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259751259751B000FW0NICA1EE63V8JKGOX2C. Wallace0051202860800Great Chips, Great Value!I love Lundberg's Rice Chips! I can find them locally, but Amazon's price saves me at least a dollar a bag!! Combine that with the free shipping and it's a deal that cannot be beat

These are great tasting chips, and an excellent alternative for snackers who can't tolerate gluten.
259752259752B000FW0NICA7MC0IMV04I40Amy B. Bryant0051194825600YummyI had been buying this at Whole Foods, by the bag, so I am glad to find a way to make it less expensive. My daughter is avoiding wheat and gluten, and this snack makes her diet seem more "normal."
259741259741B000FW0NICA2MNW63USDP28XJ. F. Tiscareno0051246665600Addictive gluten free wasabi crunchThe chips by themselves have a nice texture and flavor, they're made from a Rice, Corn and Bean mix that gives them a pretty unique taste.

The wasabi flavor on these chips is light enough for people that can't take the heat, but distinctive enough for wasabi lovers.

Personally, I prefer a bolder flavor, but didn't feel particularly disappointed at the punch these chips pack.

I'd recommend every wasabi lover try these, and even people who just want to take a break from "Nacho cheese".
259753259753B000FW0NICA1XCU4E9C96ASJVegan Venus0051179014400Tastiest snack aroundThese are by far my favorite snack food. They also happen to be one of the only Lundberg Rice Chips that are completely vegan. They have the perfect blend of spices and a great crunch without being too spicy. The only problem I find is that they are very high in sodium.
259754259754B000FW0NICAZ4559S8F5J4FGuy Stewart0051177372800Great tasting chipsThese chips are a family favorite, I have a large family and we all love them similar to a healthy version of Doritos. A little more texture and great taste. Highly recommended.
259742259742B000FW0NICA1DGGK6XPRGGJZB. Bates0051245628800Tasty, yet not too saltyI've been looking for a chip that is not too salty or greasy. These rice chips don't have a strong "rice" taste but yet enough flavor. Some flavors are saltier and have more flavor than others.
259755259755B000FW0NICAGE64SY3HP9RVCZ81321209600000Warning - MSGYes they taste great. It is no wonder because they contain MSG in the form of yeast extract. Try Rice Works sea salt (also sold here) - they have only salt, taste even better, and are chea[per
259743259743B000FW0NICAF3JIX7D5EEP0Janice Cook "Tivona-Nature Protector"0051244419200Satisfies my former potato chip cravingsI came across Lundberg Rice Chips at health food stores. But...the price was at least $3.49 a bag and sometimes they wouldn't have the sea salt ones in stock. I was looking for something that is satisfying to eat and does not have as much oil as potato chips. I find the rice chips very hearty. There are other flavors available. I was excited to find that I could get a case through Amazon with free super saver shipping.
259756259756B000FW0NICA1N7EEZDJ13DKUJacob M.0131343001600Decent chip but the flavor wasn't for me.Bought the Fiesta Lime chips and they were decent. The flavor was somewhat bland and I guess I was expecting something that had some spice/kick to it.
259757259757B000FW0NICA331T1MEPUCBYVSuzanna Davis "suzanna"0131247443200seem fattier than corn chipsI am gluten and dairy allergic so I am always looking for variety. These are okay but they seem fattier than corn chips...maybe it is the lower fiber content. I read here that "corn goes straight to your hips". I have never heard that but it seems that a higher fiber content would be valuable. The pico de gallo are much better than these plain ones. I am not going to throw them in the trash but they are not very yummy.
259758259758B000FW0NICA3I9MSJJNIT3WGr51021283558400Migraine Food!Sure they're tasty, but they trigger a migraine in MSG sensitive people.
Also, they contain corn, which also contributes to their tastiness I'm sure,
but seems silly for a "Rice" chip, which is what I thought I was buying to avoid corn.
259759259759B000FW0NICA92QS5XURI359Stanley E. Bradley "Stan B, NY"0251215907200seb@clarityconnect.comThe powdered Acai seems to be effective and easy to use. The price is better than some of the liquid ones. It's easy to sprinkle 0on your cearel or in coffee or juice.
259760259760B000FW0NICA163U47KSJ4LQIRandall "Judge Knot"61311179705600My mistake, but there is some good news.I didn't read the fine mistake. They should have called these Rice/Corn Chips. Corn flour is the third ingredient so they taste more like a corn chip than a rice chip. They also have over four times more fat than a rice crackerSesmark Rice Thins, Brown Rice, 3.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12). Now for the good news. Like many things that are not that good for you, they are really,really...good. Excellent taste and crunch. So if you're not a health nut like me, go for it. They're great!
259761259761B0040WE83OA19AE1V5VUMXWLShin Ogita1131302220800good but not as good as usual earl greyI bought Elmwood decaf earl grey recently in 2011.
I needed to buy decaf and this is the only product I could find on-line.
It is good and better than tea bags, but it does not have much flavor as usual earl grey like Ahmad. This is 3-4 times more expensive than Ahmad's earl grey. With this price, you can probably buy higher quality earl grey. Unless you specially need decaf, you won't buy this. If there are any other products available, I would try. For now, I will still buy this product.
259762259762B003QIBG56ARRX89VB49OJ9Bill Eldridge4451301270400Excellent chipThis chip is not in the same ballpark as Nestle or Hershey and THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT! These are slightly sweeter than the Ghirardelli 60% Cacao bittersweet chip that you will find in the grocery, but for certain recipes work even better. For those who can't tell the difference in these chips and the more standard fare, I would simply say, "Enjoy your box cake and canned frosting).
