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259771259771B006N3HY48A1XUSUK54IFXYLB. Webb1151331856000Passed the Russian TestMy wife's parents are Russian and are staying with us for the Summer. They drink these green tea cups everyday and love them. If it passes the Russian test, I say 5 stars! ( They are BIG tea drinkers. )
259772259772B006N3HY48A3QR2J02TXFMIBShopaholic "KD"1151297900800Love this teaSo hard to find this tea in stock but as usual amazon came through. This is my fav green tea.
259773259773B006N3HY48A1AF61I8FN7P9HMarkyMark1151295827200Delicious!I bought these because they won't get green tea at work, only those sample packs with crappy teas.

This is delicious! I highly recommend it!
259774259774B006N3HY48A17JO1N4IBCPHYBeth1151291420800Nice after dinner..We really enjoy this tea after dinner. It is light and soothing. Love the Kuerig and now that I can have my green tea it's even better.
259775259775B006N3HY48AV8BCM6YMV2ESLeroy D. Young5751279411200Green tea BigelowI used to use Bigelows green tea in tea bags. After purchasing a Keurick Kcup machine I finally found their Kcups on Amazon . For me this tea is just right at 12 oz. If I want it a little stronger I just cut back on water. A little squirt of lime juice makes it perfect. I receive my orders from Amazon fast, as I have 2day shipping. I will continue to use Amazon and Bigelow tea in future.
259776259776B006N3HY48A2T67DV4RLSW46Davis Chemical Lab2351304380800This tea is the Bomb dot Com!!!One word: YUM!! I will never drink coffee again. It is subtle, refreshing and benefecial to your health. It tastes great with two packs of sugar or sweet n low and coffee creamer. Green tea is also very beneficial to your health (cancer fighting agents). For the Keurig machine, I recommend doing the small cup- to get all of the flavor. When I chose a medium cup, a lot of the tea seasoning was lost. We go through this stuff like candy in our office YUM YUM YUM :)
259777259777B006N3HY48AWDBSXZJBIBP4Phyllis0051349395200Great green teaMy husband works a high stress job. He comes home at night and instead of a glass of wine, he now has green tea. Naturally his online studies after work have improved and he sleeps better. Thanks. Phyllis
259778259778B006N3HY48A1FWGP881VRGNBShylee5550051344124800Great teaPerfect cup of green tea for every meal. I love green tea And this kind is perfect and handy to have ready when you need it.
259779259779B006N3HY48A15ZRIF77C8TZCr2a20051335398400great teaWonderful tea that is consistent in its great taste. Nice flavor, easy to work with the Keurig brewer. Did have one container that came apart and got jammed in the brewer, but took a little extra effort to remove. Life should be so simple.
259780259780B006N3HY48A11RRVNSELD8WXdlf570051330128000green tea was a great dealThis purchase was a great deal in terms of price and product. Love green tea and it is so healthy for you.
259781259781B006N3HY48A1CS4WITMTNMHYfrank10051329091200deliciousI have been drinking green tea for years, but this product had a lot more flavor. I am enjoying very much. I will order more tea probably in a different flavor, to expand my tastes.
259782259782B006N3HY48A2JNQP8PTHOTDFS. Saylor0041327017600Great Flavor!This green tea has a really nice lite flavor and aroma. It's not overly strong, but that's how I like it.
259783259783B006N3HY48A1MC60YIQSAMGQLawanda L. Strickland0041326931200Great Tasting TeaI love green tea. This brand is delicious i just wish it came in decaf. Still i love the taste of this tea.
259784259784B006N3HY48A3AG8F3IFNSEFNBetsy Larkin0041326499200Green Tea for KeurigGreen Tea for the Keurig is hard to find so this works out well. Arrived on time and with 2 packs, it should last a while.
259785259785B006N3HY48A10WMDZYAVQQ2Iwhitedaisy0021323129600I love the smell of hay in a barn, but....I do not like to sip it. Maybe I received a poor batch of tea, but I found this to have too much of a straw/hay taste to suit me. My favorite green teas have more of a vegetal taste. I guess I will try Celestial Seasonings' version next. I wish more companies would make tea in K-cups....Tazo China Green Tips would be nice!
259786259786B006N3HY48ARQL9N93HFSQDworkout diva0051318723200Great TeaThis is my favorite Green Tea. It has just the right strength when brewed on the biggest cup. This particular tea has no after taste.
259787259787B006N3HY48AX73XK4NXDD0Gthequickad1231284508800not the best green tea, but better than LiptonI am a fairly sophisticated tea drinker and I prefer good Taiwanese green tea (which is 100 times better than tea from China). This particular k-cup is o.k. but it is more of a Japanese green tea like flavor (darker green). If you like a good cup of Japanese tea then this is o.k. I have not found any good k-cup green tea but again even these are much better than Lipton.
259788259788B006N3HY48AJQ9PW5QFPX02Dakota Dees1251278806400MMMMMmmmmm GoodNot a connoisseur.....Just know what I like....I drink this tea just like I drink my coffee...straight up. Brew and go....Very Good !!
259789259789B006N3HY48A30WPXO5NXEREWDr. Albert Alba2531319846400Is the cost justified????I have been using the Bigelow Green Tea Bags with my Keurig machine. Bigelow Green Tea Bags provide great taste. And when you buy in quanity with the subscribe and save option the cost is a fraction of the cost for the Bigelow Green Tea K-Cups. I use the Keurig machine solely to get the hot water to brew the tea. I have not tried the K-Cup Bigelow Green Tea, but I am wondering if the taste using the K-Cups justifies the much greater cost? I am giving a 3 rating since I do not think the cost would be justifed to use the K-Cups in comparison the the Bigelow Green Tea Bags. I welcome feedback from individuals who have tried the Bigelow Green Tea and the Bigelow Green Tea K-Cups.
Please read my updated comment. I tried the K-Cup Variety and found no difference in taste between the K-Cup and tea bag variety.
259790259790B000UVK9EGA2B2NMXEKANZ9VAnnette Barnes "Tea and Tomer"3351257206400Lovely- great productI love this product! The Amaretto flavor is yummy and gluten free which is an issue for me. I use it in my coffee and even have adapted an amaretto low fat cheesecake recipe which always gets lots of compliments.

