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259891259891B004YQ8GCAAA2I2ZADPED2R3Bs-BBQ0051305676800very good rubtried some drapers rub last week it has good flavor with a little heat I recommend you try a bottle good stuff thanks Shane
259892259892B00122E74AA1QZSL9SFSH73AD. Staats1151259971200A Great TeaI recently purchased a 6 box carton of Pickwick Black Tea with Peach from Amzaon. My wife and I had this tea some time ago in a restaurant and found it to be excellent. We like black tea and the hint of peach flavor made this a perfect drink for us. We could not find it in any stores, but saw it was available at Amazon. A son and daughter both tried the tea and ended up with two of our boxes. We will be buying more because this is our tea of choice. Excellent Flavor!!
259893259893B00122E74AA17QN1N35AK7XPSophia0051327968000The only tea i want to drink everydayThis was the tea i only had access to in my university dining area. I'm glad it was; it been almost 3 year ago when i first trued it and every day after it it the only black tea i ever drink daily. Try drinking other brand when i couldn't get acces to it anymore and felt that the other tea didn't compared and black tea doesn't tase as good as it use to. Until i found it on amazon, now it continue to be my daily tea, and only black tea i ever drink everyday. I only drink other tea brand (and type) when needed or if i don't have any of this tea. It give you a rich black tea flavor and a good sense of peach; not to strong but not too mild either. Really great, love it and will continue to love it!
259894259894B00122E74AAM4KXWAASQ2J2Faye0051326240000Pickwick Black Tea is the bestI tasted Pickwick tea probably 12 years ago at the cafeteria in a hospital where I used to work in Youngstown, Oh.
I took some home to my husband and he and I both just love this tea. I've tasted several other peach flavored brands, but
I still think Pickwick is the best! WE could never find it anywhere locally, so we went online to the main company and
ordered it, which was a bit pricey. But now I decided to go to Amazon and look for it and they had it and cheaper.
Pickwick has good teas!!
259895259895B00122E74AA2KV9LODTUQNSUR. Yee0051318723200Pickwick Peach TeaI have been searching for the perfect peach tea; I do not have to look any farther than Pickwick's Peach Tea. The peach flavor is not too heavy, it is just right.
259896259896B00122E74AAEZ3JKIUDONR6T. Porrata0041290988800Good peach tea!I was pleased to find a peach tea that I like a lot. Better price than the only one I like better. Good flavor.
259897259897B00122E74AA3CWPQ26IU4398Susan Kercher0051290902400Great tea, Great price!Amazon has the best price on the Pickwick Teas that I have found. I don't even price check anymore! And, of course the tea is good!
259898259898B00122E74AA3QA70DZKUTUSVQing Wang0051280188800absolutely love it!!!!my favorite tea~ I love the peach flavor like forever and this one is natural
259899259899B00122E74AA23BHH75ZKG0GXValeria0051244246400My Favorite TeaPickwick is my favorite tea. Not only it has good taste but it has a rich red color. I like black peach tea for a lifetime. And it's very much likely that I will buy it again.
259900259900B003P9WU74A19MEOH9RR7IFSnone9951306886400Maine Coon FoodWe are long term (10 years) users of Royal Canin Maine Coon food, MC-31. It has worked very well in providing a balanced meal high in all required vitamins plus Omega 3, 6, and 9. The large kibble keeps our cats from requiring periodic dental cleanings. Our present pair of Maine Coons have NEVER required a dental cleaning in 8 years.
The only problem we have had with this product is the size of the bag. It is too small. Maine Coons are BIG eaters, a 6 pound bag doesn't last long ( 1 week) with 2 full grown Maine Coons. Royal Canin did pack the food in a 20(?) pound bag some time ago, but discontinued that size because of complaints of lack of "freshness". How could a Mylar bag packed product be "unfresh"? Whose opinion of lack of freshness was it, the Owner?, the retailer? the Cat? or the manufacturer?
What do breeders of Maine Coons do? They do NOT buy $25 bags of 6 pounds of kibble. They seek out competitive equivalents to feed their cats, use MC-31 sparingly, but advise their customers of what is the best and what is reasonable to feed these big guys.
A vet tech suggested Amazon as the most reasonably priced source of Royal Canin MC-31. Royal Canin should reconsider this marketing decision to sell little bags of food for the biggest breed of cat in the country!
259901259901B003P9WU74A24W84S0GVH4INCathryn A. Shea5551289433600Big girl is happy!I have gone through many brands of cat food for my Maine Coon mix female. She's about five years old now. I discovered this food first at a boutique type pet store... I was looking for our regular Eukanuba brand. This fancy place only had some pricey food, including Royal Canin, which I was not familiar with. I bought it anyway since I had never seen food especially for the Maine Coon breed. Well, our cat Vita loved it. She can't just scarf this food down and then throw up like she does with other food! She eats it properly and, amazingly, does not leave food in the dish. Her favorite trick is to always leave food behind and then complain that it's stale. For instance, with the Paul Newman food, she eats a few bites and then walks away. Then she comes back and camps out by her dish waiting for a few more "fresh" morsels. When I give her Iams, she gobbles her food like a little demon. Then I go to work or do some chores and voila, I find a pile of thrown-up kibble on the carpet. Of course, I try giving her small doses of kibble... boy, does this cat eat a lot. She is very healthy though and not too fat. The main point of my review is: so far Royal Canin Maine Coon 31 Formula is proving to be the right food for this big girl.

