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260521260521B000G2UUOSA2X3X2VNESSNNDREBEKAH LEONARD3351325635200Yummy and Healthy Snack with just a hint of salt!I used to be a huge potato chip eater. After losing a very significant amount of weight, I started looking around for a healthy alternative to my former favorite to help keep me on track when I went looking for a snack. I first saw the Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame at my local Hannaford grocery store. I fell in love at first crunch! I get them auto-shipped every month or so to ensure that I always have some on hand when I get the urge. They are quite possibly the perfect snack; crunchy and salty, but with low carbs and high protein. What could be better? Nothing.
260522260522B000G2UUOSA3RHPPHTQTJUPJJulius Kelly5611307577600Not consistent quality - flavor and even bag color varies -When the product is good it is great. But I warn you in advance that they do not check the quality on the beans very well. I have received edamame that tastes sweet in one box, bitter in another, and even the color of the bag ranges from yellow to orange. The inconsistency shows a lack of attention to detail and quality control which certainly makes me nervous about continuing to purchase from SeaPoint. This item can't be returned so be very weary... Although I love it when its good, I have to say I hate it because of the high price and low quality control. I would like a refund for the 24 bags of sweet and bitter beans that I can't eat.
260523260523B000G2UUOSAYISKX8QX8QTAbrucefan2241318377600Dry Roasted Edamame make healthy snackI stumbled upon this snack last year and have been hooked ever since. I was looking for healthy snacks that would provide protein and I found them! They are light yet filling and so much better for you. There is just enough of a hint of salt and crunchiness. They can be a little on the dry side so have some water ready. Enjoy!
260524260524B000G2UUOSA2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"2251314144000Yummy!I've been looking for a nice healthy snack to munch on at night that's better for me than some of the fruit snacks that I've been having previously. (Of course fresh fruit and veggies are best but you can't always keep those on hand, especially when you're at work.)

These are awesome. They're really nice and crunchy, plus they're relatively low in sodium compared to some of the stuff out there. I like that these have a lot of nutrients and protein in them since occasionally I'll get so busy that I won't get a chance to eat. (Especially during the school semester!)

The only thing I will say is that you will need to have some water with you when you eat these. Not soda, but water. Eating more than a handful will leave you incredibly thirsty!
260525260525B000G2UUOSA6E3OBBWCF7LUAnthony J. Hartsock2251242777600More please...So Trader Joe's carried dry-roasted edamame for a couple of months and then it suddenly disappeared. Believe it or not, I went without my favorite snack for almost 2 years; but now I have Seapoint Farms. Every bit as good as the T.J. brand and at a great price as well. I highly recommend this product even if you have never had dry-roasted edamame before.
260526260526B000G2UUOSA23GGJ5KRU2H9XC. J. Clark "Looking for a good deal!"1141301529600Crunchy snackI had bought a bag of these before as a different snack to eat while I studied.
They are certainly crunchy.
They are salted too.
I'm not sure they have as much taste as peanut, but I'm not sure how much flavor can be expected from dry roasted edamame.
That being said, they are definitely edible.
I liked how I got a whole case of them which helps out on the price of each bag.
They are also in re-sealable bags which is useful.
Crunchy, salted, and good for snacking.
260527260527B000G2UUOSA3JV071KO43Q5XJeff Pittman "Jeff"1151300838400Not too salty to my relief, but addictive like peanutsI decided to give these a try since there was some discussion that these were healthier/less fattening than peanuts, which I LOVE, but I have weight issues and have to be careful with peanuts. I buy unsalted roasted peanuts from an online store in VA and their product is just awesome. I'm not opposed to salt, but I don't much care for a lot of it. You can tell these are salted, but mostly as an aftertaste - it's not an immediate SALT ASSAULT on your taste buds. Very crunchy, which I like (not as crunchy as unpopped popcorn as others have said, though, but WAY more crunchy than the grocery store national brand jar peanuts - which I used to like, but can no longer tolerate due to the much higher quality of online specialty nut vendors).