I'm looking forward to baking with it for the holidays.

It comes well packed and has been additionally sealed with scotch tape around the neck to avoid leakage, as well as the foil seal on the inside.

If you love the amaretto taste and want to avoid using the liqueur, this is definitely an option.
259791259791B000UVK9EGAB989G7LPGNF1Sojourner "a creative consumer"2241271980800Agave nectarThe Amaretto Flavor is spectacular, however, the hazelnut tastes artificial. I would NOT recommend buying the two together b/c now i am stuck with 6 nectars i will only use if i am down to nothing. I recommend TRYING the hazelnut first. Who knows--you may like it as well as the amaretto. By the way, mixing the amaretto with ground flax seed is way fun and absolutely delicious!
259792259792B000UVK9EGA1KSW1ESQK8EBXLady Jane2251254528000Wonderfull Product !!I absolutly love the flavor of this amaretto sweetener. I love my coffee and this makes it special. I am trying a new flavor today, can't wait to get it delivered. I know it will be good also.
259793259793B000UVK9EGA17KNP1347GV5DJinna2251253059200Wonderful Organic Flavoring & SweetenerI love the Madhava flavored Agave nectar. I am especially pleased with the maple flavor and give it to my son with his pancakes. It doesn't jack up the blood sugar the way maple syrup does and it's significantly less expensive. For adults, they are a great way to spice up coffee and they also are great on ice cream. Love 'em!
259794259794B000UVK9EGA2EW5HKLL0HUS1Jim Murphy2251243382400Excellent natural sweetnerThis is an excellent natural sweetner & has no chemicals. It does not affect your sugar level if you are diabetic. Highly recommend.
259795259795B000UVK9EGA20QI8LOLQKJINDana L. Parker "Nitemoon"1151299974400Great productI am saving a fortune by making my lattes at home. I feel so much better using Agave to flavor my coffee instead of all those super sugary flavored syrups. If you haven't tried agave, you are really missing out.
259796259796B000UVK9EGA32VE9U6D7690Pnwmama0051334534400yum!I'm trying to reduce sugar consumption, but I love sweetened coffee, particularly almond-flavored. I'm thrilled that this product exists, and we're keeping the house stocked!
259797259797B000UVK9EGA2NLLD4KZ9465SCarol0051323043200Its great but I prefer HazelnutIt's great but I prefer Hazelnut though. Great product, its just my taste. Very sweet so a little goes a long way. Worth it!!
259798259798B005MJAWCUA1QP7KX8ANVI00Sandra Reece0051331251200Great taste!!I really love this pesto. It has a very fresh tomato/basil taste and is just great to spice up my food.
259799259799B0002ASLQSA7CJM6FYSWQOXM. Kirby4451245369600Nice, Durable Bones!I have always liked Nylabones. We have bigger dogs that chew through raw-hide bones in a matter of minutes. These are great because they last for months even with big dogs. As long as we have a few of these around our dogs never chew up things they aren't supposed to.
259800259800B0002ASLQSA1SFKK0DIH2JKQBarbara5611275264000Pet Owners Use Caution!We have two smaller dogs, 13 and 14 pounds. They both loved to chew on these bones. They would chew for hours--until there was nothing left! Then one day one of them got sick. Within 36 hours he was gone! We are devastated! A piece of nylabone broke off and lodged in his intestine. It did not show up on X-Rays since it is a plastic substance. Always supervise your pet with their toys. You never know when something like this can happen. We have found that this is not an isolated occurrence. You can read other stories at this site: [...]

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