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260071260071B000NMJWZOA2CTKE65A0129jcoulter770051348272000healthy bakingThis flour makes the most delicious pancakes. We are trying to get away from grains and this product easily takes the place of wheat/bleached flours. Excellent product, excellent price.
260072260072B000NMJWZOA3T4KSOOS8FIU3J. Lee "bookmom"10510551200268800the best gluten-free baking mix I have foundMy daughter has celiac (a complete inability to eat any wheat, rye, barley, and in her case oatmeal, or any of their starches or glutens). Pamela's baking and pancake mix is a real heaven-sent product. It tastes good! Unlike some other baking mixes I have tried. It is easy to alter "normal" recipes using Pamela's mix to have great tasting baked products. The bag has good recipes and Pamela's products website has additional ones. I would recommend this product to anyone, especially those who don't want to take the time to mix their own grains or want to keep it on hand for when celiac family or friends come to visit and you would like to provide a delicious, easy to make treat.

I should also add - Pamela's also offers bread, cake (chocolate and vanilla), brownie, and cookie mixes that are very good. I usually just alter the baking mix to make these baked goods, but I keep a chocolate cake mix on hand for a fast, easy cake. We used the chocolate cake mix for my daughter's wedding cake. No on knew it was gluten-free.
260073260073B000NMJWZOAG3Y5UIIX6IKUJudy A. Wood697251200441600TRY PIZZA CRUST USING THIS MIX - WONDERFUL!Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix is wonderful. Haveing been gluten free for 27 years and not being able to find products that were good tasting I gave up and went without until my daughter discovered this mix last year. It makes the best pizza crust - so good my husband does not eat boughten pizza and prefers mine made from the Pamela's mix. Check out their site for other great recipies. I have tried the sugar cookies, peanutbutter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, banana nutbread, pizza and biscuits. Now I am going to give their bread mix a try. Hope that is as tasty! The price of the mix through is great too!
260074260074B000NMJWZOA2N8MS8WCFRJVQJeffrey W. Behm "Jeff B."464851194307200The best pancake mix ever!This is the best pancake mix I have ever tried. Whether you NEED gluten-free mix or not, it make excellent pancakes! I have tried several other brands, and Pamelas stand above all others, IMHO.
260075260075B000NMJWZOA1O5CJN1NNK5BWC. Street242441217808000Great mix!I have been using Pam's mix for 5 years now. Love it for muffins and cookies. My husband who does not avoid wheat likes these choc. chip cookies better than wheat ones. Pancakes come out alittle flat, but I use seltzer water and they fluff right up!
260076260076B000NMJWZOATKLOMDBJL0QMBay Wife202051213574400Best pancake and cookie'll never go back to wheat flour for pancakes and cookies after using this! I saw another review saying the pancakes were tasteless...I don't understand, as my entire family, gluten-eaters as well, now prefer this to regular home-made pancakes. The recipe calls for water, but I use rice milk or almond milk, or whatever milk I have available - sometimes half water and half milk, and they are superb!
The chocolate chip cookies recipe....oh my goodness. These are so yummy! We made these to take a party and everyone was raving about them before they even knew they were gluten free! They turned out perfectly - soft and chewy with a great texture. YUM!
260077260077B000NMJWZOA15MQ8S5TNNDHQcareful shopper181951208390400deliciousmy wife has Celiac DZ, not me. this is the only GF stuff I can stand. i actually prefer it to regular pancakes. we also use it for other stuff too. it is pricey, especially vs. regular flour, but with amazon and the 15% off for regular shipments, it's a little more affordable. don't forget trader joes pasta--the cheapest and the best!
260078260078B000NMJWZOA1TCX8XJHQ1VQ3Catherine C. Soverino131351209168000Best Gluten Free Baking MixWe use this product for everything, pancakes, waffles, onion rings, quick breads, etc., and every single thing has been delicious. Tastes like the closest to the real thing. Even our 15 year old celiac son agrees!
260079260079B000NMJWZOA1TKVE2UU0X5Y5A. "crazy making"121251212278400the best out thereThis product is the best I have found yet. It is so universal you can use it as breading for fish or chicken and make all kinds of breads with it. My kids like the pancakes this mix makes better than homemade.
260080260080B000NMJWZOA360OR7C1KF7YPdonalyn121351214092800Best mix or for use in from-scratch recipes.Nothing I have tried compares in flavor, texture or ease of use. A must for everyone eating gluten free.
The recipe on the back for scones is so delicious it will make you cry. Even better than the Whole Foods Orange Cranberry Scones, my prior favorite.
260081260081B000NMJWZOAR08H2UFFUPTCmother nature "lettuce"8851193702400The best gluten free flour I have foundThis is the only gluten free flour I have found that works just as well as regular flour. I have made pie crusts, cookies, zucchini bread, pancakes--you name it I use my original recipes and substitue the flour with this product. I only use 1/2 the amount of baking soda and powder because it already has some in it. We only have 1 of 3 children that needs gluten free and the others dont notice when I give them this.
260082260082B000NMJWZOA38L5KTBFYA849maresp0051348099200best ever no matter what you do with itBest gluten free product I have ever eaten. It is great no matter what you do with it. love it...
260083260083B000NMJWZOA24F9TFYBZQH0UTumor Man0051348012800Oh Good, Another Shipment Arrived TodayThis is my third order from Amazon for this product. When I decided to go wheat free a few months ago I knew I had to come up with an acceptable pancake mix because I LOVE pancakes. Since I'd used Bisquick for many years my first experiment was naturally to go with their gluten-free product. It was okay but nothing to brag about. I still have a partial box left over that I use sometimes as a coating for fish or chicken.

