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260281260281B000NMJWZOA32TFRP1CE7KR7SlipViper0051268092800From a Type I DiabeticHi all;

Recently discovered in a grocery store in Western New York, this is my new favorite baking item. It doesn't raise my blood sugar when I make pancakes!!! The taste is absolutely amazing...seriously!

I also ordered a bunch of other Pamela's products as well, and they are all incredible. I can't believe I've finally found something that is not only healthy and gluten free, but also tastes good and doesn't make my blood sugar go crazy.
260282260282B000NMJWZOA2V5ESWI23TSXRVirginia M. Spafford0051267574400Pamelas Baking and Pancake MixPamelas Baking and Pancake Mix has made living G-F okay. My family enjoys the pancakes and all the baked products when I use Pamelas products even though they can eat wheat products. Pamelas has made my life easier. I do recommend this and Pamelas other products to my friends and family especailly those that have to be gluten free like me.
260283260283B000NMJWZOAQZOO7LFLPRG5Carol Ann Snodgrass0051267315200I've used this beforeI turned to the internet when I couldn't find my flour substitute in my grocery store. Low & behold it was on Amazon. It arrived promptly and at a price less than in the store!
260284260284B000NMJWZOA3B86A6QDO409ICA- Anne0051267142400A MUST HAVE for Gluten Free Eaters!Those of you on a gluten free diet for whatever reason need to purchase this. Its perfect for any baking needs. Pancakes, waffles, breads, name it, you can make it with this mix. There is no match to Pamela's Baking and Pancake mix as far as I am concerned.Its the best one out there!
260285260285B000NMJWZOA3JYUKKVISOIHUH. Daube0051266451200best out thereI have had celiac for over 7 years. I found out when I was 23 so I know what "real" food tastes like. This is by far the best Pancake and baking mix out there. I have tried many different brands but found this to be the best.
260286260286B000NMJWZOA2OO73CHKXJSUKD. Mazzola0051265155200Love itOf all the gluten free pancake mixes i've tried, this one is the best. The mix has a nice consistency and even though I can eat gluten, I choose to have these pancakes along with my children who cannot have wheat.
260287260287B000NMJWZOA12EE96762GBH0T. Gallagher0051265068800Gluten-free baking mixWe love Pamela's G-F Baking Mix! We use it for biscuits, pancakes, cakes, etc. It's so easy to make delicious gluten-free baked things for our family.
260288260288B000NMJWZOAEEUEB02A3LWVc "gfforme"0051264982400Always an A++++++++++++I have Celiacs and I think other celiacs can agree with me when I say that we have figured good tasting food just isn't going to be apart of our diets. Well not with this mix and all of Pamela products. Let me tell you she knows what shes doing. I make peanut butter cookies that some people say taste BETTER then the wheat version (and I use flax oil butter and organic peanut butter as well as 1/2 white sugar1/2 stevia and its actually healthy!). I make pancakes that are so good I cant believe my taste buds. I love to make PB&J sandwiches with the thick pancakes and it is the best. So me and my Celiac sis swear by all Pamelas products. You should definitely try the bread mix you will be amazed. One other thing I think Pamelas products save on not having to make commercial because word of mouth is doing just fine.
260289260289B000NMJWZOA1U89JSQK5M0H0Zia0051264896000I Can't believe its not....Pamelas was a life saver when we had to go gluten free. From the the awesome corn muffins (recipe on pamelas website) we did not feel we were missing out in any way. I definately recommend this product.
260290260290B000NMJWZOA8HLKVFIBO3W1Gloria Nash0051261008000Best Gluten Free Baking FlourThis is the BEST flour that is gluten free out on the makret. I have tired many different products and been sadly disappointed with the nasty after taste, and some of the flour has actually made my daughter cry after tasting the dough! But not Pamela's :)
I am very happy we were able to buy this in bulk because it is very expensive and sometimes hard to find in grocery stores.
260291260291B000NMJWZOAWVM2DGT9UWOEDavid Baker "dbpraise"0051260230400Great! And a Great Price!Having a gluten intolerance, it's products like this that allow me to enjoy once again things from which I had to abstain. I bought a case from a health food store close to home, but it was almost 50% more expensive. It was great having it shipped to my door at such a reasonable price!
260292260292B000NMJWZOA1GW5G4LBCYAAUTavi "Tavi"5551202688000Best Pancake Mix everThis is the best pancake mix ever. I have tried many gluten free brands and this exceeds any of them and the price is great!
260293260293B000NMJWZOA35DQGWFAFC6OHA. Herrington "fourkidmom"4451214524800Won't find betterPamela's ultimate mix is the best I have ever found. I have tried so many other brands to make pancakes, pie crust, bread, and there are none that compare. My son has autism and it is so hard to be on a wheat/gluten free diet. I also have 3 other kids to feed and no one really likes the way these speacial food items taste. Now that I have found Pamela's products, my whole family wants me to bake all the time. I have made pancakes - excellent! and pie crust. The crust does not come out like regular white flour crust. It is more crumbly and harder to get out of the pie plate all in one piece. It does taste very good. I have had guests over and they still love the crust. The pancakes taste better than even the Krustze mix I have used for over 15 years.
260294260294B000NMJWZOA1TH9NP64ZNALIS.P. "Gluten Free"4451211414400Delicious!This baking mix is delicious and versatile. My daughters have made our favorite recipes of chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies with it and it was fabulous! I've been making the pancakes (and waffles) for months now and I really love those too, but I didn't expect the cake and cookies to be so delicious! I am completely thrilled with this product!
260295260295B000NMJWZOA1X0RDZMSHC5KNArchelon North "Archelon"4451205193600Try not to be too shocked.....This would come as a shock to anyone who knows me, but , yes we have found a GF product that is actually decent. Not just's GOOD. This is one of the few GF copy products that is actually as good if not better than its gluten counterpart.

