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260491260491B000NMJWZOA1X1EMURI4G78IM. Kirby "gluten free cook"2251212796800excelent productThis product is a must have for anyone who is gluten intolerent.
This mix is versitle. I have tried many of Pamela's recipes and they all come out. My husband who does not have food allergies loves the pancakes
that you can make with this mix. He prefers them to the wheat counter part. I do too.
260492260492B000NMJWZOA27ZB7M15YX6FLC. George2251207353600the secret ingredient is almond mealThis is, by far, the best gluten-free bake mix I have tried. I believe the almond meal makes the batter richer and more flavorful than many others made primarily from rice flours. Also, the end products, be they cookies, crepes or muffins, are not so crumbly and hard to eat. I highly recommend this product to all who must eat gluten-free!
260493260493B000NMJWZOA2MXRI9LIOK4OFB. Lickfold "mama2four"2251206835200Wonderful productThis product has truly been a lifesaver for me and my son! We are newbies to the gluten-free diet, and I feel like I picked a winner for a mix right off the bat! I enjoy baking, and using this as a flour substitute is it's #1 purpose, and every time I bake with it, things turn out perfect! I made banana bread the other day and the bread turned out better than when I use regular flour! I've tried it for pancakes once, and honestly have to say that I wasn't crazy about them. They were good, but just not like 'regular' pancakes, which I didn't expect anyway. But, my son loved them so that's all that matters!!!! I definitely recommend this product!
260494260494B000NMJWZOA2ZI7DBYMAUSWUSsq "Love 2B Mom"2251206576000Better than bisquickYou never have to settle for anything tasting like cardboard again. I have a Celiac child and this mix is a godsend. Banana bread made with Pamela's never lasts long enough to even cool down. The pancakes are the only ones all of my children will eat - even the ones without the gluten intolerance. I am so thankful to the people at Pamela's products for creating such a wonderful mix.
260495260495B000NMJWZOA3IANNBKIV3V2YL. Lanning2251205193600Great stuffI have lived with celiac disease/ gluten intolerance for 24 years and tried an uncountable number of Gluten free products. This is the one I love best for every type of cooking and baking. I love the large size. With 2 Gluten Intolerant people in our family, and 4 non GI members who prefer this baking mix to wheat baking mixes, we go through a bag every few days. It is pretty much an equal substitution for flour measurements so no calculating necessary. The nut adds great texture, moisture and flavor.
260496260496B000NMJWZOA35KW8GCHGI7HZLindy Winkelbauer2251200182400ExcellentI highly recommend this product if you are a gluten free family. we use it for everything, not just pancakes. its great for breading on chicken and fish. Muffins too. Plus, if you buy in bulk from Amazon, you save a lot.
260497260497B000NMJWZOA1D0W748H7UOW0Theresa R. Meador2251200096000Great for breakfast or for dinner.My husband and I really like Pamela's pancake mix. The pancakes are delicious. They cook up so much better than store bought mixes and are so quick and easy. I have made the muffins from the mix and they too are really good. Our daughter-in-law prepares them for our grandchildren and they like them a lot. She had cooked them for us on a visit last year and that got us hooked! Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix, 64-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3) Anytime we can't decide on "what's for dinner?" I pull out a bag of Pamela's pancake mix.
