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260701260701B005V9SNJAA8343K7CN8LT4J. Woolston4451336003200YUMMY, Just like topping at Fro-Yo StoreI ordered this because I had some mochi on my frozen yogurt at a store, and I loved it. This is JUST THE SAME stuff. Soft, yummy, sweet rice treat. Great for ice cream, yogurt, or on top of desserts. I am so happy I ordered it. It is perfect and just what I was looking for. YUM. If you want this type of treat, do not hesitate to try this brand, it is perfect. Well packed, quick shipping, I am so thrilled. Thanks! :)
260702260702B005V9SNJAA2U9SZ4WXWUGF8C. Miller0141345852800Much softer than I expectedI expected these to have a firmer texture, like what you get at the frozen yogurt shops. Not so. The texture is much closer to a marshmallow. But, they tasted very good! Would I buy them again? No.
260703260703B0099HD3YAAZLZKIKS2802Uaaa77744645211302307200Why would anyone pay $65 for something that costs $25???To any buyer out there!!!
Please go to Nespresso directly and pay $5 per sleeve (each sleeve contains 10 capsules)
Why they think to charge that much is an absolute craziness.

Please take this product off
I have never thought anyone should worry about being ripped off on

This makes me very sad.
260704260704B0099HD3YAA1ZMF11YKBEE2TC. Caunt26226311302048000No no no!I purchased the capsule via amazon as I do most of my purchases this way. These ended up coming from is isreal. They were send in a flimsy bag and everything was crushed and unusable AND I waited 7 weeks for them. Not acceptable and I can not believe this seller is on amazon.
260705260705B0099HD3YAA1K9I34SS9F2OSjeremiahpj31932311294876800Way too expensive. Much cheaper through Nespresso.These pods cost way more than ordering through Nespresso. I didn't know that and paid about twice the amount I should have. Also it took 3 weeks to ship. When I ordered through Nespresso it took 3 days. On top of all that, many of the pods were crushed. Some didn't even work they were so crushed. In the end, don't buy the pods here. Just buy them from Nespresso's website.
260706260706B0099HD3YAA2M3V7P6G9DC7KNBecker707011306713600No Deal!This is not a good deal in any way, shape or form. You can purchase the pods directly from Nespresso for 1/2 of the price and you will receive them within 2 days of your order. If you buy these, you'll be paying way too much!
260707260707B0099HD3YAAPDJAP3RELMS5M. L Strickland727311306713600I agree! $20 cheaper direct from Nespresso!!I juat placed my first order through Nespresso. An assortment of 50 capsules of four different flavors was $36 including shipping.

Most pods are 55 cents each. Some are 62 cents. Minimum order is 50 pods, so for their BEST blends that is $31 for the pods plus $6 or $7 shipping.
260708260708B0099HD3YAA21BJZLUTY0BRODryPhlyPhD464611314316800Cost 2x More to Buy and Takes 10x More Time To ReceiveWhile I am very pleased to see Nespresso machines available for sale on Amazon, it is very counter-Amazon that this supplier is being allowed to offer Nespresso coffee capsules on Amazon at such inflated prices and slow shipping times. One is supposed to be able to go to Amazon for better pricing and excellent order fulfillment/delivery.

This supplier charges twice the amount that you will pay buying directly online from Nespresso (and from a much larger assortment as well!). Also, Nespresso express ships them in a matter of days versus weeks from this supplier.

Nespresso coffee is excellent! The Nespresso system is one of the best additions I ever bought for our kitchen. However, while it could make sense for you to buy the machine here on Amazon, please do not buy the capsules from this supplier.
260709260709B0099HD3YAAFM2IAQZX3WZGL. Schweitz "Alpha computer geek"282811319500800Don't do it!Like everyone else, buy the capsules from Nespresso. I get mine in two days and this is the same cost as 100 capsules from Nespresso.
260710260710B0099HD3YAA1ZWGP41FEMVNZJonathan232311319500800Rip OffGo to and get them for half the price: DON'T BUY THESE. No reason for them to be available on Amazon
260711260711B0099HD3YAA51RB1JFY4JN6Strandkorb37222211319328000cheaper at nespresso.comI stopped bying the Nespresso capsules here- it is a lot cheaper and faster on!
The coffee is the best- don't like to drink any other coffee anymore!
260712260712B0099HD3YAA2SKFL8FX0TRKEClaude Gabillard161611315526400Shipment not receivedI have not yet received this shipment althought I made a claim few weeks ago. Please advise status or send a new shipment.
260713260713B0099HD3YAA4IL0CLL27Q33D. Brennan101011332547200Pricing is out of line - 2X the price of buying them from Nespresso.You can order the same products online from Nespresso for approx $25 AND you can specify exactly what you want to buy rather than taking a mixture of items, some of which you may not like.
260714260714B0099HD3YAA1NXVZXU7PBN5TSFG9911328832000PuzzledI was looking for a second Nespresso machine when I ran across this and similar ads for capsules. I couldn't figure out if I was missing something in the description...perhaps 100 capsules for $55? No, 50 capsules for this price. Why would anyone in their right mind pay TWICE as much for the same thing you can get directly from Nespresso? Oh by the way, the coffee arrives the next day without having to pay for premium shipping. I have been buying directly from them for almost four years and have never had a problem. Amazon you really need to take these people off of your store! Some unsuspecting person will buy a machine on this site and buy coffee at a 100% mark up. They won't be happy when they find out how they got ripped off on the capsules.
260715260715B0099HD3YAA24ZXLJTIBBEBBAngelinaF8811332892800Why?Agreeing w/other reviewers. This product should not be sold for this price. It is available from the source at a much lower price.
260716260716B0099HD3YAA17LAZHE0Y3RQ4THDF7711327017600DON'T BUY HERE- You'll spend twice as much as you should!I love Amazon but for this particular product you shouldn't purchase on this website. If you go to Nespresso online a you can buy a capsule for around $.50 a piece, bringing the same number of capsules offered here (50) to a total of about $25. You're spending almost twice as much here vs. buying direct.
260717260717B0099HD3YAA2WGIX7WR9G5V9poolplayer "poolplayer"7711325635200over pricedOver priced for what you can get from the manufacturer directly and also have a much larger selection of different coffees - as well as the new chocolate flavor - do not understand why anyone would buy USED coffee - by its nature coffee cannot be USED
260718260718B0099HD3YAA2CKB13RIB4FL0sierap6611325462400GO TO NESPRESSO!Go to nespresso's website immediately. The capsules are .57 a piece instead of .80. I cant believe that amazon cant get a better deal on these capsules. The nespresso website has a huge variety. Love the coffee....cant believe the amazon prices.
260719260719B0099HD3YAA3V4C9HVVYHBTTMark D. "MD"5511324252800Ripped OffYes, I also got ripped off when I purchased this overpriced product. Let's be clear that Nespresso coffee is good. But I was suckered into purchasing this set of overpriced coffee capsules when it appeared as discount pricing together with a nice capsule stand. It was implied that I would be saving money, but as has already been adequately pointed out, the actual price here is double what the manufacturer charges.