So I got to looking some more and kept coming across reviews for Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix. There were a lot of positive reviews so I gave it a shot and have been very satisfied. Blueberry pancakes almost every morning. No kidding! I use milk instead of water (water and pancakes just don't seem right together to me) and add lots of blueberries and a couple tablespoons of chia seed. For the oil I use coconut oil. My wife made some chocolate chip cookies with it and they were pretty excellent too. Now that the weather is getting cooler, we'll be experimenting more.

I've recommended this mix to several family members and others and they are on board with it. Most of them are not on gluten-free diets but agree that it's a healthy alternative to wheat-based products. My wife and I and our two adult children are also not gluten intolerant.

The only negative I have about this product is the packaging. The three bags may be shipped in frustration-free packaging but the packages themselves are not frustration-free. I usually give up trying to pinch the seals together and just fold the top over. But still, this is five-star in my book. I did find this mix at a local grocery store but by ordering it though Amazon I saved about ten dollars for three bags.
260084260084B000NMJWZOA3B752AYZDGULCClarence L. Chavez0051348012800Pamela's Baking and Pancake mixI have been using Pamelas for over 8 years. You just cant go wrong with it. Great Product. I am also a celiac and can not eat any Oats, Barley, wheat or Rye. Also for the 3-Pack, cant beat the price.
260085260085B000NMJWZOA1XDHLYPUFLSLQChristine G.0051347753600Awesome stuff!I've been using Pamela's pancake and baking mix for about 2 years now. I've made literally ervery recipe from theback of the bag. They're all really tasty. The pumpkin bread is a favorite for both myself and my non-gluten-free husband. I recommend it to everyone I meet who is gluten free.
260086260086B000NMJWZOA2WULJVJ3V4U0EHappiness Factor0051346371200The absolutely best pancake mix ever!After discovering Elizabeth Barbone's great gluten free cookbooks I've been making a lot of my own mixes, but I won't give up my pancakes from Pamela's Pancake mix. It is truly excellent! And the chocolate chip (I add walnuts too) cookie dough made from this mix never makes it to the oven! Too tasty!
260087260087B000NMJWZOA7GMQVIQHNGSTEllatheMom0051346112000love itLove this. I use this flour for everything. I have never been a great baker, but you can't go wrong following any of the many recipes on the back of the bag.
260088260088B000NMJWZOA2C2FX8EIH1XV0BAM0051346025600The only thing that could make these better would be "certified organic" on the label.The only allergen in this mix that effects my family is the dairy. This issue puts this on our "cheat" list of foods we can splurge on occassionally. Everything besides the dairy is legal for us.

With that being said, these make about the best pancakes I have ever eaten. Try cooking them on a Lodge Logic griddle. You will not be disappointed.

Couple the Pamela's mix with a Lodge Logic griddle and you have a great made in USA gift.

