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260371260371B000NMJWZOA2LC6XDWJACY20J. Mazur0051240531200Gluten free baking mix is a huge hitPamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix, 64-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)
This is a fantastic product for those who are looking for a delicious easy to use pancake/muffin/waffle/baking mix for those who cannot eat wheat/gluten. Ordering this thru amazon has saved me $$$ as it is only available in smaller packages at stores at a much higher price.
260372260372B000NMJWZOA2M2BQI7ZUXQ1JObey John3:5 by Acts2:380051240531200AMAZING!...Pancakes! Biscuits! GRAVY! (try browning [frying] the baking mix in bacon fat [uncured] or whatever oil to make your rue[is that how you spell it?] then proceed...) GARLIC CHEESE Biscuits!!!!! Cookies! (I use heavy cream in the batter/dough/gravy--INCREDIBLE! Helps me balance the carbs [hypoglycemic]) ETC.! Taste: ASTOUNDING! Texture: as close as you can get!!! I'm get'n hungry --gotta go makes some flapjacks! :) ?Did I mention Scones?!?!
260373260373B000NMJWZOA3KXCIZMDORCGVDavid Smith0051237248000A truly amazing gluten free flour mixThis is THE best gluten free flour mix that my wife and I have ever seen (and tasted). My wife makes some amazing muffins and cakes with this flour following the simple recipes on the back of the bag. The first time we bought some, we only bought a small bag from the local health food store and made waffles with it. Following their waffles recipe where you beat the egg whites separately produces amazing waffles. Pancakes were quite a treat too! We now buy it by the box load from here.

It is pricier than regular wheat flour, but it enables us to have all the treats of cakes, waffles, muffins and pancakes even with an intolerance for gluten.
260374260374B000NMJWZOA2RFHB36TDZRNJJ. Koch0051237161600Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix, 64-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)Fantastic!!!!!!!The best I have ever used. I tried Bob's ultimate baking mix and it is good but, this is the best. It also includes the gum and baking powder and soda and salt in it.
260375260375B000NMJWZOA3F92IRFI8KJGVkjaq0051236729600Pamela's Baking Mix is the UltimateGreat Baking! Pancakes are wonderful, scones are great!
Great choice for an alternative to wheat flours.
260376260376B000NMJWZOA21XAOVJZJ818MJ. Tate0051235952000Picky Eater Begs for MoreMy son is 7 and a picky eater and he LOVES this mix. He can't get enough of these waffles! This is a blessing for kids who need a special diet.
We added ground cinnamon and apples to the mix for a comparable version of the premade frozen version.
260377260377B000NMJWZOAI3X1PTTKUW01Heather C. Craven "1 Celiac Mom"0051235692800Best GF Baking MixThis mix is great! The bag has many recipes to try and because it includes the baking soda and baking powder it's very quick and simple to use. My kids Love the pancakes and muffins, and don't mind that it's GF!
260378260378B000NMJWZOA1ZUW8WQTK6DZYT. Gavello "Pet Sitter"0051235520000Love it, Love it, Love it!I absolutely love Pamela's! Even if I could go back to regular old fashioned pancake mix, I wouldn't. Pamela's has the best pancake/all purpose mix that I have tried. Besides pancakes, I've made carrot cake with it, chocolate chip cookies, and several other goodies. Though my family can eat what they want, I will whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and not tell them that they are GF. The kids, my husband, have no clue - they love them. Purchasing in bulk saves a bundle too. If you try it, you'll love it. And if you like to bake and miss not being able bake up some cookies or a coffee cake, because of gluten, well, your gluten free prayers have been answered!
260389260389B000NMJWZOA2CILKUAAZ8T9NAndrea McKay0051232755200Best Gluten free baking mixPamela's Baking and Pancake mix is the only baking mix I use now since going gluten free. I find that I can substitute it cup for cup for flour in most of my baked goods recipes. (Except yeast breads...I still have to experiment with it there.) I use it in my mom's old muffin recipe and I think they come out as good, if not BETTER than when I used to use regular wheat flour. If you are allergic to nuts, this is not for you since it has almond flour in it, but for recipes that call for nuts (cranberry walnut bread) I find that it actually enhances the flavor. I have also made brownies, corn bread and chocolate chip cookies with it. I have served them to non-gluten free people and they had no idea they were "missing" anything. I have tried other GF mixes and making my own mixes of flours, but they are never as good...they usually have too much of a bean taste.
260379260379B000NMJWZOA2NTATGLENK50DSimon Morgen "read it"0051235520000Tasty for everyone!I have been wheat free for over 15 years and many mixes and recipes just do not taste very appetizing. This is a mix that even wheat eaters love and have told me they prefer it to regular brands. That is rare! So many mixes and cookies taste "different" meaning a wheat eater is not fooled. Something is "different". Pamela's overcomes that and is wonderful! I recommend all of the mixes for their ease and taste! No more making 2 batches of pancakes in my house - one for wheatfree and one for wheat eaters. What a timesaver!
260380260380B000NMJWZOA1QNNS8A5RCV7ZSarah McCarty0051234742400Absolutely the best gluten free mix everPamela's baking and pancake mix is versatile and makes wonderful waffles, scones and pancakes. I serve them to non-celiac folks, and they can't tell the difference!
260381260381B000NMJWZOA6J99H7WYLUP7Eileen0051234656000Great Gluten Free MixThis is my favorite gluten free baking mix. It tastes really good & is easy to use. Pamela's website has great recipes, I especially like the cornbread made with this and corn meal. Buying on Amazon is the most economical way to purchase this product and shipping is quick. Enjoy!
260382260382B000NMJWZOA2MAQROMO8LOLFRobert robert.snare@earthlink.net0051234310400A necessity for GF Baking... The BESTAs a newly diagnosed celiac I have tried many GF products available. All are fairly expensive and aren't always delicious. My favorite, and always successful, GF Baking recipes use PAMELA's baking mixes.

