Amazon Fine Food Reviews

259651259651B005BV0D4QA3QPYPPTUQUFL8Chrissy Miller0051335571200Great product!I bought these at a pet boutique shop in Seattle last summer and my dog just loved them. Hadn't been able to find them locally so thought I'd check Amazon - so happy they had them! Love that they do not have ingredients like sugar or flour, and they help him keep his teeth clean. I 100% recommend them. One word of warning though - these ones are HUGE. Probably 3 inches long. Great for a medium or large sized dog but for little dogs definitely buy the little ones :)
259652259652B005BV0D4QA1IE359Q6UV1VKEmily Miller0051331683200Simple, few ingredients, long lasting chewie!I bought these at a local pet store and my dogs love them. They only have like a half dozen ingredients and no corn or wheat. My dogs are pugs and aren't real aggressive chewers, but they still manage to get through anything I give them in a relatively short amount of time. These lasted quite some time for my dogs! I'd say 15-20 minutes, instead of the usual 2-5 minutes. I've tried the alligators, toothbrushes, and the criss cross. All in the large size. I would recommend the toothbrush or the alligator, the criss cross seems small for a "large" and didn't last quite as long. I'm glad to have found these on Amazon, so I'm paying less than $2 a piece instead of $3 from the pet store.
259653259653B005BV0D4QAQIZ9CNDLUW9VJ. Seratt0051327881600My Dogs LOVE TheseI've been buying these individually for twice the price from our local feed store. My dogs are very picky and they really love these. My dogs will be happy they can have it a little more frequently now that I found it on Amazon.
259654259654B005BV0D4QA3T7XHVSH3NJGGElizabeth Martin0051327881600My dog loves these treats.I started giving our dog these chews during dinner time, so she would have something to keep her occupied while my husband and I eat our works great!! She love to chew them and she will toss them around for play as well.
Plus this is a great deal since I have seen "boutique" pet stores selling them for $2 just for one of these to get a bag of 14 chews for about $13...that is less than half price!!
259655259655B005BV0D4QA3IWH35NGRPT36The Corps "The Corps"0051321833600Great treats!Our dogs love these things! The contain NO WHEAT! They don't stain. No bowel issues. They are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for.
259656259656B005BV0D4QA2K6RWK45AORH6Cristin0211319760000Allergic reactionAfter chewing and eating one of these bones, my chocolate labrador's face broke out in large hives. There are relatively few ingredients, but the first one is wheat starch, so I'm wondering if that it is. If your dog is allergic to wheat, these are not the best edible chew for him/her!
259657259657B001M0AJX0A3JVCOWZRE98HVSaving U More2251299024000Crunch-a-tize me!Not only is it a wonderful bowl of cereal to start the day, but its a great snack anytime of the day. I like to sprinkle it on my ice cream and it makes a great cheesecake pie crust too! I just love it with or without milk.
259658259658B001M0AJX0A370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"1151302220800YUMThis cereal totally tears up the roof of my mouth (anyone I know who has eaten this has the same complaint) but boy howdy, I can't resist the delicious golden crunchiness of the Cap'n! This is a good cereal that stays crunchy in milk for a decent (but not too long) amount of time. It WOULD be nice if they could make this cereal a little softer because it gets tiring dealing with a torn-up roof, but it tastes so darned good! Crunch Berries and Peanut Butter Crunch also taste pretty good.
259659259659B001M0AJX0AJCK6OKNWGIYGMike K1151295740800A classic cerealThis is a classic cereal. I remember eating it when I was a kid and I still enjoy it. I used to love the animated commercials for it. I can eat bowls of this stuff. It's sweet and crunchy. What I love is that it doesn't get soggy quickly like many other cereals. It keeps it's crunch for a long time in milk. A 3/4 cup serving of just the cereal has 1.5g of fat, 110 calories, 12g of sugar, no trans fat, and has some vitamins in it. It has 100% of folic acid - if that means something to you.
259660259660B001M0AJX0A29AWTKCWQ81D6Drew0051302480000Great FoodLove the price and the number of boxes you get. 4 boxes for around $5-6 is bargain price. Stores usually jack up the price of Cap'n because it's a brand name so it's nice to see Amazon offer an alternative.
259661259661B001M0AJX0AWWW64DWC16R2nelsonpm0051280275200I love Cap`n crunchexcellent...

