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260911260911B001EO5WUYA1ZRPDWA7IKV4Bob?4451193011200Excellent teaThis is a very good tea. Light earthy flavor. The special bags they use really let the leaves puff up. If you want the convenience of bagged tea, this is the best.
260912260912B001EO5WUYA13SYTXJOK0OBLNatasha "Truth seeker"2251312156800BEST TASTING WHOLE LEAF TEA IN A BAG!As a long time tea drinker, I have tried many kinds of green tea. Dragonwell has the BEST flavor. I just love getting up while it is still dark out; looking out over the mountains at the stars and drinking my Dragonwell tea. One of the simple joys in life. I use to only drink loose leaf tea since most tea bags alter the flavor way too much. This kind of bag allows the leaves to expand which preserves the true taste. I buy from this company (The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf) when I visit my Mom in Scottsdale, Arizona. I usually pay about $8 a can so this price on Amazon is a good deal.
260913260913B001EO5WUYA1919B5640YE8WWei Jiang "vivian"1151233792000one of the bestThis is one of the best authentic Chinese tea I found in America. Another type in this series, the Jasmine green tea, is also very good.
260914260914B001EO7DPQA290XYC4V2U1S3msg8251151325203200So so goodI've made this with both chicken and turkey stock plus the respective meats, I usually add an extra can of corn as we love corn. The seasonings are great, I cook mine in the crock pot, It is so good with corn brad and a dollap of sour cream on top, in fact I'm having some today, yummy
260915260915B001EO7DPQA1979NLYF7G9LTBecky0051350518400Quick and tasty alternative to homemade soup!My husband likes this as much as my "from scratch" tortilla soup that cooks all day in a crockpot.
I can have this ready in about 30 minutes. I add a can of Rotel tomatoes, chicken broth instead of water, cooked chicken breast, etc. and it comes out very tasty! Also, the company actually answers the phone with a live person if you call the number on the package! I had one pack of the 4 soup mixes I ordered from Amazon arrive missing its seasoning packet. One call and a replacement pack was in the mail promptly. If you like mexican-style soups you won't be disappointed.
260916260916B001EO7DPQA1QS9ZEMZFW815J. Troutner0051326931200Love these soupsGreat for the busy person-throw in the crock pot in the morning with some protein (meat or more beans)-I can add anything like a can of Rotelle or fresh veggies, dried lentils. I usually chop up 2 raw chicken breasts, add a can of rotelle, a hand full or lentils or black beans, any fresh veggies I have on had, and put it all in my crock pot and when every one gets in that afternoon or evening I have a FABULOUS stew that can serve a big crowd. The Leonard Mountain 'Amigos' are favorites with my friends and family. We didn't care to much for the others varieties but haven't tried the Peppadew Stew yet. You get a big bang for your buck with this product since there is little prep and you can really bulk it up with lots of additions to stretch the number of portions. We like to top it with dollop of sourcream.
260917260917B00451XOHGAMT4A4O8Q4V84tbone741141328918400Chimi-licious!I had bought this the first time in California at a grocery store for some steaks I was gonna grill. I instantly fell in love with the sauce. I tried to find this particular product here in Va Beach VA but no stores carried it. I had used other chimichurri sauces but I sorely missed this type. Surfing through Amazon website I saw that they sold this in bulk which was a Godsend. I received all six of the jars sealed in a plastic bag with plastic cushion pillows so they won't break in the box. The only problem was the lids kinda leaked a little bit of the sauce. I just washed each one and tightened each jar. If you like chimichurri you'll like this.
260918260918B00451XOHGA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0041348963200Discover Badia.They will not steer you wrong!

This is a very good Chimichurri sauce properly made with olive oil.
(note: avoid similar products made with vegetable oil) Following the
traditional recipe, this a delicious dressing for any grilled meat such
as beefsteak, pork, ribs, burgers, and sausages. But I mainly use this
as a marinade rather than a finisher. This has a tangy herbaceous flavor
and you will taste the blend of garlic, parsley, olive oil, cider vinegar
and oregano. Want more flavor, add your own herbs or garlic.

It can also be used as a spread with bread or to add a boost to vegetables,
salads and soups. And while mainly used for steak, this stuff works really
well on fish and grilled shrimp too or for making Bruchetta, or even just
with cheese and crackers. Its very versatile and you will find any number
of uses for this terrific concoction.
260919260919B00164X47UA7NJ2E9NC9X8YTH5611245974400Meant for large retailers.This was a little misleading as it is meant for a large machine - not home use.
260920260920B00164X47UAIT3D61HWX372annd490051325030400Best coffee ever.I've been purchasing this product for many years. I open one bag at a time and empty in a cannister with air tight lid. I mix two teaspoons with one teaspoon of decaf instant coffee, OMG so good better than starbucks, you can make as strong as you want. I also add some creamer to it. Been buying this twice a year for past six years.
260921260921B004B9ASMQA2MPXQZRBBS9QRNathan C.0051351123200My Dog's Favorite Snack!I was first introduced to this snack at my dog's training classes at petco. He really enjoys them! The pieces are really tiny but you can tell that it is made from quality ingredients (it also smells really bad), but my dog loves it. I highly recommend this product as it is a quality product that is actually healthy for your pup!
260922260922B000BUPS56A2Q2A6JKY95RTPRaul G,151711266796800Questionable QualityRecently I decided to switch my French Bulldog to Royal Canin Bulldog 24 after he developed food allergies. Royal Canin came highly recommended from our vet and being "specially formulated for a Bulldog's needs" I thought this food would be a good fit. The label on the bag tauts features like "highly digestible proteins and starches" that reduce a Bulldog's rather active digestive system. In my experience it doesn't.

