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260131260131B000NMJWZOA104JIQ3MHP1W4Meander-thal Woman0051325808000Best gluten-free mix EVERThis is the BEST gluten-free mix I have ever used!! The pancakes are light and fluffy and don't absorb tons of syrup like regular pancakes do. Even those who normally don't eat gluten-free prefer them to conventional pancakes. The flavor is really wonderful and the texture is not gritty in any way. I've also used it in other baking and it works VERY well. I made a carrot cake with it that was to die for, and I have a pumpkin loaf from the recipe on the back of the bag in the oven as we speak. A friend that I shared the mix with says she just loves making the drop biscuits. I recommend this item HIGHLY. Purchasing the 3-pack of 4 lb bags works for me and is a good price. I throw the bags in the freezer till I need them.
260132260132B000NMJWZOAGFUAIS4T00WYJoseph Stoenner0051325721600Great Pancakes/WafflesI've been gluten free for eight years and this is by far the best flour mix for pancakes and waffles. All of my friends usually try gluten free things and spit on me while making funny faces, but with this mix they tell me it has gluten and that I will get sick.
Excellent product, far cheaper than in stores!
260133260133B000NMJWZOA5VTYN2BDX6KALydia0051324252800pleasedWe have tried numerous products to bake with since we are gluten free. Pamela's is ultimately the best by far that equals a normal tasting baking flour. I use it for Everything from pancakes to sausage balls and muffins etc. It has endless possiblities and is not grainy in texture. The cornbread mix is out of this world good!!! My family begs for cornbread now. My son and I both have Celiac and my daughter does her best to make new recipes for us. Pamela's Products have made it so much easier!
260134260134B000NMJWZOA1FQNNX80WYWKRK. Muth "Kiari"0041324252800Makes good pancakesI'll be honest, 2 years later and I only use it to make pancakes... but it does make really good pancakes it just is on the spendy side of mixes. I would recommend it for busy moms who want to give their kids gluten free pancakes!
260135260135B000NMJWZOA2LBKG9WSS95JBteachermom0051323302400life saver!We love Pamelas products in our home. They have been a life saver for my gluten free family!It can consistantly be used to replace gluten filled flours! Doesn't look good at first, but it all works out.
260136260136B000NMJWZOAA7UMT3ZT8SH4Karen G.0051323043200Pamela's Baking and Pancake MixYummmmy - this product has opened up a whole new world for me with baking gluten freen products. I have made the best cranberry bread, banana bread pumpkin bread and wonderful cookies too. Pamela's has great receipes on the package and on line! This is a wonderful find and brings back baking for gluten sensitve folks! Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix, 4-Pound Bags (Pack of 3)
260137260137B000NMJWZOAH8GIZLMIM049momiamone "LR"0051322697600Pamela's Baking MixThis baking mix is great for people suffering from gluten intolerance! Lifesaver for breakfast recipes!
Highly recommended and Amazon has the best prices!
260138260138B000NMJWZOA3UTTLA472VTIUshad0051322438400The perfect substitue for wheat.Excellent for gluten-free baking and meals and we substitue it in all our recipes calling for wheat flour. We specially like its use in our country gravy and cheese biscuits.
260139260139B000NMJWZOA3U1SC2I8LHE7JHeather M. Foster0051322438400Best gf flour mixLove this flour mix. I use it for everything! Makes great pancakes, waffles, scones, and other things that most gf people think they have to go without!
260140260140B000NMJWZOA1AV11LNR7IDTFsheila0051322438400Love Pamela's!!Absolutely love this product! It is so versatile and allows me to enjoy some special baking while remaining gluten-free. Also, the price through Amazon is awesome. It's like getting a free bag with each shipment.
260141260141B000NMJWZOAWKECYVPQIB9RPam in Rome NY0051322438400Pamela's Products - Ultimate Baking & Pancake MixPamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix is Excellent! It is a gluten free blend that doesn't have the overpowering taste that occurs in a bean flour blend. It has a higher protein content(4g per 1/3 cup dry)than most blends due to the inclusion of cultured buttermilk and almond meal. I love Pamela's Products!!
260142260142B000NMJWZOA14OTFEBVJ7DL5Kermsroomy "Kermsroomy"0051322265600The One Big Difference!I'd been using the ' Stonewall Kitchen Pancake & Waffle Mix ' for a couple of years. It's quite good, but it had the same problem that I'd found with all other pancake mixes. If I had pancakes left over and reheated them the next day, they always came out dry. Then I saw that the reviews for ' Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix' were great. I picked up a bag of it at the local Whole Foods. I was a little leery at first, because the package said that it is gluten and wheat free, but my leeriness was probably due to my lack of experience with this category of products. As I did with the Stonewall Kitchen mix, I modified the recipe. I used two eggs, instead of one. I used butter ( probably about a quarter stick ), instead of oil. I used milk, instead of water. To my great pleasure, they not only were quite delicious, but when I reheated the leftovers the next day, THEY WEREN'T DRY! Now I know why the reviews are so favorable. My future purchases of this fine product will be from Amazon, because of the great price.
260143260143B000NMJWZOA32AENPJE5EWVMDad0051322179200Good enough for the rest of the family!My wife discovered she was allergic to wheat a few years back, then two of my boys were diagnosed. I have to say that most of the wheat substitute mixes are marginal at best, very gritty and more like survival food. When we tried Pamela's mix it was almost like turning the clock back to the old days when everything my wife cooked was delicious. Let's just say that we can serve pancakes to anybody and nobody turns up their nose. We especially like having the mix set up on automatic delivery from Amazon. If you have a family member that is gluten intolerant, do the rest of the family a favor and try this mix. I only wish there where more products out there this good!
