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259831259831B000CMD64SA2RNUPVSNW1ZXXHeather Walton5551212796800The best Yogi green teaI have really been into Yogi tea and trying them all! I have all the green teas and after a month of testing them I conclude that this one tastes the best. Most say the Simply Green tastes the best but to me it was far too boring. I got used to all the special herbs and natural flavors and the Simply Green had none added. This one tastes great like a slight peachy lemon natural flavor. I do not like the artifical flavors at all nor do I like the artifical sweet taste added by too much stevia leaf. This tea is the perfect green tea flavor.

The Super Anti-Oxidant variety of tea tastes good except for the licorice. The licorice is okay in the bedtime and calming teas but does not taste right in green tea. The Kombusha tea is also great but it has a berry taste, which is good and natural, but I prefer the lemon flavor of this tea. The Slim Life tea is also very good but it does have a blueberry flavor to it, but it is worlds better then the Fasting tea, which tastes the worst of all the Yogi teas. I just love the Yogi tea positive messages don't you?

Wise quotes from Yogi Tea by Yogi Bhajan

"The universe is the stage on which you dance, guided by your heart."

"The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment."

"Delight the world with compassion, kindness and grace."

"Laugh because that is your purpose in life."

Happiness is every human beings birthright."

"Be happy so long as breath is in you."

"Real happiness lies in that which never comes nor goes, but simply is."

"Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light."

"Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give."

"Practice kindness, mercy and forgiveness."

"Bliss cannot be disturbed by gain or loss."

"Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy."

"There is no love without compassion."

"Appreciate yourself and honor your soul." "Love your soul."

"Grace brings trust, appreciation, love and compassion."

"Be proud of who you are."

"There is nothing more precious than the self."

"Love is where compassion prevails and kindness rules."

"An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities."

"Recognize that the other is you."

"Life is a flow of love; your participation is requested."

"Where there is love there is no question."

"Your greatest strength is love."

"The best way to live is to be, simply be."

"When you know that all is light, you are enlightened."

"Your head must bow to your heart."

"Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything."

"All that is needed is surrender and gratitude."

"To be calm is the highest achievement of the self."

"May this day bring you peace, tranquility and harmony."

"Old age needs wisdom and grace."

"Understanding is found through compassion."

"Love, compassion and kindness are anchors in life."

"Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness."

"Gratitude is the open door to abundance."

"Let love elevate your self to excellence."

"Uplift everybody and uplift yourself."

"The art of happiness is to serve."

"The body is a temple. Take care of it."

"Truth is everlasting."

"To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach."
259832259832B000CMD64SA237GT83V3O9JNBradley L. Getz "dealfinder"2251244332800best tea i've ever drunkMy wife and I both love this tea. We each have anywhere from one to three cups an evening and have done for years. The tea tastes wonderful (with none of the barn floor flavor of some green teas). It's chockablock with antioxidant and anticancer ingredients. Best of all you just plain feel better after a cup of this stuff. I'm not sure what the action is, but it settles my stomach, gives me a feeling of well-being and energizes me. Try it, you'll like it.
259833259833B000CMD64SA28QTVEFQX6Y9XAnnette2251216339200Yummy with a hint of peachTaste great with a slight hint of peach. I dont usually like peach flavored things, but even I liked that. i accidentally let it steep for like 20 min once and it got a little bitter, but it's still delicate if you leave the bag in for up to 10 min.
259834259834B000CMD64SAHMICPPTBEX7TT.L.3451172016000Great tea!No complaints on this one at all - very mild and easy to drink!
259835259835B000CMD64SA1H8RZGT0Q0W6Ngreenlover0051313193600i love this teathis is one of my favorite green teas. i used to buy it at the grocery store all the time but then they didnt have it for the longest time. its so delicious!
259836259836B000CMD64SA1ILQ64HSOVT9QUpstate NY yogurt maker0051310774400A really nice cup of green teaThis makes a really nice, smooth, refreshing, pleasant cup of tea. When I really need rejuvenating, I still reach for the coffee. But when I want a quiet moment with a nice cup, this fills the bill very well

If I ever do decide to give up coffee, I'll be reaching for this a lot. It's not a coffee substitute, but it is refreshing and fills the need for a break and a quick recharge.

A very nice tea.
259837259837B000CMD64SAJQS35BZ2GMU4L. Knight0051296259200Tasty!This is just another in a long line of terrific yogi teas. I usually keep a teapot full of this tea and add it to my (orange juice based) smoothie in the morning - it adds a nice hint of mint.

