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260731260731B0099HD3YAAC1V7P735JX67Mariana Villanueva0851335830400greatarrived on time, impecable packing and great price.
It was a new product and contains everything that I wanted it
No complaints at all, very satisfied!
260743260743B002AK88SYAIWOLCUA8T2KCBrianF "BrianF"2431273881600Energy drink taste, little of the effect.The taste is spot on but after drinking it I felt little to no effect, but I guess that's what you'll get from a "healthy" energy drink with barely any caffeine.
260744260744B002AK88SYADB4W6SIYZJIDN. Bandes5911324857600Regular flavors contain SplendaI'm very dissappointed that the regular flavors of these soda syrups contain artificial sweeteners. Not all of the regular flavors are available in the Natural flavors so you tend to miss out on many of the varieties. Too bad. I might have to look into making my own syrups.
260732260732B0099HD3YAA31B049UPN0OX5Kev7201051335312000Great VarietyThis is great variety espresso pack. It has a few different types from light, medium , and bold. If you just got your machine this is a great way to sample some.
260745260745B002AK88SYA37GFKV81AL1VFD. Miyao5921311638400Great Idea, but it is not very good.I like the taste of coke and pepsi, if I had to choose between both of them I would choose Pepsi. The soda stream cola is awful. I can normally drink any soda, but this one is almost undrinkable. I gave it two stars because it is better for the environment.
260733260733B0099HD3YAA3GUGB7VSA4P63Catherine M. Harper11351331424000nice varietyI like the fact that you get all these varieties in one package. Sure beats having to buy a lot of each flavor!
260746260746B002AK88SYA3MGFGGDCJQP22D. Huber "Yes, I can read!"0121343692800I won't buy it againThe regular Cola is OK at best. I bought the Sodastream and was unaware that most of the flavors have acesulfame potassium. The Cola has a chemical taste which I think is coming from the acesulfame potassium. I'm not a health food nut but I try to avoid artificial sweeteners. The sample pack had some good tasting flavors such as Orange, Dr. Pepper, and Root Bear which all tasted as good as anything you buy in the store. However I'm a cola drinker and the regular cola won't cut it for me. The Diet Cola is even worse. I'd like to try the Tonic but the reviews are terrible. I'm planning on trying the All Natural Cola. If the Natural Cola does not work I will be selling the Sodastream. Sodastream is a ingenious idea, but unless they can come up with better cola's I think it will be a passing fad.
260735260735B0099HD3YAADV19KMGW7DUSblender01551334620800perfect coffethis are perfect capsules mix for the daily use, came in perfect quality and form. you can used in any nespresso machine
260736260736B0099HD3YAAJBWZ6A2E9CXHJudith E. Pribyljasperson "JEPJ"12651315353600Naspresso CoffeeThis is the best coffee available for a one cup serving, we got this for our office along with the Espresso machine and we are saving $$ on waste and enjoying much more the coffee.
260747260747B002AK88SYA3OK8MJ9Y68FALJack27000111335139200Dr Pete Soda Mix TerribleI love Dr Pepper, Mr. Pips and I even like the Wal-Mart or not diet. This stuff is terrible, not even close to a generic brand. Made one batch and in the trash it went.
260737260737B002GWFAPKA3M330F25F0RLFJames Longfellow1151340236800The best coffee I have ever tasted!This coffee is great! I have tried several types of their coffee and have yet to taste one that is not fantastic. I actually like the coffee I make at home now better than Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks coffee. When I open the box the wonderful aroma never fails to coax me into making a pot right then. You can't get more bang for your buck. It is fabulous coffee and the cost is right.
260738260738B002GWFAPKA1S4EHAB4RUEUBR. Healey "Rashea"0041344470400Good for the priceThis is a decent cup of coffee, but somewhat bland, to my taste. The price is good, but the roast could be darker, again, to my taste. It seems I need to put a bit more of this in the French press to get a substantial cup of coffee.
