Amazon Fine Food Reviews

259921259921B003P9WU74A3Q0HZQDD6J88WGRC0051339286400Royal CaninRoyal Canin Maine Coon 31 is the ONLY dry cat food our two male cats will eat, and one is a Maine Coon.
259922259922B003P9WU74AGNCRXCQHKXXCRandolph V. Rome Jr. "Randy"0011336953600Cat refused to eatOur Maine Coon, chose to go 2 days without eating rather than eat this food- total waste of money?He's not that finicky, he eats the grocery store brands, we just wanted to give him something better-
259923259923B003P9WU74A1TT50KBQOBRESstrawberryhaze0051336262400Best cat food for my MCAfter trying what seamed like every brand in my local stores for one that both my MC and domestic sh would both like eating and not cause my MC to vomit up his food. This is the one I was looking for. My only complaint would be that you can only get a 6lbs. bag. A 10 or 12 pound bag would be nice. If they remain at 6lbs. (as it looks that it will) it would be nice if Amazon would add it to their "subscribe and save" program. I have emailed this request to them and hope that it will be considered l. By the way thee reviews Rad I spears that it would be used and it would in turn introduce a fantastic product to people who could benefit from it.
259924259924B003P9WU74A1ORW04STX850AR. Stanley0051328486400Good stuffI have two Maine Coon cats. One loves it the other is more fussy and prefers the smaller size dry food. Royal Canin is a very good brand and I recommend it.
259925259925B003P9WU74A3RN7HH6ZSVPNMKat0051325721600Awesome Product!!The product was exactly as described and super fast shipping!!! I would definitely order my kitty food from them again.
259926259926B003P9WU74A3AH28S8WAF01SAnne Yentsch0051323475200A marvelous treatAdian and Mocha, who are not full-blooded Maine Coon cats but clearly have some coon cat genes, look forward every day to their late night snack of Royal Canin. They obviously think it is delicious; they look forward to it and let me know when it is time to serve it by voluntarily coming indoors and dashing madly to the kitchen once I head that way.

I think the larger size is a good addition to a balanced diet since it is (a) eaten more slowly and not gulped and (b) probably does help their teeth. Both of these male litter mates are large, happy, healthy cats with soft,velvety, glossy coats. And while I don't know whether it is the brand of cat litter used--a flushable corn-based material--or their diet, their litter box has no obnoxious odor. So, this will be a continuing treat and ordered regularly from Amazon where, as a prime member, the shipping is free.
259927259927B003P9WU74A1SW9Y8WPZQCFOSilverPanda790051323388800Wow, this is good stuff!We decided to switch our 2 Coons, aged 8 months and 4 years, from their raw diet to dry food after our vet expressed concerns about nutrition. She recommended Royal Canin 31 because it is formulated for the Maine Coon's unique needs and there have never been any quality concerns.

Having never eaten dry food, we weren't sure the cats would take to it easily. We put a few bits down just to see what would happen, and to our surprise they snarfed it up and begged for more!

We still give them a few meat scraps occasionally, but Maine Coon 31 is their primary diet now. We feel better knowing they are getting a balanced diet and we don't have to worry about tainted meat or dangerous bone shards. Plus, they don't bolt it or drag it around like they did their raw food, so their teeth and jaws are getting the cleaning benefit, it's better for their metabolism, and we don't have to follow them around with bleach wipes at the end of the day! To top it off, you can't beat Amazon's price. Thank you Royal Canin and Amazon!
259928259928B003P9WU74A3QLUK43U1BSQ6HERIBERTO GAMBOA SANCHEZ0151283731200Great brand and quality productwell, i still do not have the bag in my house, due to some country policies for importtation of animal food, anyway i always buy this brand for my cat and she likes it very much combined with teh feline greenies it is all that she needs. I'll be taking out of the deposit the bag and i'm sure that she will love it as well
259929259929B003P9WU74A3H3XU00364V45MonaLisaDavinci0711313539200This food is designed for DOGS NOT CATS!!!This cat food is caused my cat to end up with major dental work. My Maine Coon started having major teeth isues after eating this food. I contribute this issue to the HUGE size of kibble pieces that this food is made into. The size is of that of a dog food NOT a cat food.
Yes, Maine Coons are like dogs in many ways but to designn food that is sized for dog's mouth is simply insane.

