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260401260401B000NMJWZOA3OS64UUDE1WUDturtledreamer0051231200000Gluten-free bakingExcellent for pancakes and baking. I have tried almost all the recipes on the bag and they all taste great!
260402260402B000NMJWZOA1V15S9GHSD7P5Ruth Michigan3351202860800Great PancakesI have only tried pancakes and scones so far. Pancakes are great, scones are softer than I like, but great taste and texture. Hat's off to Pamela
260403260403B000NMJWZOA21OQW3IWUHWSBKim3351202860800Wonderful Flour SubstituteThis is a Wonderful substitute for flour when on a gluten-free diet. The bag has various recipes for cookies, muffins, deep frying batter and banana bread, as well as pancakes and waffles. We use it to make gravy and sauces too.
260404260404B000NMJWZOA1ZFAYDQE9YQ9OBleuHoney3351201910400Delicious!!I don't have celiac's disease, however I have wheat sensitivities which is just as painful and uncomfortable. I found this mix several months ago as I hadn't had pancakes in 5 years, the flavor is out of this world. The combination of ingredients cause the flavors to burst in your mouth, it almost makes "regular" pancakes boring. My husband eats these also, and his doesn't have a problem with wheat!! I pay about $6 for 24oz at the local store, THIS IS A GOOD BUY!!
260405260405B000NMJWZOA1ADNY5OVTO090Charles Casada3351186012800Excellent ProductThis product is great! My wife and father in law are gluten free dieters and this has helped their life out so much. The biscuits, muffins, pancakes that we make with this mix is really good. My wife has substituted this mix instead of wheat flour and her recipes have turned out fine! I recommend this product for anyone that needs to eat gluten free!!!!
260406260406B000NMJWZOA1D5OD5VCUV06HJames B.3351346284800One of our family's favoritesAs big pancake fans, our family has tried just about every gluten-free pancake mix out there. Pamela's is one of the best! Two members of our family have celiac disease and three of us don't, but we all love this mix for our tradition of Saturday morning pancakes. Aside from Bisquick, the only gluten-free pancake mix we like even better is: Nuffins Gluten Free Pancake Mix - Case of 6 It's not always available on Amazon, but when it is we try to stock up. Nuffins is definitely worth trying! Their other products are great too. Otherwise the choice for our family is Pamela's or Bisquick.

Another "pro" is the price. Just under $4.00/lb it definitely beats $5.00+ per pound for GF Bisquick. Still, gluten-filled Krusteaz is like $1.50/lb. Someday maybe gluten-free mixes will get cheaper? One can only hope.

If you think gluten-free products need to be LESS EXPENSIVE, mark this review as helpful! Maybe manufacturers will take notice and start lowering prices.
260407260407B000NMJWZOA3VER84ALMGKLKSarah Schoenlaub3351261526400Delicious and Versatile!I bought this awhile back, thinking that 12 pounds of baking mix seemed absurd, but I am so glad I got it. This mix is wonderful. It makes delicious pancakes, for starters. The pancakes are so good that my gluten eating sister doesn't know the difference between these and her "regular" pancakes.

But even more important, there are so many things that can be made with the mix. On the back of the package are lots of recipes for quick breads, muffins, waffles, crepes, and biscuits. I made the biscuits today and was impressed. I've had other biscuit mixes before that were entirely too sweet and too dry. These were perfectly flavored and delicious. The mix is also perfect for making roux, which is great for gravies and sauces. I tried making a pizza crust with it and it was okay, but not quite right... the bread mix is probably better.

Pamela's Products has an awesome website full of recipes for each baking mix. I highly recommend checking it out. This mix can be used in so many ways, so keep that in mind. I'd say between this and Annalise Roberts' Gluten-Free Baking Classics my gluten-free lifestyle has been a much easier adjustment.

I set my subscription for this every six months. I've gone through one bag in about a month, so I think I have it about right. This mix has been amazing for breakfast foods. I recommend it to anyone going gluten-free!
260408260408B000NMJWZOA1YT9ZMXWSGQDRSusan Reoch3341229299200Great pancake mix good baking mix
260409260409B000NMJWZOA1VHDD89TY4FMNKB_Texas5651215648000Terriffic GF Baked Muffins, Biscuits, Pancakes, etc.It's worth a visit to their web site to see all of the recipes available for this baking mix but there's plenty right on the bag. It's extremely versatile and I've been able to recreate GF equivalents of old family favorites like buttermilk biscuits.

