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260581260581B000G2UUOSA2YMGC9BWKA3UPJ. Craft0051292112000Good SnackI bought a pack of these at Krogers and really liked them, good taste and healthy snack. I went back to buy more and Krogers and raised the price to $1.89 for one pack so I deceided to buy a case of them at Amazon. Would buy again.
260582260582B000G2UUOSA1QUDF1J19W2UVS. Burch0051276646400LOVE THIS STUFFI had gastric bypass and sometimes it's difficult getting in the amount of protein I need. This product is high in protein, 14 grams in 1/4 cup, and tastes amazing. I came on here to see if I could find it cheaper than what I pay for it at the stores. I am very disappointed in that it actually costs MORE than what I pay at my store. And that's with the discount. Plus you have to pay for shipping, unless you buy over $25 worth of stuff....
260583260583B000G2UUOSA3LGT6UZL99IW1Richard C. Drew "Anaal Nathra/Uthe vas Bethod...0051274918400Ultimate healthy foodHigh in protein, low in fat and carbs, high in fiber. Great snack. Kind of dry, so you'll need a drink when you eat 'em. I like them so much I have a standing order with Amazon!
260584260584B000G2UUOSA14N9YGGSY9MWQliving in ease0051274745600Yummy, healthy, and fairly-pricedI ordered using the subscribe and save option. I've never had this snack before, but heard it was good and was looking for a crunchy snack to enjoy on my diet. One serving is 1/4 cup, but it satisfies. The price is a good value too, under $2.00 per bag with subscribe and save. This satisfies my crunchy and salty craving (but it's not too salty), and I know I'm eating something good for me at the same time.
260585260585B000G2UUOSA2CKXB0K00FTSASusan Lawlor "Lulu's mom"0051273449600Love them!These are just right when I need something to CRUNCH on. Lightly salted and tasty. The more they are chewed the tastier they seem to get. They are low carb and Hi protein. When you do the math they are only 2G per 1/4 cup. The price I feel is really good, and have increased my delivery options on Subscribe and Save to once a month now. Both daughter and I must do low carb. She is type 2 diabetic.She says she has to be in the mood for them...not me...anytime is good for something that is this low in carbs!!! Great for car rides too as there is nothing to Melt!
260586260586B000G2UUOSAN3B6QBFT13UXGnarf "Gnarf"0051270425600Great tasteGreat crunch lightly salted snack. I didn't notice any after taste some reviewers mentioned. I find it really satisfies my salt craving and is a lot healthier than many salty snacks. I always take s package to the movies with me, keep me away from that popcorn.
260587260587B000G2UUOSAPDKKP9SUPIBAAhnna "time to read!"0041267660800Great Soy Bean Snack!These are tasty but a little dry to eat all by themselves. They're great in salads, and I also add them to soups.
260588260588B000G2UUOSATMZV37GABL4YJB0051267574400Great Product Price and ServiceProduct was shipped promptly and arrived in good condition. Often such products are old and rancid but NOT in this case. Discount for automatic shipping. Roasted edamame are are high in protein and fiber, much lower in fat than most nuts, low in calories and only 2 grams of net carbs per serving.
260589260589B000G2UUOSA3U4FR69AXC9TIT. Deller0051263340800Absolutely delicious - Inexpensive protein sourceThis edamame is absolutely delicious. There is a small soy aftertaste, but I've always enjoyed the taste of soy.

This is unbelievably nutritious: lots of protein and fiber without bad calories. There is very little saturated fat. There is also a mild and delicious salt taste without adding too much sodium.