What disturbs me is that I tried to cancel this order before it was shipped. I have never had problems with Amazon before, but every time I tried to cancel (I tried at least 6 times), I got an error message that said to try again. Ultimately, the order was shipped (from Arizona I think) and I got it OK. But I cannot recommend this price or supplier.
260720260720B0099HD3YAA27OCG927ZJRNHsteve5511323475200RIPOFFThis coffee is available directly from Nespresso at .56 cents per capsule...$5.60 per sleeve????? This does not make sense...this item should not be sold here/
260721260721B0099HD3YAA1Y9EK4VSWFK93Ernest L. Johnson III "SciFiCowboy"4411323475200Why are you buying it at 2x the price?If you're buying your Nespresso cups from anyplace that is not selling them for less than 0.57, you're getting ripped of. The cups are $0.57 from the Nespresso site, these people are simply hacks who buy it at the price online and then sell it to you at a 100% profit.
260722260722B0099HD3YAA2JKSVQ6N0KE17Ruth K. Goldhammer "RG"3311345420800I have not received the Nespresso capsules yet. I am patiently waiting for them to arrive.I have not received the nespresso capsels as yet. I am out of my old ones and anxious to have the new ones arrive. I would appreciate your looking info this for me.
260723260723B0099HD3YAA1Z867170T92A1mw2211345334400never againOne month and 1 day has gone by and I still haven't received my order. I realize the nespresso pods are great, I'm just saying this company sucks!
260724260724B0099HD3YAA29WYGWFB0DBUBJoe2231339545600Love the coffee, but too expensive!!!I love the quality and especially the variety of flavors of coffee they are offering. The bad part is that it is too expensive on Amazon! I bought it the first time from Amazon and it ended up costing me close to $1/shot. Now I'm using Nespresso's website and the best part, they have an App for phone that is really easy to use!!!
260725260725B0099HD3YAA3JWOOYSNMQZQRcamille4631325635200interestI ordered decaffinated not the variety. Also why are you so high compared to Nepresso pods. You are robbing us.
260726260726B0099HD3YAA1H2I36TOJPBTIreed73332311338076800DO NOT BUYThe product is great. Unfortunately, the company's extraordinarily difficult website makes purchasing Nespresso capsules all but impossible. That difficulty requires me to pay 40-60% higher prices by forcing me to buy from 3rd party providers like Amazon or Ebay. Nespresso's marketing strategy has created a BLACK MARKET in their Nespresso capsules. I called their 800 phone number, it hangs up on me. There is no customer support email to whom I can email my complaint, and their postal address is in England. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT. IT IS FAR MORE TROUBLE AND EXPENSE THAN IT IS WORTH !!!

David Hall
Austin, TX
260727260727B0099HD3YAA4M1YK1RDM82IR. Taylor "Rookie at Everything"0051351209600A great coffee experienceWe have used pretty much every coffee brewing method, but I think for home or office use the Nespresso is best. We also have and use a Kurig. For larger cups of coffee we use it. But for the small tasty concentrated cups (expresso) we always use the Nespresso. The variety pack has a good variety of blends; coffee tastes fresh. In combine with the machine (we bought one without all the bells & whistles), it is simple to use and clean. My office bought one of the nespresso machines; then I bought one for home. It came very well packaged and with good set up directions. To be a perfect experience, the capsules would be more readily available -- you will find the machines, but not the capsules at many places.
260728260728B0099HD3YAA10L4KD1PZQ8WCclarara2531317859200pretty goodI was satisfied with those coffees but they seem to be a little expensive....I love it but still found those expensive..
I wish those could be priced down a little
260729260729B0099HD3YAA3ADXBT3IZBBBINick Gaglio51111335830400Dont Buy
260730260730B0099HD3YAAX6BH7NOU6NF5Wojo0651336348800Good VarietyThis was a Christmas gift for my son and he totally loved the variety. They were packaged well and easy to use.

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