The size of the bag is convenient and if you sign up for subscribe and save, you can't beat the price (although it's a good price before the discount). The fruit muffins are so good, my office asks me to make them for special occasions and I'm the only Celiac!
260410260410B000NMJWZOA1EPICWPVK767IMeredith Moeller2251339804800GF Baking Mix that does everything and pleases everyone!My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac when she was barely a year and a half old (she is now 7) and I have been using Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix ever since then. At first I only used it for pancakes, having found that this mix makes by far the BEST GF pancakes of any mix I tried--and I tried several. Using buttermilk (instead of water, like the recipe calls for) makes them as light and fluffy as "normal" pancakes, and adding about 1 tbs of vanilla and 1-2 tbs of sugar makes them absolutely melt in your mouth! Then when I started getting the 4 lb. bags I saw that there are SO many things that you can do with this amazing mix! I've used it for cookies, muffins, drop biscuits, cobbler, sandwich bread, and breading chicken. I'm sure it can do a whole lot more. I turn to this mix far more often than simple GF flour because with all the additives you need (like xanthan gum) already mixed in it's just so much easier. Everyone in our family enjoys the good baking from Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix--even though only one of us actually requires it. If you've been looking for the perfect GF all purpose baking mix then try Pamela's--now!
260411260411B000NMJWZOA2JWT7WUHN27FOHappy Anna2251299369600fantastic option for gluten free diets - wouldn't live without it!I have had to be on a gluten free diet for several months now. I absolutely love this product, and I can't see living without it! Between my sister and I, we have made a large a variety of things using this baking mix; most commonly we make pancakes and waffles for special breakfasts. It works deliciously for "thin" pancakes (crepes). My sister made butter biscuits this morning and they were wonderful. My sister who isn't on the same diet diet I am often cooks with my mix even when she could use her own because she likes the taste of it better than the standard baking mixes we used before. A couple of things to note - while this mix is the best on the market for gluten free diets, it still is a gluten free mix; as in it tends to taste grainy if not used correctly. It does not always work as a straight replacement in recipes using wheat flour; cookie recipes commonly have this concern. It does work beautifully in oatmeal cookie recipes though.
**Also, because this is the Amazon website, I would highly recommend the subscribe and save option. This cuts the price I pay significantly; in my grocery store this mix costs almost double what I pay here, and I have the added convenience of never running out of a product I depend on. You do get a lot at one time though with this program, but this mix keeps well. I have mine sealed and stored until use in a large plastic container and it has been fine. Try it - depend on it - then get it with subscribe and save!
260412260412B000NMJWZOAVBULW44OQSHNRobert M. Wangsness0051231200000Wonderful product for our familyOver the holidays, we were fortunate enough to have all three of our daughters return home - from St. Paul, Memphis, Tennessee, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Two daughters are restricted to a glutin-free diet, and this flour enabled everyone to enjoy pancakes, scones, waffles, and biscuits without worry. All recipes worked well and the food tasted wonderful! Thank you, "Pamela," for eliminating a significant menu problem for our family.
260413260413B000NMJWZOA1IITR42COHUA3Grandma Lasley "Mysticminder"0051231027200WOW! This is Great!We have stuggled for 9 mos. trying to feed my daughter and her first child a gluten free diet due to a gluten allergy with him. Then we tried Pamela's Baking Mix. This stuff is great, doesn't taste "green", stays moist, doesn't crumble. In other words it is NOT like any other product we have tried. It is so close to "normal" that my very picky son didn't know what he was eating until he caught my smile and then even he had to admitt that it was great. The recipes on the back are wonderful. At Christmas I used my great-grandmothers measurements and Pamela's to make our Christmas Date cake. It was the best version of this cake I have made in 50 years.
260414260414B000NMJWZOA34KS0AUUB6CDUE-Walk0051230768000Don't Know What I'd Do Without Pamela'sI love this flour! Great for use in many things. My family can't believe it's gluten free.
260415260415B000NMJWZOA2UFXDA3WHQGZNEarl Bristow0051229385600Ultimate says it all.we have tried many different gluten free products. This one by far is the best. It contains many recipes and requires very little time for preparation. Our son likes every recipe we have tried from this product.
260416260416B000NMJWZOA2A0Z9RMUIF3KARoberta Hutley "Bobbie"0051229385600Multipurpose pancake mixPamela's is one of the best GF products available. The pancake mix can be used for many things. Good recipes can be found on the back of the packages. Waffles are excellent. Banana bread is delicious.
260417260417B000NMJWZOA1I5UBIX8YGE1J. Rowley0051229040000Perfect!My husband and I are stationed overseas. I don't know what I would do without this amazing mix! I use it everyday for so many things. I have made every delicious recipe provided on the back of the package. Also, I substitute the mix for any other non-gluten free recipe I have. It really makes being GF a breeze! Whenever I bake something to take to other people's homes, they can never tell its GF. The best!
260418260418B000NMJWZOA27A56717JHUUNLiz Mattern "107fan"0051229040000gluten free pancakes and cakesThis has been an excellent product for us. They include wonderful recipes on the back of the package. One heads up though: the Pumpkin Loaf Cake was excellent the second time I made it. There is a misprint in the should be 1 CUP not 1 CAN of pumpkin. lol There was a correction on their web site.
260419260419B000NMJWZOA1F525FDURAPNKDixie D. Shires "Dixie Dee"0051229040000Excellant Baking MixOutstanding. Have been testing alot of Gluten free flours. This is by far the best I have found. I have used this to not only make pancakes but muffins, cookies and even sausage balls. That way noone misses out on the holiday treats due to Celiac Disease.
260420260420B000NMJWZOALDT0ZJ5D6PPEKevin B. Haas "realreview"0051228348800Absolutely, the best pancake mix on the market..I make a banana pancake with Pamela's pancake mix and everyone loves is fluffy, tasty and a perfect pancake really...even if you don't have to eat gf products, you will love it..
260421260421B000NMJWZOA1S744L1J7CEP5gluten free mom0051227830400Excellent value!This is an amazing bargain if you use the "subscribe & save" option available at Amazon. With the price of one of these bags at the foodstore quickly approaching $18, it makes perfect sense to buy this item through Amazon.
It's a must have for anyone who has adopted a gluten-free lifestyle. The taste is wonderful and it really is an all purpose flour. I've used it to make pancakes, bananna bread, zucchini bread, waffles. All have a wonderful texture.
260422260422B000NMJWZOA3UCNJ3J0RZ353Jill Coleman0051227744000Better than wheat!This is really a great product. I made pancakes and for the first time, my pancakes turned out fluffly and really tasted good. This is a superior product for any one that does not want to eat wheat. I made some drop biscuts and also thicken some homemade soup with it. I really feel good using this mix!
260423260423B000NMJWZOAXSH8IKKHRWRWL. Williams "lynwilly"0051227398400Very pleasedI decided to try this as we are trying to get away from processed white flour. I have tried several of the recipes and really like them. The chocolate chip cookies are a little fragile, probably because I made them with brown sugar/Splenda but they were delicious. The waffles were very good, better than those made with white flour. The coffee cake is very good although I think I will use less filling next time. It turned out very sweet and somewhat crumbly but I was using brown/sugar Splenda again. I am definitely going to make this mix a staple in our household.
260424260424B000NMJWZOA1XGSAXNT58BN1Joyfully Balanced "balance in all things"0051227312000Everything I make with it turns out WONDERFUL!!!!!!The latest thing I came up with was sweet corn cake (like you used to get a chi chi's). It was soooo good! Everything is a hit even with people who aren't gluten intolerant!
260425260425B000NMJWZOA2I2XDO626BXFNgemmy0051226966400great all purpose mix!This is a great all purpose mix! It makes delicious pancakes that you would never know were gluten free! Also use it as a gluten free base for a multitude of baked goods. Check the Pamela's website for loads of recipes.
260426260426B000NMJWZOA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"0051226102400Quite surprised!I was really hoping the positive reviews were accurate for me (meaning same tastes in food) as I have been expensively disappointed in the past w/ a few of the 5 star food reviews. I just finished my first pancakes. They were very good as they looked and tasted like typical pancakes-well, maybe a little lighter and tastier. I was VERY pleased and will try the other recipes on the package. To make the standard pancakes, it only took one egg, one tbsp. of oil and 3/4 cup of water. Since i cooked them using my Anolon titanium pan, no oil was required. Quick, easy and delicious topped only w/ organic maple syrup. Enjoy!
260427260427B000NMJWZOAJQDIT55SZ3ZXkindred spirit0051225756800BEST Pancakes I have ever had in my life ~~And I made them. :)I have never been able to make a good pancake except for buckwheat. When I saw this as a lightening deal and read all the 5 star reviews I figured it was worth the try.