I recently read that adding a citrus juice to green tea multiplies the benefits of the antioxidants in the tea - this tea goes very well with orange juice.
259838259838B000CMD64SA3VSDWV46MA9W4cheryl cantwell "libertyo"0051287360000Refreshing Green TeaI wasn't so sure I would like the spearmint when I ordered this - BUT, I'm happy to say I've grown quite fond of it. I thoroughly enjoy my afternoon pick-me-up at work. This refreshing green tea has replaced my pm coffee break with about a third of the caffeine. Just right.
259839259839B000CMD64SA2PQSEMXEU2SZ1Miss Kola0051268006400greater version of togi's kombucha teaThis tea is delicious. I had liked the "Kombucha" yogi makes, and this is very similar, but better. It still has kombucha, but the mint flavor is just a tad stronger, which makes it taste more refreshing. The tea wakes up my brain and helps me study, and is the perfect cure for the morning after a long night out. The little bit of caffeine also helps me stay awake at work -- I drink about 3 throughout each day. Highly recommended!
259840259840B000CMD64SAINMG64N0CBEGOz0051241913600light and deliciousThis tea is my new alternative after Jasmine green tea.
It is so smooth and light. Ican drink it anytime.
259841259841B000KKAA82A2NSZV0A3VS6KXA. Dickinson1151262736000Best Chocolate Rum Cake Ever!!I recently received one of these cakes as a gift. Normally, I am very skeptical of cakes because I have a friend that makes the best cakes in town. However, my first piece of Wicked Jack's Tavern Chocolate Rum Cake was pure bliss!! It's perfect! There is no frosting/glaze, just the right amount of rum; it's moist and melts in your mouth. :) I'm requesting this for my next birthday. Good job to the team at WJT!!
259842259842B000KKAA82A1VOPCUTHT01P9Julia Brown0041349913600the cake was really good but not what i was looking for!The cake was nice and tasty, but that's not what i was looking for, anyone from Jamaica knows what the real Jamaican rum cake taste like, but like i said, it was good.
259843259843B000KKAA82A36MMO4KIQYAQFPatricia Burton "historical bookster"0021290297600Not so good this timeI have ordered Wicked Jack Rum Cakes in the past from Amazon and they were delicious. However, last week I received a pack of 6 mini rum cakes and a chocolate 16 oz. cake. And they all are dry and a bit hard. I think they have been on the shelf too long. I will never order again and take the chance. I had to discard most of the cakes.
259845259845B002GWME4AA25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet0051346457600A very delightful decafI've been drinking Coffee Bean Direct coffees for years and have yet to be disappointed. My favorite decaf from them has always been their Columbian decaf. Well, I now have a new favorite.

This is a blend of medium and dark roasted decaf beans. I'm certain that one of the beans is the Columbian decaf, since I've drunk enough of that to recognize it. I'm pretty sure they added their decaf Sumatra, and I'd guess that there's also some dark Guatemalan in the blend. But regardless of the specific varieties, the end result is a smooth, rich cup.

The beans are mostly dark roasted - I'd guess the ratio of medium to dark is about 70% dark, 30% medium roasted beans. But despite the emphasis on the darker roasts, you don't get the harsh, burnt flavor that is often present in really dark roasts. The darker roasts add depth, but the medium roasted beans keep it mellow.

It's a very versatile bean with regard to brewing methods. I was very pleased with it as a pour over, and it also did quite well in a French press. The French press mellowed out the sharper notes but retained the richness. Brewing it in a moka pot also turned out better than I expected given the preponderance of darker beans (I tend to prefer medium roasts for moka brews). My success with a moka pot made me try it as espresso with mixed results. It was just OK as a straight shot, but was very tasty as an Americano. I expect it would be good as well as a latte (I'm not a milk drinker, so I can't say for sure).

If you're looking for a good decaf, this is a great one to try. If you're unsure if you will like it, you can get a small trial bag from Coffee Bean Direct to try it out before you spring for a 5 pound bag. Amazon is the best place to get the 5 pounders since they usually are priced below getting it from CBD. You can also get a great price if you can find it on the Amazon Warehouse.
259846259846B002GWME4AA3S98I1UBLEGBADC "DC from CT"0051341360000Whole bean coffee from AmazonThis is one of 6 coffee beans that we buy from Amazon (3 decaf and 3 reg). I blend the 3 together to make the BEST flavored coffee. The price works for me and having freshly ground coffee everyday is awesome.
259847259847B0048ZBWOQAL7R5LO0AUGKQM. "-- M."0051316736000Very pleasedThis food is a hit!

The cat likes it because it's got chunks of shredded meat in gravy. He won't eat ground or pate-style foods, so the shredded meat in this one is a winner.

I like it because, for one thing, it's grain-free. To my mind, if you could only pick one quality to shop for, grain-free would be it; carbohydrates - and particularly grains! - are not good for cats. It's very high in protein, which *is* good for cats. It contains pumpkin, and while that is a carbohydrate, it's supposed to be good for their tummies. I'm also pleased that it contains duck meat, since I like to rotate my cat's protein sources to take advantage of their differing nutritional profiles. And finally, it's got plenty of gravy to help my cat stay hydrated; cats are built to take in much of their fluid from their food sources, so feeding dry food exclusively can dehydrate them (and possibly lead to urinary crystals).

True, it's expensive. Even for higher-end cat foods, it's expensive. But if you'd ever had a cat develop diabetes because of an improper diet (i.e. dry foods high in carbs and too low in animal-based proteins) - or any other condition brought on by a poor diet - you'd agree that a little expense up front is way cheaper in the long run than treating the health condition. The fact that I'm still giving it five stars should tell you something. Not that I don't recommend shopping around for deals!)