I challenge you to find a delicious protein source that is cheaper per gram of protein.
260590260590B000G2UUOSA2UXQXY0GDFZM0Jaclyn K. Horter "onlineshoppergirly"0051258070400Yummy little green things!This dry roasted roasted edamame tastes great! Crunchy and light and best of all it's a snack thats low-carb, high protein, low-fat, and also high in fiber. Can't get much better than that! Love this stuff and snack on it almost daily. Enjoy! ;) Only negative thing I can think of is that one or two packages out the pack of twelve tasted just a bit burnt. Not terrible, but not quite as good as the rest....
260591260591B000G2UUOSA2AJMRZ70DGRTSMolly's Mom0051257379200Great snack food!Edamame are not only healthy, but they also satisfy a crunchy-salty snack attack! They saved my diet and helped me to lose weight! Having them always available stopped me from snacking on pure carb alternatives. I love the auto ship option!
260592260592B000G2UUOSA381QH6L83LP0FSW0051250467200Filling and good source of proteinThis product is a filling snack and good for travel. It is light weight to pack and high in protein. I make sure to have some packages on hand when I am going out of town as well as around the house for snacks. I get the box of 12 packs on the auto ship method which reduces the price and has free shipping. I am glad Amazon has this as an auto ship product. SW
260593260593B000G2UUOSA23U647BXUYG7ZMiss Mary Mac "Miss Mary Mac"0041242345600Great snack for diabetics, low carb, wlsThis is a tasty little product that gives you some crunch, protein and low carbs! It's perfect for diabetics, low-carb diet and post-op weight loss surgery patients. Being a Post-op and able to eat very little, one of these little bags gives me about 4 or more servings - so the whole package is going to last me quite awhile.
260594260594B000G2UUOSA1XKK0RD4PN68Glulum0051240790400Great snack!!!I bought these on a whim, based on the other reviews. They are really good. Like a drier cruchier peanut. They work well on South Beach as a low fat, high protien snack. The only problem with them is that I can't keep my kids out of them!! We all love them. Guess I'll just need to buy more.
260595260595B000G2UUOSA18F6EPN8MVV3QDr. Mike0051239667200Incredible snack - high in "complete" proteinGreat snack that is really high in protein. Forget the peanuts and almonds. This is WAY better. Try the Wasabi flavour for a little spicy kick!
260596260596B000G2UUOSA1NL4NC3HU2FMJason66 "jbpnyc66"0051236902400aaamazing snack in lieu of nuts!WOW!
1/4 cup is 14 grams of protien and only 4 grams of fat, 4 net carbs
what else do i say but i lost 27 lbs in 10 weeks and Roasted Edamame bridged my meals
love this stuff
260597260597B000G2UUOSAMZWWP4LFT932Classical Ann71121287705600TASTES GOOD BUT FROM CHINA!I was so disappointed when I read the label on this product. The edamane is grown in California -- as I interpret the label -- but is a product of China. I would not have purchased this item had I known it was packaged, or whatever, in China. I do not buy food items from China. Too bad as the product tastes good.
260598260598B000G2UUOSA1RIDXULUSLWIYK. Linkous "chantarma"3521239235200Possibilities just okayI got these in hopes that I could replace some of my snacking habits with something a little healthier. First of all, I love edamame in its normal form, cooking them like lima beans. Unfortunately, either I got a bad batch, or my taste has changed. I can only eat one or two beans before they get a funky aftertaste. They are nice and crunchy, and just salty enough, but for some reason, the taste is off-putting. Don't think I will buy these again.
260599260599B000G2UUOSAFO6ZX2WU4DQ6Sean Thomas Brady1251235692800Tasty and healthy alternative to potato chipsAnd the price per unit here is about half of what you'll see in a grocery store.
260600260600B000G2UUOSA29NQCZSFI26HFSave the baby humans!0151327795200Good quality and effectsGood quality and good protein effects. I heard that soy has all 8 essential amino acids. So, maybe you can eat soy instead of beef.
260601260601B000G2UUOSA3CBRLRMR2EI34J. Charney "educated consumer"0121310083200not for meLast of the mistake of ordering 12 pack of snacks I never tasted. Prolly just dry edamame is not for me, esp after jaw surgery this is still a bit too hard for me to eat at this point. So maybe is just hard for me to review this with it being a very hard crunch that I should still avoid. But it isn't really something I'd be craving if I'm in snack mood. It didn't make sense to bother with this as I love the Japanese style cooked edamame and this is no subsitute for that, then they are soft and so much easier to eat and you sprinkle some salt on them and hmmmm. So I suggest stay with the cooked ones as I think jaw surgery or not these beans just taste way better that way, yeah is more work, u just need time boil them yes, once you do that tho it is a snack you could then salt and take with or prolly keep in fridge a few days.
260602260602B000G2UUOSA2HQMC2IHRJ318Steven Lee0151243900800please resell it under amazon prime againwas a great snack but not worth the price increase. Used to be available under amazon prime for about $16 per case.

it's a shame that its gone up over 80% in price if you add in the new shipping costs and it takes twice as long to be delivered.
260603260603B000G2UUOSAL6EH3G2TOSBNM. Middleton0251269388800Price?!?!I love these! BUT, they can be found for $2.09 for this size bag in my local Publix grocery store. Why so high here?!!
260604260604B000G2UUOSA2WW9N5UZ45N3LM. MCDERMID71411304812800SawdustThis stuff is awful. Great termite food.
Product of China!
Amazon should be ashamed to offer it as nutrient.
I threw it away (all packs) rather than by chance have another human eat some.
I've had good soy nuts. This is not it!
Might be good brazier fuel.
Who are these people who liked it?
260605260605B000G2UUOSA346Q9L91X7MOULaura N. Williams41111285200000Processed in a plant where the process peanuts!I was looking for an alternative for my peanut/walnut allergic son. Unfortunately these will not work for him. Processed in a plant where the process peanuts and tree nuts! They are lightly salted and a nice snack.
260606260606B001OA3M1YA3KHQWUTU48AYAlibrary maven2251286150400First I tried, and so far, the best!I didn't even realize I had some of this at home, from a gift directly from Japan. It was just sitting around forever, when I finally decided to try it. What an experience. I am a tea person--I mean, I have a cupboard full of different types of loose tea of all varieties. This quickly became my any-time-of-day-or-night favorite. I've tried another tea vendor's version of Genmai Cha, but so far, Hime has a richer, woodier flavor that is perfect 24/7!
260607260607B001OA3M1YA1FPM26PUZ3DVKS. Perry1141321056000TastyThe first green tea I ever had. Not sure why the roasted brown rice is in there, but tea is very tasty! Dry, it keeps for years without loss of flavor.
260608260608B000932JV6A101R8VTVP8ZL9Mr. Martin Fallenstedt "Martin"121231247270400Great seeds, need to wash and dryThe seeds are great quality, but dirty. Full of grass or something which means they come directly from the source. The field! So you need to give them some TLC (Tender Love and Care) and wash and dry them out before using.
260609260609B000932JV6AZXJDRNK41M6CTimothy Kendrick2241328572800Washed Washed WashedVery clean seeds....Sure there fine for baking...but that's it!!!!....Look elsewhere for unwashed seeds....complete Tea useless folks.....I will continue my quest....
260610260610B001RAQLOQA3SZFD7K83DFMKKholton0051333756800Fabulous ServiceAmazing customer service to go along with delicious chocolate treat! UPS delivery difficulties during the Christmas holiday left us without a gift, but personal attention and follow through provided an after holiday treat of fresh chocolates that were fully enjoyed by the recipient. We really appreciated the special attention and wouldn't hesitate to order from Brownie Points again!

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