260498260498B000NMJWZOA298V9C699CAAOI love cookies ! "David K"2251199318400Great Pancakes & CookiesThis is a great gluten-free substitute for regular flour. It has a slight nutty flavor which is a wonderful addition to pancakes, cookies and quick breads. (I love adding bananas & nuts to pancakes anyway.)
Originally, I signed up for the 6 month subscription and save option, but I'll need to change it to every 3 months because we are using this product in place of regular flour for many different recipes.
260499260499B000NMJWZOA33DCAD2DN0I8RKarla J. Dimico2251199145600best baking mix I have foundI LOVE this mix. You can do so much with it. My son is autistic so we have him on a gluten free, dairy free diet and he loves to eat. I make the best chocolate chip pancakes he has ever had. I have made all kinds of baked goods with this mix. The product website has lots of great recipes on it too. Perfect product for someone just starting down the GF/CF diet road or anyone who would just like to eat healthier.
260500260500B000NMJWZOA12YHJMAKLHZEIFRANCESCA2251198886400Best gluten free product ever usedEver since discovering Pamela's products, I feel like I died and went to Heaven. Her gluten free pancake and baking mix, makes wonderful waffles and pancakes. You can use this mix with any of your own recipes, and they taste wonderful. My grandchildren and many friends never new that my Christmas cookies were gluten free. It makes a pie crust that is to die for, and again I have served it without saying it was gluten free, and I got rave reviews from those that ate it. I can't say enough about her baking and pancake mix, and all of her packaged products as well. I LOVE Pamela's products. PS Her wheat free bread mix is also excellent
260501260501B000NMJWZOA13UWQN9A7M42DSatiated2251198886400Excellent!Beyond my expectations! I sorely missed my Pancakes after discovering my wheat intolerance. I also add some mushed banana and some pecan bits to the batter. Sweeeeet! The Waffles were excellent too.
260502260502B000NMJWZOA2KF6TT9YVFB3SM. A. Hart2251196121600Gluten-free wonderPamela's Banking and Pancake mix makes the best pancakes, cakes, cookies and muffins that can be made with a gluten-free flour--in fact, they are actually better than the ones I make with regular flour!
260503260503B000NMJWZOATZMSJ0CYHXE8Kevin Decot2251196121600MAGNIFICENT !!!This has been a godsend to our family! We use it for family get together's and don't tell people it's gluten free ! They don't even notice the difference ! We make muffins, waffles, pancakes and more ! You cannot FIND a bad Pamela's product! Keep'em coming !!!
260504260504B000NMJWZOA1580PCQIBDHZHKent J. Raschka "kikimomma"2251187654400Best mix I have foundMy daughter has to eat gluten-free and this mix is the best. All my kids and their friends love the pancakes. I have also used this to make cookies for them and they turn out great.
260505260505B000NMJWZOAQEQS5LG6W42MM. Timmins2251185926400pancake and baking mixThis is the best pancake mix. I'm not allergic to wheat but I decided to try this anyway and it makes the best pancakes. They are light and fluffy and very tasty. The only problem is that this mix is so popular, it sells out very quickly on Amazon. They sell it at a good price.
260506260506B000NMJWZOA3FNS2KBVRCX2SL. Lee "Familee"2251180656000Best pancakes ever!This makes the best pancakes ever. The muffins and other items are good too with this all-purpose mix. If you have to eat gluten-free, enjoy your pancakes!
260507260507B000NMJWZOAXO4PQU0XG3TGDwight121731196812800LESS THAN $3 per pound for 12 lbs of rice flour baking mixThe ingredients are mainly rice flour, buttermilk powder, baking powder and xantham gum so one could definitely mix their own but the price is decent compared to the price of just rice flour.