Give this food a shot. It's a very healthful choice.
259848259848B002KLTB84AKPH2DEBCY830Gofastgo "Gofastgo"0051322438400Great tasting EVOO!One of my very favorites. Fruity and pungent too. Big taste, lovely for salads or dipping. I would recommend this oil to anyone, and have sent it for gifts too.
259849259849B002KLTB84A3JDYUTXJOZ7DJChris0051316908800The best olive oilI read in Cook's Illustrated that after exhaustive research, they concluded that Columela Extra Virgin olive oil was the best at any price. Having purchased olive oil from many places in the past, it was a challenge to find this one. Fortunately, Amazon is the "go to" source (like Google) for hard to find things. The purchasing process was easy and the olive oil arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Now, on to the recipes!
259850259850B002KLTB84A38Q3W3IU077QYSparky K0051310601600Columela Spanish Olive Oil is wonderfulThis olive oil from Spain is delightful. Full of flavor and yet light it is a wonderful addition to salads or any other foods that require a light drizzling of oil. We found this oil in the Cooks Illustated magazine review section and have been using it ever since. We have also given it to friedns and family for gifts and they love it as much as we do. This olive oil is magnifico!
259851259851B0042TVRXYA28MWP2KIKVK4KStar2251336176000THERE'S MORE TO IT THAN GOOD CANDYThe actual candy is good, equally important they ship fast, and the customer service is absolutely PRIMO. They have done unusual and friendly things for me without me even asking, just because it felt right to them. Now THAT's service
259852259852B0042TVRXYAP7X9NM8MBE28George Moniker "George Moniker"1151325808000We love it!This candy is loved by everyone we share it with. I am hoping to buy more, but the vendor is out of stock. Hope they get some in soon.
259853259853B0042TVRXYAM90L7TB3TL0PLinda F. Rose0051345680000brazilian coffee candyLove the coffee taste. Good product to get a little jolt and taste of Brazilian coffee. No need to brew a cup. Just unwrap and enjoy. YUM!
259854259854B00668KAP0A199ECYLE4BV87J3311337731200Not what I orderedThe loaf sent was loaded with sesame seeds and no where in the descrption or photo was any sign of the seeds.
259855259855B001AG6BTWAKHBOKDYL5QKLinsecta rebecca "*< :)"1141304208000Great product, expensive shipping, and excessive packagingI love this tea and pretty much drink it all day long! It has a delicious, rich, smoky flavor to it that I love. I also love that I can drink several pots of it and not get tweaked out by all of the caffeine.

I was less pleased with the shipping cost and the excessive packaging that was used to ship the item. I only ordered one bag and the shipping was nearly as expensive as the product. The single bag of tea was shipped in a box that could have held 5-7 bags. I would have been happy if it had been shipped in an manila envelope.
259856259856B001AG6BTWADOKAN02E1LSIEmily's Mom0051322438400Good tea.My order was received super-fast! If you like loose tea (which can be difficult to deal with), this is a great choice.
259857259857B00578OAHOAV6QDP8Q0ONK4Michael Ledo1131350259200MAKES FOR A COLORFUL RUG.I managed to get a bag rather inexpensively at a flea market cat food scratch and dent sale. Since my cats are rescued feral cats, they eat what is on sale. They did tear into the food as soon as it hit the dish and seemed to enjoy it. In fact they enjoyed it so much, they threw it up all over my carpet so they could go eat some more. Next week they will be getting something else. They seem to like Iams, which was granny's favorite.
259858259858B001KWVJG6AR7NQ4SR4MHALR. Pincus7841258934400Decent pre-made start to Pad ThaiIf you are interested in getting this sauce to make pad thai at home without devoting nearly an hour to gathering and prepping the ingredients, this sauce is an excellent choice. However, please understand (I think some of the other reviewers didn't) that unlike most pre-packaged and processed foods, this one is devoid of ANY salt. You will have to add salt or fish sauce to give it any type of flavor. I don't see this as a negative, since I can now control the amount of salt my family eats when I use this sauce. It does also need lime and I liked adding Huey Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (28oz). If you view this product as a base to making a decent pad thai instead of a complete sauce to take anything resembling cooking out of your hands, you should be pretty satisfied with it.
259859259859B001KWVJG6A20O4LXU2BS57MAtomgirl "Mom on a mission"4441264291200Easy and Quick Start for Pad ThaiIf you're short on time, this is a winner. There is absolutely no salt in this sauce and it's not spicy at all (which is good for most kids/families). Add your own and you'll be happy. Also Gluten-free!
259860259860B001KWVJG6A1J3PYZKURDVF6Melissa "Mel"3331250294400Okay in a pinch, but not the bestI purchased this sauce several weeks ago from a local store when I wasn't prepared to venture into making pad thai sauce from scratch.

Unfortunately, it just barely passes. It is not nearly as salty, sour, or hot as the sauce should be, and if I had fish sauce I probably would have added two or three tablespoons more. I was hoping that this would be a convenient find, but I was disappointed.

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