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260431260431B000NMJWZOA1L7QWGJ8HYQEJMartha Logan0051224979200Good Gluten Free PancakesPamel's Untimate Baking and Pancake Mix is the a pancake mix that makes gluten free pancakes that taste like regular pancakes. I have also used it to make biscuits. You can't cut them out but if you make drop biscuits they taste real good.
260432260432B000NMJWZOAW5HRFH7HVDTUT. May "celiac's mom"0051224460800Am very impressed with this mixAfter struggling to bake from scratch with gf items,Pamela's Pancake Mix feels like a miracle. The banana bread recipe on the 64-ounce bag is delicious.
260433260433B000NMJWZOA2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.0051224288000great mix, great priceThis is a great baking mix at a great price. For around $3 a pound, you will receive the most perfect gluten free baking mix that works with any recipe. This mix makes the most perfect pancakes ever. My family likes them better than regular pancakes (they can't even tall the difference). This mix makes great scones, muffins, biscuits, crusts, cookies, etc. I store my mix in an airtight container and the other two bags in the freezer until I use them. They seem to go really quickly around here. With this mix, it is so much easier to be that perfect baker you have always wanted to be without all the hassle. My mom also needs to eat GF and she used to make her own baking mix from scratch. Her mix not only took more time to make, but it was actually more costly than this mix. After she tried Pamela's mix, she stopped making her own and switched over.
260434260434B000NMJWZOAPXEQJTV5O45FEdna Harris0051223942400Very Good Baking and Pancake MixThe pancakes made from this product taste as good as any product that is not gluten free. My daughter that lives in MO. loves the cornbread made using Pamula's Mix and my other daughter that lives in WI. got us all hooked on Pamula's Chocolate Cake Mix. Thank You Pamula for such a wonderful product for us that have to live Gluten Free!
260435260435B000NMJWZOAMJJZBOAV8HCC00051223510400I'm in LoveThis is the greatest! Even my non glutens frees love it! Super recipes on the bag that are fast, easy and GOOD!!!
260436260436B000NMJWZOAYMT5BUQPEQWIM. Darr "HerbertRocks"0051223424000Good enough to not miss Gluten-Filled food!!!This has been a life saver since going Gluten Free. If you add a table spoon of vanilla (G-F) to the pancake and cookie mix people who can ate gluten can't even tell the difference between these and "real" pancakes and cookies. Also you can use the biscuit recipe if you add a little cinnamon to the dough to make great cinnamon rolls! Makes me not miss what my family calls "real" aka gluten filled foods.
260437260437B000NMJWZOA1WSL33C2VHUFEFreestyle Pete0051223251200Gluten Free Pancakes Even Better Than Real OnesThis amazing pancake mix is so great. I made these for me and my wife for dinner last night. I have Celiac's Disease and my wife doesnt. We both loved them so much I had to make another batch. These are "real pancakes" The smell, the taste, the consistancy. I cant wait to make other items with this mix.
260438260438B000NMJWZOAYYSPSIPCEMQ0Grant Corbett "gebutcher"0051222732800Great for gluten freeThis is the best pancake mix for those who are on a gluten free diet.
260439260439B000NMJWZOA194ZX82T83HZ6Followme940051222646400Wonderful Pancakes!This mix makes wonderful gluten free pancakes. Use milk instead of water and add a few drops of vanilla and some cinnamon. My family loves them!
260440260440B000NMJWZOA1K0CVIKQDFGXSEileen0051221436800Excellent GF Baking MixThis is the BEST gluten free all- purpose baking mix around (I have tried them all)! Great for pancakes and cookies! Very easy to use. Turns out light and fluffy- not dense. No one will ever guess they are GF. As a mom of a Celiac daughter, I am very grateful for this product.
260441260441B000NMJWZOA1UNLXUHRM6AXCBranch D. Verhoef3531285200000Who sells a 4" x 6" bread pan?Great results with the muffins and pancakes. Not so with the bread, which faile to rise more than a fraction of an inch above the top of the pan during baking. Customer service advised us to us a 4" x 6" pan, but we can't find one anywhere.