I was skeptical too of the ingredients list which lists the first ingredients as: Chicken meal, rice, brown rice, oatmeal, soy protein isolate, rice flour, chicken fat, and natural chicken flavor. For an "ultra-premium" brand this is not an impressive list of ingredients. Similarly priced dog foods like Canidae, Solid Gold, Wellness, Innova, and Orijen feature ingredients like chicken off the bone and other high quality sources of protein as the main ingredients.

After about 3 weeks of struggling with my pup's very loose stool, gas and all around lethargy I decided enough was enough and stopped feeding my dog Royal Canin. In the meantime I decided to educate myself on dog food, the ingredients and the manufacturing processes. I think that although many of the premium dog food brands on the market now are certainly better than run-of-the-mill grocery brand dog foods, there is still a lot to be desired.

I think that the bottom line when it comes to Royal Canin (and many other dog food brands) is that many of the large corporations who produce these dog foods do not have you or your dogs best interests at heart. Royal Canin is now fully owned by the Mars/Masterfood Group - a massive conglomerate that makes everything from candy bars to dog food.

In short I think that whatever was once Royal Canin - is now something different altogether. That something being a company more mindful of it's bottom line and marketing practices than the ingredients in their product.

I really recommend anyone interested in Royal Canin to do a bit more research and compare to the other brands I mentioned above. In most cases you can get a better food for the same price.

Most definitely not recommended.
260923260923B000BUPS56A2VAUEGMSYGOFPK. Nejad0051341619200Great food for my frenchieI have been feeding my frenchie royal canin for over 18 months.. He looks great. And is very active. His gas passing has been greatly under control..and will definitely recommend this brand. Charlie runs with dogs several times his size and weight..
260924260924B000BUPS56AY0F1G2NPZUH5Jeff0011325116800Gave my bully the trotsBeing my first bully, I followed advice from several "experts" in the field. This version of Royal Canin gave my bully the trots something bad. I have since switched him to another brand which list deboned chicken as the first ingredient. His coat, growth, and stomach are loving well as my floors.
260925260925B000BUPS56A110UY5OJ7AYHOjanie2451222646400Royal CaninI have two Boston Bulls and they have sensitive stomachs. I find this food does not upset their tummy.

Thanks jane
260926260926B0001VWF42A1QOKMGIAZKW1BSuzann @ Work Smarter Now0041240963200Alternate UsesPerfect for our needs. While we did use the peppermint leaves for cooking, we also used it in outside doorways to keep away unwanted pests (mice) who dislike the smell.
260927260927B000MSOCGIAQ8NPNXX9BBNBSai0051328659200Awesome biryani mixThis is one of my favorite biryani mixes. I follow the recipe on the box and have never been disappointed. My husband likes how the potatoes turn out with so much flavor. I have not bought this mix from Amazon. Most of the Indian stores carry it for about a dollar.
260928260928B000RHVKD2A2YA66IV3HPP2Jag4411290297600Poor quality, full of bugsThe wheat I received was either old or stored improperly. Weevils (bugs) are an unavoidable aspect of whole grains. All grains have weevil eggs in them. But when you buy grains, they should be free of mature, live bugs when they arrive, and they should stay that way for a long time. When you buy organic brown rice, do you expect to find bugs in it when you get home? No. With proper storage, it should remain bug-free for the shelf life of the grain. After sifting through several cups, the bug problem forced me to toss this wheat.

Another complaint is that the wheat was not very well cleaned. I had to remove a lot of foreign seeds and the occasional small rock.
260929260929B000QKWDRWA3NOLUOF8AAR57Jeffrey C. Dilts3351244160000Fruit Slices Like I Remember!The Boston Fruit Slices are very good! The orange, lemon and lime are very tangy; the watermelon is sweet and sugary. These are just right for after a meal.
260930260930B000QKWDRWABMBUWTA6MWXJS. Secrist2251268870400Fruit Slices a hitWe order this product all the time. I have never had the laxative affect from this candy. I only have 1 to 2 pieces at a time. My husband and I just love them. I do think they are expensive.
260931260931B000QKWDRWA1FR42V6GZDRKSJack Olson "Norski"2251261872000Best Tasting Sugar Free non chocolate candy!I eat sugar free and and this is the best tasting SF candy I've ever eaten. Firm with sharp flavors. Excellent, unfortunately you pay as much for S&H as for the candy if you only buy one bag. If anyone finds a better bulk price on these...let me know. Thanks, this is the only food product I've ever given 5 stars to.
260932260932B000QKWDRWAUSALPBEQI5Q9BlogD2241257638400Very GoodFirst of all, remember that they are what they are: sugar-free candies. Sugar substitutes generally create laxative effects, depending on the person, that can range from mild gassiness to, well, let's not get into that. I think more than one piece is safe--at least 3 or 4 in most cases--but it depends on you. And that's not the fault of the candy, it's the territory in general--most, if not all such candies have that effect.