I also recommend the Coomb's Family real maple syrup.
260089260089B000NMJWZOA1I1GX9RIKNJOPSue0041345420800Can be used for many different recipesI ordered this by mistake, but am I ever glad I did! Have made the coffee cake recipe listed on the label as well as pancakes, waffles and banana bread. All have turned out great, and my husband is so happy he can eat some of his favorites again.
260090260090B000NMJWZOA2X4ZE7YF38KTLKatie Price0051344729600Great all purpose baking mixWhen we first started using this stuff we were on the subscribe and save program getting 3 4-pound bags every 3 months (and that's just for 2 people). We were eating pancakes every morning. We've slowed down a bit since, but still love this mix. It's great for pancakes, biscuits, sweet breads, etc. and it's GLUTEN FREE!
260091260091B000NMJWZOA3ALM4DGN6D6TAArturas Grazulis "Artsman gasman"0041344211200overpricedYou can by at Kroger at half the price. Used to be cheaper before recent price hike, just continued from innertia to order until payed attention, people be careful!
260092260092B000NMJWZOA36KO5DENCGR5HJackie Powell "thestamplady"0051344211200Pamela's Baking MixI love this stuff! I can't have any gluten and found Pamela's to have all the flavor without the bad stuff. My entire family likes it better than other brands on the market. It's a little spendy, but I haven't found it cheaper anywhere than Amazon. thank You!!
260093260093B000NMJWZOA3S7PRF6YODY9Nluvallmykids0051343952000Substitute in any recipe!This is a great item to keep on hand for the gluten free home. We have found that the pancakke mix creates great cookies and can be substituted in almost any cake style recipe. Our favorit is cream cheese coffee cake and at a close second are bannana muffins.If you are gluten free and starving for carbs this is a great way to get it done quick and easy. My gluten eating relitives prefer the pancakes, waffels, and cookies and make special requests.
260094260094B000NMJWZOA1Q2BZDFZH5ORHthndrcloud0051343174400Best GF Flour MixI don't know how many different brands of gluten free flour I tried but I know I wasted a lot of money. No matter what concessions I made to balance out my recipes they always came out off and no where near as good as the wheat flour versions. I was getting ready to start experimenting with making my own mix when I found Pamela's. Now my baked goods are coming out fluffy, light and moist just like should and without changing any other ingredients.
260095260095B000NMJWZOA2PD7ZB4T48W8Zpottersclay0051339113600Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pacake MixThis is one of our favorite gf products! We love making waffles,pancakes and cookies with this! No one can tell it is gluten free.
It uses almond flour and I think that is what keeps everything so moist. Alot of gluten free products are dry and do not hold together well. Not Pamela's! It has made my life simpler and is one of the besst products out there. I would not recommend it for bread unless it was a quick bread as it just doesn't have the texture and taste of bread. It is a little sweet. Pamela's is wonderful to meet 95% of your baking needs!
260096260096B000NMJWZOA22T5PZ8HZ2LHAZbodhimama "spiritabroad"0051337990400Single best gluten free product period.Pamela's Baking Mix is delicious, versatile, and so good family members who can eat gluten prefer pancakes, waffles, and cakes made with this mix. Try their recipe for sour cream coffee cake for a real treat, and go to their web site for many more recipes. Do not confuse this with their bread mix, which isn't as tasty or versatile.
260097260097B000NMJWZOA3SFELAWZXKBDTJoy0051337904000I Forgot How Fun Baking Was...I have been pursuing a mainly gluten-free diet for years. While I have tried various products, nothing could replicate the taste and texture of a wheat baked good. I eventually gave up.

Until last night.

I received Pamela's in the mail, and I decided to make pancakes. For that one experience alone, it was worth the money. The pancakes were just like how Mom used to make 'em when I was a little girl, pre gluten-free days. They were light and fluffy, and cooked up so quickly. AND NO AFTER TASTE!!

I also made chocolate chip cookies....incredible, amazing, so moist and chewy and DELICIOUS!!

It is as if I woke up last night, and realized that I didn't have to stop baking, that being "gluten-free" would no longer be a chore.

I can't wait to attack my Pamela's bread mix this weekend, and resurrect the focaccia bread I used to make in my college days...
260098260098B000NMJWZOA2R8ZAIPPS62E9thebuyer0041337731200Good ProductI bought Pamela's for my daughter who is gluten sensitive. This is her favorite mix. I have tried grinding and mixing my own flours, but this is still her favorite. It's not as good as wheat/flour, but is the next best thing!!
260099260099B000NMJWZOAB6CY3YVPH4M5Jason Emerson0051337299200One taste and we're hooked for life!!!Just had these delivered and decided to make pancakes for diner for our three boys - a 4 yr old and twin 2 yr olds - c'mon who doesn't love breakfast for diner? The pancakes came out perfect and tasted delicious. The poor things didn't stand a chance against our boys, I'll also admit to sneaking in a few bites when they weren't looking. Looking forward to trying all of the other ways to use this product.
260100260100B000NMJWZOAN8LE7GXHK080Lissa0051337299200Love it!!!I LOVE Pamela's Ultimate baking and pancake mix. Makes the BEST pancakes,cookies,cakes and more! The price on Amazon is far better than in the stores and you get SO much more!

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