Most importantly they taste good!
Secondly your pancakes, waffles and bisquits are golden-brown just like real; food. Anmd NO, the others I've tried are grayish colored and taste about like cardboard.

Buying in bulk on Amazon is the right way to go. It is surprising how quickly you use flour baking your own stuff. Anyway this is my A#1 ingredient. Try it and you won't be dissapointed.
260383260383B000NMJWZOA12X2UYQZYA40XLMB0051234137600A wonderful product.This is a wonderful product. My family loves the pancakes and the scones and they don't need the gluten free product like I do. It is very easy to use and tastes "normal", unlike some gluten free products.
260384260384B000NMJWZOA3KNOOL08PKKL7M. Voorde "Marci"0051234137600LOVE ITI can't say enough about this product. I was put on a gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free diet. This flour made great pancakes. I haven't had a chance to make anything else with it yet. I have used it to thicken foods in place of flour and have found it successful.
260385260385B000NMJWZOADSNYG4TR45VJP.A.D. "P.A.D."0051233878400Wonderful baking mix!We love this mix. We use if mostly for pancakes, and the kids love them! One of the only GF mixes we like!
260386260386B000NMJWZOA3RNTIKH7XM3JIP. Mars0051233792000Great productMy niece was diagnosed with Celiac's and she was having a hard time finding a baking product she liked. She tried this one and loved it. So I set it up on the automatic shipments for her and she gets a gift from me every few months.
260387260387B000NMJWZOA8RLDL1I2MFYKL. Summey "blsum"0051233792000Awesomethis stufff is great, my husband and I don't have a gluten issue, just using for easier digustable carbs. LOVE IT. All recipes on bag are great. Add peanut butter to cookies, oh man.
make mini muffins instead to large, 2 make a great snack mid am
260388260388B000NMJWZOA3T2RZ7751PCJHDoris Day "life is good"0051233187200great sizeWonderful size bags, we all enjoy our pancakes and this larger bag makes it much easier. Again Pamels'a mix is a great product and she has taken it further by making the family size bag.
260390260390B000NMJWZOA3BTOSVRUMUQ2PCarla Beck0051232668800Pamela's Baking MixMy son has Celiac Sprue and this is absolutely the best gluten free baking mix I've ever tried! Products bake well and just as importantly, the taste is not just tolerable, it is great!!!
260391260391B000NMJWZOAJEA4B0RKCWVCTodd L. Huelle0051232582400Best Gluten-Free baking mix!After my 3 yr old son was diagnosed with Celiac disease 2 years ago, it was very hard to find a baking mix that tasted like the "real" thing. Pamelas Baking & Pancake mix is better than the "real" thing. Pancakes and cookies are not dried out or crumbly. I always purchase the large bags on Amazon. We have tried many of the Pamela's products and they are all very good. The small bite chocholate chip cookies are YUMMY, too. We also use Pamelas bread mix. Hope this helps.
260392260392B000NMJWZOARJXHPN8BQXDXreta0051232409600Wonderful productPamela's Baking and Pancake mix makes wonderful cobblers, dumplings, muffins and everything else I care to create. After living without wheat products for 3 years I am very glad to have found this product.
260393260393B000NMJWZOAVNJ9WIYDVE17Robert Patricia Downs "Chatti Patti"0051232323200The Best Glutenfree Pancakes....This mix is the best.... The pancakes are so awesome our whole family eats them. They are light and fluffy and very tastey. We serve them to everyone. They don't even realize they are gluten free and they all love them too. We love Pamela's Products because it makes being gluten free so much easier and convenient.
260394260394B000NMJWZOA3ETFNC4ABGYC9S. MCCANN0051232323200YUM!I am SO thankful that a friend recommended Pamela's Ultimate Baking Mix to us! My seven year old son needed to go GF and asked that I do it with him so we were thrown into this new world of how to cook and eat. Pamela's makes that experience so much easier! Being able to buy it here in the 64 oz bags with auto delivery is great. I can make muffins, scones, pancakes, breads you name it!

