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259981259981B000NMJWZOANGSSYVPWI3H3M. Orf1151286064000Great mix!From a family of some celiacs and some not: This makes the best pancakes - gluten free or not!
259982259982B000NMJWZOA2OWCGSE0CGJGWMomofBabyGuys1151285372800The best pancakes!These are probably the best pancakes I've ever had! We buy gluten free products due to my son's allergy to gluten but I would probably buy these pancakes even after he's grown and out on his own. I won't buy any other brand after tasting Pamela's.
259983259983B000NMJWZOA2MUT5TC9CI7F9Linda Zwiefel1151285113600I love this mix!I use Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix for pancakes, waffles, banana bread(and muffins) scones, just about anything that is "shortbread."
259984259984B000NMJWZOA3H8288VHL1607Nicole Brown1151284940800delicious. versatile. my family loves it.Pamela's is a staple in my gluten free family. We have tried many different mixes on the market and this is by far the best. Pamela's pancakes are our favorite. Even my gluten-free hating husband loves the pancakes which turn out fluffy every time. I've made many of the recipes on the bag, most of them have been hits including the drop biscuits. This has also come to be a replacement for regular flour in regular "glutened" recipes such as banana bread, macaroni and cheese and gravy. The price is well worth it.
259985259985B000NMJWZOA2OT3TCM9W7DV4Jeanne1151284854400Great tasteGreat taste and can be used in any baking recipe instead of regular flour for cakes, cookies etc. Other flours have a beany taste because they put gabanzo beans in it, but this does not.
259986259986B000NMJWZOAE2T8FZ58NFI9Lori1151283990400The Best Gluten Free Pancakes!My whole family loves these pancakes, even my husband who dosen't even know they are gluten free. I made a batch of peanut butter cookies with this mix and you would never know they were gluten free. And I made the drop biscuits which were also wonderful.
259987259987B000NMJWZOA3MR704GVVLXVHBuffyMc1151283817600Excellent ServiceThanks for your excellent, extremely fast service. I was very impressed. Had the product in less than 48 hours.
259988259988B000NMJWZOAW3APS34TL43UMelody A. Vernola "Melody"1151282780800good stuff !I had mediocre expectations for this item....its exceeded my hopes for a great baking mix.....
I made the zucchini bread on the back of the package and added some chocolate chips...its incredible.
I also added an additional 1/2 tsp per loaf of baking powder since I wasn't sure it would rise enough. It came out perfect.
The cake freezes well....I tripled the recipe ! I'm looking forward to making more things with it :)
259989259989B000NMJWZOA23P5BO1UGNIRRbunnybutt1151282435200great for those without celiac disease as welli bought this mix, not due to gluten intolerance, but because i was extremely curious when i kept seeing Pamela's in the bestselling list for Amazon groceries. I thought, what flour could be such a best seller at such a (relatively) high price? I now understand better that this flour contains some expensive ingredients (almond flour), and items that would be somewhat inconvenient to assemble and mix at home. anyway, i bought a 3 pack to try it out, when i recently went on a waffle-making spree. well, i have to say, just trying the recipe on the Pamela's bag had me quite impressed. I added cornmeal, and it was even better (i like crunchy cornmeal waffles). because i don't have celiacs, i ended up with a recipe combination using wheat flour as well, and the result has been tremendous. Pamela's is a fantastic product, and the taste is marvelous- sweet, nutty, textured. i have not tried it for anything else but 50 or so different waffle recipe experiements, but i am so pleased with the results, that i will always order Pamela's to use as a component in my waffles. like i said earlier, though, the Pamela's waffle recipe right on their bag is quite delicious by itself! thank you Pamela's. if i were gluten-intolerant, i think this product would save me.
259990259990B000NMJWZOA2T45XJEM8CJXCBWente1151282003200Greatest product ever!My son and I have wheat allergies and this product was a life saver. I can make cookies that taste like cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pancakes. LOVE it!
259991259991B000NMJWZOA1MO30VI0077NJRonald K. Bosch1151281398400excellent way to purchase a great gluten free pancake mix.I was very pleased to find this product sold in bulk. It goes very quickly in our household and is used for muffins as well as pancakes. Even members who do not have to be gluten free like this mix .
259992259992B000NMJWZOA3JFQPOAUP7OPNBeth Murphy1151279843200gluten free life made goodgreat for cookies, waffles, sweet breads, just adjust regular recipes to this - love it.
