOVEKDesignStuff2231329868800Good product, great shipping, lots of dented cans.Once in a while I need to order these overnight, as I did with this - it's wonderful to be able to get them so quickly, but I do wish they did not use MOSTLY dented cans. It doesn't always happen, but in this shipment it was the case. It's not due to the packaging, as they were very well packaged. They apparently choose dented cans and as these cost more than in the supermarket, I don't appreciate it.

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