In other words, being GF isn't so difficult and can be very tasty now that I know about Pamela's!
260395260395B000NMJWZOA1LG0WRHQ7DUSNMichelle Ballon "Michelle B."0051231891200love this product!!!I am a mom of a 19 month old celiac disease child. I am just at the beginning stages of being gluten free, but I happened to take a chance on buying this product, and it is the best! I have now tried many other alternatives, and I still keep going back to Pamelas. The pancakes are fantastic, and the recipes on the back of the bag are great too! This product is definately worth trying.
260396260396B000NMJWZOAR294DUL4ZV95Carol0051231891200Perfect pancakes every time!This is the perfect pancake mix for the gluten free crowd. My family loves it!
260397260397B000NMJWZOA3AECZQ1AD6ECEGuy n' gal from southern California0051231804800Divine Gluten-free!Well, if you need to make gluten free food, you've surely heard of Pamela's by now. If you are new to the gluten-free world, well, then, this is the absolute best flour ever!! Even delicate crepes come out light, airy and delish! We have tried many alternate flours and nothing compares!! Also got really annoyed when Pamela's started being replaced at a certain 'name shall be withheld' health food chain, only to be replaced by their own brand!! Pamela's has been around forever - i think since the 50's or something and deserves our business!! Anyway - buy it online, buy a lot and save on shipping!
260398260398B000NMJWZOAMUSL1EOEUJ1Xshe who loves to shop0051231459200Gluten-sensitive people, time to celebrate!What an AWESOME product!!!! Makes WONDERFUL pie crusts, breads made in a bread making machine and cookies!!! So far, the best gluten-free product I've tested, and believe me, I've tried all sorts of gluten-free flours. No more peculiar spongey texture or icky sweet taste! Thank you!!!!
260399260399B000NMJWZOA3E06BCCD0AU7Bsunny swimmer "sunny swimmer"0051231286400FANTASTIC mix, even if you don't have to eat gluten free!This is truly a fantastic mix! My family eats gluten free food out of necessity; however extended family and friends all love this mix as well and several began using it after eating it at our house. I use milk instead of water to create extra thick pancakes (but they are great if you use water as the recipe calls for) and we just love Sunday breakfasts ever since we found this mix. Really, try it just once and you will be hooked, too!
260400260400B000NMJWZOADDDFVHP3CSVASistertex0051231286400Can't Go Wrong With This Gluten Free Convience.I have been using Pamela's Pancake Mix for many years and was very happy when I found this extra large (compared to her other bags of mix) Baking and Pancake Mix. If you don't want to have a bunch of different flours sitting around in your pantry and fridge, this is the way to go. All mixed up for use in one bag. I have made some exceptional muffins from this mix as well as pancakes and a variety of other goodies with the recipes that are all on the back of the bag. This is one mix I will continue to keep on hand.

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