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260551260551B000G2UUOSA2CFYHS5WJRNV2Karen A Murphy0051333324800My All-purpose "Wonder Protein"My doctors are delighted. I have been eating vegan for over a year. My only worry was the amount of protein my body required. I use Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame as a snack...on a topping on hummus...and my next project is to create a trail mix...BTW, I've lost over 80 pounds without dieting, and improved all my lab numbers. This is a convient, easy way to be sure I always have a great, fresh supply on hand.
260552260552B000G2UUOSA393ZV2MIVGDPFLucas Gonzalez0051333065600Excellent SnackI was introduced to this a few weeks ago by a co-worker. Nice, crunchy snack that isn't bad for you. Publix sells it for about $1.99 a pack. It's cheaper here if you purchase the case of 12.
260553260553B000G2UUOSA2RU80T5KDYUJ7Chris Hall0051332374400New to edamame and enjoying this foodI'm new to edamame and was hesitant about ordering 12 packs, but this vegetable is good. I was looking for a way to increase my protein and fiber content, while keeping my carbs low. I found it in this great tasting (tastes a bit like sunflower seeds) product. It provides 14g protein, 8g dietary fiber, and 4g fat per serving. This is just what I needed for my nutrition plan...I get vegetable servings and the protein I need throughout the day. I have added this to the subscription plan and will continue to purchase.
260554260554B000G2UUOSAROE18LXUMV20Stephen Wimmer "Stephenish"0041330732800Healthy snackTasty and nutritious. Worth having around for a healthy snack. The amount of salt is good, just enough to improve the blandness of the bean.
260555260555B000G2UUOSA17PYXP3ABNLB4J. Broussard "Standing behind a company that ...0051330473600This is the best food for you, Hotflashes be gone!!!I usually get this item at the store, however most often they are not in stock. Because I love,love these, I've decided to get them via Amazon every 2 months. This is a great crunchy treat, that taste great, high in protein, low in calories, will help with Hot Flashes as well as one of the most Healthiest foods for you.
260556260556B000G2UUOSA3V1A3C9DTLPMEPeter Faden0051329177600An ideal snack.It is quite easy to live on a vegan diet these days (not that this is a requirement to enjoy these of course), and my girlfriend and I find no lack of tasty things to eat for our meals. These fit the mold perfectly. Dry roasted soy beans with just a hint of salt. They are nutty, have a decent crunch, but not a tooth breaking one, and just taste like a good clean snack. No oily, potato chip kind of feeling when you are done eating them. Additionally, each package has four portions in them, which is the ideal size in my opinion. Especially for me, since i generally only eat one full meal a day, and basically have a small snack every few hours the rest of the day. I keep some in my desk at work and some at home. Anyways, a definite great snack.

260557260557B000G2UUOSA38O3HBCYKNZ2NDakota Lynx0051328140800Great FLAVORvery lightly salted, with great flavor. like these better than the regular dry roasted soy for munching. much larger nut. easy pocket snack for hiking.
260558260558B000G2UUOSAM4N2VHI4YKZGMichael Beran0051326585600Good SnackI ordered the Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame, Lightly Salted, 4-Ounce Pouches to have at work as a nice afternoon snack. They are tasty and provide a nice quick snack that curbs my hunger and keeps me away from the office candy dish.
260559260559B000G2UUOSA30RU1P7VYHHVNTrollhammerX0041323734400Value= High, Taste= EhhhAs a vegetarian, these things are a lifesaver to have around. Lots of protein and the taste is pretty good. Not the best dry roasted Edamame, but 12 packs for 17 bucks is a real good deal. I can keep a few bags at the office all the time and each bag lasts a while.
260560260560B000G2UUOSA2RCSC6WF8DS1PSteve Krause0041323648000Good, healthy snackHigh in protein, low in fat, decent taste. What more do you want in a healthy snack?