That said, this is one of my favorite diabetic-friendly candies. They taste very much like the sugary ones I ate as a child. Everyone will have their favorite flavors, but the selection they have is bound to be most satisfying; the flavors are good, the taste well-crafted.

The one drawback I found: if left too long, they will start to congeal or melt in the wrappers. One time I ordered them and it took a month or two for this to start happening; another time I ordered them, they were already starting to go.

All told, it's a product I will be buying often over time.
260933260933B000QKWDRWA34DLJ1GCG3H1Strying2getby "trying2getby"1111318550400AwfulI was not able to eat all of these little fruit gems. Unfortunately science has not yet come up with a good substitute for real sugar in the baking or other heated process. Natural sugar is a binding agent and determines not only the consistency of a product but also the taste. The slices are a good effort but just eat a real one if you need a taste of something sweet and adjust your meal intake.
260934260934B000QKWDRWA2SKANLBN3WM25Alyssa Leigh3451217376000Tasty!These were very tasty, individually wrapped, sugar free gummy treats. I recommend checking out the producer's website - for a boat load of sugar free snacks.
260935260935B000QKWDRWA3ID255P2AKGGJM. Ensor1311249430400Not goodThese looked so good, but the sugar free product is very laxative, so eating more than one can be a mistake. I can't recommend them, and I don't plan to buy more.
260936260936B004JLRYC8A3IT5YM6LP6YSZRosie4441338422400not low calorie 70 per serving, 2 per bottle...Just received my case, of Bai Jamaica Blueberry...have not tried yet, was disappointed in myself, for not reading better, before ordering...this is not low calorie, or low in sugar, as a few other Bai drinks are. I am sure it will taste good, since it's going to be sweet...will post again after I taste, regarding my opinion, of the flavor. I will not buy this one again, have ordered the correct one, that indicates only 5 calories per serving, and sweetened with stevia. Clearly my error, just wanted to warn, so someone else doesn't do what I did. Only gave a 4 star rating, just because the high calories / sugar, but that's really because I didn't want the high calories / sugar, but other consumers, may be ok with that.

Here is the nutritional information:

100 % natural
contains 10% fruit juice
serving is 8 oz / 2 per bottle
calories per 8 oz / 70
total fat / 0 per serving
sodium per serving / 10 mg
total carbs per serving / 18g
sugars / 18g per serving
protein / 0
iron / 1g
caffein per serving of 8oz / 35mg...similar to a cup of green tea

organic coffee fruit / 2000mg
white tea extract / 80 mg

Kosher, Vegan, gluten and soy free

filtered water, organic evaporated cane juice, juice concentrates (blueberry, strawberry, blackberry) organic coffee fruit, citric acid, fruit and vegetable juice for color, white tea extract. natural flavors,
260937260937B004JLRYC8AQ2I6RMHZA4YJJohn Gallagher4441327536000The NEW best part of waking up!I discovered bai during the summer at the Avalon Supermarket. I was looking for an alternative to a coffee or a red bull and the store manager recommended bai. It was awesome! I didn't think I would l like a blueberry beverage that's all natural, but this one tasted just like blueberries and it wasn't too sweet. After a few sips I felt better instantly! Bai was the perfect way to start my day. It was a nice pick me up and never gave me the shakes. Now, I'm hooked on it and it's replaced my morning joe! I alternate between the mango and blueberry flavors!
260938260938B004JLRYC8A17ZOAB5UH1XFPahaynes014451319587200blueberry bai -hands down the best!absolutely love it! tastes sooo good, and it's all natural! Lots of antioxidants too which are good. going to buy more next time.
260939260939B004JLRYC8A22U8V3UVVBP7MJoseph L. Kolb6751307491200very tasty!bai juice is made from the "superfruit" of a coffee bean. it's the fruit between the bean skin and bean itself. i guess it's measured in orac units. this drink has 4000 orac units compared to acai which only has 100. not too sure what orac units are, but sounds something like what scotty would say on star trek ("but captain, we're giving it all we got but we are out of dilithium crystals and have only 4000 orac units left!"). anyway bai juices come in a variety of flavors. i enjoy the blueberry drink the best. it does only have 10% juice though. calories about 140 for bottle, 18 g carbs. it's a good alternative to all those sugary, nasty tasting energy drinks.
260940260940B004JLRYC8A3S05KB9T3D0Dsuzieg1151338422400Buy bai!On a recent trip to Costco my husband and I discovered bai. He was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. The low calorie/low glycemic response was the first thing that caught his eye, but the flavor cinched the deal. Not too sweet and true-to-the-fruit. No weird after taste. All the low-cal flavors were amazing (to us, though, the citrus reminded us of old time Tang) but blueberry was our favorite. We are really enjoying this refreshing and power-packed drink. 'Bai' the way, bai makes a great flavored martini!

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