259993259993B000NMJWZOA1Q6DLXC2CZCHNcalexander1021151279756800Best Mix EverMy family loves Pamela's Pancake and Baking Mix. I use it for everything fom cornbread to cookies and it taste great every time. I would not use anything else. I love the price and delivery I get from Amazon, professional as always.
259994259994B000NMJWZOATSLJFRF0CHEAJoyce1151279497600I saved over $11.00 over the local health food store on the same product.This is the best overall baking mix out there. I have tried them all.
259995259995B000NMJWZOA13XUFTOSXE8FADavFam1151279497600Pamela's productsPamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake mix is wonderful. My husband has celiac disease and everything has to be gluten free. Buying this mix in the 4-pound bags from Amazon is the most economical way we have found to purchase it. Most other places charge at least $16.99 per bag. I use it for biscuits, pancakes and muffins mostly but, other things can be made from it and so far we like every thing that we make from it.
259996259996B000NMJWZOA2XQYOU9MO7VWSJenee Elkins1151279411200Living gluten free in MacWhen I first found out a few months ago that I have Celiacs, I thought I would never be making some of my favorite baked recipes again. I bought a couple of bags of gluten free flours and found them gritty and not to my liking.
I then did a lot of research by reading other peoples reviews of products and found Pamela's baking and pancake mix had rave reviews. To my delight, I have made several of my own recipes with great results. I made these desserts for our 4th of July party and nobody knew they were gluten free. I had to tell my sister and my grown son (also recently diagnosed with Celiacs) that they could also indulge in these tasty treats. I'm looking forward to trying more of my longtime treasured recipes. I would also like to thank Amazon for the great price on these items. I priced one 4 lb. bag at my local health food store and was shocked to see the 26 dollar price tag.
259997259997B000NMJWZOAUIGP5I9HAOT8glutenfree11151279411200kids and parent testedA great product that doesn't last long in our house. The kids beg for waffles every morning and of course we have to indulge in the left overs
259998259998B000NMJWZOA37BOYYX3Y7LFEsunshinegirl1151278374400THE BEST!This is absolutely the BEST product for any gluten-intolerant, wheat-free, celiac disease person. It makes GREAT pancakes. Add a few blueberries or strawberries and it's gourmet! Use it in other recipes in place of flour and you get a great dessert, muffin, or whatever you're making. You must try this! It's WAY better than the other gluten-free products I've tried. I now buy the 3 huge bags from Amazon because I use it so much.
259999259999B000NMJWZOA1VABWDOUQLULZS. K. Harrell1151270684800Excellent!This mix upholds the high standard of Pamela's Products. It makes the best coffee cake I've ever had, a lovely, flaky biscuit, and wonderful cookies. The flavor is light and not too sweet--perfect for sweeter pastry uses. The mix produces a soft, tender textured good. It has an almond base, something to be aware of for those allergic. I will keep this mix in my GF pantry, indeed. Best of all, I have no gluten reactions to it.
260000260000B000NMJWZOA2M687HYOW9JFWdream factory1151269216000Yumyum that is one tasty pancakeWell what can we say? There are 255 positive reviews for this gluten free pancake mix that stand before us. So all we have to add is YUM YUM YUM.

There is debate in the autism world whether gluten plays a role in the progress of a child on the spectrum. We have noticed that Alexandra is affected in a negative manner. So we search and we search out various gluten free foods that are tasty.

Thanks to all the Amazon reviews we have added this to her diet.
260001260001B000NMJWZOA3AXBL1HWAJGNQP. Sanders1151265587200THE ULTIMATE BEST GF MIX!!!I've tried many different gluten-free mixes over the years, but this is the absolute best ever! Makes the best pancakes (even my husband likes them better than other store-bought mixes). Mix is light & fluffy similar to wheat pancakes! Still trying to make a good bread but makes a great pumpkin bread (probably banana too). My house wouldn't be w/o this mix. Thanks to Amazon for offering a great price to make it affordable.
260002260002B000NMJWZOAPNBKPJBSJGSWDolores McMinn1151265241600AWESOMEOh My Goodness: I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue Disease in January, 2010. Every mix I'd tried was GRAINY, did not bake like it was supposed to and even with the addition of other ingredients, were not good products. My husband made some Chocolate Chip cookies using this baking mix, cup for cup and they were delicious, no grainy taste, couldn't even tell there was a difference. Very good and highly recommend purchasing if you're in the market for GF/WF. Thank you Pamela!