I did not realize how much strenght it requires to crash this food into smaller pieces untill I decided to take one piece and try doing it with kitchen knife on the counter top.

My cat ended up breaking off one of her K tooth and injuring in other ways other teeth.

This is horrble horrible product and I am not even reffering to the nutritional value of it, I am leaving it to others. I would simply never offered the dog sized catfood to a cat as it obviosly comes with price in cat's well being.

I don't understand why cat food has to come in such a big and hard pieces across the board, I try to present your cat with many different kind of cat food and realized after a while that for whatever reason cat will stick to that that is easiest to chew. Is it co-incident?

Why the company can't make a smaller and easier to crash in their mouth food? that is a mystery.
259930259930B000OPBY5GAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"7751306886400My favorite concentrated insect works great. just follow the instructions on the jug. it is shipped wrapped up tightly in a layer of tough plastic to make sure it arrives safely and it is placed in a box for safe shipping. i use it regularly around the base of my buildings. it takes care of the fire ants and other bugs that want to try to get inside. i use it around all areas that i don't want fire ants and other bugs to do damage to... such as the power pole and the well pump. the fire ants actually try to eat into the electrical parts. it works great and i am very happy with this purchase from
259931259931B000OPBY5GA2XF8GE1UM27OZCycosFireball3311318636800huh?I'm not sure what the other reviewers killed with this, but we used this product in our yard, (and yes we used as directed) and ants are crawling everywhere, still, even on the patio. Also we have a horrendous tick problem, still... we sprayed the yard, bombed and powdered the house and shampooed and dipped the dog... 2 days later he is covered in ticks. Mind you this is a dog that goes outside only to do his business and comes right back in.
259932259932B000OPBY5GADOR3TR7GDF68F T. A.3351314230400Bug-B-Gon Max Really WorkedI am not much of a fan of Ortho however I figured I would give this a shot for the price.
I used it to kill bugs on the house and grubs in a couple spots in the lawn. I sprayed the house, foundation, deck and under the deck. Three weeks later there are no spiders on the house, no ants on or under the deck and the lawn has no signs of grub anymore.
Used in an ortho dial-a-spay that I already had. I would purchase again!
259933259933B000OPBY5GAECSPRDGPECQRJune2251307059200Bug B Gon ConcentrateThis product works the best for controlling all sorts of bugs. It has the old configuration of ingredients so this is why I only buy this product. Scotts changed the ingredients in the Canadian version of this product to make is Ecco friendly but it no longer works.
259934259934B000OPBY5GA2N6JVF5MAYH5Qrighteous one1111344211200Didn't work for me.I'm not sure about all these good reviews. I used this stuff and had little to no effect. The bugs are practically eating this stuff and laughing at me. This year in NJ its been a bad year for bugs. Lots of spiders, stinkbugs, ants and termites. It seems the more I spray the more bugs I seem to get. Obviously this stuff is not working. Thats my humble opinion anyway.
259935259935B000OPBY5GAPBAV3S5LK8PMJ. White1151309132800dead antsWe've had a major ant problem this year inside an out.With the help of this product and dry sevin dust.The population of ants has decreased a more dusting ought to get rid of the problem completely
259936259936B000OPBY5GAHA95GFUSV1COanymouse0021346976000not as good as orthenenot as good as orthene - was not very good in effectively killing aphids and Japanese beetles. Also did a poor jobs on trips.
259937259937B004JH3TGWA4Q1DD9OLFX8Trobin decarlo0011345420800smashedCookies were smashed.When cookies arrived they were crumbs. What else is there to say. At least if cookies are smashed you can still eat them.
259938259938B004JH3TGWABP6ITQBNA5WNandrea phelps0031339977600Good but all brokenHave ordered these for my Mom twice. She likes the way they taste, but each time they have come broken in very small pieces. Thought maybe the first time was a fluke, but now that it happened again, not sure that I will order again, because of the condition in which they come.
259939259939B000EVSYJEA3FO3YKTU1OXPZKaS "kbettabeat"2251227312000Perfect black licorice flavorBought these for my dad's birthday and kept a couple for myself. Absolutely delicious!
259940259940B000EVSYJEA2YB7DLC3FOR7WPamela V ""MS V""2251177545600Excellent licorice - excellent price!Haribo licorice is the best black licorice I've ever tasted, and Amazon's price is the best! Stock up! I have!