in my country you can`t find at groceries stores and amazon made us happy selling this perfect product for breakfast, dinner, late night, everytime.
259662259662B0032AM8HSA13NB7KO0EQ24JJ. Rosenberg "Jenrose"1151308528000One of the best tools in my tool chest for dealing with morning sicknessThis tea is tasty, but more importantly, it knocks back queasiness starting with the first mouthful. I don't even sweeten it, but it tastes very good anyway. I put two tea bags in with 4 cups of water, and let it brew. It's good hot or cold, and I'll often make four cups at night, and save two of them for morning.

I have persistent morning sickness, it lasts all day, strikes whenever I'm up, stressed, or when my blood sugar drops, and this is one of the four things I am rarely far from.

For super fast relief, I will peel a bit of skin off a lime and just smell the lime while the tea is brewing. Also, the "Happy Mama" spray from the same company works very, very well.
259663259663B0032AM8HSA1FTFFSMMX7ASLK. Quinn "Author of the Ice Moon series"0051344643200Totally worth buying!I'm 12 weeks pregnant with my 6th child and have been plagued with all day sickness for 7 weeks. Once 8pm would hit, the severest nausea would strike, getting worse until around 3:30am. My sweet hubby bought this tea for me along with a bunch of other hopeful remedies for the hellish stomach upset I was feeling. Skeptical, I decided to give the tea a try and boy was a I glad I did. I would sip the warm tea slowly and much to my surprise it helped!!! My nausea would get so bad I didn't want anything in my stomach including liquid, but sipping this tea slowly seemed to ease the upset. It's a really comforting tea and I'm so thankful I had it!
259664259664B0032AM8HSA3C2SPIPLU84RMKAC "bufo_quercicus"0031340496000just okThere's nothing bad about it but I don't have a whole lot good to say, either. When I was super sick early in my pregnancy, I would drink a cup of this tea and it would get me through the work day at least. But I have to say that over time, I started dreading the stuff (maybe because I associated feeling sick with the tea?). It's fairly weak tea, not overpowering at all.
259665259665B0032AM8HSA2MLUAAQFEB6WFSunny0031331337600Tea didn't work for meThis tea didn't work for me. It tasted great when it was piping hot and fresh. However it didn't make the morning sickness go away. So I stopped using it after 5 tea bags.

For me, it actually made me really sick when the tea cooled down. I could only drink it when it was really hot. So I guess it's different for everyone. If it works for you then definitely go for it. But for me, it didn't work.
259666259666B0032AM8HSA1S30ABA56ZTG4Tiff0051330992000Love it!So minty and delicious! Helps sooth my stomach! This so far has been a great tea for me! I would highly recommend this tea to anyone pregnant or not, it will help sooth your stomach.
259667259667B0032AM8HSA39RV5P1ULZ7LADanielle Leigh0051326153600Great Tea!Very smooth, tasty tea that definitely helps with nausea! I actually really enjoyed the taste of this day and with an added bonus that it actually works I would recommend it to anyone.
259668259668B0032AM8HSA11IZD0G0AB27RCheryl Churchek0151347926400A must-have for mommies to be!Earth Mama Angel Baby Morning Wellness tea is fantastic! I had really bad morning sickness with my first child, and this and low-sodium saltine crackers were the only things that calmed my stomach down. Now I'm pregnant again, and living overseas, I had my mom send me four boxes of this tea, to be sure I had enough to get me through at least the first trimester which is usually the hardest.