260748260748B002AK88SYA1Y13E9ZWN94IMR. Burgess3611338854400SULFITES!!!! NOT MENTIONED BUT INCLUDED!!!!I have worked for a major retailer for the past 20 years, we sell Soda Stream and all its accessories. I even performed ALL the product samplings this past 4th quarter. I bought one for myself. I like it okay but slowly came to realize that every time I drank the diet cola my face would erupt with cysts that were huge and raw. I thought it was stress or something else. I went to an allergist and tested with very strong reaction to "sulfites". everyone, I mean EVERYONE look at your bottles of syrup and despite all the "healthy" mumbo jumbo find the small print "contains sulfites". My Dr. told me to stop drinking the soda stream diet cola (I believe all the flavors have sulfites, but I could be wrong) for several weeks. I complied and stuck with good old Diet Coke. My face cleared up within a few days and was cyst free. Them my Dr. instructed me to make a batch of the diet cola in the 1 liter bottle and drink it throughout 1 day. The next day the cysts were forming again and then progresively got worse. Stopped using soda stream products completely and have had NO flair ups since. I would be very careful as sulfites have many bad side effects. I truly loved the product, its simplicity and sold tons of it because I thought it was great. Little did I know I was selling something tainted with sulfites. If you have noticed any strange blisters, cysts or acne do as I did with my Dr.s instructions and see for yourself. I am male so don't insinuate it was a "monthly menstrual cycle". BEWARE.
260739260739B002AK88SYAES43KF278B9BJohn Britton Jr. "mrbritton"243811282608000Contains SPLENDA - yuckThe product description claims "It contains no high-fructose corn syrup in regular flavors and no aspartame in diet flavors." This is true - instead ALL of the 12 sample flavors we got with our machine contain SPLENDA (sucralose), whether "diet" or not! You have to read the fine print to discover this. Prior to reading the fine print, we tried the root beer: hmm, tastes like root beer but with an artificial after-taste. Then the "Dr. Pepper": hmm, tastes like Dr. Pepper but with an artificial after-taste. Checked the fine print: sugar, PLUS SPLENDA. Who would have thought the NON-diet flavors would contain SPLENDA? We threw the remaining 10 sample packs out and will look elsewhere for flavorings that don't sneak artificial sweeteners in - Monin syrups come to mind.
260749260749B002AK88SYAS52FOA8WCS2LMagistra3641320796800SodaStream JetMy family LOVES the sodaStream fizzy water, and HATES the flavors SodaStream makes- there is a definite aftertaste of Not-Sugar (sucralose) in the concentrates, which can trigger migraines in sensitive people (like us). However, we have found that mixing the fizzy water with half juice (real cranberry is a favorite, and even the V8 V-Fusion juice blends) gets us drinking more water and less juice without sacrificing taste. For lightly-flavored waters we do use a small amount of natural flavor extracts (we like McNess- no propylene glycol) rather than the fruit flavors offered by SodaStream. Definitely get an extra 2-pack of bottles, though, to keep chilled water ready for fizzing in the fridge. The gas cartridge refills are quite easily found, as well.
260740260740B002AK88SYA16LDKK4Y1GXTEWG61011280275200Tastes fine, but 2X price of buying soda at store.First, I LOVE the sodastream machines. They work great for sparkly water anytime you need it.
The syrups taste good--just like store bought sodas. But, the price for the syrup is insane! Each bottle makes the equilalent of 6 2L bottles of soda. Every supermarket I go to has 2L bottles of soda for $1 regularly--so the store bought equilent is only $6.
260750260750B002AK88SYA2Q2RH9GU0J9I5Joe3611315353600Product not sealedThis product arrived and I found it a little odd that a liquid food product such as this is not encased in a cellophane shrink wrapping. Then I opened the top and found that there was not even a seal across the top of the bottle. I promptly threw the stuff out!
260741260741B002AK88SYA3FFMER98HCVN3hookedonsoda2421324684800great idea, needs workJust recently purchase as I like the soda taste but not the amount of sugar in Soda. Have tried all flavors and regardless of soda, they all have the DIET aftertaste. If you suffer from migrains (as I do) the artificial sweetener used in the soda syrups will only cause more pain and surprisingly quickly. There truely needs to be an alternative to the artificial sweetner for this to be a soda substitute.
260751260751B002AK88SYA2UTLOF5A2OTLTGary3611294012800Nasty tasting splendaGet that diet taste in a non diet soda........ enough said.
If you use the Soda Stream, buy the bag in a box brand name soda syrup.
260752260752B002AK88SYA32MNJDU9PMVWERobert D. Levy3611291420800Diet lover's deliteI should have read the product description better. The artificial sweetner in the Lemon Lime mix creates a drink along the lines of Diet Sprite (or other lemon limey diet drinks). If you like diet lemon lime, then it's probably fine. I don't.
260753260753B002AK88SYA2WURA7XS1L00TMartin Priest3611283040000After-tasteWe enjoy our soda stream alot.
But the syrups you get from them all have a bitter after taste, which is from using the Splendia.
Currently looking for better syrups.
260754260754B002AK88SYA7P4M35WAQDDBSea Dog1311348099200Why?Even though I opted out of recieving "email reminders" to leave feedback/reviews I just received one from this company, so here's my review:

