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260621260621B0000CEPEDA1Y1L56592H2ZXKimmy in Valencia3411262649600Yes, it is edible but healthy??Seriously?? By whose standards??

Since when are wheat starch, glycerin, cellulose, potato starch, bacon flavor (?what does this mean?) healthy?

I bought this thinking it would last a few hours or days but my dog just gobbled it up in minutes.

I love the nylabone chew products but I don't recommend these unless you have very large dogs that can eat them as treats.
260622260622B0000CEPEDA2PK5SQLPX1VUHLoraina4611261526400Can you say "diarrhea"?It didn't take very long either. Not fun to come home to.

The dogs liked them though.
260623260623B0000CEPEDA3G5DSR3NVJJFYZ. Abedin "Z Unit"0041350086400does the jobFor the price, it would be nice if these bones lasted longer, but they do their job so I'm not complaining. I spoke to someone at a pet supply store who recommended these as an alternative to rawhide chews, and he said they're fully digestible, while being good for dogs' teeth and gums. My dog (a 30lb beagle/coonhound) LOVES the bacon flavor, and it keeps him occupied for a little while (probably about a half hour). At this rate, these are a little more expensive than rawhides, and serve the same function, but are safer for your dog, since they are more easily digestible than rawhide. Ultimately, these bones are a pretty nice treat for my dog, but I'll also be looking for some longer-lasting chews to keep him occupied for longer periods.
260624260624B0000CEPEDADKIKE1CJTZZ7Tamias160021349481600Shoulda ListenedI agree with the previous reviewers - I should have listened! My Boston Terrier chewed up and ate an entire bone in less than 5 minutes. This may be a good "treat" but I would not call it a chew toy!
260625260625B0000CEPEDA7M1SA20L5JYMJessicaParker0011347667200My dog wouldn't touch thisI can't necessarily blame the product but my dog sniffed this and wouldn't even pick it up. Looks like I'll be donating the other box I bought to his dog friends in the hopes that they will eat it.
260626260626B0000CEPEDA3C7IMN8ILBKC5B. Rivers0051342483200our pupply loves the bacon flavorShe absolutely loves this bone. She likes to chew on it for a bit and then bury it somewhere in our cushions. triple pack is nice because it drastically reduces the price at a brick and mortar store.
260627260627B0000CEPEDA1FNBHXLNEFIPDPaul Dunn0041342051200Not badOur 5 year old boxer ate these with in 10 minutes. I was hoping for something that would last longer, but she did love them!
260628260628B0000CEPEDA2FKNLDULJ2YJJNancy W. "Nancy W"0051341100800Doggies love 'emSince I have been seeing so many recalls not only on dog food but treats, I decided to look for something that is made in this country and found these. My two Pom's love them and it is their morning treat. They won't let forget to give them to them as they make sure they stare me down till I do. lol They can be eaten without any worry of anything happening to them as they don't contain plastic or any other foreign material. Unless I find a bad review or hear that there is a recall on these, hope there isn't, I will continue to buy these Edibles. My boys like the bacon flavor the best out of all the different flavors offered. Amazon also offers a really good price on these.
260629260629B0000CEPEDA1I0EXQD49LPFAjsparks0051337731200Trixie Loved It!All gone! Trixie really loved it and we would purchase this product again. The price was a bit high for a bone that lasted no time at all but she is worth it!
260630260630B0000CEPEDAXLXE8WL6JFY6Mswilk0051336608000Puppies dreamThese are awesome! They keep my puppy busy for several hours and satisfies his need to chew! I will be buying plenty more!
260631260631B0000CEPEDA3T8MTE00TLXFDonloch "Don Loch"0021334275200Quick ChewFirst the good news: the dogs really liked these. Now the bad news: they are really more of a treat than a chew bone. My guys ate about a quarter of the souper size in less than 5 minutes. I had to take them away before they ate the whole thing in one try. I was hoping for something that would keep them occupied for awhile but this is not it.
260632260632B0000CEPEDA11KE6HIGM6H0PK. Seidl "KSeidl"0011332288000lasted under a minuteThis is not worth it. My pit ate it in large chunks in under a minute. i bought it locally for what i'd pay for dinner- not worth it in terms of money or time in keeping him busy. he takes longer to eat an entire bowl of food..
260633260633B0000CEPEDA2QYJUJNHKIPE6tLEAHc0031325808000Wolf Size??My dogs seems to love the flavor of the bones but they don't look to be much bigger than just the regular "Large" bones you buy in the store. After Buddy (my dog) brings this one out of his hiding place (he hides all the bones that are easily edible), I'm sure he will devour it immediately.
260634260634B0000CEPEDA1BT6TL7UCIC5YQuoad Toad0031324252800DisappointingMy dog is being treated for a condition that requires me to reduce her exercise level to almost nothing. I'm desperately trying to find treats that will keep her quiet and aren't rawhide. The vet told me I shouldn't give me dog rawhide on a daily basis, so I decided to try these edible Nylabones.