I love that it's organic, that it has ginger and mint which are naturally great stomach soothers, and the addition of orange peel and chamomile give it a great flavor balance. It's good with or without sweetening, unlike some teas, and it goes down easy, even on an empty stomach. It also says it's safe for the whole family, so you don't have to be expecting an Angel Baby to use it!
259669259669B008XF90KKAWEM0VJCIHTXUPrimadonamama0051348099200Excellent!I love this tuna. You can prepare it anyway you like, it is cheaper in the supermarket, however, you can't always find it. It is moist, flavorful and packed in olive oil which is very good for you. Love the stuff!
259670259670B007X4EJ9EA1OPMJ14BLTBDYJaime Haight1151337990400Exceeded my expectationsWhen I first went to order these I thought they were way too pricey, but I really wanted a healthy protein snack option, so I decided to give them a try.

They arrive today and and I am so pleasantly surprised. They are so good. They are not greasy. The most exciting revelation? They are over a foot long! The picture looked to me like they were about 4".

I think they are worth every penny, and will be purchasing more.

259671259671B007X4EJ9EAVZXJ9ITUTPBZITX0051336608000Excellent product so farI've tried the sweet and the mild and I highly recommend. These are a bit pricey at $50 per box of 20, but you get what you pay for. Perhaps if enough people start purchasing these, the price will come down a bit. The grass fed beef does not taste gamey either. I do wish they were certified organic though. My guess is that they are from organic cows on small farms but these farms don't want to pay for organic certification due to price.
259672259672B00817FM3EA3B5E4KBU6WEGJjjs1121346803200weak in flavorI bought Chai tea before that was not decaff and I loved it. Unfortunately, I don't remember the brand. I bought this so I could drink it in the evening and not worry about caffeine keeping me awake. I received it today and had 2 cups so far. It has a very weak flavor compared to the other one I bought. I guess it would be OK with alot of sugar and milk but the other one I tried didn't need it. I won't buy it again.
259673259673B00817FM3EA34FH6MXGGGNW8Pelin Armutlu0051349481600Feel like you had a little too much dinner?Well I love this tea, I think it tastes great and also lately I found out that when we have a little too much for dinner this tea is the best medicine:)
259674259674B005OTU3HCA1EWEUL4C63UGPMelissa Adams7741318896000Addicted!!I am a lemon sea salt addict! I can't get enough of that flavor. They are all delicious flavors, and well worth the $$.

My only criticism is that you really have to pay close attention to how long you cook it for. I cooked my first bag for 3 minutes, as recommended, listening for the popping to slow down, but it never did and half the bag burned. I've found that 2 minutes and 30 seconds works best in my microwave even though it leaves a considerable amount of un-popped kernels.

Overall a wonderful product that I will continue to indulge in.
259675259675B005OTU3HCA2SG5ZT4RRH3NRJoseh S. Lee "javajoe96"5551318291200Great PopcornThis is some great popcorn. I first got this popcorn through Quinn Popcorn's kickstarter campaign and ever since I tried it I have fallen in love. I am not by any means a healthy organic person but I read their campaign watched the videos and thought it was worth supporting and I am glad I did. This is some of the best microwave popcorn that I have had. The parmesan and Rosemary is my favorite with the Vermont maple second and lemon third. It is amazing thing to know you can take an idea, flesh it out and really create something new and be able to sell it to the world. To know all the details of the organic-ness of the popcorn and stuff like that just go to the website, but for me two cool things are that to bag is compostable and you add the oil and seasonings after you pop the popcorn so you can control if you put all of it on or just some. It is very yummy.
259676259676B005OTU3HCADERMT4EDX3BZBen5551317340800Simply the best!Let me start off by saying that I seldom write reviews for products, even if I think they're terrific. This has more to do with the fact that I generally wait to see which way the wind is blowing before I jump in. Not so with Quinn Popcorn. I was one of the lucky group that happened upon their Kickstarter campaign and I couldn't be happier about it. We received our mixed case about two weeks ago and every time we want a snack we have to weigh the desire for an amazingly tasty treat with our limited supply. Is it really a "popcorn worthy" movie/episode/? Now that it will be available through amazon we will no longer be forced to resort to less tasty or more processed options. I think you probably get the idea by now that we are fans. Let me finish with some actual critique of the product. The flavors are excellent and the preparation is simple. Truly a great product well worth your snack money.
259677259677B005OTU3HCA36GE0DVTSWXB3Michael P Ridley4451317254400New idea with a old product, fantastic popcorn!!!Microwave popcorn, healthy right? Wrong, look at the package feel that glob of Crisco and oils solidified in the bag, that all ends up in you, your arteries, digestive tract etc. I first heard of Quinn on kickstarter, I watched their video and could tell they had a great story, were passionate, and really identified a problem and were doing something about it. I gave to their cause and got the popcorn, I figured if nothing else I was helping out a American startup trying to make it.

