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260675260675B0029NVOECA3DY4WH5HJD32WM. Johnson "Newsletters Direct"0041346198400Good Cat Food Without Smelly CansWhat self-respecting cat isn't a picky eater? I've never met any. My cat likes Whiskas Choice Cut foods mainly for the gravy, and sometimes for the meat. Omar the Magnificent and Wonderful likes both the Beef in Gravy or Tuna. Truth be told his dry crunchie is really his go-to choice, but he's that way with all prepared moist foods. If you ask him his true five-star preference is meat caught fresh in the garden. Let's skip the details, you don't want to know.... Let's just say that Omar (M&W) is on the job!

I personally prefer Whiskas foods in pouches because Omar is OK with allowing any remaining food to be left in pouch when stored in fridge, rather than having to transfer it from a can to a glass container. (Come on you all have cats that expect you to do this!) Pouches are easy to dispose of too. Just rinse and trash. You aren't messing with storing smelling cans and trips to the recycling center.
260676260676B0029NVOECA2JRLR1M0XHQGAS.A.0051346112000Good Cat FoodThis Cat food is very delicious that my cat loves the product. Every time I open the pouch, my cat will come wanting to eat it. Please try this product with your cat if you have not done so yet. It is good for cats that are picky eaters.
260677260677B0029NVOECA35AHT8F46781IMrs. T0051345680000Happy CatMy cat will only eat the Whiskas Choice cuts with beef. My local stores quit carrying this product and I bought any cat food similar to it, regardles of price. My cat ate only dry food for two months or more. He lost weight that he can't afford to lose. I am so happy that I found this Whiskas item on Amazon.
260678260678B0029NVOECA2TKDK35DVZM7NGormet Pig0051345420800My cat's favorite flavorIt is hard to get just one falvor of this product. I was very happy to order 48 pouches. However, when they arrived the out side of the box label was turkey in gravy but they contained mixed grill instead. I could not return but Amazon gave me a total refund. If you are ordering this, wait about 10 days (after 9/1/12)so you don't receive Mixed Grill like I did. It was labeled wrong from the factory so it will take them a while to get new shippments.
260679260679B0029NVOECA141UHKVDMS0OSMaggie0051342310400They run me over to get their Cod and Shrimp...Another popular seafood flavor that Sophie and Samson won't share. When I bend down to place their bowls in front of them, they are on their back legs trying to get to it before I can put the bowl on the floor. They act like they have not been fed in days. Nothing will disturb them - not even their favorite UPS man who brings them treats. Can't beat Amazon prices !!!
260680260680B0029NVOECA141UHKVDMS0OSMaggie0051342310400Cats love it!!!Every day is Thanksgiving at Sophie and Sam's dinner mat when they receive their Whiskas Turkey and Giblets in gravy. They are quick to devour it and clean each other right after eating (I know they hope to pick up a piece hidden in the fur!). I only buy from Amazon because of their awesome prices!
260681260681B0029NVOECA141UHKVDMS0OSMaggie0051342310400My cats go crazy!Both my cats love Whiskas in any flavor. My female cat, Sophie, is usually the one that takes little bits until it is gone. When she hears me tearing the Whiskas Pouches, she flys into the kitchen and waits patiently for her food. She never lifts her head up from the bowl until every piece is gone. She will then sit by her brother, Samson, to get more food if he leaves. After he gulps his food down and see's his Sissy waiting for some of his, he will tease her by taking one piece of his food out with his paw, look at her and when she trys to take it away he puts his paw on it and scoops it into his mouth. i can always count on empty bowls when I buy Whiskas. The price at Amazon is more reasonable than the grocery store.
260682260682B0029NVOECATY87SSGU6ZIUKD0051333411200Cats love itCats love this stuff. One pouch doesn't go far so it is more of a treat than a meal (unless you feed according to recommendations on box).

Pouches are easy to open and a little messy, always seems to get on my fingers.

My cats come running if they see me reach for the pouch or they hear the sound of flicking it back and forth before opening.

All the yucky stuff (think fast food for cats) must be addicting because they seem to listen for the very quiet sound of the rustling pouch. We give pouches as a treat.
260683260683B0029NVOECA26JYIPTHH25VCMoto0041332028800They lovbe itThey LOVE it, I give my kitties (Silki and Tuffy) half a pouch each as a mid day snack to keep thier bird terrorizing energy level up.I gave it 4 stars only because it's a little messy to tear open sometimes, and I don't use scissors because you have to clean them afterwards. Oh Well, they DO love it.
260684260684B0029NVOECA131EGFQWA6B92A. Marshall "Ann S."0051329523200Tasty food for a picky catOur beloved Bengal kitty, Isabel, is 13 years old and suffering from kidney stones, which are inoperable in felines. For years she lived on dry food but began to shun it as her health declined. Our vet ultimately advised feeding her whatever she'd eat: "She might as well be as happy as possible in her declining years."