260144260144B000NMJWZOAP4WMPVEZRT40E. Williams0051321660800An AWESOME Substitute for Breads, Waffles, Etc.This was my first purchase of GF stuff. Well, I couldn't believe how great and versatile it was. My first experiment was my Banana Nut Bread; I used 2 cups of this mix instead of regular flour but omitted salt and baking soda (it's already in the mix). The bread tasted great; it did not get that beautiful dome on top b/c it doesn't rise quite like flour...but I was in heaven to have my Banana Bread. My next experiment was waffles; I dare anyone to pick it out of a line-up. It tasted just like Bisquick! It melted in my mouth even without syrup and butter. I also made bread in the bread machine (using the recipe online that used the Baking Mix instead of the bread mix). It was good and toasted well. I do want to try it in the oven so the loaf isn't so square. I also used this to make homemade Mac & Cheese; I had to mix butter and flour to make the base and used this baking mix...worked great! I used Heartland GF pasta (this stuff is great and tastes just like real can find it online or at Walmart). I do want to try Pamela's Amazing Bread Mix for bread. Tonight, we tried using this Baking Mix for Chicken & Dumplings. My hubby found that mixing the Baking Mix with milk and microwaving it for about a minute (to make a more solid blob) made for dumplings that don't fall apart in the boiling chicken broth (make the blobs really small though so it cooks well); we cooked the dumplings for about 10 minutes. My MIL had never cooked GF, but was willing to try it for me and I was happy to eat GF dumplings! I highly recommend this product!
260145260145B000NMJWZOA2EHHB13ZVQQWRtheoandamy0051321228800Helpful transition to gluten free!After my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease 9 months ago, I, as the chef in the house, decided it would be easier to have a gluten free home to avoid cross contamination or accidental ingestion of gluten. I tried Pamela's baking mix because of the good reviews, the price, and of course the convenience. I have used this mix in a number of bisquick casserole type recipes without a problem. We have made many of the recipes on the package and on Pamela's website with great success. This starting off point has given me the courage to try baking with other flours as well, but there will always be a bag of Pamela's on our shelf!
260146260146B000NMJWZOA2IJ0D1JLWNGL5countrygramps0051320624000Pancakes/WafflesMISSED pancakes and waffles until I found Pamela's Glutten free pancake mix. Now I can have pancakes for breakast OR dinner, and they are just like mamma used to make.Pamela's Products Ultimate Baking & Pancake Mix, 24-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6)
260147260147B000NMJWZOA3FT50KZF8BOORlbkartchner0051320451200So happy with product and purchaseI use Pamela's GF baking mix all the time and I think it is simply awesome. Plus I purchased the bags, and literally two days later they arrived in spite of me just getting normal postage. I am very happy with what I got, and it is cheaper than in stores!
260148260148B000NMJWZOA1CUVXSCOOMFDJDawnR0051320105600gluten free itemLove this product. Not just for pancakes! So far I have made pancakes, waffles, cookies and biscuits. Whether you need a gluten free diet or not this product produces yummy treats.
260149260149B000NMJWZOA1R5D6FDKE7YSLfirns00l0051319760000Best Gluten Free Product on the MarketThis makes Gluten Free eating easy. The pancakes are great, the coffee cake is amazing and you can make all of your current recipes, just substituting the flour, salt and baking soda with the Pam's mix. Cookies come out fantastic. If you are trying to go gluten free, this is a must have!!!
260150260150B000NMJWZOA377Q35WSFGPX4Penguinmuller0051319414400Fantastic gluten free mix!We first tried this mix when my husband was newly diagnosed with Celiac. We've now been using it for over 5 years. Pamela's baking and pancake mix is easy to use and delivers consistent delicious results. The recipes on the back of the bag are wonderful! We've had many people tell us that the baked goods made with Pamela's taste better than their gluten counterparts!
260151260151B000NMJWZOA2QJRKG5JCI0AQcat'smom0051319155200pancakesI love this mix for pancakes the best. The recipes on the back of the bag have all worked out well!
260152260152B000NMJWZOA9EL3O8C4U93SStacey0051318982400The best mix ever!!!I buy this mix constantly!! The pancakes with it are awesome!! I even did a taste taste with family members between this and a gluten pancake mix and they all liked this one better!! Makes great muffins too. I also have a mini donut maker and I use this mix as the flour and they are delicious!! You cannot go wrong with this mix.
260153260153B000NMJWZOA2PG8KKF0F59GIMark S0051318377600Best Gluten Free Baking MixPamela's Pancake and waffle mix makes the best waffles, and scones and is gluten free. I had been buying this product from a local organic food store, but found that had a package of three for a substantial savings. I was sorry to have to give up so many products due to dietary constraints, but am very pleased to find this product which is very tasty, easy to use and fits my diet needs.
260154260154B000NMJWZOA1L40V6AODPK7LSheryl Sirmons0051318291200Best Gluten Free Flour!!!!Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix, 4-Pound Bags (Pack of 3) This is the most amazing flour ever!!! Makes having to be Gluten Free not so bad!!!!
260155260155B000NMJWZOA3LIN4Y0E87VSVldw0051318032000Panela' productsThese are great gluten free products. It is a great replacement for pancakes & muffins. It is easy to use & stores well.
260156260156B000NMJWZOA2U3N8TS3Y98HGA. Ward "Audio addict answering to Alexis."0051317600000I'm glad I got this!I've been recently put on a gluten free diet, which meant that half of my daily food intake would be removed. I live on bread. I've never tried anything gluten free, but used to have to buy "lactose free" stuff and I remembered the lousy taste of those things. I was sure that I was about to enter into a Life Devoid of Glutenous Joy.

