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260315260315B000NMJWZOA3Q27XTLZFPPZVE. Lloyd0051256860800Yummy pancakes and wafflesMaking gluten-free pancakes with this mix is incredibly easy. The sorghum flour in the mix gives them a lovely, nutty taste that goes perfectly with syrup. They cook up nice and light, with great color. We've also made gluten-free waffles and recommend that you use the slightly more involved recipe instructions for a great result.
260311260311B000NMJWZOAN4RZUL3XUP6Ggluten free gal "Cathy"0051257897600The best gluten-free mixPamela's mix is the best gluten-free baking mix! My non-gluten-free friends and family who have eaten muffins and breads I've baked with it can't believe they don't contain regular wheat flour. I recently had the opportunity to meet Pamela herself at a cooking demo in New York and she is a wonderful, down-to-earth person who truly cares about producing a quality, easy-to-use product for those on a gluten-free diet.
260316260316B000NMJWZOATC3FWQZJH7H3Ruth Gutierrez "tuta90"0051256774400Perfect Gluten Free ProductI've been using Pamela's baking and pancake mix just for pancakes and waffles, yesterday I decided to make a banana bread. Was I surprised, the bread came out so good, everyone loves it.
260312260312B000NMJWZOA2XEL1P2V5F7FABianca0051257724800Best gluten free mix!!This is really the best on the market for gluten free!! I have made all kinds of things with it & even my picky kids who do not eat gluten free love it!
260313260313B000NMJWZOA17XYY5PKJVAT6Marvin A. Bement "Glutenfree4ever"0051257120000Great Pancakes and serviceI knew that Pamela's Pancakes were good and was not disappointed. It was great to be able to get this product at such an affordable price delivered to my doorstep. Thanks for the great service Amazon!
260314260314B000NMJWZOA282IG634BGUS6Lisa O'Leary0051257033600I love this baking mix!All the recipes I have used off the label have been super! The muffins and waffles are to die for!
260317260317B000NMJWZOA34HBB87Y7A6T3Elaine E. Clayton "MamaBear"0051256688000Pamela's Pancake MixAnother great product from Pamela. I have used this for a number of years to make, pancakes, waffles and muffins.
I usually make a double batch and freeze them. This is a gluten free product that is not heavy. It is very easy to
purchase from Amazon and have it shipped. I am a senior citizen and can't drive to the health food stores only to find
that they are out or don't carry the product.
260318260318B000NMJWZOA7K55XPBCI1RPN. Mahoney0041256515200Great ProductI really like this mix, it has great recipes and can be easily subsituted into other uses calling for traditional flour.
260319260319B000NMJWZOA2ZCMLORINDUFTHollie A. Shoup0051256083200Wonderful Baking Mix!My family has been using this baking mix for several years now. I have a wheat sensitivity, so we try to avoid wheat when possible. We love the pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, and banana muffins you can make with the mix - even our picky 1.5 year old son loves them! We recently discovered additional recipes on Pamela's Products website and plan to try some of those too. As a side note...Amazon also sells Pamela's chocolate brownie mix. If you love rich and very chocolatey brownies, these are for you! To die for!
260320260320B000NMJWZOA11VE1I0A0PARVSandy L. Rice "SLRice"0051255824000Awesome taste!The banana bread taste better then most banana breads we have tasted. Pancake made with this mix are light and fluffy and taste great too. I can't wait to make cookies from it too. Finding good tasting gluten free mix is hard to do but we have found the best!
260321260321B000NMJWZOA3GOAJ20MMKZTJBlucola "blucola"0051255824000Best baking mixThis baking mix is not only yummy, but versatile as well. You can make the normal baking mix items like; biscuits, muffins and dumplings (not listed on website, just add an egg to the biscuit recipe and reduce the milk a tad.) But you can also use it to make a nice yeast bread recipe, perfect for sandwiches. I've also used the biscuits for meatloaf. Try this!
260322260322B000NMJWZOASCL17975KM2RJames K. Gazzaway0051255737600Pamela's Pancake MixI have Celiac Sprue, a genetic nutitional disease which makes me intolerant of gluten found in wheat, rye, barley, and oats. The normal for Gluten Free food is lack of flavor and a desire for "seconds" Pamela has done away with those drawbacks with her pancake mix. My wife who does not have Celiac Disease loves the pancakes made from Pamela's Pancake Mix and joins me in an excellent breakfast daily.
260323260323B000NMJWZOA14WMKF02LA00HRebecca Jablonski0051254182400Best glutan-freeThis is simply the best-tasting gluten-free mix available. Has an excellent flavor and texture, not gritty at all like so many others. Nobody can tell it's wheat-free, and I've made pancakes for a lot of people! I do add an extra egg and some sour cream and this mix makes heavenly pancakes.
260324260324B000NMJWZOA3258W4Y3KUOOFJosephine E. Wilson0051254096000Pamelas Product Baking MixI find this product a blessing for those of us who have Celiac Disease. An add plus is the fact that there are recipes with it.
260325260325B000NMJWZOAOME87CITYS6YS. Fletcher0051253577600Best Gluten-free Pancake Mix!I have been struggling to find ready-made mixes for my now six-year-old child ever since she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease two years ago. I have gone through A LOT of flours, mixes, recipes and baking disasters. My daughter also has a sensitivity to corn - there aren't many mixes or products that are free of corn (cornstarch, corn flour, traditionally-made baking powder, etc.) and this one is essentially (if not totally) free of corn. It also produces awesome pancakes, an easy coating for chicken nuggets, a thickener in place of wheat flour for stew broth, and it totally flies under the radar of the rest of the family as being a GF mix. I stock up on the 3-pack of the 4 lb. bags now because I use it almost every day. I've never reviewed anything before, but thought that this might actually help someone struggling with how to feed a GF child.