260442260442B000NMJWZOAG5OL2MD8PL9DBrian Lacy "creatorbri"1251295222400Best Gluten-free baking mix, hands downI don't have Celiac's, but my wife does and I've chosen to live a GF lifestyle to make it easier for our family. My wife makes pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with this mix, and I make pancakes.. we've made cakes and all sorts of goodies. Let me tell ya, we've tried tons of different mixes and this is the ONLY one that makes me feel like I'm eating good old fashioned home cookin! There are already over 350 reviews for this product with a virtually flawless 5-star score, but I just had to add my vote to the mix (no pun intended) -- there is nothing so great as Pamela's.
260443260443B000NMJWZOAHV5MHBNURXRUMelissa Miller1251281484800My favorite GF pancakesI LOVE these pancakes. My husband loves them too but normally thinks my GF products are terrible. Even my picky 4 year-old loves them. When we make them, I substitute chunky applesauce for the oil and add cinnamon and vanilla extract. I have also used pumpkin puree in place of the oil and added pumpkin pie spice with great results. I downloaded several recipes from the Pamela's Products website for other new things to try using this mix. So far everything has been great. I highly recommend this mix!
260444260444B000NMJWZOA1IHG4R9WB6ZB5Avery K1251232323200I love this mix!I do not have to eat a gluten free diet, just trying to eat less gluten. This mix makes the best pancakes ever! I just add a teaspoon of vanilla to their recipe. I've also used it to make brownies and chocolate chip cookies, they are wonderful and you can't tell the difference!
260445260445B000NMJWZOA24NTJLIWMZBPOD. Gallew4731281484800ALLERGY CAUTION - ALMONDSRated this product 3 as it didn't seem fair to give it a bad ding since I couldn't even try it.

I was looking forward to trying this product only to find that it contains Almonds. This information is not listed here. Thank goodness I read the label before baking.

I'm glad that it works for so many, wish it did for me but felt it important that others know so they don't waste their money - it isn't returnable.
260446260446B000NMJWZOASWQHCBXTTMKRShopsLot4721250380800Wanted to like this but taste is too oddI really wanted to like this mix and have tried several different ways to help the taste of the mix. My daughter and neighbor kids do not like this for pancakes. Had several other friends and family try the pancakes but all did not like the taste at all. I really had high hopes for the mix due to the great reviews but I do want to be fair for other shoppers and explain that the taste of this mix may not be for everyone.
260447260447B000NMJWZOA2K10H8F08FEDNW. J. Oliver Jr.2451217894400Great StuffPamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix is by far the best gluten free product I have ever used. I recommend it to anyone, even those that do not need gluten free products.
260448260448B000NMJWZOA3UXBGCJ7WF0QIrach0151309737600best mix ever!I thought I'd never find a gluten free mix that i liked as well as regular mixes. well this one is the best of either! Ive tried most recipies on the back and they are all incredible. This is a great buy and worth every cent!
260449260449B000NMJWZOA2QKSSC67YST05Jo M. Peckinpaugh0151309392000YOU'LL LOVE THIS STUFF!!we're not gluten intolerant, but I often cook for friends who are...and THIS product is SO GOOD, SO EASY...that I keep it on hand ALWAYS. WONDERFUL STUFF for pancakes or quick biscuits!!
260450260450B000NMJWZOA1YBA8XKDFUXVVwindpower0151309305600Amazing gluten free alternativeI am new to being gluten free and because of this mix, I can make my own bread, I make waffles all the time, have made bananna bread and pumpkin bread (recipe on the back) with it and am most satisfied. In fact, after dropping gluten very cold turkey, I don't miss anything because I can make so much with this.
260451260451B000NMJWZOA34W5KQ5Q1KAGCDarlene Schroeder "Creative Lady"0151264809600It's GreatPamela's Baking and Pancake Mix gives me the opportunity to be creative in baking gluten free products. Biscuits, pancakes, muffins, cookies and more all turn out delicious and gluten free. I use the biscuit dough, press into the shape of a pizza, add toppings and bake. Yum..... I wouldn't want to be without it.
