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259711259711B000LKZ9UAA1WKFVJCSW1OW6R. Chan3351211846400Good ProductUnbelievable how few products, even as simple as tomato sauce, have numerous additives included (free of charge). I chose this one because it's minimally processed and nothing much beside tomatoes. Tastes fine as well.
259712259712B000LKZ9UAA233H2J16V56W8Claxon,Bill3351186444800Top of the lineDelicate, sweet and flavorsome ,the Muir Glen products are in a class of their own.Although priced on the high end compared with the supercenters(I suspect because of the shipping weight)these are well worth the cost for the health benefits alone.Hats off to Amazon for making them available online.(request a subscribe & save program)
259713259713B000LKZ9UAA2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.2251216425600perfect for everythingThese tomatoes are perfect for everything. I use them for pasta salads, soup base, pasta sauces, and the list goes on and on. You can put them on top of toasted bread for bruschetta if you want. I have tossed them in scrambled eggs and thrown cheese on top for a quick and yummy omelet. Highly recommend these tomatoes. They are diced and seasoned perfectly. Use subscribe and save for the best deal.
259714259714B000LKZ9UAA1SZ9JOOYD2PAZDavid Hutt0051347926400Perfect for Engine 9 DietIf you are on a heart, choles. lowering diet where you want to eliminate added sugars and oils from anything you eat, Muir Glen products fit that order. Very tasty, good seasoning product to mix into your whole wheat or rice flour pasta.
259715259715B000LKZ9UAAD2QRU9ZXBQZ1Domestic Gnome0051322438400Great tasting, organic tomatoes delivered to the front doorWhat's not to like? Price is at/below local supermarket and Amazon delivers the case right to the door. USe Muir Glen exclusively (esp. since it's available from Amazon). Their foods taste fresh and the addition of the garlic (although quite light) is a nice touch. A winner.
259716259716B000FW0NICA1IFBOKIM9IG62Melissa E. Gaylor5551196467200Lundberg's Original Rice ChipsI'll bet you can't eat just one of Lundberg's Original Rice Chips!!They're delicious,crunchy,and have a wonderful flavor!!
259717259717B000FW0NICAHQHLC9PVQC1BGF in Tempe5551182124800YUMMY!We are Gluten Free, and these are the best chips for salsa that we have found! They hold up great for nachos. Not a super healthy food, as mentioned previously, but boy are they good! My non-GF friends love them too!
259718259718B000FW0NICA2L57CNHZYXMTHIma Crow "Viv"4451199836800best snack ever!these rice chips are far better than any rice chip or cracker I have tried. even the crumbs are good on salad!
definitely something to try if you never have!
259719259719B000FW0NICA1FVJSP3070BNZK. Malone "Keithdude"4441198886400Great chipsIt's a great product. I take them with me to Mexican restaurants, and my friends think I'm a freak. Still, they really like them. While I do have an allergy to corn, there's not enough of it to trigger an allergic reaction (luckily). My friends and others are initially suspicious, but are surprised when they taste them.
259720259720B000FW0NICA1W92PKR9AFLQWmagoo552241254960000delicious gluten free chips have other uses,tooi love these wasabi chips - the only problem is they frequently have more crumbled and broken pieces in the bag than whole chips - i started using them as bread crumbs in veggie patties and salmon patties ... work perfectly and give a nice horseradishy tang!!
259721259721B000FW0NICA2AEGO5RUM8UNMV. Cummings2251235001600Lundberg Honey Dijon Rice Chips are the Best!!!These are the only chips I can eat since I have food allergies to wheat, gluten, milk, soy, etc. That doesn't leave me much to eat and I hated to give up my chips. Then I found these chips and I absolutely love them!!!! I order them by the case (12 bags) and they last me quite awhile.
259722259722B000FW0NICA2SCCCVJ6SSUW0romanysoup2251188604800A Gluten-Free Staple...In some ways it bothers me the way I depend on Lundberg Family Farms products for so much of my daily food...if it weren't for this company this celiac would've starved to death by now!
These chips are absolutely wonderful, fantastic, and delicious!!! They are great on the road. They are a staple of my diet, as there is not much I can safely eat with my "truckload" of food allergies. If I had a complaint, it would be that they don't make the bags in any size larger than 6oz...Frankly 6oz. doesn't go very far for the $. That's why I'm so grateful to be able to get them through Amazon. Otherwise, I'd be much more hungry more often!
259723259723B000FW0NICA2E4ROH3UVXCEJJake1141340582400Wasabi Pretty GoodI liked these chips a lot. Reasonably priced, relatively healthy, and taste pretty good. The chips have great textrue and are quite crunchy. The wasabi flavor is good but a little bit on the mild side (not too surprising since the chip has to appeal to a lot of different palettes). The chips can sometimes be dense and crumbly so they're not always great for dipping. Overall a very unique chip that I will be getting again.
259724259724B000FW0NICA1S9MJXSADQHVKB. Brown1151204848000Love the Crunch!Here's a fresh change from the usual potato and corn chips out there. Flavor is great. They're nice and crunchy. They go well with hummus dip. The only drawback... I tend to eat the whole bag in one sitting! Like `em that much! I can recommend the other flavors too.