I made the chocolate chip cookies and the cornbread from the recipes on the back of the pouch and both came out fine.
260508260508B000NMJWZOAQ6SHOW0VMZGFK. Padgett "familyof5"1151348012800ImpressedI hesitated for months before purchasing Pamela's Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix; primarily because of the price tag that comes with it. We are not Celiacs, but have decided to follow a wheat free diet. However, this does not mean I never want to have a muffin or waffle again! I finally broke down and purchased this mix and I have to say that overall I am very impressed. While I have yet to use it in one of my own recipes as a substitution for A/P Flour, I can say that the recipes I have used from the back of the bag have resulted in some very delicious eats. My only complaint is that the liquid called for in the recipes located on the bag seem to be way off. Each time I have had to add more water just based on how the batter looks. Obviously muffin batter should not be as thick as cement! Even my kids who are not following a wheat free diet have commented on how tasty everything has been. They inhaled the blueberry muffins I made using this mix. Both the muffins and waffles I have made turned out light and fluffy, and not at all dense like a lot of G/F products. I personally have not noticed any odd flavors, or texture. Overall, very happy with Pamela's Baking Mix, and plan to buy it again. Hopefully it will result in some great G/F holiday baking as well!
260509260509B000NMJWZOA10CCIBHCU89YWFarm girl1151340928000Crowd pleaser!I've used this mix to make muffins and pancakes. They were really good! Once again my entire family liked what I made. It's so nice to have a product that my family likes and is gluten free for me!
260510260510B000NMJWZOA6VKLQYYPX76YChicGeek1151337558400Gluten-free baked goods that actually taste great!When I eliminated gluten from my diet a few years ago, I cleaned out my cupboards of anything that contained that menacing little protein. I bought (and mixed) countless flours and grains trying to find a good substitute for all-purpose flour. Every flour and blend that I tried produced baked goods that were either tough and rubbery or mealy and crumbly. No amount of recipe-tweaking produced anything that I could happily feed to guests. Enter Pamela's Ultimate Baking & Pancake Mix. Now I can serve fluffy and delicious pancakes, bake awesome quick breads, and create yummy coatings for pan-frying. It's been a while since I ordered so the packaging may have changed since then, but my bags are printed with nine different recipes, which gave me a good place to start.
260511260511B000NMJWZOA1RWJ0DNUFQ9KSshgross701151330905600Great gluten free product!This is a great product for people who must eat on a gluten free diet. It mixes up easily and makes nice pancakes of a familiar consistency. The taste is good. My whole family will eat these, gluten free required or not. Amazon has a great price compared to stores near us. I cannot address how these pancakes taste leftover, as we have never had left overs when we make them. I want to try this mix in a banana bread, but have not yet done so. (Pamela's website has the recipe.) Please be aware that this product does have nut flour, in case you have multiple food sensitivities/allergies at your house.
260512260512B000NMJWZOA9LWNO452P7UUCJC1151329091200A Great Pancake MixBefore I say anything, I should let you know that this is the very first pre-mixed gluten free flour I've tried. With that said, this mix makes absolutely delicious pancakes that are best enjoyed with real, pure maple syrup. In fact, I quite prefer the pancakes from this mix to those containing gluten. My only complaint is that when I bake with them, the sweet flavor of the mix can be a bit overpowering. If you adjust the amount of sugar added, this becomes less of an issue. Overall, this is an excellent mix!
260513260513B000NMJWZOA1RQMG95ZPST7AYggdrasil1151324944000Best gluten-free baking mix everDon't even bother with other gluten-free baking mixes - this one's the best! Why I love it:

1) Excellent taste. I've experimented with other gluten-free mixes and there's usually something "off". I even tried one that had a strange, subtle metallic flavor. I've fooled gluten eaters with Pamela's - they couldn't differentiate from gluten pastries.

2) Anyone who's ever had to bake for a gluten-free diet knows the annoyance of procuring and figuring out xanthan gum. In Pamela's case, the xanthan gum's already included in the mix, so there's one less thing to worry about. I tried baking cookies without Pamela's mix and forgot the xanthan gum. Surprise, surprise, my cookies didn't rise. So this is important.

3) Versatility. So far, I've made pancakes, scones, crepes, chocolate chip cookies, pizza crust and cakes with Pamela's. The range of what you can make with this mix is amazing. Any time I have to create a gluten-free version of an old favorite food, I can probably create something using Pamela's.

4) For what it's worth, the recipe ideas on the back of the bag are very helpful - AND ACCURATE. I've gotten so annoyed by inaccurate recipes on food packages. By contrast, I've found the ingredient amounts on the bag of the mix bag to be good.

As with most gluten-free prepared mixes, Pamela's is a little pricey. Even with this discounted deal of 3 bags, you're still paying nearly $15 a bag. But the bags themselves are pretty big - it takes me weeks to go through 1 bag, but I'm an amateur baker. If you're a professional or you bake more often than the average person, your needs will of course be different. Also, the sheer quality makes the price worth it. I can't imagine baking with anything else now.
260514260514B000G2UUOSAZ6REMN5JER8Lalissha21111243468800You can live without this item.This stuff was so dry it could literally almost choke you when swallowed. Even my vegetarian daughter declined to give it away to her friends, so we threw it all away. Simply awful. I wish I could rate it a zero, but one is the lowest the rating system seems to go.
260515260515B000G2UUOSA2W1Q6OJH9UMPKRobby Robot "Robby"62711311984000MADE IN CHINA..... NOT USA"Seapoint Farms" sounds so American. So wholesome, so family. Their soybean packages feature happy-faced Spongebob Squarepants, and in big letters: "USDA ORGANIC". But then if you turn the package over, you will find: "Product of China". That's right... you are NOT buying a US food product, you are buying Chinese food, cleverly packaged to LOOK like an American food product. Ugh. Do we now have to eat Chinese food? Isn't it enough that we buy their VCRs, cellphones, garden tools, towels, furniture, flashlights and toys? The quality control is not good. Please.... buy American food, and NOT frozen vegetables from Red China!
260516260516B000G2UUOSA28DCI5K68MQOJwhatIthink242551235001600tastes good and is healthy tooThis snack defies the rule of "if it tastes good, it must be bad for you." I am into the low-carb diets and was thrilled to see that this only had 3% carbs in a serving. I am also diabetic so I need to watch my carbs. This is a fantastic and tasty solution. Snacking on these helps me easily make it between meals without being too hungry and gorging on things that I should not be consuming like office donuts. It also has 10% iron and 34% fiber. The taste is a little like peanuts but the texture is crunchier - more like half-popped popcorn kernels.
260517260517B000G2UUOSAAVSICQHW2CTBJ. Garro101051171584000Delicious and good for you too...These green soy nuts are a delicious alternative to the smaller soy nuts that you usually find in grocery stores. They are great by themselves and also make a great addition to a trail mix with other nuts and dried fruits. Buying them by the dozen is great because the packages are small. A good value too, as the only other place I've seen them charges over 1.50 per bag.
260518260518B000G2UUOSA17GK9E70O7Y9RGrandma in Oregon131451168646400Delicious and somewhat addicting snack.This is a wonderful snack. Perfectly salted (light salt), very crunchy and satisfying. Great product for diabetic as it's high fiber and protein, but low carbohydrates. Great replacement for peanuts.
260519260519B000G2UUOSA3A859RQY9AY18J. Henriksen5541298764800Tastey, but gets old after a bitThese remind me a lot of peanuts, but without the rich buttery feel peanuts have. The are lightly salty and have a great, satisfying crunch. They do not taste anything like fresh edamame. If you don't have anything to mix up the taste in your mouth, these will become a kind of tasteless dry snack food pretty quickly. In small portions, however, these are great. Since I have so many bags of this thanks to Amazon bulk I am going to experiment with these. I think they will be fantastic in some trail mixes with raisins and a variety of nuts, as a nut replacement in homemade chex mix, and as a topping for yogurt.
260520260520B000G2UUOSA2LJJ4482V9LAWSunnyBeachLife111431275696000Tastes great, filling, but are they good for you...?I bought this as an alternative to chips..and..because they were on sale. I loved the crunch and they are so filling, not too salty and as another reviewer stated..reminded me of the partially popped popcorn you find in the bottom of a microwave popcorn bag. (Love those!) But I've read several articles on the dangers of soy and after almost finishing this case I looked it up again and found another:


This isn't the only article I've read on this, you can google it yourself. Beware eating too much of this stuff. That is all. :)

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