I've already left a review for the SodaStream machine, and it is not complimentary due to the monopoly on the CO2. Had this firm read my recent reviews they would have seen that I dislike being asked to leave feedback and reviews. It is unprofessional.

The product is just ok, but being hounded to leave reviews/feedback prevents even a three star review. If I were to buy this product again, and that is very doubtful, I'd go back to buying from a brick and mortar retail store, pay a higher price and sales tax.
260755260755B002AK88SYA11LKBPHHXE0FZelizab2511297036800not as it seemsI purchased the Soda Stream cola mix because it seemed "all natural" from its list of ingredients. When I received it, however, the ingredients listed things like acesulfame and sulfites, which I'm allergic to. Not happy.
260756260756B002AK88SYA1VUTZ6XJPY2IYTOYFARM "HAPPYMOM"0241310083200has fake sugarthe ginger ale isnt great but its not bad. its not advertised as diet or whatever but the ginger ale has fake sugar. i wouldnt have bought if i realized
260757260757B002AK88SYAFYOGGFSN48U2Jessica0231293494400The taste isn't quite right...I love the product so far - I think it's a great idea, saves money and saves me from carrying heavy bottles up 3 flights of stairs... but the syrup tastes "off". I would compare the regular flavors to off-brand, diet soda, and I haven't tried the diet flavors yet because I can't imagine that they would taste any better. I can tell that they use Splenda (or something other than real sugar) because the "sweet" taste that's found in most sodas is just not there.

All of that aside, most of the flavors DO taste similar their counterparts (Fountain Mist = Mountain Dew, Lemon Lime = Sprite, etc.) I would recommend getting the Variety Pack to find which things you like before you buy a bottle that makes 12 liters.
260758260758B002AK88SYAYNWLEMWG3U0Bdiane1451277510400great productI purchased the Soda Stream (Starter Kit) as a Father's Day gift for my husband. We both enjoy soda water, but there are only a few brands we've found which do not taste "soapy."

We've only had it for a week, but this little gadget works as advertised. It is easy and quick and effective to use, and we all like that we can control the level of "fizz." I like more, the kids like less. I bought extra bottles and flavorings (for the kids) so everyone could do their own. We use it mostly with filtered water, although the tap water works perfectly well too, as long as you have good tap water.

The flavorings will be used not as much around here, although they seem good and the kids like them.

I would highly recommend this product. The only caveat I would give at this point, is make sure you want more "gas" in your life. My entire family is doing a lot more belching and burping than we ever have before, but we like this machine!
260759260759B002AK88SYA1E333SFKGS8WNS. Vincent2611309305600Disgusting Artificial Sweeteners in All Sodastream, even non-dietI squinted on the product picture and made out that sugar was the first ingredient as one would hope in a non-diet drink flavoring. Imagine my frustration when I discovered Splenda and acesulfame potassium among other chemicals I choose not to ingest! Why offer a diet version and non-diet version if everything has nasty artificial sweeteners?
260760260760B002AK88SYA17TI3YHQNX46Okiyleyjo1521309824000yuckI don't like diet coke but my husband does and it tastes just like it so if you like diet coke its for you lol

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