My dog loved how these tasted, but she finished them in a matter of minutes. The description calls these "edible chews," so I was expecting these bones to keep my dog occupied. I wouldn't call these bones "chewy" either. They seem to be slightly tougher than a Milkbone, but just as dry. I have been a fan of Nylabone products for as long as I can remember. I raised all my puppies with Nylabones, but these edible Nylabones don't last long enough.

On the plus side, my dog did enjoy these treats and they didn't give her an upset stomach (she has a pretty tough stomach though).
260635260635B0000CEPEDA34TNH973Q9XT0Serena Reed0021323648000Expensive treats!First let me say that all three of my dogs love these. They are not very aggressive chewers, but these only lasted a matter of minutes with each one of them. For this price, I expected a toy/treat that would last much longer. Save your money and buy a box of milk bones.
260636260636B0000CEPEDA2FCL5NJS1HPMCarolyn0011314316800Ordered twice, moldy both times!When my first set of bones arrived covered in thick, hairy, green mold, I just sent them back and asked for a replacement. I thought that it might just be a one time thing. But my replacment set of bones came covered with the same type of mold. I am very disappointed! Amazon rarely disappoints me, but it has this time. I will just have to look for these at my local pet store.
260637260637B0000CEPEDA3G9S3UQJHV4K8M. Watson0041313798400good for varietyMy dog loves these. A little pricey, but can be broken into 2 or 3 smaller treats. My boxer boy has a sensitive stomach, and these have never given him any "digestive" (read "gas" or "the runs") problems, although I limit him to just a third of a bone a day. May not be the healthiest, as one reviewer said, but seems to make my dogs limited life happier. Not to mention, most real bacon is loaded with salt, chemicals, and saturated fat...not too healthy either!
260638260638B0000CEPEDA1HWG7KQIB30LTCVebe0011308355200Read the fine printWe bought the multi-pack that comes with the standard non-edible nylabones. After 3 minutes of our puppy chewing on this "edible" bone, we got concerned that he had bitten off a chunk of it. To our relief, the bone is technically "edible", but the fine print says for puppies 6 months and older. To me, that's a little misleading. I'd consider a puppy under 6 months old.

Our dog passed the 1-inch chunk he'd eaten, but it was his first soft stool in the 6 weeks we've had him. The rest of the bone found its way into the garbage. Nylabone should reconsider selling a multi-pack of these bones mixed with the non-edible style. We were ultra-concerned when handing him a bone that he managed to eat assuming it was the same as the others.

My advice, steer clear of these "healthy" edible Nylabones.
260639260639B0000CEPEDA26HN4UMQCFF6UAndie0031305763200Dog loved it; but it's a treat, NOT a chew!My 60-lb lab mix loved this bone (the large size)! I like that it doesn't leave a nasty mess all over the floor and didn't give Hobbes any gas or stool problems. But I bought it thinking that it would last awhile, since its large and feels hard, but he finished it in 5 minutes flat. Not very cost effective, since they are pretty expensive and don't last long, but I will reiterate that my dog absolutely loved it.
260640260640B0000CEPEDA39NUQ4C78FRWCMBrenn0041300752000Puppy LOVES theseMy puppy absolutely loves these! I just wish they lasted longer or came in a bigger pack that was more cost effective - it becomes quite expensive to keep them stocked for him.
260611260611B000SW4KRYA1MCQTR6D5MLIREL1411262995200Must have been past expiration dateI looked everywhere on the box and package for an expiration date and could not find one, but because of the deep brown color, my guess is it spoiled at some point or was just plain old. Sending back a heavy package did not make any sense, so I composted it and bought another brand.
260612260612B0000CEPEDAXKZF8HC3GSMLJennInCT6731261440000Quick and apparently yummy toyIf it lasted, it would be a good chew. It's a little smelly but compared to a chew-hoof it's Chanel. Puppy took it from my hand and went straight to work, and it lasted about 20 minutes. He's a bigger chewer now but at the time he was not the most ferocious, and it would last maybe 8 minutes now. No mess on the floor - little nibbled bits that stick to your socks - like you get with real bones. No loose stool either, but there were some FUNKY smells going on in his vicinity a few hours after each bone.