Not sure if I'll give up peanuts for good, but these are going to be a staple in my pantry now.
260528260528B000G2UUOSA3P8QIH4N9SAAVlentil soup maven1151295654400Great low carb snack, vegan, low fat, proteinMakes a great snack. If you read the nutrition panel you'll be impressed. Nice to stow in a back pack or an office desk.
260529260529B000G2UUOSANDH5HV2XCU88K. Dunn1151277251200Protein packed snack!I am a vegetarian trying to work more protein in my diet but steering clear of nuts because of the fat content. These are are great alternative, high in protein, low in fat, and they taste great! I've hooked several people, and even my 3 year old cousin loves snacking on them!
260530260530B000G2UUOSA3G3LVNG9R5NYElizabeth Wallace1151246320000Edamame RocksI cannot find edamame in my tiny town so I order it in a case. I find this product to be of superior quality. I wish shipping was faster, but it is worth the wait!
260531260531B000G2UUOSA275U3EYCQ3V94Sam H.1151245888000A great, light, healthy snackI love these -- they are a perfect salty snack. Really light and filling, and come in resealable bags convenient for travel.
260532260532B000G2UUOSAGJCU14E8LPQFjelly belly lover1151232928000delicious & crunchyThese are deliciou, crunchy, and great to eat plain or in salads. I have Celiac's and can't eat croutons anymore, so these provide the perfect crunch to my salads while also adding a lot of protein. They are delicious and not too salty.
260533260533B000G2UUOSA1SXHCXFQE3O1GCoral Gables Resident3431344556800Product of China not USANot clearly advertised that the product is from China and only packaged in CA. They are good but as a rule I try not to buy anything from China-food in particular- so I will not be buying them again.
260534260534B000G2UUOSA3NM86X2QTOM17K. Davis5731242259200alternative road foodThese roasted edamames serve as a great alternative to junk food when your on a trip - especially a car trip. At first they take some getting used to (especially when you're craving greasy, salty chips!). But give a try for one day - and your health halo will be shimmering. One big incentive is that as they contain protein, they will satisfy your hunger instead of fueling it like junk food does.
260535260535B000G2UUOSA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"2351265673600Great Filling, Diabetic Friendly Snack - Highly Recommended!These "Dry Roasted Edamame" (soybeans to you and me) are a great tasting snack that is very low in net carbs (only 2g per serving) and also is very filling. The flavor is exactly what I expected, not overpowering and slightly salty (made with sea salt). These remind me of my childhood since my father and sister would fry up soybeans in a skillet with a little oil, soy sauce, and salt to make us healthy snacks. These are actually better for you because they are "dry roasted", so no oil is used, but they taste almost as good as what we made in our kitchen.

Being diabetic, the low net carbs makes this the perfect snack food for me. While I normally scoff when a package says something like "Servings Per Container: about 4" because I know that to me it will all likely be gone in one sitting, but that isn't the case with these since the high fiber and protein content is very filling! Each 1/4 cup serving has 130 Calories, 10g Carbs - 8g Dietary Fiber = 2g Net Carbs, and 14g Protein. The package is resealable with a ziplock top, so the unused portion will keep fresh.

These are great snacks for around the house or on the go. I take them to movies since there is never any diabetic friendly snacks sold in theaters. They do tend to make you thirsty!

Highly Recommended!