I tentatively made some pumpkin bread using the recipe on the back of the bag. I put it into the oven, fearing that I had just wasted half a can of pumpkin on something that would taste like old socks. Since the recipe used spices and sugar, it might be improved to taste like pumpkin spiced socks. The bread was done and I let it cool. Being impatient, cooling was a 10-15 minute period. Risking second degree burns, I sliced some off and was blown away. It was the best pumpkin bread I have ever tasted! There was no "something important is missing" flavor at all.

I did alter the recipe a bit:

3+ teaspoons of cinnamon
1/2 tsp allspice
1/2 tsp cloves
A slosh or two of vanilla extract (a "slosh" is roughly a teaspoon or so)
1/2 tsp nutmeg
4 TBSP butter flavored Crisco instead of butter/margarine
***No salt***

The rest of the recipe and procedure was the same. It came out quite well according to the rest of the family, as well. I did not make the suggested topping, either.

I don't know how long the bread will last. I put it in a heavy crystal covered cake thingy and it was gone in about three days. It didn't spoil, it was eaten.
260157260157B000NMJWZOA2VUCTV2J8BFSYDeborah0051317600000Pamela's baking mixThis product is great. It makes great tasting waffles, muffins and pancakes. And is easy to use. I have been using it for a few years.
260158260158B000NMJWZOA1I33JDRLAPI6JKristy K. James0041316908800Helps me stay gluten-freeI purchased my first bag of Pamela's baking mix at the grocery store for a staggering price, but wanted to try it first before ordering three bags. I'd already spent a small fortune on specialty flours, and had little success with recipes found online. So I had high hopes that this would solve all of my gluten-free problems.

On one hand it did. As so many reviewers said, it makes wonderful pancakes. I also tried it for a small batch of cookies and they came out very nice. For biscuits and bread, however, it just doesn't cut it.

But that's not the fault of the baking mix, more the fact that it doesn't contain gluten. I will keep looking for a bread that looks, feels and tastes like 'normal' bread, but the biscuits will work with things like sausage gravy. Not so much with chicken gravy or stew.

I am very glad I found it because pancakes give me something to have with eggs (at least until I can have toast again). And when I want something sweet, sprinkling chocolate chips between a couple of them helps a lot.

If the biscuits weren't as grainy and flat, and if the bread hadn't kept turning out much like a quick bread, I'd have given the mix five stars.
260159260159B000NMJWZOA2UB20PCCYGZ57505sydney0051316736000YUMHaving pamela's gluten free products delivered to our house is a lavish treat. I feel rich! I am visiting family on the the EAST coast and finding health food stores and cooperatives is not as easy as in Albuquerque. Thankyou Thankyou
260160260160B000NMJWZOALN2WJRKE4DP8mello0051316736000Great Product - Great Price!Being gluten intolerant, this is the best all-purpose baking mix I have ever used. Some much better and easier than mixing different types of flours and starch.

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