For a more durable chew without the stinkies, try an antler. I'll post a review on those if I can find them in my order history.

Based on the dogs I've owned, this would be great for a Sheltie, spaniel, bichon or other small- to midsize- puppy that isn't a serious chewer but needs a job to do to keep him out of trouble.
260613260613B0000CEPEDA3MZNRSDQ32UUHimsocrazy "frenzied reader"3351283040000YummyMy dog loves these bones. He's very picky and usually turns his nose up at everything. He gobbled these right up.
260615260615B0000CEPEDA2702QQVSR5CXBT. Mueller2251317600000Num num bacon num numI bought these bones for my adult dog and a couple of young teething puppies I was fostering. My adult dog was able to devour these things in no time (I eventually got him the larger sized bones so it would at least last him a good minute instead of seconds). The puppies loved to chew on these things and were determined to eat them as fast as they could. When one puppy managed to finish, she would go after her sister's if she still had some left. These things actually smell good enough that you might almost want to eat one. haha They don't last too long but they are a good treat for a dog, especially one who is teething. They still don't last more than 5 minutes but if you want to spoil your dog, this is a good way to do it.
260614260614B0000CEPEDA3I9VGZK188D0ZRandy2251320192000My dog loves these bonesHealthy edibles are a great treat for our 5 year old Yorkie
she has tiny teeth and these treats are perfect for her our
Vet said any treat that can bend is soft enough for dogs to
eat and digest. This product is a great value and the company
shipped them out quickly. Would certainly purchase from them
260616260616B0000CEPEDA1BD342U8BF3UCBritney2251313884800My dog likes these.... and cats? ha!My dog loves these. One lasts her about a week. i put one in her crate while im at work and she nibbles at it. its funny because my cats like them too, i found them stealing them from my pom and licking them. i will be buying these again.
260617260617B0000CEPEDA2A5YRK8XOF1J9sam1141340928000great!great product. my lab loves it. but she goes through it in 15 minutes. thats what scares me!!! she breaks it up into bits and I am always scared that she will choke on one. otherwise, dogs love these.
260618260618B0000CEPEDA24ZV048V7J0MTMurphy "Goldenmom"1151302220800I Love These Say My DogsI bought these during Amazon's 4/3 promotion. I have two golden retrievers who are spoiled badly and I am constantly looking for healthy treats for them. These are perfect because I can open one package and have one bone for each dog. They love these and sit waiting for them. They are not soft but not like rawhide so when they chew on them, it helps clean their teeth. There are enough vitamins and flavor to keep them interested until the whole bone is gone. I would definitely buy again.
260619260619B0000CEPEDA3151L6JIDTWRIRita Weisberg "R.W."3451311033600Great product!My dogs love it. It is healthy and nutritious. You can't go wrong with this. I highly recommend it
260620260620B0000CEPEDAWH159M2WXM6CJerros3411276732800Dog loved it, until his first bowel movement.I am a big fan of treats that are digestable. I purchased this product thinking it would be safe to feed my dog. I left the treat for my dog on my way out the door for work, when I arrived home 4 hours later the treat was fully gone and the poor dog could not control his bowel movements and had diarrhea.

This diarreha lasted for 2 days, and was so bad that I had to take a trip to the vet which ended up being one of the most expensive trips I've made there yet to have him tested for various illnesses.

I didn't attribute the diarrhea to the product at first, but a week later I again gave my dog this bone treat and a few hours after eating the bone the diarrhea started back up again.

I'm unsure what exactly about this product is "healthy", and would argue against it being "edible". Sure technically you can give this product to your dog and if he eats peices it won't require surgery to remove. But you'll spend 2-3 days dealing with uncontrolable doggy bowel movements, and excessive dehydration. And if your not quick enough to realize it's this treat causing your problems you'll spend a few hundred bucks at the vets office like I did.

And don't get me started on how quickly these things can get eaten....

From now on I'll stick with bully sticks.

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