260326260326B000NMJWZOA2WF8ZRBFWR7NFV. Ayrapetova "Truth"0051253232000The best g/f Baking Mix on the market!!!I have been buying this product for the past few years and I'm very pleased.
It tastes better than the wheat flour and works just as well. As long as it's on the market, I will keep buying it.
260327260327B000NMJWZOA2CD7GJKQ6FXWWjobarn0051253059200Absolutely the BEST!!!I have celiac disease and this is by far the best mix we have tried! The pancakes are to die for! But, not only do I think that - my whole family LOVES them, even guests I serve them to love them! I have made the Sour Cream Coffee Cake and it's absolutely wonderful, as well as the chocolate chip cookies. I will be trying the pumpkin loaf soon. I coat our fish and chicken with this mix and they are soooooo yummy! It's the best mix!
260328260328B000NMJWZOA3ADEVEBY343WWDean0051252713600Incredible!I'm not even on a gluten-free diet, but I use this as a healthy alternative for cookies, pancakes, etc. It's great tasting and has a great texture.
260329260329B000NMJWZOA6OC92NKMG3Z8Healthy Living0051252627200Pamela's MixThis is by far the best gluten free mix. My kids love it. Can even use agave syrup or stevia as a sweetener and it still tastes great.
260330260330B000NMJWZOA3DGE9MC2NJJP2Gerianne C. Gourlay0051252454400great product for all your baking needsI have been using this baking mix since my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease one year ago. I have made all the recipes on the package, and they have all turned out great. The chocolate chip cookies are especially good--I always double the recipe.
260331260331B000NMJWZOA2BDICZ7DUGXFWKatherine Ang "GFKathy"0041252454400A Great Place to Start!I was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance recently, and was at a loss as to what I could eat - and enjoy! Upon discovering Pamela's Baking Mix I was pleasantly surprised that I could make Gluten Free pancakes, pound cake, pumpkin bread (etc) that my family enjoyed eating too! I'm very happy to have found this product as there aren't many mixes out there that are so versatile and relatively inexpensive. Pamela's Mix also lasts a while too, so you aren't having to buy yet another mix every time you turn around. I highly recommend this product.
260332260332B000NMJWZOA1CGL9CETHY4NQZ.Buenas "prdeziner"0051252368000The only baking and pancake mix I use!I have tried several different brands of pancake mixes and this one is by far the best. No strange aftertaste or difficulty mixing. Pancakes are fluffy and breads and cakes soft and moist. I use for all types of breads, banana, raisin, sweet potato. I even used it for baking an apple pie. I have recommended it to friends who are not even gluten intolerant, and all are fans now. If you have tried other mixes and did not like the taste try this one you will be glad.
260333260333B000NMJWZOA25JROTU0YWU4OGwen0051251849600Awesome!I use this product a lot when I need to 'dust' something with flour or am in the mood for some yummy blueberry pancakes. I mixed the flour with some spices and coated beef for beef stew and it turned out perfect.

For people who are new to gluten-free and reading the negative reviews, remember that you are used to over processed gluten-full foods and mixes so not every gluten-free product may taste perfect at first. This one worked for me from the beginning, but other products weren't so great at first. Now that I'm more used to them, I enjoy the things I once disliked.
260334260334B000NMJWZOA3VLLOVKZM12Zdumppling0051251504000Awesome Gluten-Free Pancake MixThis pancake mix is the best gluten-free equivalent to glutonous Bisquick I have yet seen, but it tastes even better. Though not high in vitamins, it makes wonderful pancakes, banana nut bread, and zuccini bread,
260335260335B000NMJWZOA1JPSZNITIE254S. Mcadams0051251244800Best mix!We absolutely love this gluten-free mix! We have one gluten-free child, but we all love the pancakes! They also make excellent chocolate chip cookies and muffins.
260336260336B000NMJWZOA37PKH9M64KA4VS. Grevel0051251072000Pamela makes the BEST Gluten Free baking mix!I have been Gluten Free for over 2 years and have tried many different baking mixes, breads, frozen items, etc and Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake mix is the BEST! This mix is so good, my husband, kids and other friends that I have baked for can't even tell it is gluten free. I love this product so much, I have it set up as an automatic shipment!
260337260337B000NMJWZOA263675Y2BWV9VN. Hunter0051250899200Best Gluten Free Pancakes Ever!If you have tried and tried to find a replacement for gluten free baked goods, specifically Pancakes/Waffles/Chocolate Chip cookies.....look no further! Pamela's is amazing! Your guests will probably not even know you made gluten free.
260338260338B000NMJWZOA3S5ML0YZ6MTFWShannon Tanner0051250553600user friendly AND gluten free!What we like best about this product is that it is user friendly. There are great directions and recipes right on the bag. It is also easy to find recipes to use the mix in that were made for using the mix or for a non-gluten free mix like bisquick. Very versatile. And it has good flavor and texture. Enjoy!
260339260339B000NMJWZOA6RVI8LJQVRXNGood Deals "Sunshine"0051250208000Great pice for Pamela' it!I had trouble finding Pamela's baking and pancake mix in the 64oz bag. We go through this so quickly and with the cooler season coming up I love to bake. Amazon offers this for at least $4 cheaper than what I have found at any retail store. Love the product and delivery was quick and easy.
260340260340B000NMJWZOAJI7C6CSCRZLNR. Berube "Lutin19"0051250121600René

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