they do take a bit longer to cook, you need to be careful to cook them thoroughly inside....low heat....also for some reason when you pre-make the mix it mysteriously thickens profoundly overnight....but anyway it is a solid hot breakfast for a hungry family.

This mix can also be used as a filler within other products or mixes in the place of flour. It has a leavener so whatever you add it to will puff up a bit.

I rather resent having to pay so much just to feed my family pancakes...but since that is my reality, they might as well taste decent. Go Go Pamela!
260296260296B000NMJWZOA1WYQ8YVFGJDR8Whisper B. Dempsey "Water Gapper"3351211414400Water Gapperthis is the best pancake mix I ever used. It has a very unique flavor.
260297260297B000NMJWZOA30AQMHNIDBN4KEmma "book worm"3351210377600Gluten Free CrazyIf you are looking for a gluten free baking flour this is for you. This product is great tasting. My children have loved everything I have made with it.I have made pancakes, cookies and cornbread. You will enjoy this product.
260298260298B000NMJWZOA695R512DV1K6Gluten Free Girl3351208736000Pamela's Ultimate Baking mixI have used Pamela's baking mix for pancakes, waffles, biscuits, pizza crust and scones. I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful flavor of everything I made using this mix. There are lots of recipes on Pamela's web site, which is listed on the package.
260299260299B000NMJWZOA2IFKKF7ME46VWR. Bradshaw3351208649600I use this baking mix as the base for all bakingThis is a great mix. I have wasted many hours, and dollars with separate ingredient recipes. This mix makes it so easy and so good! All of Pamela's products are great but this has had the biggest impact on my quality of life (food wise!) The bulk buy is a great deal, a big savings.
260300260300B000NMJWZOA3URIMNBZ3YEKHJamie Davis "jaayimee"3351208476800Love it!This gluten free mix is awesome! It bakes cakes and cookies just like with regular flour. Even my non celiacs love the items made with this flour.
260301260301B000NMJWZOA1LEW2GQG8C6I7K. Kuehl "cicelymt"3351204761600Awesome ProductThis flour is awesome! You can make all kinds of things with it and they taste like the usual wheat flour items. I would recommend it to anyone with Celiacs.
260302260302B000NMJWZOA2DY02JTPVP4D2Paul Engels "financial wiz"0051260057600Better than Wheat.Over the years I have tried lots of different gluten free products. Some of them work and some don't. The one product that never seemed to work was a substitute for flour to make pancakes, waffles, cakes, pies, breads and cookies. Then I tried Pamela's and everything changed. This stuff is actually better tasting than wheat flour. It is truly delicious and makes absolutely great baked goods. After years of going without rather than having something dry and tasteless that didn't rise I can now have whatever I want and know that it will be yummy.Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix, 64-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)
260303260303B000NMJWZOA4GW1XCSFUA3DNicholas Davis0051259971200Perfect!I love this baking mix! This same mix can be used for banana bread, pancakes, waffles, muffins, and more. You start with this mix add 3-4 other basic ingredients and you are ready to start baking. Quick and easy! The recipes are all on the back of the bag.

The thickness of the pancakes or waffles depends on how thick you layer the batter on the griddle. When they are fresh off of the griddle they'll have a firm surface similar to corn bread. When you pile them in a holding dish while you are baking, the surface will soften if you put a cover over it. The steam and moisture will collect on them and soften them. So, if you want the firm surface to remain, don't store them in a way that allows the steam to collect on them.