259725259725B000FW0NICA1ERS8SSTH5HOPKristine L. Soly "Holistic Cardiologist"1151198886400Delicious!!I am gluten intolerant, so my choice in chips is limited, not to mention that most of the gluten-free chips don't taste that good. These chips are truly delicious. Of course they're not health food, but what chips are? And they're not organic either, but I've never found a chip that is gluten-free and organic that tastes really good. I have to say that I love these chips. I've tried some of the other flavors by the same company, and by far the Sea Salt is my favorite.
259726259726B000FW0NICA3F3PM4EW077X2Lakechick0051348185600YummmI have cut back significantly on my gluten and sugar intake, but still want something good to munch on-these chips fit the bill and have become my everyday go-to snack . They're wonderful!
259727259727B000FW0NICA3NOLMP1TQXXZSAmazon Queen "Amazon Queen"0051346803200Love Love Love...May be an acquired taste for some but these chips are deelish... My husband eats them and he doesn't like "healthy foods" ... It is NOT a low calorie chip, but natural and no wheat and no weird :)
259728259728B000FW0NICA3E7YCQPDTGA8GGUNK GUNK0051343865600RICE CHIPS ARE AMAZINGHoney Dijon and Barbecue Rice Chips are now by far my new favorite snack. They are not only nutritious, but are super delicious.
259729259729B000FW0NICA3TO4PBBOFC36CD Shep0051337644800Best chips everWe'd been looking for great tasting, organic snack chips. After trying these chips, we stopped looking. Chips are absolutely delicious and great with hummus, salsa or just by themselves. We order a case at a time!!
259730259730B000FW0NICA17XZFBVX4QGQHPeggy S. Buckingham0051331769600Yummy!!I REALLY like the taste of these chips!! They are something I crave after having them. Good and salty taste -- The only thing is that there's not enough in a package, but that's okay since I can just grab another one ... that is, if you get a package like me :-)
259731259731B000FW0NICA3R2YHUC9T8YZ7drlab0051329436800Very addictive gluten free chip - please make "subscribe & save" availableThis and Blue Diamond Nut Thins are my 2 favorite rice chips, both having good flavor alone or with cheese or dip. These are cheaper through Amazon in bulk than what I can get locally, but Blue Diamond is cheaper locally, even singly.
259732259732B000FW0NICA2FIYXK97CTS6DB. Clark0051308960000Dee Lish!I love these chips... gluten/wheat free and taste out of this world. Just wish there were more chips per bag.
259733259733B000FW0NICA27ABDYZDJJ5V9T. Stewart0051286236800These are great chips! Try them!These are such good chips! Most rice chips are bland or have bad texture. These chips are crunchy and so tasty--a nice thick chip that is great for thick dips like hummus or peanut butter. We bring a bag to our local mediterranean place to use for hummus instead of pita bread (gluten allergy). Seriously, these chips are great. I buy them buy the case because our whole family loves to snack on them. Subscribe and save makes us save even more. I love lundberg products generally (try their gluten free cous cous), but their rice chips are my favorite.
259734259734B000FW0NICA34EA4K02SAEK3Elizabeth0051282435200SatisfyingA very satisfying snack all by itself, but is also good with your favorite dip or salsa. A slightly nutty flavor, perfectly salted, and a great crunch. You won't be disappointed.
259735259735B000FW0NICA1HPM1F29KHSLJeff0051278720000Best Chips Bar NoneLundberg Rice Chips are the best chip out there bar none! They are lightly salted with sea salt and have better flavor than any chip I have ever tasted. Crunchy crisp texture. Does not leave an oily residue on your fingers like many chips. Everyone who has tried them becomes a fan right away. I order them by the case (12) and cannot keep them in my pantry. Best out there!
259736259736B000FW0NICA1HKBX2L0DV258Dena Leasure0051259625600gluten free rice chipsThese are really good chips! they are thin and crisp and taste so good. Take advantage of this because there are not a lot of really good ones.
259737259737B000FW0NICA2TQBDQ2BATEUPcarzmom0051256688000Chip AddictionYou could suffer from chip addiction after consuming these. One bite and you'll never turn back. They are crispy with just the right amount of salt. Great for gluten-free diets. Simple, pure ingredients are a big plus. Truly a keeper.
259738259738B000FW0NICAWIR8TQZGSVV9Linda Perrey0051252713600Tasty chipsThese are good chips. I like the texture and that they are easier to chew than regular tortilla chips. Especially good with some salsa.
259739259739B000FW0NICA331T1MEPUCBYVSuzanna Davis "suzanna"0051247443200Yummy rice chipsThese are great. I am not fond of the plain sea salt chips but these are definitely worth the calories for a treat. Less fiber than corn chips.
259740259740B000FW0NICA2QJBDP1NRXKX9Linda Davis0051247356800These are addictive!These crackers are delicious-you don't have to be "gluten-free" to enjoy them. Great with salsa or plain. A bag goes quickly!

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