OH MY GOODNESS~I just made the most wonderful fluffy light and thick pancakes. I have never and I mean never had such a good pancake. Being wheat free is a bonus. I don't have to be gluten free but I do tend to be a bit sensitive to too much wheat at times.

I almost wanted to take a picture of these pancakes. I could not believe I made them. You have to give this a try. I will never want another pancake but these. They are much healthier too, I used the spray butter on them and sugar free syrup and even with those two things they are FANTASTIC.

I will be on subscribe and save when my supply runs low. I cannot wait to make other things with it for the holidays.
260428260428B000NMJWZOA1T8YJBURJUBGAL. Souza0051225411200Great Taste and Texture - very versatile mixThis product is excellent. The pancakes and waffles were great. I also tried the pumpkin bread (made muffins) and the chocolate chip cookie recipes and both were wonderful. There are versions of the recipes with and without egg/oil on the package - I used the egg & oil versions. I will absolutely purchase this one again. It was a very nice surprise to be able to offer great tasting baked goods from such a convenient mix to my wheat-allergic child (as well as the rest of the family).
260429260429B000NMJWZOA2BLWKWPRVIRPQM. Gallagher0051225411200Perfect gluten free baking mix!This is a great mix for pancakes and waffles, but it does so much more! It's a perfect blend for muffins and quick breads and I've made some excellent chocolate chip cookies with it too. One good thing to know is that you do not want to cover your baked goods with plastic wrap or foil because they will get soggy, even if they are completely cooled first. I find that paper works best (I usually use a brown paper lunch bag). Also, Pamela's website has some great recipes!
260430260430B000NMJWZOA1MNI9ZG7AJUIWPenney E. Lewis "penneye"0051225152000ULTIMATE IS RIGHT !!I love this mix ! Not only are the pancakes and muffins great, but almost every recipe tried has turned out yummy ! Our latest creation is carrot cake ( my husband made for me ) ... and we think its much better than using regular flour and such.
Thanks for a ULTIMATE product ! I love it !

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