I received the popcorn and can tell you just on the packaging alone, with the detail on the box, and the bag, a lot of thought went into it the presentation of their product. They probably took weeks just planning the box and bags trying to create a moment for you. It worked, just like with a cereal box my daughter and I read the box and followed the instruction and made our first batch (maple and sea salt). My daughter mixed up the bag we shook it and ate. It was awesome. Since then I have all flavors and each one was subtle but very pronounced in your mouth. They did a great job of balancing the flavors perfectly. My favorite is the maple sea salt but surprisingly the lemon and sea salt is a very close second, I like the rosemary as well, but I am all out of it, so I need more to be sure...;-)

The negative sort of, we are so used to genetically modified and specially bred corn to yield high results and predictive cooking, we forgot the old days. This popcorn brings me back to the 70's when I was a kid. You really have to watch the corn pop to be sure, you do not burn it. So like any good cook, you need to be involved in the cooking, no bag is the same and while one may take 3 min another bag may take 2 min and 50 sec. The corn is not uniform and you will have more than expected un-popped Kernels, that is the only downfall, sort of.

Yes, it is expensive. However, think about this, they are doing this by hand, you can be part of something new, and it is fresh and healthy. At this point, they can't afford the million doller packaging machines other use to reduce cost. In addition, they are buying direct from a farmer so we pay more, get a superior product and support a multitude of USA families and businesses. I'll pay the premium!
259678259678B005OTU3HCA3OKGTJQEAU4GPCathy Beal4451316822400tasty and healthyI received a box of the Maple & Sea Salt for being a Kickstarter supporter. It is delicious! It made our whole office smell wonderful, and it doesn't have the dangerous chemicals released by regular microwave popcorn.
259679259679B005OTU3HCALF2FN018JLY5Joseph Moore3351318896000This popcorn is greatLike many others, I first noticed Quinn Popcorn on Kickstarter. In fact, it was my first project that I supported.
I am on deployment and just recently got my popcorn in. I had been telling everyone how awesome it was going to be. So when I opened and popped my first bag, I went around sharing it with people, and I can honestly say, no one was disappointed. It was delicious. I have only had the Vermont Maple flavor so far, since it was so good and I know QP is in limited production. I decided it would be best for me to save the rest to share with my family when I get home. It is definitely giving me something to look forward to. A good movie and great popcorn!
259680259680B005OTU3HCA22H8K3Y6OJPVCrodgersn3351318896000Best popcorn idea ever!I think it takes something special to come up with a new concept such as this. Yes, microwave popcorn is not new. But microwave popcorn without all of the terrible chemicals and additives IS! And, adding flavor profiles that you don't see anywhere else is also. I have yet to try the lemon and sea salt (anxiously awaiting the availability of the next batch on amazon), but the maple and sea salt and the rosemary and parmesan are wonderful. It does take some practice to get the cooking time just right in your own microwave, and to also distribute the seasoning evenly throughout the bag. But I think the end result is well worth the effort. And I'm happy to support a start up enterprise such as this one. I hope they keep the popcorn coming!

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