So, we offered her one soft food after another. She turned up her nose at the expensive, vet-sold brands and repeatedly rejected one national brand and flavor after another. Finally, to her gustatory delight (and our great relief), she made her choice: this particular Wiskas version is the ONLY kind she'll eat day in and day out. It MUST be Whiskas with the turkey AND GIBLETS in GRAVY. The gravy seems to add a certain flavor and texture she can't resist.

We surmise that, like humans, our pets have food preferences linked to palate-pleasing aroma and taste. This Whiskas is the one that rings the bell for our Izzy. No, it's not the best choice for managing kidney stones, but she's got to eat. (So you won't worry that we're ignoring her renal problems, she's on daily medication and is doing quite well.)

It's not an inexpensive cat food, but its packaging is very convenient and space-saving. The Amazon auto-ship program is a life saver. The cartons always arrive on time, and the per-package bulk rate is lower than the price of small quanities. Also, our local Target was the only place we could find this exact variety, and now the store no longer carries it. (Remember, our cat demands GIBLETS and GRAVY and accepts no substitutes).

Give autoship a try. The price is better, and you can easily adjust the quantity and frequency of shipment or cancel altogether.
260685260685B0029NVOECA2SLZMD0UYRT5Xcat's food0051323993600They like em'....they like em'.My finicky cats are difficult to please particularly when it comes to their food.
Boy,....was I finally RELIEVED...when they chowed down on these!!!
260686260686B0029NVOECAIRDXLFAP75QKNoel Butchart0051321660800My cat loves Whiskas Beef in GravyMy cat will eat NOTHING but Whiskas Beef in Gravy cat food. Being able to order and receive it through the mail has been a blessing. I get it for my mom because she cannot drive to the store because of her health issues. Its great not to have the extra burden of getting cat food. Her cat is her companion through hard times.
260687260687B0029NVOECA3F3B1JPACN215Michael G. Lustig0041273536000My cats come runningI have two big cats that are over 15 lbs. each. For breakfast, I give them each a packet of Whiskas Choice cuts. They inhale the food in about 2-3 minutes. This food doesn't have that catfood smell that most canned foods have. There's a lot of gravy so the price is pretty high considering the amount of liquid. Friskies Cat Food Favorites, 6-Flavor Variety Pack, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 24) are more expensive and very similar.

I have these on Subscribe and Save so the price is pretty good. Based upon my cats reaction, they really like this food.
260688260688B0029NVOECA3GO0TGP9IO9NMH. Pass0031248307200Poor quality ingredients, but my cat loves it.I bought this product because my older cat stopped eating the wellness dry and wet food I usually fed her. She likes this food and she begs for it every morning and evening when it is time for her meal. The ingredients are not quality ingredients but this food is keeping my kitty satisfied.
260689260689B0029NVOECA1NBFLEAM99U52C. Mart0111349913600Horrible stuff but it's all the cat will eat!!I adopted a 12 yo cat from a woman who had a premature baby with a lung condition. She's skinny and will eat very little besides Wiskas. I think it's Soilent Green for cats. I would never feed this to her if she would eat anything else. I don't think she's long for this world!!
260690260690B002V024COA2SH7OWE8QJYNCKaleidocherry6831269648000Very average product.I was happy to see "single-serve" dried cherries. When they arrived, not so happy to notice they had added sugar. Surely cherries have enough natural sugar that adding more is unnecessary? And then, they were exceedingly sweet, and just "sugar" flavored, not really cherryish at all. I could only choke down 5 or 6 (while drinking lots of water to eliminate the sugariness) at one time. Not a repeat buy.
260691260691B001EQ5AU4AVJU83S37KFK4Sandra Olson3341243814400Hormel Real Bacon BitsIt's very convenient to have these in the cupboard. The pieces are too small to be considered appropriate for such things as baked beans or other dishes where you want crumbled bacon. For times when you want a taste of bacon, in small pieces, such as in scrambled eggs, they are excellent. They feel, smell and taste like freshly cooked bacon.
260692260692B001EQ5AU4A1M70KUW08CQU0msellie1151308355200Try it! Many uses-Soups, Salads, Greens, All VegetablesGreat convenience, taste and so many uses. Price comparable to grocery stores, yet no gas or shipping charges. Well worth the price for easy acccess and availability.
260693260693B001EQ5AU4A39HLEWVVFWFV6M. Redmond0041346457600Great product, ridiculous price.I don't have anything to add to the reviews already posted, but would like to point out that both Sam's and Costco sell the 20 ounce pouches of this for $8.99 (as of September 2012). For $54 you can have 6, 20 ounce pouches - more than 4 times as much product and no shipping charges (or tax in most places).
260694260694B001EQ5AU4A1B6O7SAIYG2N0Jacx "J.C."0051334620800Little goes a long wayThis is nice crumble bacon with little fat, I found it a good deal at 4.3 ounces, if you like to add bacon to salad or soups without the mess of cooking, this is a great product. Put in fridge after opening.
Great for camping.
260695260695B001EQ5AU4A2Z5BPDCIHPXWUL. Aksan0051291507200It's very good cooked bacon bitsI made a mistake, I assumed that this bag on screen would be same size as the one from Sam's:) Well I'll have to be more careful. READ ALL DETAILS ABOUT PRODUCT and don't assume anything. The product itself is grate.
260696260696B001EQ5AU4A1YLOZQKBX3J1SR. Lee Dailey "Lee_Dailey"1241293494400previous version was _very_ good - will try this onehowdy y'all,