November 4, 2011: I am still buying this licorice, but it tastes like they may have changed the recipe a bit. Still good, but something is not quite the same.
259941259941B000EVSYJEA1QR7IYZCI2JQLms1131302825600O.K. but not my favoritesO.K. but for black licorice, I would prefer good-old black licorice or black licorice jelly beans. Not what I expected.
259942259942B000EVSYJEA3DRCXHKMS0GEDRobert McClard "scienceguy2001"1151250121600This is one of the best tasting licorice candies in the world...While traveling in Germany last year I discovered this wonderful licorice candy. When I returned home I could not find it in any of our local stores so I checked here on Amazon and found it. I have ordered this candy from Amazon three times in the past year. I share it with my licorice loving friends. What a treat! It is so hard to find really good Licorice but this is it. It is made in Germany so it is a little high priced. I order the 5 pound box and the box with 10 packages at 5 ounce each and this bring the total to over 25 dollars so it qualifies for free shipping... what a deal. I divide up the box and freeze it in Zip Lock Freezer bags and it keeps well.
Try it and I think you will like it too... even people who don't like licorice often like this one.
259943259943B000EVSYJEA34AUMIDH0S3QCMe in Tampa "geekjirl"1151231718400Just as expectedHaribo licorice is amongst my favorites, and the wheels are fun to eat. The product was fresh and tastes great. Would definitely buy it again.
259944259944B000EVSYJEA3B89GG9BPJQ0Agamer0021334016000not so good flavorthe flavor is the worst I've tasted. Haribo let me down I've had other candy by them and it has been good to above par, not this time.
259945259945B000EVSYJEAGS3Z59KRX61SG. Mueller0051285200000Haribo licoriceHard to find licorice always available at Amazon. Good for the stomach and always need a supply in the pantry. Thanks to Amazon for offering hard to find items.
259946259946B000EVSYJEA3AB2LXEJ6U080J. Maybaum "Sweetness"0051258848000A little sweet I know where to getThese are my husband's favorite candy and I looked everywhere for them now I get them here, whenever his supply runs low.
259947259947B000EVSYJEA2PRGQJF47KPU7Shirley T,0321238889600Not a gummiI was disappointed in this item because I was expecting a true gummi texture. Instead, the texture is more like the regular licorice twists. The licorice flavor also seemed to be a little weak to me. I would not recommend this item for a true gummi fan.
259948259948B004B9IW4WA30X750M8V1XXWScott0141321920000Banana yum, strawberry yukI should have just purchased the banana only pack. The strawberry has a slight sour taste and then leaves a chemical fake flavor in your mouth. Stick with the banana!
259949259949B002BV5H0OAWK49FXAW0DGBAndy0041346198400Good Good!The guys in the receiving area liked it... looking to get more. Probably will mix up the flavors next time, probably Lemon/Lime!!
259950259950B002Z8HPYOA26R317OUDGOAAAlejandro "Alejandro"0051273536000Delicious!Absolutely delicious! Much better than the other brands you tend to find in ethnic stores here in the US. Tastes genuine and simply sweet. It might be a little pricier than going to grab some from your local Mexican grocery store, but not by much, and it's worth the wait.

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