260452260452B000NMJWZOA37K9JI2PKAC7LMakua1351344038400WORKS GREATTastes just like wheat flour, I really like it. I think my only complaint is that sometimes my waffles taste like farts, but I'm not sure if that's the mix, so I won't deduct any stars.
260453260453B000NMJWZOA396MTTJF59NEGS. Estock1331316908800Great MIX! Shipping could be betterProduct is fantastic and cheaper than buying the small bags at the grocery store. I get 3 packages. Two of the three packages had holes at the top, from what I could assume is an automated pick system, but were still fresh etc. Looked like a shipping / packing error in which they were punctured. I taped up the little holes and stuck one in the freezer to keep it fresh. I'd give more stars, but since two were somewhat damaged, I deducted from that. I will still purchase more after these are finished. Great product!!!
260454260454B000NMJWZOA1R6YXX99GJ8NYThomas R. Wickersham1341231372800Eat UpA little pricey but good for your health.
You had the best price that I have found.
Thank you, Tom
260455260455B000NMJWZOA3DWGIDZUA8PE7Laura Louise Harden "Taterbug"3721235779200I liked Bob's Red Mill betterPersonally, I prefer the gluten free products from Bob's Red Mill. This one didn't taste as good or as fresh. I will stick with Bob's.
260456260456B000NMJWZOARYE08XHHGU9ZDiane D. Mcnuss "school bus driver"0251235088000Pamelas pancakesI love the product, unfortunately one of the bags had a hole in it. My computer died and I just got it back and this the first time I could write. I am allergic to wheat and I use the flour for everything- the best chocolate chip cookies, biscuits, pancakes. I will purchase some again soon. Thanks for asking
260457260457B000NMJWZOA1YVKFA8MGZ6B9Rose Mary Jolie "rmjolie"0251229385600Single PurchasersThe product was excellent. However, three packages are to many for a single senior citizen.
260458260458B000NMJWZOA1X4B0Q2EZ8WPMMable Erickson2821309651200Where are the ingredients listed?I tried reading all the information on this before I bought it to find out what the ingredients are. I need a product that is also dairy free and I did not find that any where so I bought it. Lo and Behold it contains Buttermilk. Beware anyone allergic to dairy products!!!!
260459260459B000NMJWZOA3RGN75LHYAG8UM. Lu31031286841600Gluten Free but NOT LACTOSE FREE!!!I have to admit that this is a very easy to use gluten free baking mix and the pancakes that it makes are absolutely stellar. This mix is also great because it can make more than just pancakes. There are plenty of recipes online to try such as: loaf breads,yeast breads, bread sticks, cakes, scones, cookies, biscuits, pie crusts, and pizza crusts-- all with just one baking mix.
I bought this not because I bake a lot... but because every once in a while, I do want to have pancakes for breakfast or the occasional cookie treat. And prior to using this mix, I used another really excellent gluten free pancake mix called "Sweet Cake Bake Shop Gluten Free Pancake Mix" which you can also get from Amazon. I switched because it was pricey and you get a lot more for your money buying Pamela's. However, I didn't realize that Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix is mix is NOT LACTOSE FREE!!!
I am both gluten and lactose intolerant and this product gives me stomachaches. The "Sweet Cake Bake Shop" mix was both gluten free and lactose free. When I made pancakes with that mix, it called for "milk of your choice" and I was able to make great pancakes using Lactaid (lactose free milk), soy milk or almond milk. Pamela's pancake recipe calls for water because there is already milk in the mix. And thus, you don't get to choose what kind of milk to use.
Since I already purchased it, I'll finish the three bags I have by making holiday cookies and such for my family and friends who are not lactose intolerant. As for myself, I will not purchase this product again. And I will probably have to go back to the "Sweet Cake Bake Shop Gluten Free Pancake Mix" or keep looking for something that meets my gluten free, lactose free, and low price criteria.
260460260460B000NMJWZOAWFI7DXIJ4A8RTRLK31111303344000Does Not Make Good PancakesI'm shocked to see such great reviews for this product. Admittedly I have only used this mix to make pancakes but they were just not good so I'm hesitant to try making anything else with it.

I love Bob's Red Mill gluten free pancake mix and recommend it over Pamela's.

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