update 2011-01-06, Thursday

the stuff i got is the item i refer to in the review as the OLD version. apparently the data shown by amazon is actually the out-of-date info and the newer info is what i called OLD. [*grin*]

very good & well worth a FOUR.

i rate this [based on the previous version] a FOUR.

the previous version ["You purchased this item on July 6, 2010"] of this was really _quite_ good. this stuff is lovely on sandwiches, scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, mac-n-cheese and most anything that you like with bacon on it. that's most anything for me. [*grin*]

i came here to buy some more and now i'm hesitating. why? cuz ...

old - no mention of "picnic bacon" on label
new - "with picnic bacon"

what is picnic bacon? from google = "Picnic bacon is from the picnic cut, which includes the shoulder beneath the blade. It is fairly lean, but tougher than most pork cuts."

old - no mention of smoke flavoring
new - "smoke flavoring added"

often, to me, smoke flavoring tastes sweetish. i don't care for sweet bacon.

old - "50% less fat than USDA data for pan-fried bacon"
new - "30% less fat than USDA data for pan-fried bacon"

more fat? does that mean more flavor or more of the [very rare in the old package] lumps of pure fat that are so ... revolting when bitten into?

old - "Fat content has been lowered from 3 g to 1.5 g per serving"
new - "Fat content has been lowered from 3 g to 2 g per serving"

more fat in another measurement. again, what does it mean to the flavor?

they are still both "one tablespoon = one slice fully cooked bacon". plus, they are still the same 4.3 ounces per package.

i'm gonna buy the stuff but it worries me when SO MANY changes show up. [*sigh ...*]

take care,
260697260697B000IXUK3QA1DE4DZA7SDJ2HP. ORRICK0051351123200Amazing!!Will get some more soon. Kit Kat original is great, but the crispy version is a-frickin-mazing. Addicting and delicious, highly recommended.
260698260698B000IXUK3QA16NDG59HFE1FEGregory Fortier0051322697600Perfect chocolate confectionSuper yummy! And was a great price when I purchased it. Really wish they still sold these in stores! Product was fresh with no bloom upon arrival.
260699260699B000IXUK3QAYUEEY1Q2RPZ9notxe "dvd guy"0051306886400Yummy!The bars came in great condition, and not stale. crispy and tasted great. Would buy again for the bargain at the time. Full of flavor, good to nibble on slowly and enjoy.
260700260700B000OUS7JMA35R32TA60XD57M. Torma3351280188800Good quality, happy dogMy mini poodle loves this brand of food and I love giving him the quality without any by-products or fillers. It is moist but not mushy, which make it very easy to cut up into pieces for him to eat and enjoy. It also was an uncomplicated switch from his previous food and reasonably priced as well.
260671260671B003T08H5SA30X138149JKRAnonymous0131309392000El Pato Yellow Tomato Sauce 7 ozActually this tastes very good. It is pretty spicy. It is, however, not made from yellow tomatoes (which is what I was looking for). It is just the El Pato sauce that comes in a yellow can.
260672260672B004BO9FH0AWG7TYJ6IO2UPMerium0051345334400The perfect piece of gum!The reason for me purchasing this gum is because it was NOT made with ARTIFICAL SWEETNERS. Every gum today is made with a low calorie SWEETNER and it was madding trying to find one that used real sugar but Freshen Up Gums do. This gum has a nice burst up juicy flavor in the center which helps carry the gums taste along. It is soft not hard which sometimes is a problem I found with finding gum made with real sugar. And then the flavor last a good long while which was another reason I like Freshen Up over other brand. So nice flavor, soft texture, long lasting, and no ARTIFICAL sweetners. For me that rounds out or should I say squares up to be the perfect piece of gum.
260673260673B0029NVOECA20OQMLRFNZADLJazzer1131337904000Sliced Hard Chicken Hot Dogs for Cats!This product does not smell very well to me. In fact, I have to use a fork to "tenderized" the pieces for my old kitty cat.
260674260674B0029NVOECA3PJV6HVFRQZ94Grandma1151330041600cat lovermy cat loves this first time I have found a cat food that he will eat and every time i go in the kitchen he thinks
its time to eat

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