260003260003B000NMJWZOA1EQBWOC2QYBLKElaine Monkey1151264636800The BEST pancakes EVER!I love, love, love these pancakes. They are delicious! The texture is the same as regular pancakes, but the flavor is much better. My husband, who eats wheat and gluten, also loves them. Between the sweet rice, the almond flour and whatever else is in there, they just have so much more flavor than plain pancakes. I have to hold myself back from buying this too often, because I eat them every day and that's too many pancakes too often for anyone. Next I am going to try their bread and pizza dough.
260004260004B000NMJWZOAR5YCBPFBPMHEceliac mom1151264464000love pamela'sLOVE all of Pamela's products...even the non-GF eaters love things made with Pamela's.....easy to use, tastes good....highly recommend to someone looking for an easy GF alternative to the traditional bisquick or jiffy mixes
260005260005B000NMJWZOA7UD4B1DBJ4Q5S. Marshall1151264464000Pamelas Baking and Pancake Mix is AWESOMEI have to say that initially, when I purchased Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix for the first time, I was a little skeptical about whether it would taste any good. Other mixes that I have tried tend to be flat tasting, sometimes grainy, and the texture seems crumbly. However, I was pleasantly surprised. This mix is wonderful! The flavor is rich and nutty, not grainy at all, and recipes made with this mix don't fall apart. This mix is a favorite in my family. It has really been a life saver for my gluten-free family.
260006260006B000NMJWZOAPPTMCEO0S4RQVeteran1151264032000Great productI have tried many glute-free flours in the quest to have common foods that actually taste good. This is by far the best one I've found. I've prepared pancakes, shortcake, muffins and served them to guests, including children and teenagers, all of whom enjoyed the food. I'm still struggling to find a good (and easy) oatmeal cookie recipe, though.
260007260007B000NMJWZOA34B92YXOQO4SFJ. Staker "scioto celiac"1151263686400Great productI love Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix and the 64-oz size packages are so convenient. I have celiac disease and cannot use regular wheat flour which contains gluten. Pamela's B&P Mix is great for all my baking needs. I use it cup for cup in place of regular flour and everything turns out wonderful. I made a carrot cake yesterday and my family could not tell that it was gluten-free.
260008260008B000NMJWZOA3I890E7JZ0YQ9Stacie "One Sensitive Foodie"1151263427200My favorite gluten-free blendI have been using Pamela's for over 3 years and love it! The only thing I don't like it for is pancakes, ironically. They seem to come out heavy and doughy. I love Bob's Red Mill pancake mix better. But for everything else I love Pamela's. I make lemon bars, pumpkin bread and muffins, orange chocolate-chip scones, the chocolate chip cookies on the back, sugar cookies, brownies, and lots more. I have never had a bad result, and often my family can't tell any difference between these and wheat-based baked goods. When taking baked goods made with Pamela's people often ask for recipes not even knowing they are gluten-free. One gluten-eating person even bought a bag of Pamela's from me to try my pumpkin muffins. Definitely worth the $!
260009260009B000NMJWZOA487G7387BOESSusan Smith "Mrs. Smith"1151263081600Baking and Pancake MixI have been using this product for over a year. Everything I have made with it has turned out really good. The scones are so good my girlfriends were asking me for the recipe. I have made cake, scones, muffins, cookies, pancakes and they are all wonderful. I have also used it in place of flour in my regular recipes and it turned out great. I hope you continue to carry this product because I buy it on a regular basis and my friends and family are even starting to use it and they are not even on glutten free diets.
260010260010B000NMJWZOA7Y2IH39JP4NXMother Anderson1151260576000Pamela's Baking and Pancake MixI have been on a gluten-free diet for the past 2 months. Most of my cooking has been from scratch so I love this mix as I use my same recipes and don't even altar them at all. I use this mix for my favorite roll and cut biscuits. My favorite muffin recipe is the one on the back of the sack which is Pamela's Sour Cream Coffee Cake. I use muffin tins and don't use the glaze. This cinnamon and raisin filling is good but I also leave this filling out sometimes and add chocolate chips or blueberries for variety. I also found a pie crust recipe on the internet that uses almond flour and brown rice flour. I use Pamela's for the brown rice flour and it was great for our pecan pie at Thanksgiving. At Christmas, I will put foil over the crust as it browned too much before the pie was done.

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