This is a great replacement for popcorn while watching a movie or TV show, IMHO.
260561260561B000G2UUOSA1FEID0X618X5ORaman0051318896000Excellent Value for money.My wife cannot live without these anymore.
She needs this at work, home all the time.
I will now be ordering another set today.
260562260562B000G2UUOSA7FJTKSOP7BAUP.Ch.0051318032000EdananesI really like this product. I've eaten almost the whole shipment in a month! In fact, I've ordered another case immediately. Yum!
260563260563B000G2UUOSAJ6ITZPJ1K02GRobert0051317513600Good stuff.It's very handy to have 12 bags of edamame sitting around in case of the munchies. Definitely more healthy than a bowl of icecream or a bag of potato chips. And at less than $1.50 a bag, I can afford to share plenty with my friends.
260564260564B000G2UUOSA32LI61DH6F34PJessica Lefebvre "Jessica Lefebvre"0051315872000YumI love these. Delicious and better then any potato chip. I prefer theses of nuts and seeds. So good I recommend these to everyone.
260565260565B000G2UUOSA1R626KEWA652ORichard Cartwright0051315180800small is betterWas buying the large jar at a membership club and they quite stocking them so I came here looking for the same thing . The large jar was out of stock so I purchased the 12 pk. 4oz product. much better; portable, always fresh, easier way to introduce friends to soy beans.
260566260566B000G2UUOSA1X5ZONR6SZHG8Auroran0051313280000Perfect as a peanut substitute on sundaesThese are OK by themselves, although I would prefer either more salt or some added flavoring. Where these really shine is as a substitute for peanuts on sundaes. Because I have to limit my carbohydrates and have other dietary restrictions, my typical "supper" is a sundae composed of frozen yogurt, sugar-free strawberry topping, fat-free whip cream, and edamame (this product). The combination is tasty, satisfying, and sustaining without a sugar-level spike.
260567260567B000G2UUOSA25JO7OQPJPCR9Caleb Cosper0041313280000Flavorful, Healthy SnackI'm a big fan of these little roasted edamame. They're not a typical snack, loaded down with extra flavors and preservatives; these are just soybeans and sea salt. They've got a good flavor of their own without all that extra stuff, and it's a really great value considering this is a 12 pack!
260568260568B000G2UUOSA3LWHX9QR4FL8GStephen P. Mitchell0051311292800The best and hardest to get nut aroundEdamame is a delicious and healthy nut that is getting so hard to find. Love them in a salad. The problem is I can only find them on Amazon and they end up being a treat that I can only afford occasionally. Too bad.
260569260569B000G2UUOSA3TCHD2575Y7DUSonia Frances Bean Torrey0051309824000Save $, buy in bulkI have a hard time finding dried edamame. Grocery store that does carry them is $$$. Don't have a wholesale club account. Perfect. No complaints. Fresh (as a dried edamame can be, of course).
260570260570B000G2UUOSA1QG13XG3EO2CXAri Elias Bachrach0041308528000super healthy if a little blandI won't lie - these aren't the most interesting things you've ever eaten. They're hard and crunchy, a little salty, and a little bland. On the other hand they are one of the healthiest snack foods I can find. (14g protein, only 2g net carbs). As a replacement for the occasional mindless snacking I do in the afternoons when I'm working they're fantastic.
260571260571B000G2UUOSA89ZZKNDFQH23Delaney0041301529600Fairly filling for a healthy little snackthese are tasty little bits and surprisingly feeling. A serving is a 1/4 of a cup, that 1/4 of a cup is really filling. These remind me more of dried peas than of edamame. I had been reading an article that ladies in their 30s should consider upping the level of soy in their diets. These are the perfect snack to carry along, I usually tote around a big purse, so the 4 ounce package fits nice in their. By the way 4 ounces doesn't sound like much except that these are really light, so 4 ounces is a lot of snack. They taste pretty good on salads and I added some to my snack mix of nuts and seeds. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this snack.
260572260572B000G2UUOSA1R4Y9EPVQ9W6NPen Name0041301356800Pleasing crunchy snackI'm thoroughly enjoying these as an afternoon snack. They're satisfying without being overly salty. They offer the same satisfying crunch as a handful of peanuts, but are much better for you.
260573260573B000G2UUOSA2UJPB7BJ2L0S6katdmur0041300406400great healthy munchieHad first tried this from a Big Lots store, and could not find it anywhere else. Have shared some with people I work with, and everyone likes it as an alternative to chips and junk food. A really healthy snack food that munches like a bag of peanuts. Yummy.
260574260574B000G2UUOSA9OF9JS8KNFMWFran Brill0051299456000Superb snackBetter to buy these in the large bottles that Amazon used to carry. They are a delicious and healthy salty snack.
260575260575B000G2UUOSA2KC48YKCZRRCZK. E. McEllin0051299369600Great healthy snack!!I absolutely love these! They've got it all, a little salt, crunch, plus protein and fiber so it's really filling.

I couldn't resist ordering the whole 12 pack so I won't have to keep going back to the store every time I finish a bag. My boyfriend makes fun of me and calls me the edamame hoarder, but I don't even care I love having so much of it just waiting for me!
260576260576B000G2UUOSA2SOW6WP8UB9CJjucanda0051295308800Edamame dry roastedI love the Edamame...especially for a quick snack. I sometimes add them to wasabi nuts for added taste.

Not to mention they are a healthier for you in place of sugary snacks!

Not being able to locate them in our local stores, I was fortunate to find them on

Highly recommend the Edamame for anyone wanting to stay healthy!
260577260577B000G2UUOSA3AYP4NXRFTT88Miriamm920051295222400EdamameHealthy product and reasonable price. Delivered promptly. Would highly recommend purchasing since I have made several purchases of this product
260578260578B000G2UUOSA2QKQZOHB8YE72{CMK}0051295136000Delicious & Great Protein Boost!I recently decided to become a vegetarian and needed to find other sources of protein. I carry these packages in my car (and one in my purse) for whenever I need a snack. They are GREAT (and taste delicious, too)!!!!!
260579260579B000G2UUOSA3LXX6L1UH6BDAJim0051294790400The perfect foodHigh in protein, low in carbs, and keeps you full for a long time. I thought raw almonds were the perfect food until I tasted these (mixing the beans with almonds is good, by the way). We keep a small bowl on the kitchen island all of the time and the accessibility combined with how full they make you feel has caused us to really slow down on other snacking. I liked these right away, but noticed that some people take a little while to get used to the texture, but they end up being fans in the end!
260580260580B000G2UUOSA23OU39W2GK58RC. Bruysschaard0051293667200EdanameA great price for a wonderful product. I use these as a snack, in my salads and anywhere salted nuts are called for. They are healthy and supplement my fiber as required by my doctor.

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