Other important points: The price through Amazon is much better than through the pet store. The convenience of finding it online versus not knowing where the heck it might be stocked is wonderful. The most surprising thing was shipping was super fast. I ordered on Saturday night and got it Monday afternoon. How did they do that? I've never experienced such fast FREE shipping with Amazon. Also, I paid no extra sales tax. I really hope to keep this up and have the same experience. You can't beat this.
259902259902B003P9WU74A38SBQTRQCJ1J3Katlady "Katlady"3351306713600Main Coon 31 FormulaAfter having moved to where there is no PetsMart in the state, we are SO GRATEFUL to be able to get this food from Amazon for our two Coon boys! They LOVE it, they look beautiful, and have had improvements in their digestion, as they have continued to eat it. Our female Calico needs to have it pulled away from her (other than for treats), so that she doesn't wipe it out and leave the Coons without any for themselves.
259903259903B003P9WU74A15C44I59BHX5SHuntress3351302307200Maine Coon Cat FoodWe used to feed another brand of food and it was not unusual to find throw up around the house. We have 2 M.C. cats and a house tabby. I thought it was the tabby throwing up all the time. Then we switched to Royal Canin 31 specially formulated for them. THEY LOVE IT! They quit throwing up uneaten cat food and the tabby loves it too. It's a bigger kibble specially formulated for their mouth size and design. I highly recommend any M.C. Royal Canin dry cat food.
259904259904B003P9WU74A1A4IOLZBXOZ5Bknittsky3351290729600Great for all of my catsWe have one Maine Coon and two other, shorter-haired cats. This food is the only food that prevents our MC from gulping down her food so quickly that she gets sick later. The kibble size forces her to chew her food- a definite win. But best of all, all of our cats love this food. And their coats seem so much softer now. Wish that it came in larger bags but I'm glad that Amazon carries the 6-pound bags.
259905259905B003P9WU74AUB6VFS1FUNKWmarktwain3351287446400dry cat foodMy cats love this dry cat food, And thats 5 cats! I used to buy it at Pet Smart, but I got the best deal here with free shipping.
259906259906B003P9WU74A1QH5YMTLZUB71Elizabeth Burchfield3351286928000Good StuffMy breeder recommended Royal Canin #31 for my Maine Coon Cat Benjamin. I was surprised at the size of the kibble, but after all, these are big kitties. Best of all my older rescue cat with chronic bladder problems can eat it with no problems so I don't have to feed two different foods. They both love it and are thriving on it. It was difficult finding it in many of the pet stores and it was not cheap. Amazon had the best price and with free shipping, I'm saving money!
259907259907B003P9WU74A3DG144UALEOJXHopelessly Caffeinated in Phoenix2251314230400Well-Balanced and EnticingI have a very finicky cat, who doesn't tend to eat most foods. The few that I've found that he would eat, he lost interest in after a few days. Additionally, his coat was getting a dull look to it and had lost much of the softness that is so characteristic of his breed. I started feeding him Royal Canin's main coon formula (which is his breed, of course) and haven't looked back since. He has been on this diet for now 2 years and hasn't turned his nose up at it once. The food obviously appeals to him immensely; where before he seemed to eat only as a necessity, he looks forward to it every time I open up the canister to get him another scoop. His coat has turned down-right lustrous, too. Perhaps the most delightful side effect is his litter box. Because the food is so well-balanced for his breed's digestive needs, his is using the litter box much less, with barely any accompanying odor. This stuff is great - I will never switch him to another product again.
259908259908B003P9WU74ANWOUS25ANEP9Alicja K. Lanfear2251300320000Maine Coon Mix ApprovedThis cat food is the favorite of our Maine Coon Mix. She even prefers this over her treats :)
We've noticed a big difference in her coat, and she has plenty of energy.
Would recommend to anyone with a Maine Coon or Maine Coon Mix, and the price for it here on Amazon is amazing!
259909259909B003P9WU74A3A3HEWF23SX1DArizona Grandma2251297900800Perfect Cat Food for the Maine Coon CatThis cat food is the perfect size kibble for the Maine Coon Cat. At first I was feeding my Maine Coon regular cat food and she was throwing up the food whole. I read that Maine Coon cats need a larger kibble or they can have trouble chewing and SURE ENOUGH after introducing this food my sweet Maine Coon is chewing properly and does not throw up her food anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also she loves the taste as does my Tabby cat. She is a much happier cat now that she keeps her food down and gets proper nourishment. I am so happy to have found this food.