259763259763B003QIBG56AQMG53GI8G0VEK. Fournier "kirstengrae"3351297123200best choc. chips EVERThe quality of Ghiradelli chocolate is excellent. Unless you go with Scherfen-Berger (spelling) which is triple the cost, you can't do better. The quality is above and beyond Nestle Toll House. Flavor, as well as melting abilities for brownies, cupcakes, cheesecakes,etc. Your chocolate desserts are only as good as the quality of your chocolate! I wish I could find a 3 pound bag like this at the grocery store because that would be a better value--this Amazon price is way too high. I can usually find these chips on sale at Giant for 2/$5 several times a year and I stock up.
259764259764B003QIBG56A12AFHC6S9FA5welby22011276214400fancy double talkdouble chocolate is new cheap version of the old 60% stuff--the good stuff--don't waste your money on this-buy nestle tollhouse--tastes same-probably making for them
259765259765B0006Q98PGA11X4R2NUJAE94Bassman00132251323475200Outstanding!!These are the BEST!!! Linzer Cookies I've ever had! delicious that Scotts Cakes has a lifetime customer here! fresh and tasty that I could not stop eating them...fresh ingredients and excellent price and the Super Fast Shipping makes them a Winner!.......5 Stars definitely.
259766259766B006N3HY48A1J6LTY8RB7IFAPamela Naylor "Library Technician"7851267401600Yum!This one has a little stronger taste than the Twinings green tea K cups, but still, I love both. This is a staple that you'll want as part of your collection!
259767259767B006N3HY48A17H28QQPV5WO9Eladio1981 "Eladio"3351316217600Green tea quick and easyThis is the best green tea I have run across, cause they say we got a drink it, you know? It has a fresh mild taste, but does not have that grassy taste like you're drinking something that was part of your lawn. Therefore you can drink a bunch of these through the day without upsetting your stomach like with coffee. I think the instant hot water makes it taste better than tea bags in the microwave. A box shows up really fast UPS if you have Prime Shipping. Good stuff.
259768259768B006N3HY48AXCUSHA3LQWPLMelissa5651294444800mild taste, a great morning teaThis is my favorite morning tea. I've tried others, but keep coming back to this one. It's also good with a touch of honey.
259769259769B006N3HY48A344LHZC530JDWPrancerDancer2251302912000Best Green Tea EVER!I have tried other green teas but the Bigelow brand is the best. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
259770259770B006N3HY48AI5J0EHZWM547T.D.C.4551303430400K-CupsWe really love our Keurig, and the best place to buy the k-cups are at Amazon. I have purchased the tea, cocoa and the coffee. This is the best price and fastest shipping. The green tea is the only type my husband will drink and Amazon sells the best flavor.
259744259744B000FW0NICA3SRDOABN3BFYUAnthony "Anth Man"0051242259200Healthy, tasty, heck you can tell with every crunchI'm always on the lookout for a good, natrual chip to snack on. Not that I don't love Doritos or cheese curls, but those chemically-boosted flavors tend to overwhelm my palette. Lately I've been investigating the world of natural "junk food". My only nod to the mainstream manufacturers is to stock the Frito Lay corn chips (fritos). They're corn, oil, and salt. And they're tasty.
But I digress...
Lundberg's Nacho Cheese chips are fantastic, certainly keeping my palette interested when I'm in a training routing and have to cut out most complex carbohydrates.
259745259745B000FW0NICABSC9L8749RNONotSo IdleCuriosity0051241049600YUM!!!If I didn't know these chips were constructed from Rice, I'd never have guessed that. So any of you who eschew products that aren't wheat based, try these - they're absolutely habit forming. The other flavours are also excellent. And for those of you who are looking for NO wheat (there is some corn flour used), here's to your snacking happiness!
259746259746B000FW0NICA2FZRR78ZOV2HYJenine Mosher "baxdin"0051230422400Best gluten-free item out there!I don't usually take the extra time to write reviews, but felt I should for this product because these chips are SO good and have been a lifesaver for my family (we're all gluten-free). As a general rule, we just avoid packaged foods, but the kids eat these chips for snack quite frequently, and my husband and I love them, too. They remind me a little bit of Bugles (the corn chip things), only without the nastiness. For those who have corn sensitivities (we do), these have masa corn in them, which our naturopath says is a different thing than regular corn and won't cause problems. Yummy. Only complaint I can think of is that they could pack more into a bag...there's a lot of air. The price on Amazon is significantly less than what we pay for these in the grocery store, so we order them in bulk every few weeks.
259747259747B000FW0NICA1PS122VDBG0ZTJ. ROBERSON0051227916800my kids love them!Great product! My kids love them! They are on the GFCF diet and it's great to find snacks they like to eat!
259748259748B000FW0NICA1Z8OZEWAQPINHIndia K. Young "kinesiology girl"0051227312000Awsome Chips!!Wonderful crunchy chips!! Easy to digest,no msg or any manmade ingrediants that will hurt you......They make great Nachos!!!
259749259749B000FW0NICA1AE7N0WC8USWMMark Gorney0051226620800Yummy yummersThe only chips I can eat the entire bag full and not worry about saturated fat. As another reviewer pointed out, a tad on the salty side but flavorful and highly addictive. Good for your non-wheat eating friends too. Yum.
259750259750B000FW0NICA245A31QDHB2TK. Sweeney0051211846400The best chips ever!My whole family loves these chips! They go so fast, it is great to get them by the case!

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