I've had great success baking these, storing them in the fridge for a couple of days, and then re-heating them.

The taste is amazing. After eating it, I don't get the bloating and stomach ache I used to get with regular wheat-based pancake mixes.

Did I say I love this mix? I make pancakes almost every weekend. Yum!
260304260304B000NMJWZOA2HH9W4UAZXW05Shirley Price "Shirley Price"0051259625600Great ProductI recently tried Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix and loved the results. I haven't gotten around to making pancakes yet but have made the Pumpking Bread and the Sour Cream Coffee Cake. The results were outstanding, my whole family loved them! I would recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative gluten free baking mix.
260305260305B000NMJWZOA11WWMH8OAZHUNL. Franklin0051259539200Another gluten-free must!This baking mix is amazing. I have used it for all of the suggested basics (waffles, pancakes, muffins, biscuits, etc.), but I have also substituted it for flour in nearly all of my old baked goods recipes. Cookies, quick breads, pound cakes, scones - you name it. It works great! Pamela's has basically done the heavy lifting for you - they have found a blend of gluten-free flours that create light, delicious baked goods. No one I have ever served them to has been able to tell the difference. The only difficulty is that there is leavening and salt already in the mix, so you may need to slightly adjust your old recipes in order to accomodate this, removing (or lessening) baking powder, baking soda, and salt. But this is an easy adjustment and the results are terrific! As a side note, I have used and would recommend Pamela's GF bread mix for regular bread and bagels... I have not attempted either with the baking mix, but the bread mix works great.
260306260306B000NMJWZOAD6QWMOWN1YMXM. Hayhurst0051259452800Pamela's Mix for gluten free wafflesI have been gluten free for almost 3 years and Pamela's Baking mix is the best I have found. I make my waffles with buttermilk and they are delicious! I highly recommend it to anyone. Buy it in the pack of 3 from Amazon for the best price since it is expensive elsewhere. Only half a cup of mix per meal for me makes a waffle and a little left over for dog treat. Dog loves it too!
260307260307B000NMJWZOA20SDYJQAN1S20H. Hicks ":)"0051259452800Very good with many uses!I have had celiac for awhile now and ive noticed how hard it can be to recreate certain recipes. This mix makes DELICIOUS pancakes and i also use this mix to make gravy or to thicken sauces or in desserts and ive even used it in a sasage ball recipe to make sausage balls that tast better than ones that arent gluten free. I like the soft texture this mix makes, its not spongey or weir i like it a lot.
260308260308B000NMJWZOA2LCU6QYVW94XIT. Brown0051259366400I feel normal again after discovering Pamela's!I don't even know what prompted me to buy this product when I did but I must say it's been my best gluten-free purchase so far!

After buying horrible-tasting, gluten-free products, it was refreshing to find a ready-to-use, gluten-free flour blend that tastes like "real" flour. I initially bought it only to make pancakes and I was pleased at how they tasted (though flat. I think I will try the seltzer water as mentioned). I'd been craving chocolate chip cookies like mad and made some with another gluten-free flour brand and the cookies were dry and the required xantham gum all by itself costs $10 for a flat package smaller than my hand. I refused to spend lots of money every time I wanted to make cookies, then one day I decided to make Pamela's recipe on the package. These are by far the best chocolate cookies I've ever had in my life!

I've also eaten her store-bought chocolate chip cookies. It's $4 for 9 cookies. The packaged cookies are good, but the homemade cookies made with her flour tastes way better.

Now that I can order this flour in bulk, I will start experimenting with other recipes using this flour. It's too expensive to use the small bags ($6-$7 for 16 oz.) if you plan to do a lot of baking. I had been buying the gluten-free rice bread but for $6 per tiny loaf, and it's just awful. My mom gave me a bread machine and I'm looking forward to making my own breads with Pamela's flours.

To anyone who is gluten-intolerant and pondering if they should purchase Pamela's products, don't ponder anymore! Pamela's are the best gluten-free products on the market.
260309260309B000NMJWZOA3TZTEKE7C8G8QGFBAKER0051258502400By far the BEST!I tried at least 6 different Gluten Free flour blends before this wonderful mix. While it does contain both dairy and tree nuts, if these are not a concern for you...then stop shopping and buy this mix!
It is the perfect springboard for actual edible GF baked goods as well as some of the best pancakes and waffles around, GF or not.
260310260310B000NMJWZOA198J3LZZRLM14Ginger Bennion0051258329600Best Stuff out thereI LOVE Pamela's Baking mix. I am able to make cookies, cakes and pancakes and my husband can not tell that it is gluten free. I have great results in that the texture and mouth feel is just like using regular flour or baking mix. I strongly encourage anyone with a good cookie recipe to use this.

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