259910259910B003P9WU74A136CJ1JUMMB35B. Meyer "Queen of Plastic"1151327795200Great for Maine CoonsTalk about a wonderful product! Our Maine Coon loves the stuff. It's his favorite food. We were feeding him other high quality food, but it gave him stinky poo. Switching over to Royal Canin's Maine Coon 31 helped get rid of the stink. We don't smell stinky poo anymore. He chews his food now instead of swallowing the other food whole. This food is better for his teeth too as he has to crunch into the stuff. Royal Canin please make larger bags of the stuff.
259911259911B003P9WU74AOOQ9D3RSXSARredhotspitfire "redhotspitfire"1151325894400George Cooney Loves This Cat FoodI am so glad I bought this cat food, for my Maine Coon, because he was eating me out of house and home. The larger kibble, slows his eating down and lasts longer than the special stomach cat food I have to buy for my Ragdoll Cat. I also have found that it is cheaper for me to purchase it through Amazon than the local pet stores.
259912259912B003P9WU74A15XU6FKQYW0YIsewbeachy1151314057600great stuffThis brand of cat food came highly recommended. We have our baby, "Mr. Bear" who is full blooded Maine Coon. He is 13 months old and weighs 22 lbs. We kept him on his kitten food by recommendation of his Dr. and breeders until he was 1 yr old. When he was 11 months old we started giving him this as a treat to get his system use to it. When we ran out of the kitten food, he was already use to this food and he loves it! It is bigger pieces so he has to chew it which helps his dental health and his tummy. This a great food for him and you WON'T beat this price.
259913259913B003P9WU74A225GHHXIBR1AVin service to the worlds1151288483200The BEST EVER for my gentle giants!Several years ago my first Maine Coon cat found me. It's true what is said about these cats - you can't have just one! Now I have three ^..^ My first MC came to me with a gum infection and lots of dental plaque at only 9 months of age. This was when I discovered Royal Canin cat food specifically designed for large breed cats with larger muzzle and jaws. They eat food differently than smaller cats and need the large kibble to slow ingestion and encourage thorough chewing. Now everyone has clean teeth and we've never had another dental bill. The extra ingredients for joint support (glucosamine) and coat (salmon oil) are wonderful, and my cats are thriving on this dry formula. I also feed a partial raw diet and always offer plenty of kitty greens.

All large cats can benefit from this formula: Norwegian Forest Cats, MC mix and any cat with a large muzzle and dental problems. Thank you, Royal Canin and Amazon for bringing this to us at a great price. Note to Amazon: would be great to have this in the frequent flyer auto-ship option.
259914259914B003P9WU74AMYNQXH6171PNMarvelle VanKampen2351308355200The bestThis is the best for my Maine Coon breed cat. Makes his coat nice and shiny and he he eats it readily. I leave his bowl with food all day long and he grazes whenever he wants. In another room I have a bowl of a different brand to graze on when he needs a change of pace. I only have one cat and he isn't an over-eater.
259915259915B003P9WU74A21ZP6L3Y2AQQYMooseboo0051348012800Moose loves itIf you have large breed cats this is the one for them, large kibble makes them chew the food, great for teeth and digestion.
usually received in 1 business day, but this time took longer than expected:(
259916259916B003P9WU74A11T14HHB69QZBM. Child "noknees"0051346803200Maine Coon Cat Food by Royal CaninThe Maine coon cat food is the best there is for my cats. Amazon delivers as promised. I only wiah it came in a larger size bag. The large kibble protects the larger jaww and teeth of the Maine Coon.Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Maine Coon 31 Formula Dry Cat Food
259917259917B003P9WU74APTBVGMJBY1JMAida P.0051346284800Our picky cat likes this foodIf you have got a fussy male cat who will turn their nose up at most brands, give this a go. We have two, (the older one thinks he's a food connoisseur) and they both love it.
259918259918B003P9WU74ARQ5PTIUGUXVOjessrubia "jessrubia"0051344729600By far the best way to go for a large catI've owned Maine Coons and larger mixed breeds for many years, and Royal Canin is by far the most reliable food out there. My current big guy has FIV, so keeping him healthy is even more important. He has a tendency to wolf smaller kibble down so fast he will throw up because none of it gets chewed. That has never been a problem with this food. He absolutely loves it. His coat has been in excellent condition, as have all of the cats I've fed this to. He's middle-aged and has never had any dental problems, and is generally free of any need to go to the vet--even with the FIV. I happily pay a little extra to feed my cats this great food, knowing this keeps them healthy and happy.
259919259919B003P9WU74A2D6AOPEWR5Q31M. E. Meyers "BrokerGM"0051340496000Best Cat Food for Large Breed CatsRagdolls and Maine Coons love it, I have yet to offer this food and get the typical cat response, which is to turn and walk away from new food. They all seem to love it !!! AAA+
259920259920B003P9WU74A2P59857E3GGUMSitty0051340064000We love this stuff!We now have our second Maine Coon. Our previous Maine Coon shed and had several hairballs a month. With our newer cat, we see far less shedding and have had ZERO hairballs in the year and a half we have had her. Great product and well worth the price.

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