260536260536B000G2UUOSA17GT4WKK08DF8Susan J. Haas0041350864000awesome protein treatI love Seapoint Farms Dry roasted, lightly salted, Edamame. I have tried a couple other brands and this one has the best flavor. It also seems to be a bit more roasted than the other brands making it lighter. I received a sample size of this and had a hard time trying to find it in a local store, so I also love that I can easily order it from Amazon.
260537260537B000G2UUOSAX3WUHATJZ1HIC. Smith "Southern Boy"0051350518400Crunch This!Discovered this snack at a Kroger store in town, where I paid about $2 a bag for it. My addiction quickly got too expensive and I was lucky to find that Amazon has it on their "subscribe and save" program. I get 12 bags for less than $15. Game on. It's a great source of protein with much less fat than peanuts and such. It's my favorite work snack -- and good for camping and hiking, too.
260538260538B000G2UUOSA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"0051349568000Delicious snack!A friend turned me onto these roasted soybeans and they are delicious. It is a great way to get soy protein daily, and much easier than cooking frozen edamame! Great for snacking at work, and I take them to the ball game instead of eating peanuts. 130 calories for a quarter of a cup.
260539260539B000G2UUOSA13JONWWVIP3OILinmark0051349308800Awesome priductWOW! What a great little snack. Crunchy, light and delicious. Arrives super fresh with a resealable zip lock. 14 grams of protein per serving. Not greasy at all and very lightly salted as just a mild background flavor. Very nutty flavor without the guilt. Who knew there was a fun way to eat soy. These size packets are small enough to carry around in your purse too. Kids are loving these. Will definitely buy these again.
260540260540B000G2UUOSA2X2BNEU0XO8PPmeandersons0051348358400Good snackI buy these to serve when I am also serving the wasabi version of these, so that people who dislike wasabi can still enjoy edamame. These are a tame alternative to the ones I prefer--the wasabi variety. I also keep my mom supplied with this lightly salted version, because she likes to snack on them. So far, I have not experienced the inconsistency in quality that some reviews have mentioned. If I do, I will come back and edit my review, but so far, all have been fresh and good.
260541260541B000G2UUOSA1M2SMKLLUCZEKclamette0051347148800a satisfied customera healthy snack - used to buy this product from Costco in large tubs, but have been discontinued

husband thinks these small packages are just great!
260542260542B000G2UUOSA1RTSST8GDE4QZDenise0051341792000Yummy soybeans!These roasted soybeans make a great healthy snack! Very good service from the seller too! I bought a case to keep on hand because they have a good shelf life.
260543260543B000G2UUOSAC3ZJQ2PB6NP0michaelm0011341446400howzat?twice the price for about 15 percent less product than another soy multi-pack offering that's 5-star rated on the same page
260544260544B000G2UUOSA3A3248M3OO3UFPatricia A. Clark0051340150400Great snack!Good crunchy snack that is lightly salted. The pouches were big enough for several snacks throughout the day. Nice to have something that is healthy to snack on.
260545260545B000G2UUOSA3BSGTL5TT6YVFEm0041338768000tastes like peanuts to meThese seriously tastes like peanuts to me. They leave the same dry feeling in my mouth. It stops me from eating too many. I like these though because they don't taste as heavy as peanuts. But these are really dry. They are really crunchy but not teeth chipping hard. I suppose it really depends on what you like. It definitely does not taste anything like what fresh edamame tastes like.
260546260546B000G2UUOSA23LMEGLPJU0ZZL. Wong0021338681600MehI usually like healthy, bland food, but even this is too bland and dry for me. Now I'm stuck with 12 packs. Try tasting this first to see if you like it!
260547260547B000G2UUOSA2A7TFJCG2GTLKS. Hong "hsj"0041338163200Perfect snackHigh protien, low sugar/salt.
Tastes good, but the driness prevents overeating.
I think I finally found the perfect snack.
I had the subscribe & save option, which is half(!) of the current price.
I am not sure if I would purchase at this price now.
260548260548B000G2UUOSA3QA0BBQW08DLZMc "m0c21"0041334793600GoodThey are good for what they are. Like others have said, they're filling. They don't taste that great, but doesn't taste bad either. Have some water nearby when eating these, as they will make you very thirsty. My friend shoved a hand full in his mouth and that was definitely a bad idea. Made his mouth so dried that he started coughing and gagging.
260549260549B000G2UUOSA1E807WCM1PUPamazonop0051334188800fantastic productI bought these because I am on a low carb diet and these seemed great for addition to health benefits from the soy these taste great...the best thing about them is low salt content...salt can really ruin food and your health and they did good job of keeping it low...I would recommend this product and will buy it again...
260550260550B000G2UUOSA2FAC5NNVO9G8ZA. St Cyr0051334102400I love this product!I recently became injured and could not exercise as much as I had to keep my weight down. My friend recommended these as a healthy snack. I love them. They are low in carbs, taste delicious, and help me keep my weight down.

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